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March 3, 1965 

'^* Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 
Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, IUinois 60187 

Dear Mr. Bundy: 

Your letter of February 24th, with enclosures, has 

been received and Mr. Hoover asked me to thank you for bringing 

Oils material to his attention. 

Sincerely yours, 

Helen W. Gandy 



NOTE: Edgar C. Bundy is well known to the Bureau/ He claims to have 
< j&Mita Major in the Air Force Intelligence and is a former Baptist 
Minister who lectures around the country on communism. He has 
been the subject of a closed impersonation case. We have observed 
a policy of being most circumspect in our dealings with this individual. 

ft " f 

Chicago - Enclosures (3) 

DTP:M Ofy 3d 




* if) 




Edgar C Bundy 


l Dr. Anderson Arbury 
|Mr$. William T. Bruckner 
KAr. Edgar C. Bundy 
Blr. Richard M. Dilworth 
Mr. Rogers Follansbee 
Mr. George Ray Hudson 
Mrs. Walter A. KrafTt 
Mr. Ellerton Lodge 
Mr. James E. Lyon 
The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.( 
Mr. Harry N. Stamper 
Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 
Dr. Bob Wells 

. Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 
Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 
Mrs. Gladys Zuidema 












PHONES A£\ 2) 668-3630 




21 February 1965 

Honorable J, Edgar "Hoover 


Federal Bureau of Investigation 

U. S* Department of Justice Bldg. 

Washington, D # C. 

Dear Mr # Hoover: 

I thought you might be interested in the further 
correspondence between myself and Mr, Douglas S. 
Kennedy, Editor of TRUE Magazine, which devoted 
such generous space to Fred J # Cook f s attack on 
you and the Federal Bureau of Investigation* 

Very sincerely yours, 

ECB/z Edgar C, Bundy 

enc, Executive Secretary 

t t/ 








*** 8 1965 

■ v 

EEC- 41 


COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 







■ •• 

c^ ■ 


\ w 



"" \ 

" ^~ ~~"" 

"-* "-T, ^ . 

—■ ~~ - - . . 


^<r~-~ • '"^r^f ' 


Mr- Tnlso^V**^ 




. 3D 



i " 





Mr. Ca^^ X ^' 




Mr. Callahan 


' f 


Mr. r.nnrnd 


^— " «v*"i 





Mr. Felt 

Mr. Gale ^/ 

Mr. Rosen^r 




Mr. Suliy&nffy) 




%n #r 

Mr. Tr/ter f 

Tele. Room 

t^ ©u-" 



Miss Holmes 


Miss Gandy 


— -~ 




--* -1 * ^ 





» -s 



^ as: 

^ ^ 







:aaa"^ ~ """2"""" * ^ " 

3E " 




— ■ *- i 

e 05 



1 Vi *i 



' ■ 

j- *-[ ,- A e - -r^y 



'' H 

' -1:8 




/■ 1 


/ . 




l ^rTj%0 > 



MUrrayhill 2-3606 

December 23, 1964 


Mr.' Edgar C. Bundy, Executive Secretary 
Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Illinois 

Dear Mr, Bundy, 

Answering your latest, personally: 

It does not seem Christian to me for a 
man who is the executive secretary of an 
organization called the Clinch League of 
America to call Mr. Cook a "public liar' 1 
even if you can document the facts. All I 
can do at Christmas time is to equate your 
statement with a recent one of Mr. Hoover's 
when he called Nobel Peace Prize winner 
King a "notorious liar". 

May you find no commies hiding under 
your bed in 1965. 

-- Siaeerely, 

Douglas S. 








2*> February 1»»5 

Mfr f fiouglae Sv Kenaedy 

£dlt#* - 

TRUE Kagasine . 

67 'iMt %fcth Street 

'tf air. York 3S f Betr Y&yfc 

Bear .Mr* Keatsedyi 

Reference poa? flippant ^e ply of Be cefcbe* 23 # 196* 
f 6 $y personal letter to you» pleaae he advise d 
that if you prefer to use the uadoettT&e&ted* vieioue 
attaoks eta Jf* Edgar Hoover a»4 the Fa 4***1 Bureau 
of I**veati#*tioa by a aan wb# waa *&£?&*#£ a* a lia# 
"by the NeirYork eity Matriot Attorney $ HISS¥E£& # \ 
and all the preea *£ He** York* theu that is you* 
privilege f Which it ea^tai^ly saei»a you aa?e ener- 

©ur privilege is to ih» commend* wherever and wheaever 
possible* that people atop aubeidiaihg you and your 
publication and -.a toad with us in eupport of a great 
American* J. Edgar Hoover t and the loyal Americans 
I of the F*B«f. 

May you never live to hear the *14ft'glas o# the gatea 
bebiad you in a eencentratioia oanpt 

Very truly yours* 


Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 

_3» - sa^ 

WIAR 8 13S^ 

B v ^ 


? * 

May 7, 1965 



Mr. IdgarC. Baa$y 
Executive Secretary 
Cbareh Leagae of America 
432 Hortb Prospect Street 
Wbeatoa, Hiineie 00187 

Hear Mr. Bundy; 

Your letter of May Srfi, enclosing your 

documentary, was received i» Mr* Hoover's absence 

from the city. 31 will be brou^t to bis attention ugxHi 

bis return. 








Sincerely yours, 

j "MMVfeB Z 

wiAY - * 1965 



1 - Chicago - Enclosure 

NOTE: Bundy is well known to the Bureau. He claims to have been a major in the 
Air Force Intelligence and is a former Baptist minister who lectures on communism. 
We have observed a policy of being most circumspect in our'dealings wi#i, him,, and . 
Toboa _in=absence-type letters have been sent him in the past, His current documentary 
ZZZI' quotes liberally from Mr, Hoover's appropriation testimonies over the past 

years and from "Communist Target-~Youth. M Page 15 contains a quote by the 
Direc^ ofi t^^^^^i^^f America; while: this' is. along the lines of the 
Directors state ments'on this group, we were unable to find the exact quotation. 

n^0%\v^ \s\r 







Edgar C Bundy 


Anderson Arbury 

William T. Bruckner 
Edgar C. Bundy 
Richard M. Dilworth 
Rogers Follansbee 
George Ray Hudson 

Walter A. Krafft 
Ellerton Lodge 
James E. Lyon 
Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
Rev. Victor E. Sear 5/ D.D. 
Harry N. Stamper 
Edgar J, Uihlein 
Bob Wells 
Judson P. Wetherby 

H. Dillon Winship 

Gladys Zuidema 





























3 May 1965 

Hon. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U. S. Department of Justice Bldg. 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

Please permit us to congratulate ycfck^bn the tremendous 
testimony you give annually before the U. S. House of 
Representatives Subcommittee on Appropriations, copies 
of which we have had the privilege of distributing by 
the many thousands to the "media of communication" and 
to educators , ministers , labor leaders , heads of youth 
organizations, and other spheres of our life. 

Although I know you are very busy with the tremendous 
work load of the FBI upon your shoulders , I do hope 
that you can find time to read the enclosed nineteen 
page documentary we have done entitled, "What Is Happen- 
ing to America's Youth?" 

You will notice that we have quoted generously from £g 
your consistent warnings before the House Appropriations 
Committee . .'- 

We will probably distribute about 50,000 copies' of this 
May 19 6 5 issue of NEWS 6 VIEWS. 

Very sincerely yours, 




*-^Z ^^-^>^^*<^?a 

Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 

heg-#... f*>-/g£? 



30 ^y 

'ISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
iSORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 


Vol. 28 No. 5 

Wheaton, Illinois 


In the Saturday Evening Post for December 8, 1962 a shocking article entitled 
"SPEAKING OUT, UNCLE SAM'S REJECTS/' by.Lt Col. George Walton, 
U. S. Army, appeared, in which Colonel Walton stated: 

One of the most widely held beliefs about America — by Americans — is that we are the 
healthiest and best-educated nation in the world and getting more so all the time. The 
fact is that to an appalling degree we are physically flabby and functionally illiterate — 
and are becoming increasingly so. 

Lt. Col. Walton is a lawyer in civilian life, has been a planning officer in the 
Selective Service national headquarters, served in Africa and Europe during World 
War II, and was recalled to active duty in 1957. He has two sons who are officers 
in the U. S. Regular Army. 

In his position as planning officer for national Selective Service headquarters, 
Col. Walton has come up with the following sobering facts: 

In World War I and II the combined rate for rejections of all kinds was about 30%. 
Since then the situation has worsened drastically. During the Korean War 37% of the 
men registered for the draft were rejected. From the end of that war through 1961 the 
figure was 49%. For last year alone it was 53%. This May it jumped to 56%, and in 
June, the last month for which complete figures are available, the armed forces were 
forced to reject more than 9,000 of the 16,000 men who reported for pre-induction exam- 
inations — a rejection rate of 58%, the all-time high. 

Colonel Walton was quick to point out that this high rejection rate was not 
because of any raising of standards. In fact, he stated that in a number of cases the 
standards have been reduced, such as the Army's old eyesight and dental require- 
ments have been eased, as well as former prohibitions against some venereal dis- 
eases. Since 1951 the passing requirement for the Armed Forces Qualification Test 
has also been legally fixed. 

Other authorities in the military field, such as Hanson Baldwin, writer for the 
New York Times, and Lt. Col. William E. Mayer, top Army psychologist and in- 
vestigator on the defection of American soldiers to the communist side during the 
Korean War, have pointed out that the majority of rejects of Americans reporting 

for service to their country have been dismissed because they have been found 
"morally, spiritually, and physically unfit" to serve the U.S. 

Educators, scientists, clergymen, military leaders, politicians, and medical men 
may give various reasons for the highest rate of rejections for the military service in 
the history of any nation in the world. But, we of the Church League feel that the 
time is past for theorizing and that a presentation of the hard, cold facts of what is 
happening daily to America's future leaders must herewith be presented. 

In a United Press story for Monday, March 23, 1964, appearing on page 1 of the 
Houston (Texas) Chronicle, the following headline appeared: "STAR ON THE 
HORIZON, Plight of Youth is Going From Bad to Unbelievable," written by Harry 
Ferguson. The opening paragraph of the story reads as follows: 

Washington (UPI) — The plight of American youth is serious, is getting worse, and, in 
the words of Secretary of Labor Willard Wirtz, could develop into one of the 'most ex- 
plosive problems in the Nation's history.' 

Of course, the political solution to this problem recommended by President 
Johnson was that Congress draw up plans for youth as a "Job Corps" of 100,000 
and that people already in the field think that billions, not millions, of dollars should 
be spent to solve the problem. 

When one takes a look at the sleazey, smelly, unkempt, strangely-attired, ques- 
tionable gender youth demonstrating from Times Square to Selma, to Berkeley, 
parading, picketing and bearing banners containing everything from filthy speech 
unacceptable to a decent society to 'peace' projects for anybody and everybody, 
one is shocked into startling awareness that we are dealing with a moral and spirit- 
ual problem and not a job problem. 

Many of the participants in student demonstrations, whether it be for so-called 
'free speech' on a major university campus, or for 'civil rights' in front of the White 
House, are young people from very prominent and wealthy homes whose weekly 
allowance does not consist of a few pennies for an all-day sucker, but rather for un- 
limited travel by jet and free spending for everything from continuous rounds of 
cocktails to 50-cent malted milks. 

Some are the sons and daughters of highly paid writers, actors and actresses, 
radio and TV personalities, educators and clergymen, and the intelligencia elite 
corps of the nation. Theirs is not an economic problem. Their motive is one of revolu- 
tionary overthrow of proven standards of decency, morality, righteousness, and of 
time-proven standards which made of the United States a great nation envied by the 
rest of the world. 

In such a rebellious atmosphere as this, the communists are tilling the soil of 
revolution and planting the seeds of dissent which well may produce within the 
near future the harvest that will sound the death knell of the American Republic. 

Here is what the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has said re- 
cently on the subject: 

The Communist Party, U.S.A., during the past year has stepped up its activities among 
the youth of our nation. 

Here is an illustration of this Communist instrument of subversion in action: 



In May 1960, the House Committee on Un-American Activities scheduled hearings in 
San Francisco, Calif., to inquire into the activities of the northern California district 
of the party. This was an opportunity which the party had been anxiously anticipating 
and, when the hearing dates were announced, its machinery was thrown into high gear 
to infiltrate and exploit protest demonstrations and picket lines to nullify the work of 
this congressional committee. 

A most significant single factor surrounding the mob demonstration was the Communist 
infiltration of student and youth groups engaged in protest demonstrations against this 
congressional committee. Through this infiltration Communists revealed how it is pos- 
sible for only a few Communist agitators^ using mob psychology, to convert peaceful 
demonstrations into riots. 

The success of the party's strategy was vividly demonstrated by the violence which 
erupted at the San Francisco City Hall where the committee hearings were held. The 
San Francisco debacle was not an accident. It was the result of minute and skillful plan- 
ning, direction and exploitation by a handful of dedicated, fanatical, hard-core mem- 
bers of the Communist Party, U.S.A. 

Some 200 known, or suspected, Communist front and Communist-infiltrated organiza- 
tions are now under investigation by the FBI. Many of these fronts are national in scope 
with chapters in various cities throughout the United States. They represent transmission 
belts through which the Communist Party furthers its conspiratorial designs. 

They have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity; youth groups; radio, television, 
and motion picture industries; church, school, educational and cultural groups; the press; 
nationality minority groups and civil and political units. Some celebrated, self-styled 
pacifists and some men of wealth and prominence have sometimes been unwitting — but 
sometimes knowing — political shills and stooges of deceitful Communist manipulators. 

Mr. Lipscomb. 

In the third supplemental appropriation going before the House of Representatives this 
week, there is an item for over $1.5 million, having to do with a new cultural exchange 
with Russia. They are going to nine cities in the United States and taking exhibits on 
children's books and medical services into these nine different cities. It is a real chance 
for them to expose people to the way they believe in. Of course, these are really emotion- 
al subject matters. 

Mr. Hoover. 
Yes, that gets at the grassroots, our youth. 

Mr. Lipscomb. 
It is my understanding that there are some new youth organizations being formed. 

Mr. Hoover. 
Yes, sir. 

Mr. Lipscomb. 

They are primarily supporting the subject of peaceful coexistence and also to relieve the 
youth of their military responsibilities throughout the country. 

(From Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover, before 
Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropri- 
ations, House of Representatives, 87th Congress, 
Hearings on the 1962 Appropriations Bill) 

The successful Communist exploitation and manipulation of youth and student groups 
throughout the world today are a major challenge which free world forces must meet 

and defeat. Recent world events clearly reveal that world communism has launched a 
massive campaign to capture and maneuver youth and student groups. 
The vigor and vitality of such groups constitute an explosive force of immense propor- 
tions. Channeled into proper outlets, this force can accomplish immeasurable good for a 
peace-loving world. Manipulated into destructive channels, this force can create chaos. 


Communists have become experts at using this force to create chaos. In Japan* for ex- 
ample, Communists carefully nurtured and developed a growing body of students over 
a 10-year period, using them periodically in protest demonstrations. The culmination of 
this training was reached this year, when the highly organized and tightly disciplined 
rioters shocked the world with their uproarious displays. 


The seeds for future large-scale demonstrations of this type have been planted by Com- 
munists in other countries. The small demonstrations staged by Communist-oriented 
students in Uruguay earlier this year — demonstrations which marred an otherwise cordial 
welcome extended to the President of the United States on the last stop of his Latin 
American tour — were reminiscent of Communist-instigated activities of student groups 
in Japan 10 years ago. Communists are hopeful that the seeds in Uruguay and other 
countries will sprout as they did in Japan, leading eventually to demonstrations of the 
type that rocked Japan. 


It has long been a basic tenet of Communist strategy to control for its own evil purposes 
the explosive force which youth represents. In the relentless struggle for world domina- 
tion being waged by them, Communists are dedicated to the Leninists principle that 
"youth will decide the issue of the entire struggle — both the student youth and, still more, 
the working-class youth." 

In the Soviet Union, for example, the reins on youth are held with a viselike grip. In 
order to qualify for higher educational opportunities and better jobs in the Soviet society, 
young people must be members of' the Young Communist League, the Komsomol. From 
their earliest days, young people must learn to accept the course dictated for them by the 
rulers of the only god they are permitted to know and worship — the almighty State. 

Communist China is an even greater example of the Communist determination to make 
youth serve its objectives. There today, millions of children are being raised "the col- 
lective way." From the cradle to the factory, the youth of Communist China is being 
molded to serve the cause of world communism in its quest for world domination. 

Projecting this Communist principle of strategy outward from behind the Iron and Bamboo 
Curtains, Communists strive with equal intensity to subvert the youth of other countries. 
The lures they use to do so are tempting and varied. There are, for instance, the World 
Youth Festivals, which have been held every other year since 1947. The seventh such af- 
fair, held last year in Vienna, attracted thousands of young people from America, Africa, 
and Asia, as well as those from the Soviet-satellite countries. 


In Cuba today, the Communist pattern of exploitation of youth is equally evident. Dele- 
gates from Communist youth organizations in many countries attended the Fourth Con- 
gress of the Cuban "Socialist Youth" which was held in Havana, April 4-10, 1960. An 
American delegate who attended the affair subsequently reported to the Communist Party, 
USA, on what took place there. The report described in glowing terms how the Young 
Communist League in Cuba operated in conjunction with the Communist Party there 
and elaborated on its plans to unite with other youth groups in Cuba "to strengthen the 

revolution." Evidence of how youth groups there are being used "to strengthen the revo- 
lution" becomes only too apparent when newspapers in this country carry pictures of 
girl students in Cuba drilling with rifles in hand. 


In the United States, the Communist Party is jubilant about success it has had recently 
in developing and exploiting youth and student groups. A spokesman at one of the party's 
national executive committee meetings earlier this year stated that "there has been a 
breakthrough as far as young people are concerned, particularly in Colleges where stu- 
dents want to know what socialism is," 

Unfortunately, there is some truth in what the party's spokesman has said. There has 
been a limited "breakthrough" as far as the efforts of the Communist Party to infiltrate 
youth and student groups in this country are concerned. It is attributable neither to 
chance nor to a stroke of good luck for the party. Instead, it is the result of careful plan- 
ning and a concentrated effort by the party. 


In 1959 — the Communist Party, USA, launched a major campaign with youth as its tar- 
get. On May 30 and 31, 1959, approximately 20 young Communists from New York 
City, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia attended a conference 
with national leaders of the party at party headquarters in New York City. The purpose 
of the meeting was to devise a program to attract young blood — teenagers, students, and 
working youth — to the ranks of the party. 

After those May 1959 conferences, campuses throughout the Nation became prime targets 
for Communist infiltration and recruitment efforts. The party began operating what 
amounted to a regular lecture bureau, with party spokesmen seizing every opportunity to 
project their views on campuses across the country. 

To establish a closer link between the party and its youth groups, two of the most prom- 
ising and active young Communists, Mortimer Daniel Rubin and Danny Queen, were in- 
cluded on the party's national committee. A longtime party functionary, Hyman Lumer, 
was relieved of all responsibility in youth affairs, and Rubin was given full responsibility 
for this phase of party activity. A new Marxist youth organization, Advance, was organ- 
ized in New York City. A drive is currently underway to establish a new Marxist youth 
pulication, "New Horizons." 


The plans for the format of "New Horizons" reveal the nature of the trap Communists 
are setting for campus students. Reporting on the proposed format to the party's national 
executive committee recently, Rubin pointed out that "New Horizons" will not be label- 
ed a Marxist publication. The purpose of this is to avoid too close identification with the 
Communist Party. But it will, he said, give a "Marxist analysis of the youth movement 
and a socialist, Marxist-Leninist outlook." He expressed the conviction that it would be 
extremely effective in closing the gap between what he termed democratic youth and the 
youth on the left. 

Further illustrating the tremendous drive the party is making to infiltrate student groups 
is the agenda for a youth conference the party held in Chicago, June 11-12, 1960. The 
major points on the agenda for the 2-day conference were (1) "mass developments on the 
campus" and (2) "left-student developments." Discussed in relation to these points were 
ways and means by which young Communists could exploit such controversial issues on 
campuses as civil rights, academic freedom, and other so-called peace issues. 


Particularly unfortunate is the fact that many youth and student groups in our Nation 



today are totally unaware of the extent to which they can be victimized and exploited by 
Communists. The sad proof of this fact was nowhere more apparent than in municipal 
court in San Francisco on June 1, 1960, when Judge Albert A, Axelrod dismissed riot 
charges against 62 of the persons arrested as a result of the mob violence which erupted 
during demonstrations protesting the hearings held in that city by the House Committee on 
Un-American Activities (HCUA), May 12-14, 1960. 

The Judge pointed out that there were ample grounds for conviction in the cases 
involving the 62 defendants, most of whom were college students, but he added that the 
defendants were, for the most part, "clean-cut American college students" who could well 
be haunted for the rest of their lives by the stigma which a conviction would attach to 
them. In response to this action on the part of the judge, 58 of the defendants signed a 
statement distributed immediately after he had rendered his decision. It read, in part: 
"Nobody incited us, nobody misguided us. We were led by our own convictions and we 
still stand firmly by them. 55 

(A report by J. Edgar Hoover, illustrating com- 
munist strategy and tactics in the rioting which 
occurred during HCUA Hearings, San Fran- 
cisco, May 12-14, 1960, released July 1960) 

(Reference to The Truth About the Film 'Opera- 
tion Abolition', Union Calendar No. 546, House 
Report No. 1278, Part I, released October 5, 
1961, Part II released Dec. 27, 1961) 

(Reference to "The Communist-led Riots A- 
gainst the House Committee on Un-American 
Activities Committee at San Francisco, Calif., 
May 12-14, 1960, dated Oct. 7, 1960, Union 
Calendar No. 1014, House Report No. 2228). . 

The party carries on many activities to further its subversive objectives. It has continued 
its efforts to infiltrate the trade union field, among minority groups, in the field of 
women's activities, among the youth, among the Negroes, and has been intensifying its 
propaganda and agitational apparatus. 

The intensified drive of the party to attract youth continues unabated. Always anxious 
to spread its venom on college campuses across the Nation, it has launched an all-out 
campaign designed to lure youth into the web of communism. This is being done by hav- 
ing more national party functionaries appear before various student groups at various 

The party welcomes the opportunity to speaik before student groups because it gives the 
party an aura of respectability; an opportunity to plant seeds of dissent in the minds of 
individuals; and an opportunity to recruit some youthful followers. 

Mr. Sikes. 
How do you evaluate the film "Operation Abolition?" 

Mr. Hoover. 

Although we did not participate in the preparation of the film I should like to point out, 
however, that the House Committee on Un-American Activities did cause to be published 
a report on the student demonstration based on the FBI's investigation of Communist 
Party activities, from eyewitnesses on the scene, and from official records of local au- 
thorities involved. It outlined the agitational tactics used by Communists during the May 
1960 hearings to build the agitational pitch of the demonstrators to an explosive point — 
the point at which an effort was made to supplant the rule of law with mob action. These 
facts speak for themselves. Despite confusing and contradictory statements which have 
been made about the affair, the truth is that the students went beyond the limits of the 
law and broke up a duly constituted hearing. 

(Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover before Subcom- 
mittee of the Committee On Appropriations, 
House of Representatives, on 1963 Appropria- 
tions Bill) 

Mr. Bow. 

Recently I had a student from one of the colleges in this country ask 9 "What fear do you 
have of letting the young people know what these Communists have to say? We are good 
Americans and can differentiate between propaganda and fact" 
What would be your answer to anyone who asked that? 

Mr. Hoover. 

My answer is that we all believe in academic freedom, but academic freedom does not 
grant license to deliberately present distortions or falsehoods. It requires the truth and 
Communists are not obligated morally or otherwise to seek for or to tell the truth. 

Some students are capable of recognizing and exposing Communist propaganda and 
propagandists — others are not There lies the danger because Communists have made, and 
are making, recruits in our schools, colleges, and universities. For that reason I do not believe 
that Communist spokesmen should be allowed to speak on our ca??ipuses. 

Parents should be close to their children and their teachers. They should know what sub- 
jects are being taught and where necessary make practical and constructive suggestions. 
There have been a number of States which have adopted certain textbooks to be used in 
teaching courses on communism in their schools. That is a step in the right direction. 

Adults of this country should know more about communism, what it really is, and be 
able to understand it so that they, in turn, can discuss it intelligently with their sons and 
daughters and answer various questions which arise such as the case you cited of the 
student who asked about allowing a Communist to speak on a campus. 

It is not *a matter of suppression of free speech. That is not involved. J do think it is wrong to 
bring on to the campuses of this country individuals who themselves are prisoners to a line of 
propaganda and have them expound it to the youth of our country,. A Communist is not free. 
He is under the strict discipline of the Communist Party in Moscow. 

(Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover before Subcom- 
mittee on Appropriations, House of Representa- 
tives, 1964 Appropriations Bill) 

One of the primary recruiting targets of the Communist Party, U.S.A., is the youth 
of America and the party has continued its intensified program aimed and directed at our 
youth. The intensity of this program is revealed in a statement made by Gus Hail in 
March 1963 when he spoke on the party's success in placing its speakers on various col- 
lege campuses throughout the country. The youth program of the party, he said 5 is so im- 
portant that he or any other national leader would go anywhere to meet with young stu- 
dents even if but one student is met. Admitting that the oldtimers are still the backbone 
of the party, Hall nevertheless concluded that the future depends on the youth. 

Subsequently, Hall was optimistic about their possibilities, reasoning that the party 
would eventually be afforded a fertile field for recruiting youth because millions of 
young people would be entering the labor market and many would be unable to find em- 

Skillfully imparting the Communist line with espousals paralleling Soviet views, par- 
ty spokesmen appeared before 45 student groups, mostly at on-campus sites during the 
calendar year 1963. 

That the party is enjoying some success as a result of expanded contacts with col- 
lege students is indicated in the comment of Daniel Rubin, national youth director of the 
party, in June 1963 that of the number of young people attracted in its last recruiting 
drive, 65 percent were students. 

Of course, the party's efforts to attract the younger generation are not limited to the 
appearances of party leaders at college and university campuses. For example, one re- 
cruiting method employed by various party districts is to conduct educational classes or 
study groups in Marxism for students or other young people who have exhibited an in- 
terest in politics, economics, and sociology. Participants are not always informed before- 
hand that the classes are conducted by Communists. 

In its continuing efforts to attract the youth of America., the party discussed the 
youth question at a meeting of top Communist Party funtionaries held in New York in 
October 1963. These leaders agreed there appeared to be no question on the need for 
starting a new youth organization. Gns Hall felt that the character of such an organization 
should be as broad as possible and tied to scientific socialism, which means communism. 
Hall's goal was for the party to have an organization which would express itself in the 
broadest possible terms so that no large segment of youth would be alienated. 

A Communist Party youth conference was held in Chicago, HI., in the latter part of 
October 1963, where preliminary work was completed in establishing an organization of 
a socialist nature primarily aimed at students, working-class youths and teenagers. The 
goal of the organization is to direct young people toward an eventual peaceful transition to 
socialism. A followup meeting of the organization's initiating committee made up of par- 
ty and nonparty members was held in Chicago in December 1963 where plans were form- 
ulated to issue literature calling for a national youth conference in June 1964. 

This committee agreed that the appeal to young people should emphasize three cur- 
rent items: peace, civil rights, and employment for youth. 

Mr. Hoover. I hand to the chairman an exhibit pertaining to the Permanent Student 
Committee for Travel to Cuba. You will recall this organization organized a group that 
went to Cuba last summer in direct violation of the State Department's warning to the 
contrary. There is a chart attached to the exhibit showing the devious route they took to 
get into and out of Cuba. 

Mr. Rooney. Very well, we shall insert that exhibit at this point in the record. 
(The matter referred to follows:) 


The Permanent Student Committee for Travel to Cuba was created in the fall of 
1962 as the Ad Hoc Student Committee for Travel to Cuba by a movement known as 
Progressive Labor. Progressive Labor is an extremely militant and leftist organization 
created by Mortimer Scheer and Milton Rosen. These two individuals and many of the 
members of Progressive Labor have been expelled from the Communist Party, USA, 
for disruptive activities. 

This Ad Hoc Student Committee for Travel to Cuba attempted to organize a trip to 
Cuba in December 1962, in defiance of the State Department ban on such travel. This trip 
did not materialize since the Canadian Government refused clearance to a Cuban airplane 
which was to be used in transporting the students from Canada to Cuba. 

Commencing in April 1963, the committee, with its name changed to the Permanent 
Student Committee for Travel to Cuba, became active in organizing students to partici- 
pate in a proposed trip to Cuba in June 1963. It openly indicated that it would test the 
State Department ban on such travel. An indication of its success is the fact that 59 al- 
leged "students" from 11 States departed on this trip to Cuba on June 25, 1963. 


The so-called students ranged in age from 18 to 36 years. Although some were ac- 
tually attending college, others have been out of college for a number of years. Some 
have recently graduated while some have dropped out of college and at least one is a 
college professor* This latter individual is Jose Maria Lima-Rivera, who is a professor at 
the University of Puerto Rico, 

There were no known members of the Communist Party, USA, participating in the 
trip although many of the individuals who did participate are known to possess Marxist- 
Leninist views and beliefs. A number of the students were admittedly members of Pro- 
gressive Labor. 

These individuals departed New York City in two groups on June 25, 1963. One 
group traveled via British Overseas Airways Corp. plane to London and thence to Paris, 
France. The other group traveled via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, and thence to Paris, France. The entire group then traveled to Prague, Czechoslo^ 
vakia, on a chartered Czechoslovakian airplane. After a stay of several days in Prague, 
the group flew by Cubana Airlines to Havana, Cuba, by way of Shannon, Ireland, and 
Gander, Newfoundland, arriving in Havana, June 29, 1963. 

While in Cuba, one member, Hector Warren Hill, died in a swimming pool accident. 
His body was later returned to his family in New York City. 

The entire group was scheduled to leave Cuba about July 27, 1963; however, a num- 
ber of delays occurred. These were explained by the Cuban Government as being due to 
crowded travel conditions following the July 26 celebration in Cuba and, later, as being 
due to the actions of the U.S. Government in pressuring other countries into refusing to 
allow a Cubana plane to land these students on their soil. These latter charges arose out 
of actions of the Canadian, Mexican, and Jamaican Governments in refusing entry to these 

On August 24, 1963, 55 of the students departed Havana for Madrid, Spain, via an 
Iberia Airlines plane. Three of the group were left in Havana, reportedly due to the preg- 
nant condition of two women and the desire of the alleged husband of oneof them to re- 
main with his wife. Of the 55 who left Havana, Barry Hoffman left the group in Ber- 
muda and secured permission from the Government of that country to proceed directly to 
New York City. Hoffman has since testified before the House Committee on Un-Amer- 
ican Activities and has been very cooperative with Government agents. The other 54 in- 
dividuals proceeded to Madrid, Spain. It was not until August 29, 1963, that 50 of these 
students could secure passage to New York City via Iberia Airlines. The three persons 
who had remained in Havana returned to the United States by way of Canada on October 
6, 1963. Of the four persons who had remained in Madrid, Spain, three returned to the 
United States during October 1963. The whereabouts of the one other person is presently 
unknown and he presumably is still in Spain. 

There is enclosed a chart which depicts the travel of these "students" from New 
York City to Havana, Cuba, and return to New York City in an extremely roundabout 
fashion in an attempt to evade the existing ban of the United States on travel to Cuba. 

An informant on this trip advised that all expenses (including transportation and liv- 
ing expenses while in Cuba) of these "students" were paid for by the Cuban Government 
through the Cuban Federation of University Students. Each individual had to pay a regis- 
tration fee of $10 when filing an application to go on the trip with the Permanent Student 
Committee for Travel to Cuba* Each individual subsequently had to pay $100 to that 
organization. The total of $110 was the extent of the cost to each of the individuals par- 
ticipating in this trip to Cuba. 

On September 12, 1963, the HCUA continued its hearings into the activities of this 
organization and the trip to Cuba which it had begun in May 1963. Barry Hoffman, re- 


ferred to above, was a very cooperative witness. Information was received that individuals 
from New York City traveled to Washington, D.C., for the express purpose of affording 
"support" to the persons under investigation by the HCUA and to create disturbances in 
the audience to provoke their evictions from the hearing room. These hearings precipi- 
tated many outbursts and demonstrations by the spectators which necessitated police ac- 
tion in removing the demonstrators. These removals, in turn, precipitated sit-in demon- 
strations and street rallies and the usual allegations of police brutality. 

On September 27, 1963, a Federal grand jury at New York City returned an indict- 
ment against Lee Levi Laub, Phillip Abbott Luce 3 Stefan Martinot, and Anatol Schlosser, 
charging them with conspiracy to violate section 1185 (b), title 8, United States Code, as 
supplemented by a State Department regulation which prohibited travel by American 
citizens to Cuba without a properly validated passport. 

In addition, Laub, Luce, and Martinot were charged in specific counts for depart- 
ing from the United States and reentering the United States without a properly validated 
passport. (Schlosser did not participate in the trip to Cuba but was an individual who 
was actively engaged in making arrangements and recruiting others for the trip.) 

Mr. Lipscomb. 
Mr. Chairman, I have two more questions. 


Mr. Director, in regard to the concern with Communists speaking on campuses, is it pos- 
sible to tell us how many campuses were visited and when? 

Mr. Hoover. 
I think I stated in my testimony there were 45 appearances on college campuses. 

Mr. Lipscomb. 

How many campuses were visited, do you know? Could you give us a list of the campus- 
es and when? 

Mr. Hoover. 
I have no objection to preparing such a list. 

Mr. Rooney. 
That would be a matter of public record. 

Mr. Hoover. 

Certainly; I will prepare that. 
(The information follows:) 


The Communists have attempted to infiltrate every segment of American society 
and have grown increasingly ambitious in their designs upon youth. Among the specific 
programs they have implemented is an intensive speech campaign which has seen party 
functionaries appear at colleges and universities from Maine to California. This program 
has been spearheaded by the party's lecture and information bureau, which operates out of 
Communist Party headquarters in New York City. 

During 1963 top party leaders made 45 appearances before college groups. Set forth 
below is information concerning these appearances with the identity of the school, the 
party speaker, and the date of his or her appearance. 


School Speaker Date 

iuskinguin College (debate) Arnold Johnson Jan. 9, 1963 

lichigan State University Herbert Aptheker Jan. 17, 1963 

Vayne State University Carl Winter Do. 

trandeis University . Herbert Aptheker Feb. 5, 1963 

Jniversity of Virginia Gus Hall Feb. 8, 1963 

("ale University do Feb. 13, 1963 

trown University Benjamin J. Davis Do. 

Jniversity of California Herbert Aptheker Feb. 20, 1963 

Jan Francisco State College do Feb. 21, 1963 

trandeis University Gus Hall Mar. 11, 1963 

Jniversity of Michigan Herbert Aptheker Mar. 12, 1963 

Roosevelt University do Mar. 13, 1963 

ioward University do Mar. 20, 1963 

:ity College of New York do Mar. 21, 1963 

Jniversity of Wisconsin do Mar. 27, 1963 

Jniversity of Chicago do Mar. 28, 1963 

Rhode Island University Hyman Lumer Apr. 3, 1963 

Colorado State College Mortimer Daniel Rubin Apr. 8, 1963 

[Jniversity of Connecticut Arnold Johnson Apr. 23, 1963 

University of Massachusetts do Apr. 24, 1963 

Dberlin College Benjamin J. Davis May 6, 1963 

Yale University Herbert Aptheker ........ Do. 

Ohio Wesleyan University Carl Winter May 7, 1963 

University of Connecticut James E. Jackson May 8, 1963 

Western State College Mortimer Daniel Rubin May 9, 1963 

Macalester College Hyman Lumer Do. 

University of Michigan Carl Winter May 16, 1963 

Cornell University Marvin Markman Do. 

Bard College Herbert Aptheker June 12, 1963 

University of California (at Berkeley) Albert J. Lima July 22, 1963 

Marin Junior College do Oct. 8, 1963 

Muhlenberg College Hyman Lumer Oct. 10, 1963 

Harvard University do Oct. 15, 1963 

California Institute of Technology Dorothy Healey Oct. 16, 1963 

University of California (at Los Angeles) ..... do Oct. 18, 1963 

University of the Pacific Albert J. Lima ct 28 1963 

Herbert Aptheker * * 

San Jose State College Herbert Aptheker Oct. 29, 1963 

University of California (at Berkeley) do Oct. 30, 1963 

Oakland City College do Do. 

University of Oregon do Do. 

City College of New York Benjamin J. Davis Oct. 31, 1963 

Do Herbert Aptheker Nov. 12, 1963 

Bethany College Arnold Johnson Nov. 15, 1963 

University of California (Riverside campus) . . . Dorothy Healey Nov. 18, 1963 

Yale University Herbert Aptheker Dec. 11, 1963 

(Testimony of J. Edgar Hoover before A Sub- 
committee of the Committee on Appropriations, 
U. S. House of Representatives 1965 Appropria- 
tions Bill) 

Although, as can readily be seen from the foregoing testimony given by the 
man who has been charged with the maintenance of the internal security of the 


United States for more than forty years, that communists are getting to university- 
age youth by speaking on various campuses, and that the Reds are actually turning 
college campuses into successful recruiting grounds for membership in the Com- 
munist Party, university regents and faculties which supposedly control the con- 
duct and curricula of the institutions of higher learning are evidently paying no 
attention to the warnings of the Director of the F.B.I. 

The lead editorial of the Herald-Examiner of Los Angeles for Wednesday, June 
12, 1963, entitled "Why Change the Rules?", warned the Board of Regents of the 
largest university system in the world against lifting the ban keeping communist 
speakers off the various campuses of the University of California. The Examiner 
stated, and quite correctly: 

We say to the Board of Regents that there is no "issue" regardless of the "vote" by 
students who are obviously poorly informed or downright ignorant of what our highest 
court, our Congress, and our Presidents, Republican and Democratic, have said commu- 
nism is. 

Despite the warnings of Mr. Hoover and such great newspapers as the Herald- 
American, the university regents met on June 21, 1963 and by the amazing vote of 
15 to 2 lifted the 11-year ban on Communist speakers. Chairman Clark Kerr, 
Quaker-pacifist, the University president, said that lifting the ban would deny the 
Reds the chance to make themselves "civil rights martyrs." 

Colonel C. S. Smith, publisher of twelve Herald-American newspapers in 
Southern California, attacked the illogical reasoning of the regents in his full- 
length editorial of Thursday, July 4, 1963: 

A similar line of reasoning would permit all murderers in Death Row at San Quentin 
the right to speak on any of the university campuses in order to keep them from becom- 
ing martyrs. The Communist Party is outlawed by law and rightly so. There should be 
no temporizing with communism. The courts have decided that communism is dedicated 
to the destruction of our way of life. 

Colonel Smith's reasoning is fully supported by all three branches of the 
United States Government, which wrote, passed, signed, and upheld the Internal 
Security Act of 1950 which denounced the Communist Party as a foreign conspiracy 
directed by Moscow against the United States Government and its followers as 
agents of this "foreign conspiracy," and, as such, are required to register with the 
United States Justice Department. In other words, the Communist Party and its 
members in this country are currently under criminal indictment by the federal 
government, and what the California Board of Regents has permitted is for com- 
munists to roam at will as speakers on campuses supported by arbitrary taxation of 
American taxpayers in the State of California, which communists are criminals who 
flaunt the law of the land as upheld by all three branches of the United States 

The University of Washington at Seattle followed suit, and on January 24, 1964 
the regents of this state institution passed a resolution allowing communists and 
subversives to hold forth on the university campus. The director of University Rela- 
tions and Development, one Robert G. Waldo, rationalized on this decision in a 
letter dated February 4, 1964 as follows: 

In this way, and at the same time, the educational purposes of the university for free but 
objective and critical inquiry are best served, 


In other words, the liberal intelligencia in some of our institutions of higher 
learning, at least fifty of them by latest count, know more than the Director of the 
FBI, all three branches of the Federal Government, and astute newspaper publishers 
who have watched the communist conspiracy gather strength in our nation since 

Among the outstanding exceptions to this "be kind to communists" school of 
thought are Ohio State University and the University of North Carolina, whose 
state legislatures have passed laws requiring those universities to ban the appear- 
ance of subversives from the state-supported institutions. This sort of action is logi- 
cal inasmuch as the regents, and the faculty members which wish to permit such 
subversive activity are not raising the money for salaries, the construction of the 
buildings, the maintenance of them, nor for the education of the young people. The 
taxpayers have a right to make their wishes known through their state legislatures, 
despite the anguished cries of 'academic freedom' and 'the student's right to know/ 

As evidenced by the arrest of 773 student demonstrators in Sproul Hall at the 
University of California Berkeley Campus (President Clark Kerr's headquarters) 
on December 3, 1964 by the Alameda County Police, and the subsequent trials under 
the California Anti-Trespass Law which began on April 1, 1965, the chickens are 
coming home to roost for the California State Board of Regents! 

The Alameda County District Attorney, the Honorable J. Frank Coakley, re- 
fused to knuckle under to "the cries of the liberals" to "go easy" on the poor, mis- 
guided students, despite considerable political pressure which was attempted against 
him. Mr. Coakley knew, as did his investigators, that the riots on the campus were 
no more spontaneous "free speech" demonstrations than were the riots at San 
Francisco's City Hall against the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 
May of 1960. The District Attorney and the House Committee on Un-American 
Activities have dozens of photographs showing the leadership of the Communist 
Party of Northern California and some of their offspring right in the midst of the 
student agitation on the campus, and well known communist lawyers on hand, all 
advising the students what to do and how to keep up the demonstrations. 

The demonstrations were so well organized that locations for obtaining demon- 
stration devices, such as placards and banners, were all printed ahead of time and 
handed out to the participants. 

Those who had figured in HUAC hearings, and large numbers of off-campus 
non-student demonstrators, were situated in strategic positions around the crowd 
to lead the harangues and pass out their particular material. The team of Mario 
Savio and Bettina Aptheker (daughter of the official theoritician of the Communist 
Party USA) were the chief haranguers, and Miss Aptheker was described by some 
observers as the most likely successor to the late Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, first 
female chairman of the Communist PARTY USA. 

Savio, who headed a so-called "free speech" movement, Miss Aptheker, and 
several more, were jetted to other major university campuses on a well-planned 
and well-financed speaking tour within several days after the initial rebellion at 
California. All of this, of course, took planning behind the scenes. 

It is rumored that the real "planners" will be revealed by the House Committee 
on Un-American Activities through one of the top former communist youth leaders 
in the nation who has recently defected from the party. 


The revolution amongst the youth of America has not been confined to the col- 
lege and university level. Professional communist agitators and sympathizers have 
been working at the secondary level as well. 

On Monday, April 6, 1959 the Los Angeles Express revealed on the second 
front page the following: 

Bare Communist Plot to Capture Los Angeles School Board 

How 'communist' order of the day called for capture of the Board of Education 
and other municipal offices in the blue printed methods of political campaign in- 
filtration was disclosed today in a review of the party's 1957 Southern California 

The report by top communist Dorothy Rey Healey called for the defeat of the then 
Board of Education president, Edith Stafford, as the first step in drive toward 
eventual control of the school board. 

It pointed out that Mrs. Ruth Cole already had been "successfully defeated" by a 
communist-approved alliance of "labor, minority and liberal forces." 

The Healey report was distributed to Communist Party delegates attending the 
Southern California District Convention here April 13-14, 1957. 

History records that the 'communist-approved alliance' was successful in de- 
feating Mrs. Stafford and Mrs. Cole, both of whom were Fundamental, Bible-believ- 
ing Christian women who opposed left-liberal activities in the Los Angeles County 
Public School System. 

Professor E. Merrill Root, former professor of English at Earlham College in 
Richmond, Indiana, put together the findings of five top Ph.D's in the field of edu- 
cation concerning eleven widely used social studies textbooks in high schools in all 
of America's fifty states. His revelations brought anguished howls from liberal social 
studies teachers and school administrators from coast to coast. Their howls could 
not erase what was in the textbooks. The purpose seemed to be to discredit Dr. Root 
by senseless name-calling. 

The largest newspaper in the United States, the New York Daily News, on its 
Sunday editorial page, praised Professor Root's revelations under the caption, 
* Where Do They Get Those Screwy Ideas?" The editorial said: 

It may be, though we hope not, that some New York teen-agers are shocking and puzz- 
ling their parents with a variety of screwball ideas about U.S. history. We refer to such 
notions as that George Washington was a rich aristocrat who had no use for the so-called 
common people . . . that the Constitution was framed by a bunch of wealthy men with a 
view to keeping the common people forever lowly and powerless. . .that patriotism, love 
of and pride in one's own country is stuffy and old hat. . .that business and industry 
since the American Revolution have been the enemies of the people and haven't done a 
thing toward raising our living standards to the highest levels in world history, and that 
we'd be much better off under socialism or communism. If your children happen to be 
mouthing such ideas you may get a hint as to the reason for it from a new book that 
came out a few days ago. 

The New York Daily News then referred to Root's expose through his book, 
"Brainwashing In the High Schools." 

The Daily News described as 'tripe' any United States history textbooks which 
are "bound to dilute or destroy the patriotism of many high school students, to con- 


fuse their thinking about their own country's magnificent achievements, and to 
soften them up for socialist, fascist, and communist propagandists/' 

Deploring the "lack of patriotism and love for country which has pervaded the 
younger generation/' Dr. George L. Ford of the National Association of Evangeli- 
cals cited figures from a national youth research organization which showed that 
82% of the young people felt that patriotism is less important than sports, 82% said 
that dating outranked it, and 90% put clothing ahead of it. Dr. Ford cited the ex- 
ample of a college student who told his ROTC instructor, "My father told me to 
stay away from the army and let somebody else do the fighting." 

The Opinion Research Corporation survey made among Princeton, New Jersey 
high school seniors revealed the following: 

61% did not believe in profits 

83% estimated industry profits as up 50% 

62% thought workers should NOT produce all they could 

53% voted for government ownership of banks, railroads, and steel. 

55% believed in the Marxist thesis: "From each according to his ability — to each accord- 
ing to his needs." 

Within four or five years these high school seniors will participate in electing 
candidates to public office and some of them, themselves, will be among those 

While patriotism is being de-emphasized in many of our U. S. educational 
institutions and textbooks, the communists are working overtime to organize new 
red-oriented youth groups to give aid and comfort to leftist liberal youth organiza- 
tions which were not started by the Communist Party but which are recognized by 
the communists for their ability to "soften up" America's future leaders for an 
eventual Marxist take-over. 

The Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, warned in a letter to all law en- 
forcement officials in December 1964 that in June of that same year W.E.B. du 
Bois Clubs of America were formed and were communist inspired. Mr. Hoover 

Let there be no mistake. The communists sponsor the W.E.B. du Bois Clubs and the 
communists have only one purpose in mind in sponsoring such an organization, and 
that is to swell their ranks with the youth of our nation. 

He said the formation meeting in June was "attended by approximately 450 
young Marxist partisans." Hoover further stated that the du Bois Clubs, which 
are named for the founder of the National Association For the Advancement of 
Colored People, had their beginnings at a youth conference sponsored by the 
Communist Party in Chicago in October of 1963. 

Despite the warnings of the FBI director, the students have gone right on 
with the formation of du Bois Clubs on university campuses from coast to coast 
and with the approval of faculty members and administrators in many of the 

Communist Party leadership was so jubilant over the results of the student 
riots against the House Committee On Un-American Activities in San Francisco, 
May 1960, that it selected Mortimer Daniel Rubin to be a member of the Politburo 



(the national committee) of the Communist Party USA, with full responsibility 
for youth affairs and the organizing of the new Marxist youth drive across the 

At the youth conference of the party held in Chicago June 11-12, I960, two 
major points were discussed on the agenda: (1) "Mass developments on the 
campus" and (2) "left -student developments." Discussed in relation to these points 
were ways and means by which young communists could exploit such controversial 
issues on campuses as civil rights, academic freedom, and other so-called peace 

The progress of the communists of exploiting these issues among youth groups 
during the last five years has been phenomenal. Not only have they had great 
success on the campuses of many major universities, but also in exploiting student 
demonstrators to carry their slogans and banners from city to city in everything 
from peace walks from New Haven to Havana, Cuba, to sit-ins against U.S. Nike 
sites erected only for defense against invading missiles and aircraft. 

The National Council of Churches has given an assist to the communist ex- 
ploitation of youth on the race issue by supplying untold thousands of dollars for the 
training of students (no religious faith required on application blank) for "invasion" 
of Mississippi, Alabama, and other states and cities across the nation. 

The Nashville (Tennessee) Banner exposed the inside goings-on of a so-called 
"consultation" sponsored by the Commission and Youth Department of the Na- 
tional Council of Churches in the USA in Nashville, Tennessee in January of 1964. 
A storm of protest arose from tax-payers, parents, and churches all over the country 
because of the revolutionary pronouncements made by the youngsters and their 
leaders at the Nashville meeting. In a full-length editorial in the Nashville Banner 
for Tuesday, January 14, 1964, the editor scored what took place at the youth 
meeting sponsored by the Emergency Commission on Religion and Race of the 
NCC. The title of the editorial is "Freedom From What? Now They Would Subvert 
Parental Authority." The editor stated that the 'sponsors and participants could 
have called it appropriately a workshop on How to Recruit and Brainwash Teen- 
age Children/ He further stated that the conference "addressed itself to the undis- 
guised aim of freeing youngsters from the parental authority it obviously holds in 
contempt, and enlisting them in picket lines of law-defiance. " 

When church leaders are used to create and to fire up rebellion in young people 
against parental authority and laws of the community, state and nation, no wonder 
the communists sit back and rub their hands in glee over the progress of their pro- 
gram to capture America's youth. In most any issue of the Communist Party pub- 
lications nowadays, such as The Worker, The People's World, and Political Affairs, 
one can read the Party's praises of the liberal church leaders engaged in inoculating 
our young people with a spirit of rebellion. 

An excellent conservative youn^ people's organization known as International 
Christian Youth released a pointed analysis to the press on March 29, 1965 of a 
Presbyterian youth seminar sponsored on M^rch 27 by three San Francisco area 
Synods of the United Presbyterian Church. The following is the statement of eye- 
witnesses to what went on: 


Two thousand chins tilted upward in the darkness towrad the now darkened screen, 


Seconds before, the eyes of these high school youth had seen on film the terrible 
atrocities which Hitler's Naziism had inflicted upon the Jews. They had seen naked, 
tortured bodies stacked one upon another. And in the darkness these youth awaited an 
answer. The stillness was broken by the recorded voice of a teenager who testified, "I 
feel that eventually science will solve these problems." 

The films continued with pictures of scantily-clad and naked women, blasphemous 
portrayals of the Lord Jesus, and certain avowals that automation will deprive these 
youth of their future. And, between segments of film, came the teenage testimonies such 
as one by a young lady who concluded, "We only have hope in ourselves." 

Earlier that morning, Eugene Carson Blake, Stated Clerk of the United Presbyterian 
Church, lit a cigarette and told this reporter, "The purpose of this program is to com- 
municate to this group of young people what the Church of Jesus Christ is and how 
to serve it today. This involves a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to the world 
for which Christ died." 

In a press conference prior to the March 27 Youth Seminar sponsored by three San 
Francisco area Synods of the United Presbyterian Church, Dr. Blake told the press, 
"We're in a battle for ideas. We fight it in different ways." Explaining his interests in 
contemporary student disobedience, the noted clergyman insisted, "Every new thing 
comes out of the student world . . . why don't the adults take our students more seriously?" 

The program entitled "Drift or Direction" was an occupational seminar geared, said 
Blake, to seek a commitment "to responsible revolution." The content of the program 
included the aforementioned film "mosaic," occupational seminars, and a banquet after 
which the youth were entertained by Judy Collins, notorious folk singer. The Master of 
Ceremonies was comedian Dick Van Dyke. 

Participants were given a mimeographed sheet attacking Dr. Carl Mclntire, calling him 
an unfrocked minister who was "stripped of his office as a minister in the Church on 
charges which amounted to defiance of the government and discipline of the Church, 
disturbing its peace, and violation of his ordination vows." This paper went on to say 
that "Mr. Mclntire and groups which share his general approach and methods have been 
rejected not only by every major Christian body in the United States 3 but also by many 
individuals who share their conservative theological and social viewpoint, but who are 
shocked and repelled by the kind of personal reputation ^sic^ and character assassina- 
tion which they practice." 

This reporter attended a seminar on church occupations and spoke at length with "Rev." 
John Jones, a United Presbyterian campus minister. It was a sad commentary on the 
United Presbyterian Church that this "minister" smoked four cigarettes, twice took the 
Lord's name in vain, and uttered the exclamation "damn" five times in a 35-minute 
period while speaking to the youth about the campus ministry. 

To the inquiry as to what is the greatest need which college students have and what 
can the campus minister do to meet it, Mr. Jones replied, "To enable those things to 
happen which don't normally happen if left up to the normal procedure. There is a 
vacuum of ethics on campuses today. We try to ask the questions that will open up the 
issues. We just want them to ask ethical questions. We don't give them the answers al- 
ways." In relation to the free speech movement at the University of California's Berkeley 
campus, Mr. Jones sees the campus minister as yet a third group to "bridge the gap 
between the two factions and promote dialogue." 

Jones, who is the campus "minister" at San Francisco State College, recounted his ex- 
perience of growing up in a somewhat conservative church, losing all faith while a fresh- 
man in college and "finding himself again" in his first year of seminary. He was asked if 
it is normal for a student to revolt against his religion and replied, "if he doesn*t he's 
pretty sick." He recommends that youth "go through therapy before going into the 


Lighting a cigarette, Jones quipped, "Don't smoke because that takes away from your 
capacity to consume other things." 

Such was the story throughout the entire 12-hour program as 2,000 young people were 
misled in a manner which mocked and tread under foot the very God who brought 
them. High school and college age youth were caught up in a program which would 
sicken any Christian observer. One young lady who stood in a special seminar with Dick 
Van Dyke, Eugene Carson Blake, and Judy Collins, was mocked when she stood and, 
insisted that the service the was doing for the Lord was not in her own strength but that 
of the Holy Spirit. 

Is it any wonder that youth today are revolting and rebelling and this in the name of 
"responsible revolution?" 

Why doesn't somebody do something, you say? Someone is doing something. Inter- 
national Christian Youth-USA is attempting with all our strength to reach Christian 
youth and impress upon them their responsibility to cling to and earnestly contend 
for the faith that was once for all delivered unto the saints. 

God help us if we fail. 

The Walther League, largest association of Lutheran young people in the 
United States, announced in January of 1965 that a feature on the program of their 
national convention at Squaw Valley (California) in July of 1965 would be folk 
singer Pete Seeger. 

Pete Seeger is a guitar-strumming performer who specializes in singing "folk 
songs" that have, sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle, Marxist content. 

He appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 
August of 1955 and refused to answer the question when asked if he was a member 
of the Communist Party. He was held in contempt of Congress. He was indicated by 
a New York grand jury in March of 1957. He was found guilty by a jury after one 
hour and twenty minutes deliberation, but won a reversal of his conviction by the 
Appeals Court, which held that the original indictment was ' 'defective because it 
failed to define properly the authority of the subcommittee to conduct hearings." 

Seeger has been identified under oath as a director of People's Songs, Inc. 
According to the Fifth Report of the California Senate Fact- Finding Committee, 
Volume II, page 542: 

It has injected itself into communist fronts, and communist schools, and left-wing trade 
union and political activity. People's Songs, Inc. is now writing songs and plays, pro- 
moting choruses and schools for communist fronts. It staged a benefit for the Commun- 
ist Party in New York City on November 30, 1946. Its advertisements and press notices 
are to be found in the official publications of the Communist Party USA. People's Artists 
is also an affiliate of People's Songs, and it has offices in with the latter group. People's 
Artists also supplies the entertainment for Communist Party gatherings. 

^ Seeger sang at the Highlander Folk School in Monteagle, Tennessee in 1957, 
which school was closed by the government of Tennessee which labeled it a com- 
munist training school. 

Seeger has a long record of affiliations with various communist enterprises in 
the United States. He has marched in the Communist Party May Day parades, 
has performed for various units of the Communist Party, for its cultural division, 
and in behalf of the twelve Communist Party leaders who were tried under the 
government's Smith Act. 


Despite the fact that Walther League headquarters has received many protests 
from concerned Christian laymen and pastors, one Dean C. Kell, Assistant Exec- 
utive Director of the Walther League headquarters, 875 North Dearborn Street, 
Chicago 10, Illinois, wrote a letter on February 26, 1965 in which he defended Pete 
Seeger and stated as follows: 

We found that he (Seeger) does indeed speak from a background of integrity and has an 
important and timely message to the Church and its young people. 

Mr. Kell is flying in the face of official hearings of a United States government 
committee and of an official committee of the State of California. 

When Christian leaders put on religious blindfolds and refuse to acknowledge 
facts as contained in twelve separate federal government reports alone on one Pete 
Seeger, no wonder the communists rejoice! 

State legislatures, such as Florida, may pass excellent laws requiring the 
teaching of Americanism versus Communism in the high schools, including the 
exposing of the evils and fallacies of communism from now until Doom's Day, with- 
out having the authority to deal with the heart of the matter, which is spiritual and 

Unless the parents of our future citizens, their educators and their religious 
advisors take the lead in instructing our young people in the moral law of God 
as contained in the Holy Scriptures, and in obedience to the civil laws of the United 
States of America, the problem will become worse and worse and can eventually 
result in the destruction of our beloved nation. 

The communists, their fellow-travelers, sympathizers and dupes, the do-good- 
ers, the modernists and liberals in the field of theology, and the liberal educationists 
MUST BE opposed and exposed in their drive to capture the minds of America's 
youth, no matter how many verbal brickbats they may toss at concerned parents 
and just plain taxpayers. 

Christian leaders and educators must "cry aloud and spare not," as watchmen 
on the protective walls of freedom if the nation is to be alerted to the strategy and 
tactics of the Red enemy who see in our youth the means for destroying the United 
States from within. 

We must put a vast program of counter-revolutionary education into operation, 
backed by unlimited facts and documents. What we do must be done quickly if we 
as a nation are to be saved. 

- END - 


J &■ - /-*- 


For Church League Contributors 
For Church League Members: 25c each; $20.00 per 100 
For Non- Members^ : 35c each; $30.00 per 100 



422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 

as an educational service to our contributors. 

Published Monthly by the National Laymen's Council of the Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois. A 
Non-Profit Organization, Editor: Edgar C. Bundy. Founded in 1937, Chicago, Illinois. 

June 2, 1965 

Dear Mr. Bandy: x . 

s w 

Your letter of May 27th was received during f ^ 


Mr. Hoover* 8 absence; however, you may be sore It will be ©g w 

5 S 

brought to his attention upon his return. I know he would want * g 


S o? 

me to point out that it will not be possible to be of service to you. * "» 

Sincerely yours, ' ' 


JUN2- 1966 


Helen W. Gandy 

1 - Chicago - Enclosure 

NOTE: Bundy, a self-styled expert on communism, is well known to the 
Bureau. We have always been most circumspect in our dealings with him. 

(4) < 



fe 1 




Iecutive secretary 

par C, Bundy ■ 


| Anderson Arbury 

. William T. Bruckner ; 

Edgar C. Bundy ' 

Richard M. Dilworth 

Rogers Follansbee 

George Ray Hudson ' 

|. Walter A. Krafft 

Ellerton Lodge 

James E. Lyon 

Rev. Cameron MacKenzie ( 
le Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D.! 
Ir. Harry N. Stamper 

Edgar J. Uihlein 

Bob Wells 
I, Judson P, Wetherby 
l-s. H, Dillon Winship 
\r$. Gladys Zuidema 

PHO %^ A (Sl2) 668-3630 



2 7/ May 196 5 

Hon. J # Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U. S. Justice Department Bldg. 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

We have received a copy of the reprint of your testi- 
mony on the F.B.I, appropriation for 1966 before the 
House Subcommittee on Appropriations on March 4, 1965. 

We have also received a copy of the Department of 
Justice hearings, running some 4-02 pages. 

Annually, for the past four years, we have removed 
the pages from the Appropriations Bill hearings deal- 
ing ftith your testimony and have had this photographed 
on offset and sent to a mailing list of 10,000 key 
people in all spheres of life throughout the United 
States as one of the many free services of the Church 
League of America. / 

We had intended to do this again until we received your 
reprint copy. 

What we would like to know is what would be the cost 
of approximately 10,000 copies of your reprint, which 
cost we will be glad to bear so that we can send out 
these copies free to this mailing list? 

Perhaps it might be well to ask whether that number of 
copies could be made available to us, providing we^be^x^^ 
th. p ri «in g 8 «t. REfel09 ^-J%fV m 

An early reply would be greatly appreciated as we want 
to make a decision on this soon. «*== EED 




Very sincerely yours, 


&*' iXJ^I v wi ^o/i6 Edgar C. Bundy 

VISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin lEWesS^ t i Ve Secretary 
|.>VISORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 

■>-. j* v * ♦ 



June 22, 1968 


Mendota, Illinois 
Dear Mrs. 


Your letter of June 16th has been received, and 
your interest in writing to this Bureau is appreciated. 

w response to your inquiry, I would like to point 
out that information contained in our files must be maintained as 
confidential in accordance with regulations of the Department of 
Justice and is available for official use only. I am sure you will 
understand the reason for this policy and why I am unable to 
comment as you desire. 

find of interest. 

Enclosed is some material which I hope you will 









00 g 





JUN2 2196& 


Sincerely yours, 

J, Edgar Hoover 

| Tolson _ 
elmont . 

| Mohr 

| DeLoach 

I Casper 

I Callahan 

I Conrad 


I Gale 

■ Rosen 

iSullivan ~ 

■ Trotter — 

Enclosures (2) 

America — Soviet Espionage Target #1 

America's Ideals-Its Mark of Greatness 
r\ NOTE: ^Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. The Church League of 
\flf America has not been investigated by the Bureau, and its monthly publication, . 

Tf News and Views, ft sets forth information of interest to clergymen and laymen 

alike. We have had numerous inquiries concerning this organization and 

Major Edgar c!rBiind v T General Chairman of the League. Bundy claims to have 

been Major in OSI as well as a former Baptist Minister. He has been the 

subject of a closed impersonation case and lectures across the country on 

the subject of communism. The Bureau has enjoyed cordial relations with 

Dr. and Mrs. Harry Allen Over$treet,persons who have authored numerous 

books on political and. related matters, and we have furnished assistance to them 

in connection with theijr books. 

iTele. Room . 

■ Holmes 

■ Gundy 

V >-M* 



kt # 








Mendota, 111 
June 16, 1965 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. <|; 

Dear Sir; 

As a delegate to a recent convention I reported to our 
local Woman's Club on a talk given by Major Edgar C Bundy of 
Whekton, exec secretary of the Church League of America. A lengthy 
phone call and a visit from oneaof our members made me feel 
unpatriotic for even mentioning his name. The member used for her 
information and arguments the book T The Strange Tactics of the Extremists M 
by Harry and Bernardo Overstreet. 

Are they any more correct than he? Could they be trying 
to discredit him for selfish purposes ? How can an ordinary citizen know 
who is right? Does Maj Bundy know of what he speaks ? Who are the 
Overstreets? Why is their worS more believable than his? 


*v it 




/ o 

1 vc \ 

I have literature on Bundy, but have nothing on the 
Can you help me and my club? 


j«- c &*J&£&2& 

r—^ * 



September IS, 1965 

63- ■IWfS7i>-l& 

Uoilinsvilie, Illinois 



Dear Mr 

I have received your letter of September 10th* 

In response to your inquiry, I would like to point out 
that information contained in our files must be maintained as confi-^ 
dentlal in accordance with regulations of the Department of Justice. 
I am sure you will understand the reason for this policy and why I BR 
unable to comment as you desire. I hope you will not infer either ^H 
that we do or do not have data in our files relating to the Church 
League of America. 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgar Hoover 





— -— 
















NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. The Church League 
of America has been the subject of numerous citizen inquiries; however, 
we have not conducted investigation regarding this group whose chairman 
is Major Edgar C. Bundy. 


(3) € 






*"~ '~®§ 





1 1 




Collinsville, Illinois ^ 

Sept. 10, 



I recently received some information on the National 
Council of Churches which was published by theMchurch League of 
America, 422 N. Prospect, Wheaton, Illinois, v"" 530 "**^^ 

Since the church where I have my membership is a member 
of the National Council of Churches, this material was very interesting 
to me. Do you have any information on the reliabilety of the Church 
League of America. 

I will appreciate any information you Can give. 




a-l0H-57t>~/2Q n 


a -i 

18 SEP 161%$ 








/- ^ 

QO-6 • - - * 

offic^' Rector 

federal bureanjyof investigation 

united states department of justice 



» ivi rv ■^ /jg y*gy " *- ~ - 

October 21, l£T65v mrcallahan 

The attached publication was sent the 
Director from Church League^of 
A merica, 4 22 North Prospect Street, 
WEeaton, Tllinois . " I ~™ """"" 

Reference is made to the Director ron 
page 9. ^ e 1 * 








v*,- t 



EX lid' 
REG- ®- 






Hi f/fMj O) ^^> 

^ ^ — 

25 OCT 891965 




7* ,4 5 

• ft - '■* 





-M #*-/?/ 


Eternal Vigilance is Forever the Price of Freedom 

Vol. 28, No. 12 


November, 1965 


by Karl Baarslag 

Peace, peace; when there is no peace. Jeremiah 6:14. 

In attempting to evaluate the sincerity of any peace advocates or organized 
pacifist manifestations the Communist history and position on pacifism must first 
be thoroughly understood. While most advocates of peace are obviously not Com- 
munists and, indeed, may even be militant anti-Communists, Communists since 
1917 have always been, or have pretended to be, the most resolute fighters for 
"peace"— even when they were actually waging war. 

One day after the Bolshevik seizure of power on November 7, 1917, Lenin 
issued a Decree on Peace urging all the warring nations in Europe to declare a three 
months armistice, renounce all territorial annexations by force, and to permit 
smaller and weaker nations the right of self-determination. The strategy behind 
the Lenin appeal was simple. The Bolshevik slogan of "Peace, Bread, and Land" 
had worked magic in bringing masses of war-weary and hungry Russians to the 
Bolshevik standards. It demoralized the already disintegrating armies of the Czar 
on the Eastern Front and cut the ground from under the popular support of the 
Kerensky Provisional government. 

Lenin and Trotsky also desperately needed peace to stay the advancing 
German armies and to consolidate their shaky seizure of power and fasten the grip 
of the Bolsheviks on all of Russia. Far more important was the possibility, as Lenin 
phrased it, to "tear away the soldiers from the imperialists" and to disarm the world 
bourgeosie by disintegrating their armed forces. Lenin's oft quoted: 

As long as capitalism and socialism exist we cannot live in peace; in the end, 
one or the other will triumph — a funeral dirge will be sung over the Soviet Re- 
public or over world capitalism. (Lenin, Selected Works, Vol. VIII, page 297.) 

leaves no doubt that the founder of Bolshevism defined peace as the total destruc- 
tion of world bourgeois capitalism. Which is a direct antithesis to what the rest of 
the non-Communist world, including the pacifists, conceive peace to mean. Nor was 
this definition a lone or isolated example of Lenin's conception of world peace as 
even casual and superficial students of Communism will testify. 

Lenin constantly reiterated this basic tenet of Bolshevism: 

Bourgeois pacifists and their socialist imitators or echoers picture peace as being 
something in principle distinct from war, for war is the continuation of the politics of 
peace, and peace is the continuation of the politics of war. . . .Neither bourgeois 
pacifists nor socialist pacifists see that if the bourgeois governments are not over- 
thrown by the revolution, peace now can only be an imperialist peace, a continuation 
of the imperialist war. (Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. XXIII, page 183.) 

Nor did Lenin use circumlocutions or Aesopian language in expressing his con- 
tempt for pacifists; 

We are not pacifists. We are against imperialist wars for the division of spoils 
between capitalists, but we have always said that it would be stupid for the revolu- 
tionary proletariat to renounce revolutionary wars which may be necessary in the 
interest of Socialism. (Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. XXIII, page 360-61.) 

Or what could be more unequivocal than the following: 

A mass sentiment for peace often expresses the beginning of a protest, an in- 
dignation, and a consciousness of the reactionary nature of war. It is the duty of all 
Social-Democrats to take advantage of this sentiment. They will take the most ardent 
part in every movement and in every demonstration made on this basis, but they 
will not deceive the people by assuming that in the absence of a revolutionary move- 
ment it is possible to have peace without annexations, without the oppression of na- 
tions, without robbery, without planting the seed of new wars among the present 
governments and ruling classes. Such deception would only play into the hands of 
the secret diplomacy of the belligerent countries and their counter-revolutionary 
plans. Whoever wishes a durable and democratic peace must be for civil war against 
the governments and the bourgeoisie. (Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. XVIII, page 

This entire volume is a collection of Lenin's polemics on "The Struggle 
Against Social-Chauvinism and Social Pacifism." 

Conscientious objectors and pacifists in this country will derive little comfort 
from the following typically Leninist dictum: 

War is no accident and no 'sin' as the Christian reverends think. They, like all 
opportunists, preach patriotism, humanitarianism, and pacifism. War is an inevit- 
able part of capitalism. It is just as much a legitimate form of capitalism as is peace. 
The strikes of the conscientious objectors and similar opposition to war are nothing 
but pitiful, cowardly, idle dreams. What idiot believes that the armed bourgeoisie 
can be overthrown without a struggle? It is simply insane to talk about abolishing 
capitalism without a frightful civil war or a succession of such wars. It is the duty 
of the Socialists to agitate for class struggle in time of war. The only duty of the 
Socialists, when an imperialist war breaks out between the bourgeois classes of dif- 
ferent nations, is to transform this war between nations into a war between classes. 

Down with the sentimental, hypocritical slogan: 'Peace at Any Price!' Long Live 
the Civil War! (Lenin, Against the Stream, 1914) 

Needless to observe, Lenin was venting his spleen against social and Christian 
pacifists who tried to oppose the European war of 1914, that is to say, war between 
what Communists term "imperialist" or non-Communist nations. He would have 
sung an entirely different tune and key where pacifists and conscientious objectors 
harrassed an imperialist-state waging war against Soviet Russia. Nor have the 
Soviets ever tolerated in the slightest degree any pacifist organization, movement, 
or manifestation under the red flag. 

Lenin's position on peace and pacifists was formally embodied in the Theses 
and Resolutions of the Sixth World Congress of the Communist International 
meeting in Moscow in 1928. For a general summary of the Communist position 
on pacifists see News and Views, August, I960, pages 2 and 3. This Sixth and next 
to the last world congress of the Comintern was far more important than the last 
one held in 1935. 


It laid down the directive for outflanking the European colonial powers by strik- 
ing at their rear, as it were, through their colonies and economic supply lines and 
markets. Even more important it spelled out in detail every step that Communists 
all over the world were expected to follow in blocking "imperialist wars" and to 
convert them into civil wars against their own people and governments. Com- 
munists were ordered to make a "determined political and ideological fight against 
pacifism." There were several shades of pacifism, the Comintern warned, ranging 
from that of Left Socialists to "semi-religious pacifism which has its basis in the 
church movement:" 

In the struggle against pacifism, however, the Communists must draw a dis- 
tinction between the anti-war sentiments of large masses of the toilers — who are 
ready to fight against war, but do not as yet understand that the revolutionary way is 
the only proper way of combating war, and therefore become a prey to pacifist 
swindlers — and the swindlers themselves, the pacifists of various shades. The 
masses must be patiently enlightened as to their error and urged to join the revolu- 
tionary united front in the struggle against war. But the pacifist swindlers must be 
relentlessly exposed and combated." (Pages 13-14, "The Struggle Against Imperialist 
War and the Tasks of the Communists." Workers Library Publishers, New York, 
1932, 1st Edition.) 


Moscow's publicly expressed contempt for them as "swindlers" has not in the 
least discouraged America's pacifists including "Christian reverends." It is, of 
course, possible that many of them never read the Resolutions and Theses of the 

Sixth World Congress of the Comintern even though the House Committee on 
Un-American Activities republished them in full in 1956 as part of the monu- 
mental five volume compendium of Communist documents entitled "The Com- 
munist Conspiracy." Nothing so starkly exposes Communist total cynicism and 
depravity as their manipulation of "pacifist swindlers" and "Christian reverends" 
to act as catspaws for international Communism while, at the same time, ridiculing 
them behind their backs. 

There is, needless to say, nothing morally wrong with sincere and honest 
pacifism in time of peace, short-sighted and misguided as many pacifists seem to 
be. Every religious and bona fide pacifist must, however, squarely face the question 
whether or not his actions, even in time of peace, merely serve to weaken the morale 
of his own country and thus indirectly aid and give comfort to the Communist 
enemy. Where pacifist activity, no matter how weak and unimportant it may be, 
weakens his own country's total defense posture while at the same time in no way 
retarding the advance of Communism, simple common sense would seem to leave 
but one inescapable conclusion: He who weakens his own side without affecting 
in the slightest degree the enemy's potential is engaged in near-treason. The Com- 
munist enemy's potential in total war not being limited merely to Soviet military 
power but Moscow's Fifth Column within our gates. 

The spectacle of Uncle Sam pouring out some 110 billion dollars in less than 
twenty years for foreign aid all over the world in order to "save the world from 
Communism" while at the same time tolerating the most blatant and open Com- 
munist and pro-Communist activity right at home is not only highly diverting to 
the leaders of world Communism but further, encourages them to proceed with their 
time-table for world conquest. A nation which turns over billions of dollars of 
weapons not only to fifth-rate emerging countries with military-industrial-economic 
quotients of next to zero but even to Communist countries under the fatuous delu- 
sion that this may wean them from Moscow or Peking is obviously nothing for Com- 
munists to worry about, particularly when the United States has taken the lead in 
what amounts to one-sided disarmament of some of our most powerful weapons 


What the United States government apparently does not understand, or at least 
thus far has not conceded, is that the whole Communist world has been waging 
fourth dimensional or unconventional war against this country since the end of 
World War II; that the purpose of this war by non-military means: diplomatic, 
economic, political, psychological, espionage, and massive subversion, is so to 
weaken and demoralize our national will and morale that the final military con- 
frontation will merely be a mopping up operation or final coup de grace requiring 
little risk or manpower on the part of massed Communist military forces. The 
classic example of France's collapse in forty days, "safe" behind her "impregnable 
Maginot line" and with the largest and finest army in Europe, naturally is the goal 
of the Kremlin and Peking in its protracted ideological war against this country. 

Several years ago conservative Republician Congressman Don Bruce of 
Indiana introduced a House resolution which, if adopted, would have notified 
Russia and the world that the United States recognized a state of cold war or non- 
military war to exist between the Communist bloc and the United States. The 
State Department striped pants brigade naturally was shocked to its tea cups and, 
as a result, the Bruce "Victory resolution" never got out of committee. All it did was 
to recognize and formally admit as the "sense of the Congress" the existence of a 
state of cold war, which every school boy already knew anyway. The importance 
of the Bruce resolution lay in the fact that its passage would clearly identify those 
working in this country in behalf of Soviet foreign policy as enemies of the United 
States; or, if you prefer a better descriptive term, "ideological guerrillas" operating 
against us and safely inside U.S. lines of defense. 

Today we have the outrageous spectacle of a vast and powerfully entrenched 
national network of such ideological guerrillas safely and openly operating against 
the United States and the free world in behalf of advancing world Communism. 
This ideological warfare is not limited to academic "teach-ins" or pseudo-scholar- 
ly debates on U.S. foreign policy. A Vietnam Day Committee organized on the 
campus of the University of California at Berkeley is busy cooking up schemes to 
stop trains carrying U.S. troops and for "civil disobedience" invasions of army 
bases and terminals. Other cowardly vermin occupy themselves with making 
anonymous telephone calls to widows of men who fell in South Vietnam snarling 
obscenities or gloating "He got what he deserved!" Can anyone think of anything 


The New York Times of August 30, 1965, carried a news item that the Fel- 
lowship of Reconciliation and the Robert Hutchins Center for the Study of 
Democratic Institutions were sponsoring a campaign "to mobilize the American 
clergy in support of the peace movement." Some 100 conferences "to discuss the 
moral and technological implications of the requirements for world peace" would 
be organized early in October and be held all over the United States. The public 
announcement was made by Mr. Frank H. Kelly, a vice president of the Center 
which was formerly the Fund for the Republic. 

October conferences are to be held in Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; 
Los Angeles and San Francisco. In November the conferences will be held in 
Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, and Rochester. Hutchins' outfit 
will also cooperate with unidentified "other groups" in Houston, Philadelphia, 
Chicago, and other cities. "Convocations" will be held in the YMCA's of Boston, 
Seattle, Newark, N. J., Springfield, Mass., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Muske- 
gon, Michigan. 

The news release identified the Fellowship of Reconciliation as a "non- 
denominational, nonsectarian, religion-oriented organization committed to the 
abolition of war." As the F.O.R. is fifty years old, this leaves a great deal unsaid 

about its policies and activities— in fact, volumes! For an extensively researched 
report on the Fellowship see News and Views, August, 1960. The intervening five 
years have not marked any discernible change in the Fellowship's general line of 
policy and activities. The summary-conclusion of the Church League in 1960 on 
the Fellowship therefore still stands without need for modification or revision: 

While not a Communist front, the forty-five year history of the F.O.R., with 
perhaps one brief exception during World War II, has been one which closely paral- 
leled and supported the general 'line' of the Communists. The sole exception was 
during World War II when F*O.R. officials and members went to prison rather than 
defend their country. The Communists eagerly joined the armed forces and worked 
night and day to open a second front in France in order to save Russia from being 
totally overrun and destroyed by Hitler's smashing invasion. 

F.O.R/s consistent record of opposing all military training and defense bud- 
gets has been, with the sole exception cited, of enormous value to the Communists 
who also want a weak and undefended America. F.O.R.'s long and unbroken record 
of always defending Communists in trouble with the law, even though they them- 
selves in later years cagily avoided any united fronts with Communists, has been 
of enormous material aid and comfort to the Communist conspiracy. 

Certainly the record of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and its openly 
avowed policies are such that no patriotic American concerned over the threat of 
Communism to the free world and the defense of this country against further Com- 
munist infiltration and demoralization, would want to contribute to it in any way 

Dr. J. B. Matthews in the August, 1958, News and Views quoted the Fellow- 
ship directly as having boasted: 

Out of its activities and the concerns of its members and committees have grown 
such diverse organizations as the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the 
American Civil Liberties Union, the Religion and Labor Foundation, the Workers 
Defense League, the Committee on Racial Equality, the National Council Against 
Conscription, the Society for Social Responsibility in Science, the Church Peace 
Mission, and more recently the American Committee on Africa. 

Dr. Matthews additionally reported that 35 of the 44 members of F.O.R.'s ad- 
visory council or editorial board had records of affiliation of some sort with Com- 
munist fronts and/or enterprises; One of the latest outfits to be spawned by the 
F.O.R. is Clergymen's Emergency Committee for Vietnam, with the same pacifist 
and leftist clerical names appearing on their letterheads and in their newspaper ads. 
So much for the background of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. 


Space limits restrict any extended discussion of the Fund for the Republic. 
Set up in 1952 by the Ford Foundation with a grant of $15 million, its true objec- 

tives were soon revealed. One of its first grants was a $5,000 donation to a Quaker 
library in Pennsylvania for its "courage" in hiring as librarian an identified Com- 
munist who had invoked the Fifth Amendment before a Senate Investigating com- 
mittee. There soon followed a long series of grants and endowments for all manner 
of books, studies, reports, and enterprises calculated to thwart and discredit govern- 
ment security programs, Congressional committees delving into subversion, and 
all anti- Communist activities, private and governmental. 

Representative Francis Walter, Chairman of the House Committee on Un- 
American Activities charged that the Fund "gave aid and comfort" to the Com- 
munist enemies of this country. Mr. Walter suggested that the Internal Revenue 
Service study the Fund's disbursements with a view toward possible tax exemption 
violations. The National Commander of the American Legion warned all Legion- 
naires to "avoid any identification with activities sponsored by the Fund for the 
Republic." Commander Seaborn Collins warned Americans that a "form of intel- 
lectual vigilitanteism" was being promoted by the Fund which might "succeed 
in crippling national security." Nationwide criticism of the Fund's Communist- 
coddling activities reached such a crescendo that Henry Ford III was forced to 
issue a public statement that in his opinion some of the Fund's activities "have 
been dubious in character" and had led to "charges of bad judgment." 

Representative B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee, chairman of the sabotaged 
Special Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations, made one of the best 
summaries of the Fund's "dubious activities" on the floor of the House July 21, 
1955. Numerous magazine articles, speeches in Congress, radio broadcasts, and a 
large book by Fulton Lewis, Jr., amply informed the American public on the 
vicious anti-anti- Communist activities of Robert Hutchin's Fund for the Republic, 
so much so, that shortly thereafter, when its initial funds were running low, the 
operators of the Fund discreetly changed its name to the even more innocuous 
"Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions." Left-liberals must be given 
credit for a sardonic and cynical sense of humor. No conservative or sincere patriot 
woulcj have the gall to indulge in such left-handed terminological hanky-panky! 

The Church League of America has just completed and published a detailed 
documented report on The Fund and its successor, The Center for the Study of 
Democratic Institutions. (Write The Church League for details.) 

The unsavory background of these two partners now engaged in an unholy 
liaison does not auger well for such offspring as may ensue. The Stockholm Peace 
petition, various "world peace conferences," the Cultural and Scientific Confer- 
ence for World Peace, and all the other Moscow-spawned efforts to sabotage Ameri- 
can morale will undoubtedly be put in the shade by the soon to arrive progeny of 
the F.O.R. and Fund for the Republic. Nor do the announced names of the god- 
fathers and godmothers of this unholy alliance inspire much confidence. 

In a previous issue we have already briefly alluded to the backgrounds of 


Edwin T. Dahlberg, Bishop John Wesley Lord, Dr. Henry J. Cadbury, Alfred 
Hassler, and others associated with the early efforts of the Clergymen's Emergency 
Committee for Vietnam. Dr. Harold Bosley, Dr. Dana McLean Greeley, Dr. 
Howard Schomer, Mrs. Annalee Stewart of the Women's International League for 
Peace and Freedom and several others of lesser importance made the Vietnam trip 
in July to "reduce tensions and re-establish communications there in the hope of 
a cease fire." News and Views in the past has documented the public records of the 

Christian Century, August 4, published an article "Runaway War or Dead- 
locked Peace" by Howard Schomer datelined Saigon, which in effect was a report of 
the Clergymen's mission sent to Vietnam by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. 
Schomer reported that the Viet Cong "smell victory" and will stop at nothing to 
achieve it, ie., drive U.S. forces out of Vietnam. Schomer neatly attributes to Cam- 
bodia's neutralist foreign minister the warning that Red China "will not hesitate 
to employ millions of soldiers in combat with the United States on the ground in 
Southeast Asia and Peking would definitely use the nuclear arms at her disposal." 

Schomer also wants congressional hearings and a nationwide debate "on the 
wisdom and rightness of the current Pentagon plans to turn the large-scale Ameri- 
can war effort into a massive land war in Southeast Asia." He feels that the Penta- 
gon is really dedicated to liberating North Vietnam from the Communists and the 
overthrow of the Communist regime in China. After that the Pentagon would "turn 
its sights at once on the Kremlin itself— the -only logical outcome of the chain of 
reasoning that begins with the attitude of 'Why not victory?' " Only a deadlocked 
peace with the Viet Cong getting a "good share of the cabinet posts in any coalition 
government" and a national socialist government like that of Algeria offers any 
hope for peace in South Vietnam, the F.O.R. clergymen's committee believes. 
(For an evaluation of Christian Century see March, 1959, News and Views.) 

Christian Century since the beginning of the year has given heavy editorial 
emphasis on Vietnam. The September 8 issue carried an editorial announcing that 
the National Council of Churches had appointed a special study panel on Vietnam 
in order to "seek some Christian consensus on Vietnam." The N.C.C.C. employs 
once more the standard tactic of piously disavowing any responsibility for the 
panel's findings which will be "in a strictly advisory capacity, (and) will have no 
power to act or to formulate policy for the National Council of Churches." 

Arthur S. Flemming, first vice president of the N.C.C.C, will be chairman of 
the "consensus panel" of thirteen other N.C.C.C. officers or church officials. The 
panel will be assisted in its cogitations by another panel of seven consultants. Their 
task is an awesome one— "to throw the vast and relevant wisdom of Christian 
thought on war in general and on this war in particular." Seldom in the history 
of Christianity have twenty-one men and women shouldered a heavier and more 
fearsome responsibility! Surely the N.C.C.C. selected virtual supermen and women 
of Himalayan spiritual power, sanctity, and religious eminence for this stupendous 


task! They are to "seek a Christian consensus on Vietnam and not merely a con- 
sensus of all American Christians/' the Christian Century informs us. 

The name of the chairman is a grievous disappointment. Flemming was an un- | % 
distinguished professional Republican bureaucrat in Washington during most of l ; 

F. D. Roosevelt's administration. While a U. S. Civil Service Commissioner he * *■ 
certainly did not demonstrate any great capacity for understanding Communist 
infiltration into the government. Based on more than adequate findings he first 
ruled Soviet agent Nathan Gregory Silvermaster as ineligible for retention in the 
government and when this was reversed presumably on White House orders, Flem- 
ming found the Soviet spy "eligible/' He similarly ruled favorably on two other 
known Communists. 

The passage of years and the cold war apparently have taught Arthur S. Flem- 
ming very little about Communists. THE WORKER for March 11, 1962, page 7, 
carried an enthusiastic report that Communist "Tough Guy" Gus Hall had spoken 
to 12,000 students and others on the campus of the University of Oregon. It quoted 
the university's prexy, Arthur S. Flemming, as ponificating: 

If our university deviates from the policy (of freedom of expression) it has 
followed, it will be placed in the position of being a second class institution in the 
eyes of men and women who truly understand the role of a university. It could 
well be giving up its birthright. 

From Dr. Flemming's dictum it would seem that F.B.I. Director J. Edgar 
Hoover, the American Legion, and a majority of the American people who oppose 
the use of state-supported colleges for Soviet Fifth Column use by inviting Com- 
munist speakers do not "truly understand the role of a university/' 

The American Association of University Professors promptly decorated Dr. 
Flemming with its annual Alexander Meiklejohn Award a few months later. Prof. 
Meiklejohn, now deceased, managed during his years as an academician to hang up 
an impressive heavyweight record for joining and promoting Communist fronts, 
which, probably more than anything else, neatly catalogs the coloration and ideo- 
logical orientation of the A.A.U.P. 

Nor are the names of John C. Bennett of Union Theological Seminary; 
Methodist pacifist Harold O. Bosley; Edwin T. Dahlberg, Ernest Gross, J. Irwin 
Miller, past president of the N.C.C.C; Eugene L. Smith, Harold E. Fey, or O. 
Frederick Nolde on the N.C.C.C.'s panel "to seek a Christian consensus on Viet- 
nam'' likely to inspire either confidence or enthusiasm in anti-Communist, funda- 
mentalist, or conservative circles. News and Views and Christian Beacon readers 
will be only too familiar with their records. The various Church League and Circuit 
Riders compilations of the public records of religious leaders and the N.CC.C. 
officials should be consulted by those not already fully informed on these in- 
dividuals. Special issues of News and Views have set forth in full the questionable 
records of Ernest Gross and Edwin T. Dahlberg. 

It seems a reasonably safe bet to predict that any report disguised under the 
euphemistic camouflage of a "Christian consensus" brought in by the N.C.C.C/s 
t hand-picked panel would hew closely to the Council's long-established appeasement 
'if/--;jid Communist-coddling line. Several of the panel members and "consultants" 
K| also attended the N.C.C.C.'s Fifth World Order Study Conference at Cleveland in 
1958 which made the headlines by issuing a report entitled "Christian Responsibility 
on a Changing Planet." One of the N.C.C.C.'s "Christian responsibilities" was ad- 
vocating the recognition of Communist China and its admission to the United 
Nations. Mr. Ernest A. Gross was chairman of the Fifth World Order Conference 
which brought in a number of other resolutions all by "unanimous vote." (See News 
and Views, July, 1959) . 

It may be a mere coincidence that the N.C.C.C. panel "to seek a Christian 
consensus" consists of fourteen members, exactly the same number and even some 
of the same individuals as composed the Fellowship of Reconciliation's Clergy- 
men's Emergency Committee for Vietnam. 


A very brief notice consisting of only four short sentences on page 3 of F.O.R/s 
August Fellowship announced that the 100 "convocations" jointly fostered by 
F.O.R. and the renamed Fund for the Republic was "made possible by the generos- 
ity of Irving F. Laucks of Santa Barbara, Calif." Full time staff director of the 
project to change U.S. policy on Communist aggression in Vietnam is listed as one 
Dorothy Nyland "well known in church and women's circles." 

Mr. Irving F. Laucks of Healdsburg, California, apparently first appeared in 
public prints in 1961 when he wrote a letter to the Communist-line National 
Guardian Mail Bag: 

If the world is chortling at the failure of intervention in Cuba, shall we now 
attempt to regain 'prestige' by tough talk and sabre-rattling? Or shall we try to 
make a fresh start — honestly admitting that our Cuban policy has been wrong right 
from the start? 

What respect we would gain from the people (if not the politicians) of the 
world if we undertook to right a wrong in a man-to-man way (even if we had to ad- 
mit errors)? 

Irving F. Laucks 

(See page 2 National Guardian, May 29, 1961) . 

Brave men died in vain to free Cuba from the horror of Castroism and to give 
Mr. Laucks a chuckle. However, in Mr. Lauck's defense it must be conceded he was 
not alone— Khrushchev, Mao Tse-tung, and every Communist stooge and publica- 
tion in the world also thought our Cuban policy * 'wrong." 

The National Guardian letter was followed June 10, 1961, by an advertisement 


in the San Francisco Chronicle sponsored by "Acts For Peace." An open letter to 
President Kennedy on "Cuba; We Could Learn" was signed by Mr. Laucks. Earlier 
that year Laucks also sponsored an Ava and Linus Pauling appeal to "Stop the 
Spread of Nuclear Weapons." 

The Worker, March 31, 1964, listed a number of members of an Ad Hoc Com- 
mittee for the Triple Revolution which included that of Irving Laucks. N. Y. Times 
March 23, 1964, carried a front page story announcing the creation of the Ad Hoc 
Committee. Irving F. Laucks, a consultant to the Center for the Study of Democratic 
Institutions, is listed as a member of the Ad Hoc Committee of 32 members which 
included such rather well known names as: W. H. "Ping" Ferry of the Fund for 
the Republic, Socialist Michael Harrington, Ralph Helstein of the United Packing- 
house Workers, General Hugh B. Hester , A. J. Muste, Gunnar Myrdal, Stewart 
Meacham, Bayard Rustin, William Worthy, and Linus Pauling. 

The National Guardian, November 7, 1963, page 6, had a story on the ten-day 
"peace tour" of Japanese Professor Kaoru Yasui under National Guardian auspices 
which listed Irving Laucks as a sponsor. Three individuals were later indicted for 
contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions asked by the House Com- 
mittee on Un-American Activities about this propaganda enterprise. 

The Trotskyite Militant October 19, 1964, page 3 carried a list of sponsors for 
something called "Alliance for Jobs or Income Now/' Laucks was a sponsor. The 
Congressional Record, July 9, 1964, page 15690, published a letter from Mr. 
Laucks to Senator Morse endorsing the latter's position on Vietnam. 

Miss Dorothy Nyland appears to have devoted most of her life to religious 
endeavors. "Who's Who in Methodism" states that Miss Nyland was a member of 
the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Wider Quaker Fellowship among others. 
She had also been a member of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church and 
on a committee of fifty members at large of the Communist front Methodist Federa- 
tion for Social Action. A sample ballot of the M.F.S.A. dated June 1950 (page 27) 
listing a number of individuals to be voted upon for office in the M.F.S.A. also 
carries her name. ("Review of the Methodist Federation for Social Action/' House 
Committee Un-American Activities, 1952) . An undated press release by the Mid 
Century Conference for World Peace announcing the conference for May 29-30, 
1950, in Chicago carried Miss Nyland's name as an endorser of the "Youth State- 

It is highly significant that THE WORKER, Communist Party USA news- 
paper, for September 28, 1965, carried a story concerning the presence of U.S. 
troops in Vietnam which is strikingly similar to the propaganda being dispensed 
by pacifist groups within the United States against American presence in that 
Southeast Asian country. Here is the headline on the communist story and the 
lead portion of it: 


U.S. and Italian Communists Say U.S. Forces Must Leave Vietnam 

The struggle for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam is the most im- 
portant one before the world, it is declared in a statement issued last week sum- 
marizing conversations in N. Y. between representatives of the Italian Communist 
Party and the Communist Party of the U.S. 

Both parties were united in the view that the struggle to bring an end to the 
war in Vietnam by the withdrawal of American troops from that land is the most 
important one before the people of the world. 

The Italian leaders, who arrived in N. Y. September 20, were Guiliano Pajetta, 
member of the Central Committee of the Italian Communist Party, director of 
its international department and the vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Com- 
mission of the Italian Senate, and Senator Luigi Conte, member of the Central Con- 
trol Commission and of the Regional Committee of the Italian Communist Party. 

The communist leaders of the United States who participated in the conversa- 
tions were Gus Hall, Henry Winston, Robert Thompson, Gil Green, James Jackson 
and others. Pajetta and Conte also met with members of the N.Y. State Committee 
of the CPUSA and with members of The Worker staff and various youth leaders. 

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down restrictions on communists 
entering and leaving the country, the exchange of Red Comrades back and forth 
has been prolific. Such court action now permits exchanges as described above in 
THE WORKER'S story between representatives of U.S. and foreign communist 
parties who plan the destruction of the United States. 



The histories of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Center for the Study 
of Democratic Institutions, nee Fund for the Republic, certainly do not inspire much 
confidence in anything which they would jointly produce. The long and dreary 
record of the Federal Council of Churches and its latter day successor the N.C.C.C. 
likewise leaves little doubt in the minds of those familiar with it that anything com- 
ing out of a panel of "religious leaders" appointed by the N.C.C.C. on Vietnam will 
depart very far from its long established line of Communist coddling and morale 
sapping activities. The N.C.C.C. leopard is not likely to change its spots. As with 
its Fifth World Order Conference the N.C.C.C. can also be expected to accept and 
disseminate this report to millions of Christian church members while at the same 
time hypocritically disclaiming any responsibility for it. 

All true Christians concerned with the security of this country and particularly 
with maintaining its anti-Communist posture would be well advised to examine 
very carefully any proposals to enlist them, their church, or other organization in 
nection-with the Fellowship of Reconciliation's projected 100 "convocations for 
peace in Vietnam" now being organized. Any clergyman approaching you to col- 
laborate in this N.C.C.C. sponsored enterprise should be asked point-blank just 
what he did in 1956 when Soviet tanks and machine-gunners massacred 35,000 
Hungarian Christians and blacked out the few days of religious freedom and liberty 
the Hungarians so briefly enjoyed. Also ask him what he and the National Council 
of Churches did in the way of convocations to expose the extirpation of all religious 
belief in Communist China. Or, perhaps he can tell you what the Fellowship of 
Reconciliation and the National Council of Churches have done about Castro 
terror in Cuba. 




Peace on Earth: Moral and Technological Implications 


in cooperation with the Center for the Study 
of Democratic institutions 


Rabbi Michael Robinson, 

W. H. Ferry 


Center for the Study 

}f Democratic Institutions 

fames H. Forest 
National Secretary, 
Catholic Peace Fellowship 

Cameron Hall 

Director, Commission of the 
Church and Economic Life 
of the National Council 
Df Churches 

Robert Hamill 

Chaplain, Boston University 

Mrs. Jack Novick 

Former Administrative Secretary, 

Jewislr Dimension, of Peace 

Herbert Rogers, SJ. 
Department of Theology 
Fordham University 

Address all correspondence to: 
Miss Dorothy A. Nyland 
F.O.R., Box 271, Nyack, N.Y. 
LO 8-8200 (NYC) or local 
EL 8-4601 

October 1, 1965 


As a member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, we are writing to 
you for your cooperation in an adventure of faith in the peace move- 

The F.O.R. has been offered $100,000 if a similar amount is raised 
as a matching fund to sponsor a seriesTof one hundred cQnvocations 
around the country based on "PEACE ON EARTH: MORAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL 
IMPLICATIONS" t These convocations should be geared to the religious 
community of three faiths discussing this subject together. 

a. Would you look over the enclosed brochure describing the 
purpose and method of procedure? 

b. Will 'you share the enclosed brochure with an outstanding 
representative of each of the three faiths, Jewish, Catholic 
and Protestant, getting their advice on the possibility of 
a convocation in your community? 

c. Would you form a local committee that would be responsible for: 

1. Invitations to representatives of the three faiths from 
community and surrounding towns, including students. 

2. Selection of resource leaders, group leaders, etc. 

3. Someone to handle publicity, including newspaper, T.V. 
and pre-convocation use by radio of interviews with speakers. 

lu Arrangements about place of meeting, meals, and accomoda- 

$. Someone responsible for a literature table. 

6. Work with our office in securing local gifts in meeting a 
part of the above mentioned matching fund. 

?• Appoint a registrar to receive registrations and monies. 
We suggest a registration fee of $5*00 plus a pre-convocation study packet 
of materials costing :$3»00. The Fellowship of Reconciliation will subsidize 
each convocation up to $300.00, sending this to a responsible committee in 
each community to initiate the convocation. 

Please return the enclosed card by October l£th, indicating your 
interest in this opportunity to do something creative for peace which may 
have far-reaching results. 


Cordially yours, 

Dorothy*^. Nyland 
Director of Convocations 



(One place has been selected — include surrounding towns and cities) 
Nov, 7-8 1966 Wilmington, Rev. Samuel Besecker Mr* Kent Larrabee 
Delaware 1201; Crestover Rd. 1|05 Eastlawn Ave. 

Rev, James Pritchard 
606 Church St. 


- 9 


- 10 

Not York 

Rev. John Newbert Rev. Roland Window 
h Hughes St. 58 Fairview Ave* 


- 11 

■Utica, N.Y. 

Rev. Allan B. Peabody 
Mohawk Valley Comm* College 

Nov. lh 


Syracuse, N.Y. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Berrigan 
106 Maytfood Drive 

1$. - 16 

16 - 17 

17 - 18 

Rochester ,N.Y« 

Rev w Vernon Bigler 
113 Berkley Drive 

Rev. Leon Sanborne 
220 Lathrop Rd. 

Rev. Robert Eads 
17 Highland Parkway 

Mr. Robert Root 
932 Ackerman Ave. 

John A. Ernest 

71 Belleville Drive 

Mrs. Ralph Milligan Lloyd Somers 

51 Chandler St. 27 Lafayette Pkwy. 

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein 
Temple B'Rith Kodesh 
2130 Elirrwood Avenue 

Albany, N.Y. 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

Rev. Angelo Mongiore 
lhh Green St. 

Rev. Harlan Frost 
157 La Salle 

Father Peter Riga 
52 Savona Ave. 

Dec* 5-6 St. Louis, Mo. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Sommerer 

7321 Sharp 

6-7 Springfield, 111. 

7-8 Peoria, 111. 

8-9 Rock Island, 111. 



COST $3.00 

Encyclical Pacem In Terris, Pope John XXIII 

Triple Revolution, Ad Hoc Committee 


May Fellowship Magazine, Special Consultation Issue 


Roots of War, Thomas Merton 


Future of Civil Rights Movement, Bayard Rustin 


Unwise and Untimely, Martin Luther King 


Challenge of Abundance, Robert Theobald 


When the World' s Peoples Talked Peace, From Saturday Review, 
(Center For The Study of Democratic Institutions) 


Cyberculture - Alice Mary Hilton 


Sorcerer's Apprentice, Gerard Piel 


Cybernation and Human Rights, Robert Theobald 


Martin Buber and the: Covenant-- of "Peac'o - 'l-urice Friednrji" 



Christian Pacifism Reassessed, Roland H # Sainton 100 

Toward A Moral Economy, V.H. Ferry 10£ 

Different Forms of Violence, Erich Fromm 1Q£ 


Vie will mail the material for you to assemble in packets. Someone 
should be responsible to see that literature is returned if not 
used, $3.00 should be included in registration fee for packet. 

Vlho is responsible for a literature table to sell books and materials 
at Convocation? Please send name and address* 


>n the Convocation Series in Major American- Cities 

"Scientific competence, technical capacity and profes- 
sional experience — are not of themselves sufficient to 
elevate the relationships of . society to an order that is 
genuinely human — to an order whose foundation is 
truth, whose measure and objective is justice, whose 
driving force is love, and whose method is the attain- 
ment of freedom." 
— From the Encyclical 

Pacem in Terns of Pope John XXIII 

"Genuine dialogue is at once a confirmation of otherness 
and togetherness — the living embodiment of the Bibli- 
cal creation in which man is really free yet remains 
bound in relation with God. Modern man has lost his 
trust in existence and the most acute symptom of it is 
that a genuine word cannot arise between the conflicting 
camps in the so-called cold war. In a genuine dialogue 
each . of the partners, even when he stands in opposition 

to the other, heeds, affirms, and confirms his opponent 
as an existing other. Only so can conflict certainly not 
be eliminated from the world, but be humanly arbitrated 
and led towards its overcoming." 

Mabtin Ruber — The Covenant of Peace 

"An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the 
moral law. Any law that uplifts human personality is 
just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust. 
— The judgment of God is upon the church as never 
before. If today's church does not recapture the sacrificial 
spirit of the early church, it will lose its authenticity, 
forfeit the loyalty of millions, and be dismissed as an 
irrelevant social club with no meaning for the twentieth 
century. — We will win our freedom because the sacred 
heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are 
embodied in our echoing demands." 
Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail 


The idea of 100 Convocations of Leaders 
of Religion on the subject of "Peace On 
Earth: Moral and Technological Implica- 
tions"' was inspired by two documents ap- 
pearing in the 1960's, both profoundly moral 
in tone and treatment: "Pacem In Terris", 
an Encyclical of Pope John XXIII, and 
"The Triple Revolution" of an Ad Hoc 
Committee made up of outstanding Ameri- 
can thinkers. 

A preliminary conference was held at 
Columbia University in October of 1964 
under the sponsorship of the Fellowship of 
Reconciliation. The Center for the Study 
of Democratic Institutions called together a 
massive Convocation of leaders from all 
walks of life in February of 1965 on the 
subject of "Pacem In Terris", and in March 
of the same year the Fellowship of Recon- 
ciliation, in cooperation with The Center 
for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 
held a First Consultation on "Peace On 
Earth: Moral and Technological Implica- 
tions" in New York City. 

From this latter event grew the conviction 
that this convocation MUST be repeated 
to continue the dialogue in as many com- 
munities as possible. They came to the con- 
clusion that "if the moral implications can- 
not be faced, then technological ones must 
be abandoned." 


To explore the role of man and his spiri- 
tual roots in a technologically proficient and 
war-dominated age. To confront leaders of 
church and synagogue on the implications of 
Pacem In Terris and the technological, weap- 
ons and human rights explosions in direct 
dialogue with planners and thinkers in these 
fast-changing areas of society. 

To lay the groundwork for future studies 
and action in dealing in ethical, moral and 
spiritual terms with these phenomena na- 
tionally and at the parish and synagogue 
level in each local community. 


Six concentrated sessions over two days 
in a conference setting with resource people 
in the relevant fields, with commentators 
and reactors representing the major faiths, 
with emphasis on those humanities and be- 
havioral sciences that bear directly on the 
problem. Ideally the convocations should 
average between one hundred and two hun- 
dred fifty persons representing the entire 


This will be a learning process for all 
participants, utilizing lecture, reactor panels, 
sub-group discussions and group reporting 
techniques. It will give the experts, who 
have tended to talk to other experts, an 
opportunity to "throw the book" at spiritual 
leaders, few of whom have faced up to the di- 
mensions of these crucial human problems. 
An effort will be made early in the convo- 
cation to stipulate honest differences in 
approach and conviction in the belief that 
these differences, rather than being a source 
of embarrassment, can only add enrichment 
and strength. 


In the 1960's new nationalisms, racial con- 
sciousness and world power alliances have 
brought to new crises the already fast-moving 
trends in population, atomic weaponry, civil 
rights and cybernation. The historic encycli- 
cal of the late Pope John XXIII signalized 
an awakening on the part of the institutions 
of religion to their heavy social responsibili- 
ties. Yet there have been few, if any, en- 
counters between the philosophers, planners, 
and technicians of these changes and the 
spiritual leaders of the country. 


Although local committees will be encour- 
aged to take much responsibility, certain 
areas will be the sole responsibility of the 
Fellowship of Reconciliation: 

1. The planning and execution of fund 
raising; budget control; and bookkeep- 
ing of all funds raised both nationally 
and locally; careful scrutiny of gifts 
and their, sources. A gift of $100,000 
for these convocations is contingent on 
matching funds. Therefore, it is impor- 
tant that all checks including registra- 
tions be made out to the Fellowship 
of Reconciliation and marked "100 Con- 

2. Choice of and responsibility for the 
major team of speakers employed in 
each Convocation. In most instances, 
the "team" will be a package, with 
three people as follows: 

a. A staff person of the FOR or per- 
son carefully chosen to represent 

b. An expert on technology, civil 
rights and militarism. 

c. A theologian knowledgeable in the 

Local committees and sponsors, in 'close 
cooperation with the FOR, will be respon- 
sible for the securing of reactors for the 
panels, discussion leaders and group re- 
porters. In each case, extreme care will be 
taken both to balance the panel and to 
secure the best possible people. 

Every effort will be made to secure ca- 
pable people for the teams, and it is not 
beyond belief that younger leadership could 
be developed over the two year period. 

"For me the convocation sponsored by FOR 
was meaningful because it provided the first 
opportunity that I have ever had to partici- 
pate in frank, honest and direct conversation 
with nuns of the RC church. Throughout the 
conference, I became aware of the increasing 
unanimity among all the clergy on the neces- 
sity for men to acknowledge the unity of all 
mankind, and a growing awareness o( the 
immorality of the use of violence in attempt- 
ing to solve differences among people within 
a nation and between nations." 

. . . A Typical (Rabbi) Attender 

HHi EXHIBIT »D", Continued 

.jo saraas v 
Moionaa jo saaavai hoj 


yjtat uoijojadtnK> ut 

uoiivni:)Mo:mi jo diHS/ftOTz&i 




9:30 n .m. 
10:00 a.m. 
10:30 a.m. 
11:30 ajn. 

— Registration 

— Orientation by F.O.R. Representative 

— The Sociopolitical Revolution 

— 8-minute reactions from 3 people rep- 
resenting religious traditions. 

12:00 Noon — Recess 
12:30 p.m. — Lunch 

2:00 — 3:00 

p.m. — Questions from th 
ists and speaker 

ie floor to the panel- 

3:30 — 5:30 p.m. 

6:00 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 

7:30 p.m. 
8:30 p.m. 


10:00 a.m. 

12:00 Noon 

12:30 p.m. 

1:30 pan. 


3:30 p.m. 
5:30 p.m. 

— Group Discussion. Up to 25 in each 
group with a group leader of compe- 
tence who has been prepared before- 
hand as well as having a briefing ses- 
sion during lunch. 

— Supper 6:00 p.m. 

— Open meeting for the community. 7:00 ^ m ' 
Questions in hand from group report- 

ers before the 6:00 p.m. supper. 

— Speech: Peace in a Revolutionary Era 

— Conclusion (Questions from floor at 

end of evening sessions) 9:00 p.m. 

A reporter in each group discussion summarizes the discussion and turns 

- Moral Implications of the New Tech- 

Reactions: 3 or 4 people representing 
the three religious traditions with some 
competence in the field of socioeco- 
nomics, etc. 

- Recess 

- Lunch 

- Group Discussion (same groups as 
First Day) 

- Coffee Break 

- What Are The Implications of Pacem 
In Terris? Brief introduction by speak- 
er — followed by Panel and questions 
from the floor. 

- Supper 

- Where Do We Go From Here In Our 
Local Community? Questions in hand 
from group reporters before the 6 p.m. 
supper. This can be an open meeting 
under the leadership of local com- 


n ii written report. 

«R D» °M 

jo} pwuetf 

^q>:h:^wo><&aj«<o^ ©@i 

^TEjE^ex^ia: wk& ^»*»^, 








$3.00 PER COPY 





422 N. Prospect Street • Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

.,;:„,,....:..,:.'..; Illlllllillll EXHIBIT "D". Continued 






For Church League Members: 25c each; $20.00 per 100 
For Non- Members : 35c each; $30.00 per 100 


422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

Published Monthly by the National Laymen's Council of the Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, IlHnois. A 
Non-Profit Organization, Editor: Edgar C. Bundy. Founded in 1937, Chicago, Illinois. 


.OtTIOMM, *OH» MO. 10 

H*AT 1t41 (OtTIOM v _^. 

OIA OtM. HO; MO. *T^ jj^ 



TO Mr. Mohr 

from .- c. D. DeLoach 



D - 

date. September 13, 1965 

if v 

Callahan . 
Conrad . 
Felt — 
Gale _ 
Rosen . 



Tele. Room - 

Captioned individual telephonically contacted the BureaiL-aL 

approximately 11:30 a.m. today, September 13th, and talked with SA[ 
Bundy, of course, is an unscrupulous individual and is well-known to the /. 
Bureau. / 

Bundy prefaced his conversation by saying that h e would like t o 
let bygones be bygones and would just like a couple of minutes ol | 

time. He advised that he is very upset because the "outfit" in New York City 
which sent a delegation to Vietnam has now returned. He stated this group sis 
a pacifist group and diametrically opposed to the President's policy and is 
becoming very active. According to Bundy, they have set up 100 conferences 
in 100 leading American cities for October, November and December. He 
said they have many prominent names being featured in these conferences 
and he is afraid they will seriously damage the Presidents policy. According 
to Bundy, they already have a four-day conference scheduled-at the University 
of Michigan at Ann Arbor which starts tomorrow 1 and will last four days. 

Bundy said he was most concerned and wanted to get this 
information to the President and in this regard had been trying to reach Bill 
Moyers without success. He said that he knew Moyers through church circles. 
(Both are former ordained Baptist ministers.) Bundy wanted to know if we 
could assist him in getting in touch with Moyers or anyone else who might put 
the material he has in the hands of the President. He said he hesitated to send 
it without this personal contact as he considered it very important and would not 
want it to get lost in the hands of a secretary. 

advised Bundy we could be of noassistance to him what- 

soever and the conversation was terminated* 




(1) That this memorandum be forwarded to the Domestic Intelligence 

Division for their information. 



A^PP '" ' ' , x NOT PWJORDED ' ' 'I ^ 

0ry ( 2 ) That I confidejtfflajfepadyig^ill Moyers of Bundy' s background 

I j as Bundy indicated that he was going to keep trying to contact Moyers. 

1 - Mr. Jones 


V~^r^5: ^ 9 

OMIONAl K)»M NO; 10 

a &sa r 6tNr;*to. no. ar 






C. Sullivan \\, 

Casper . 

W* 1 

DATE: 9/14/65 

Callahan ^ft— 

Conrad ^f. 





1 - Belmont 
1 - Mohr 
1 - DeLoach 
1 - Sullivan 



Rosen — 
Sullivan . 

Trotter - 

Tele. Room - 




<£$ Mr. DeLoach v s memorandum 9/13/65 reported that \r ' 
Edgar Bundy . Wheaton, Illinois, an unscrupulous individual who is 
well-knownto the Bureau, advised the "outfit" in New r York> City 
had sent a delegation to Vietnam and was starting a four-day 
conference at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


Bundy was probably referring to captioned Committee, 
which is made up of faculty members and students from various 
universities throughout the United States. This is, the group that 
sponsored the national teach-in to protest our activities -in Vietnam 
during May, 1965, Many of the individuals associated with;' it 
have past records of membership in subversive organizations. The 
Committee is sponsoring a four-day conference at the University 
of Michigan from September 14 through 18, 1965, to consider and 
develop "alternative perspectives on Vietnam." 

We have no indication that it has scheduled any conferences 
throughout the United States during October, November and December. 
However, it is likely thsit this group will continue its opposition' 
to United States policy toward Vietnam and we can expect further 
teach-ins on college campuses this fall. 

This group has not sent delegations to Vietnam; however, 
they have encouraged faculty members to travel to Vietnam and have 
supported such trips in their literature. 

' i 
The White House, State Department, Central Intelligence 
Agency, Defense Department, the Attorney General and the military 
intelligence agencies have been kept aware of this group's activities 
including the conference beginning on September 14, 1965. 

ACTION ; !<{•':.-' :;i ■ -^ «•;•"• u i/l^-*~&^' — - -^ 
; "•■ * &}/' NOT P^OORDED B ydtf 



Foe (information 

V 176 SEP 17 1965 







.y^^f/ 5 ^ ft^ December 15, 1965 


Tolson _ 


Casper _ 







TaveL _ 

Trotter - 


Tele. Room 


Gandy , 


Research Department 
Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Mtoois 6018? 

Dear Mrj 

Lei a 7 










— - 

'"v *? « 










Your letter of December 10th t with enclosures, 
was received during Mr. Hoover's absence. You may be certain 
your communication will be brought to his attention upon his return. 
I know he would want me to thank you for: your interest in writing 
and for the kind sentiments expressed. 

Sincerely yours, 


DEC 15 1965 


Helen W. Gandy 


1 - Chicago - Enclosures (3) 

NOTE: Bufiles reflect correspondent 1 

formerly was the 

subject of a closed Impersonation Case> and fiuridy claims to have 
been a Major in the Office of fecial; Investigations. Information has 
been developed that he performed homosexual acts from 1946 to 1953, 
In the past acknowledgements£haye been <^s above. 

nrod is not identifiable in Bufilesf '" ° *' ^ < tL 

leZS^jRPJisg (4) &" « g 3h*u r# 

hie****** ^ 





Edgar C. Bundy 


Dr. Anderson Arbury 

Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Richard M. Dilworth ' f 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. Ellerton Lodge 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D 

Mr. Harry N. Stamper 

Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon Winshtp 

Mrs. Gladys Zuidema 













PHONES (31i 




December 10 ', 1965 

Mr. Tolson . 

Mr. DeLoach_^| 

Mr. Mohr 

Mr. Casper 

Mr, Callahan . 

Mr. Conrad 

Mr. Felt 

Mr. Gale 

Mr. Rosen 

Mr. Sullivan _ 
Mr. Tavel 
Mr. Trotter 
Mr. Wick 
Tele. Room 


l\\d\ Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, 

%p. rector 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Justice Building 
Washington, D. ' C. ^ \ 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 


The enclosed item is for your files if you wish ^ y/ 

to have it. 

We have received some kookie items; however, 
this appears to take some sort of prize as the worst 
of all. 

Thank God for you and your work through the 
years. May He keep you in good health in the service 
of our country for decades to come/ 

Yours very sincerely. 



Research Department 


^° /■ 



6? 2~* 


• \~b3i. 

m DEG*3 1365 

G-d^ ( 

- ( t-c r 



^ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
ItDViSORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Otten, Rev. Victor E. Sears 

e *r 

NEW YORK 23,. N.Y. 


iJ,iXIfcwh W Who is this man? 

■■'neviks took p'twrr. Si til in wrote 

I lull the IVtroorad coup occurred "utuier the 

direct leadership -nl , . . Comrade Trotsky.' 1 

Pate if t&mm ieityttmv 

Ki> fpaNCAaHaMi PocciH. 


TO BoSH-Pfl 

fflsan bona, CTMEprc 

dJEMEn H3BUI|tfRlliI!BftiAiHlt 


2S 9ii«j. (9!? i. 10 i rrj* 

FIRST DECREE of the Communists. signed hv. 
Tintskv '^ military con? mil tee, pro mised "a 
democratic peace, the aboliljon of landed 
estates, ami workers' control of industry.' 1 

U- /0 6 


> ) 


I, Sylvia Kraus, before God do hereby allege and present documented 
evidence, which Respectfully submit to the United States Qjfcgrnment and the 
American Publk^Vwit: 

. J. EDGAR HOOVER, Director of the FBI, in 1917, LED THE MJS 
REVOLUTION, in PETROGRAD, RUSSIA, and was credited with its victory 
proclaimed the Bolshevik's hero. Hence upon electing a Communist 
Hoover won the election over his precedessors' constituents, Lenin, Troteky and 


Supporting the Communists' "Master- Plan" for world conquest wfith a 
protracted desolating weapon " POISON/ 1 to insidiously annihilate non-Communist 
men, women, and children. The Marxism- Leninism doctrine, which is literally 
paralyzing the U.S., as well as the free world, and threatens its survival. Thus 
the Communists' "Cold-War" and " Coexistence*' stratagem^ Seeevidenceof the 
Communists 1 deadly weapon in arty U.S. Super-Market, "Coke." 

J. Edgar Hoover, the Communist Trojan Horse of the twentieth centum as 
a medium, wrote deceitful double talk "Revolution Manuals," rules and line to 
follow, to overthrow the United States Government. "Masters of Deceit' 8 and st h 
Study of Communism." 

Eminent elucidation for non-Communists, 

Hoover used alias^ 


11 Lenin'* since Lenin's death in 1924. Lenin's name and birthplace* Simfoiir^ 
were changed to Lenin's surname Ulyanovsk* 
Deceit," p. 24, p. 834. (p. 94.) 

For verification, see "Mart*!* of 


J. Edgar Hoover, "Masters of Deceit." 

Pc^ket Books Inc., 
p. 29. Lenin, Tn 

,, p. !«. 
fcky, Hoover 
and Stalin assembled in Petrograd, March, IWftio direct the Russian revolution 
Lenin arrived from Switzerland, Leon Trotsky, J. Edgar Hoover from the 
Joseph Stalin from Siberian exile, p. 334. Hoover, a mere boy, met Lenin, Trk&cy 
and Stalin for the first time, at a Bolshevik conference in Tampere, Finland, De* 
cember, 1905. p. 32. Hoover boasts of his inhumanity against noh-CommunMB. 
p. 7. Hoover, the Communist sovereign, order® the liquidation of the following 
non-Communists in the U.S.: police, clergymen, advertising specialists, stock- 
brokers, lawyers especially, etc. p, 28, "Udc any weapon - knife, h&tchet, or 
gun - to achieve your aim." p. 184. "Don't hesitate to use illegal methods, sweh 
as underground operations, terrorism, espionage, sabotage, lying, cheating." 
p. 22. "Tear capitalism down, completely. Use force and violence. Set up a Com- 
munist government." p. 77. "II asked, gun in hand, to assault the Capitol of the 
United States, he will be expected to obey." p. 21. "After power is seized, oppo- 
sition will remain, which must be stamped out, utterly, completely, mercilessly." 
p. 224. Hoover's course of deception to win any election in public office - break 
all treaties, etc* y/' 

J. Edgar Hoover^ A Study of Communism." Holt, Rinehart and Winston 
Inc., 19«2, p. 118. J. : ;ttc»ijver alias J. Peters, personally topk control of espionag® 
in the United States^ince the early 1930's. (L Edgar Hoover alias "Lenin," 'etc)"- 

Leun Trotsky. "The Historyofthe Russian Revolution." Simon and Shvisfter, 
New York, 1936. Edited by Hoover alias Kamenev. p. 293. Vol. 1. Hoover alias 
Peter Kamenev, arrived in Petrograd, March, 1917, in a sealed train, p. 27&-JS0, 
Vol. 2. Hoover led the Russian revolution, under the name of General Korniov. 
Also known as Kerensky. 

WAKE UP AMERICA, lest we, ©sanation, insidiously perish from within, 
by the Communists' desolating weapon, "PGSSON," which simulates fatal diseases, 
heart attack, cancer, etc. I quote puppet Khrushchev, "We will bury you." Save 
YOIH LIFE and country. DENOUNCE J. Edgar Hoover, the Communist Trojan 
Honw?, whose atrocities against non-Communisi© surpass Genghis Khan or AttUa, 
and \\m% halt the uncfcaUunged twentieth century 0ague. 



« • > 

♦ * . 


/. , 

February 28, 1966 


tffr » 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Executive Secretary 

Church League of America Z 

422 North Prospect Street - 

Wheaton, aiinois 60187 

Dear Mr. Buady: 

Tour letter o! February 21st was received 

during Mr. Hoover's absence. You may be certain your 

communication wilt be brought to his attention upon his 

return. 1 know he would want me to thank you for furnishing 

the Information which you made available. 

Sincerely yours, 




MMUE0 3 

FEB 28 1966 



j? t/: 


X,***tf"t' <. V 1' - Chicago - Enclosure 

Helen W. Gandy 






NOTE: The Bureau is well aware of Mr. Bundy and his organization. 



le Loach _ 



asper — 
JalJahan - 
bnrad — 
lit . 

v -f' " Bundy is a self-styped expert on communism^ 
^Tj, ; A ^5 country on the subject of communism, anfl we havb aiwayg befeo 

^ ^f & ^5 country on the subject of 
V^ WS^ r circumspect in our dealii 

dealings with him. Mrs. 

\ was .an empl oyee of the Department of Health, Education and weuare, 
"■I rJi 

vl i 

fcsen — *-Jl f \ 

lllivan 4£ \f f 

TAnrmtr 19R4f 


lie. Boom 



X Since 1937 she has been associated with numerous organizations 

EE|)3 ffl^Wt^flfe ^ t*V (Continued on next page.) 




^»-«/*V r> 



Mr, Edgar C. Bundy 

cited as communist front groups by the Department o! Justice 
pursuant to Executive Order 10450, by .;. House Committee on 
Un-American Activities or the California Committees on 
Un-American Activities. In connection with another investigation 
conducted by the FBI during 1951, she stated she was opposed to 
communism. She was a supporter of a memorial tribute held 
during 1964 to Dr. W. E. B. DuBols. 



* 2 * 

PHONES (312) 668-3630 




Edgar C. Bund/ 


Dr. Anderson Arbury 

Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr, Richard M. DMworth 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. Ellerton Lodge 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D 

vU. Harry N. Stamper 

^r. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

^r. Judson P. Wetherby 

V\rs. H. Dillon Winship 

^rs. Gladys Zuidema 














21 February 1966 



Hon. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U. S. Justice Department 
Washington, D # C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

The following information is. for your files: 

On Tuesday evening, February 15, 1966, I had the 
dubious privilege of debating for 90 minutes on 
Radio Station WOR, New York, on the Barry Farber 
Show, from 8:15 until 10 P.M., Mrs. Anna Arnold 
Hedgeman, an official of, the National Council of 
Churches, identified as Coordinator for The De- 
partment of Religion and Race. 


On the broad 

attacked the 

Following th 

Farber, who 

i i 

ways), she a 

W. E. Du Boi 

stated furth 

if she had n 

that she con 

- Americans of 

and confesse 

she was not 

with communi 

the D.A,R. 

cast, itself, Mrs. Hed 
Daughters of the Amer 
e broadcast, in the pr 
is the moderator of th 
(representative of Sou 
dmitted that she was a 
s rally in Carnegie Ha 
er that she would have 
ot been asked to spons 
sidered Dr. du Bois on 

all times. She knew 
d member of the Commun 
bothered by this as sh 
sts any day rather tha 

geman openly 
ican Revolution, 
esence of Mr. 
e program, and 
th Africa Air- 
sponsor of the 
11 in 1964, and 

been disappointed 
or it. She said 
e of the greatest 
that he was ah open 
ist Party but that 
e preferred to work 
n with members of 

material from public sources, Mrs* 

a record of support of other subversive 

According to 
Hedgeman has 
organizations and movements. 



Very truly yours, 4 MAR^C^ 

Executive Secretary 

)V!SORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L, Wiegand 
>VJSORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Otten, Rev. Victor E. Sears 


SAC, SAN ANTONIO (100-Dead) 

SM - C; 


DATE: 3/2/66 


PLACE: Harlingen, Texas 

i ^_^^_^_^__ Harlingen , 

Texas , a successful grower and produce distributor 
with interests in Florida, Texas, and California,/ 

advised that captioned organization! of whi qV i ha -U a 

* $isn t non to I 

T_well known anti-commu nists , 

board mem ber * has recently paid S i50 t noo to I 

Tor thei r voluminous 'files whir.h riftafwlth co mmunism 

Irrthgjjhited States f or fthe past several decades f 

Mr i | |al^n artvi.'fted that negotiations are presently 

recently publicized 

jo^ being made to hire . 

'\J State Department Security Officer, for th^ staff of l&y 
^ the captioned group* l(j 

A copy of this is furn ished to WFO an d the New 
;! York bec ause of t he residence of I |in New 

i Yprk and 

in Washington, D* 

The above is furnished the Bureau and Chicago 
for such value as it may,, have, - A fllif^ ssifJ-'Ji /fltf// 

3^Sureau , ~ ' . ■' Ufcfe^ 
-Chicago ^j — MH ¥!**** 


7 1-WF0 (Info) 

-New York (Info) 


Sent 1 

TWC:csJ^ cial ^ ge ^W n Ci ** g 

: - : — __ ^ 


' ♦ 


SAC, Chicago 


Director, IBI <62-10456) J__, 

1 - 

o • 

/ . (Internal Security) 



ReSaeirtel 3/3/66, 
your office. 

copies of which were furnished 

Reairtel disclosed 
reportedly paid $150,000 t©C 

taut captioned orRtaizfttion . 

1 1 

well-known snticomaunists, for their voluaiaous files which 
deal with cossuaisB in the V, S. for pest several decades. 

Promptly advise the Bureau of all in format ion 
obtained in your office relative to the above natter. 

WGSrpah U^ 





Callahan — 





I Sullivan 

I Tavei 

I Trotter _ 

iTele. Room . 

J Holmes 



The Church League of America has not been investigated 
by the Bureau. Major Edgar C. Bundy, General Chairman of the 
League, claims to have been a Major in OSI as well as a former 
Baptist Ministers Bundy is a professional anticommunist speaker 
who has made a practice of wiciously attacking the National 
Council of Churches. In the past he has been critical of the 
Director and other Bureau officials, accusing them of being 
soft on communism. Buddy has been the subject of a closed 
impersonation case and has reporte dly performed homosexual 
acts in the past. I li« the former Research 

Director of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. 

0"iwi\.'j.7n! J! 

MAIL ROOM 02 "HpiJFTrpg' 

•is MAR l 8 






<M j"-S Ijlioi 




*" n MM2D 




G5A GEN. REG- NO. 27 




DIRECTOR, FBI 4€2*s*e*38^ 


ffi : SAC, CHICAGO (100-15742) 

subject: (j chur ch LEAGUE OF AMERICA 





Re SA airtel 3/3/66 and Bulet to Chicago 3/18/66, 

A review of pertinent files Chicago Division fails 
to reflect any information conc erning the payment of $150,000 b6 


organization • 

for their files by captioned 


Chicago will remain alert to this situation and 
any information developed will be promptly forwarded to the 
Bureau . 

(&y - Bureau (RM) 
1 - Chicago 
DET : mec 


£ tf.H*£% 


DATE.. t-MQ BYStfEld 


R 1 ?«r 

- fJ lfflym..S. Savings Bonds Regularly on the Payroll Savings Plan 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Richard M. Dilworth 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. Ellerton A. Lodge 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

Mrs. Gerald O. McDonald 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 

Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Mr. Harry N. Stamper 

Mr. Edgar J. Uthlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon WinsMp 

Mrs. Gladys Zuidema 











PHONES (312) 668-3630 



14 April 1966 

Honorable J. Edgar Hoover 


Federal Bureau of Investigation 

U. S. Department of Justice Bldg. 

Washington, D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 


Mr. I-Sclnr 


Mr. Ootr&S 

Mr. Fafl fr. 
Mr. Gr$. a 

Mr. Bmsa,. 
Mr. E-^^ha 
Mr. TL'.vdL 

'Mr. Txhtizr^ 
Tele. Ecj^esl™ 
Miss Hollas. 
Miss Gai£<$y__ 


I have before me a copy of ime Orlando (Florida) Sentinel 
for March 10, 1966, containing a write-up of a speech de- *$j 
livered by Bi^kc-p ReubenflMueiler , Pre side nt_„p.f the National @ 
Council of Churches, to a luncheon group at the First Pres-^ 
byterian Church of Orlando on March 9, 1966. ^ 

The newspaper quotes the Bishop as having said that F.B.I. 3> 
Director J. Edgar Hoover stated: "No vestige of Communism 3 
has ever been found anywhere in the Council," referring to M 
the National Council of Churches* %j\ 

One of the most prominent businessmen in the State of <g 
Florida, and a member of the Board of Elders of the First en 
Presbyterian Church, has written to us with great concern 
over this statement attributed to you by Bishop Mueller. 

Knowing that you are consistently on record before the 
Committees of the Congress, in your public statements, andl 
in letters to organizations and individual^, as stating unV 
equivocally that the F.B.I, cannot furnish evaluations on \/» 
organizations or individuals, nor can it clear or find 
guilty, our correspondent and the Church League of America?? 
would like to know whether or not Bishop Mueller has quotedi 
you correctly. (1/ 

Have you ever made any such statement orally or in print 
concerning the N.C.C. and, if so, where can such a state- 
ment be found in the public record? 

We would appreciate a reply as soon as possible as the 
Bishop's speech has created quite a storm of controversy^/ /' 

■—•-■--■- — (#^z1P^7^m 

w i. £ in the Orlanda, Florida area. 

DEC 70 

Very truly yours, 



Edgar C . B und y 
Executive Secretary 

Walter larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L Wiegand wvJXvl.v. 

ameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Otten, Rev. Victor E. Sears 




■i- '** . 

God Can Take Care Of Himself 

M a rchaO, 1966 

Clergyman Warns Against Charges' [ 


The president of the Na- 
tional Council of Churches 
told more than 100 Orange 
County clergymen and lay- 
men Wednesday there's no 
cause for alarm over re- 
cent proclamations heard 
about the country that 
"God is dead." 

"There is no reason to get 
excited — don't worry 
about it," he said. "God has 
always taken care of 
Himself. He always will." 

The national president, 
Bishop Reuben ^H^MueJlex 
of the Evangelical United 
Brethren Church addressed 
the Orange County group at 
a luncheon meeting in the 
social room of the First 
Presbyterian Church. His 
Orlando visit is one of 
several he is making to 
Florida churches and com- 
munities at the invitation of 
the Florida Methodist 
Board of Christian Social 

Bishop Mueller ex- 
plained that the National 
Council of Churches draws 
from the "combined ex- 
perience" of church lead- 
ers from 30 different de- 
nominations, all of which 
sought membership in the 
council on a purely volun- 
tary basis. "No single de- 
nomination could get this 
experience if it sat alone," 
he said. 

He said the council is 
most frequently criticized 
because of the interest it 
has taken in civil rights. 

"The trouble is," he said, 
"that many people have, 
Bibles but they don't read 
them. We feel we have a 
responsibility to speak out 
in the name of God for 
these rights. 

"If people choose to dif- 
fer with us, that's their 
privilege. If they want to 
find fault, God bless them. 
We intend to continue to be 
concerned about the rights 
and welfare of men and 
women everywhere around 

(Sentinel Photo by Bob Brown) 

. . Jack A. Davis, Paul Steingruber, Bishop Reuben Mueller, Orville Nelson 

the world." 

The bishop said that con- 
trary to some reports that 
have been circulated there 
is no truth to the claim that 
Communist influence has 
been allowed to slip in to 
the thinking and policy 
^making of the council. ,He_ 
quoted FBI director J. 

jfcdgar Hoover as saving* 

that "no vestige of Com- 

munism Has ever been" 

found anywhere" in the 

"Now let's be fair," he 
said. "Under law a man is 
presumed to be innocent 
until proven guilty. If any- 
one makes such a claim 
about the council — I say 
put up or shut up." 

He said that another 
false report that had gone 
out about the council dates 
back to 1958 when a council 
study conference was. 
called and considered the 

controversial question of 
admitting Red China to the 
United Nations. He said 

Court Upsets 
Lloyd Ruling 

The state supreme court 
ruled Wednesday that Ar- 
thur N. Lloyd Inc. must 
stop transporting certain 
items on an "on call" basis 
in Brevard and other Cen- 
tral Florida counties. 

The court ruled out the 
authorization by the Public 
Service Commission after 
the order was challenged 
by Martin Andersen, owner 
of The Sentinel Star Ex- 
press. Andersen charged 
there was not a sufficient 
finding of facts to warrant 
extension of Lloyd's truck- 
ing permit. 

council feels that everyone 
should give serious thought 
to such a step "for the 
safety of the world." 
However, he said, "I defy 
anyone to find where coun- 
cil ever has made such a 
recommendation. " 

Bishop Mueller, a mem- 
ber of the Central Com- 
mittee of the World Council 
of Churches, was intro- 
duced by the Rev. Paul 
Steingruber, chairman of 
the. Orange County As- 
sociation of Churches. The 
Rev. Mr. Steingruber is 
pastor of St. Mark's Luth- 
eran Church. 

Assisting with arrange- 
ments for the luncheon 
were Jack R, Davis, ex- 
ecutive secretary, Florida 
Council of Churches and 
Orville Nelson, district 
secretary, Christian Social 
Concerns, Florida Method- 
ist Conference. 

' r mjRB fa V/tx/^yg ._ / 

PHONES (312) 668-3630 





Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Richard M. Dilworth 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. Ellerton A. Lodge 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

Mrs. Gerald O. McDonald 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 

Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Mr. Harry N. Stamper 

Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 

Mrs. Gladys Zuidema 













O Dear Miss Gandy: 

12 April 1966 

Miss Helen Gandy 
Secretary to 
Hon*.; J* Edgar Hoover 
F.Bi-I. Headquarters 
Department of Justice Bldg« 
Washington, D. C. 



Sometime back we used to receive regularly for our 
research files the annual letter of Mr. Hoover to 
all law enforcement officials; however, we have 
not been receiving them in recent years. 

Would you please supply us with one copy each of 
the years 1960 through 1966 and place us on the 
regular mailing list for future letters? 

Very sincerely yours, 



Edgar C. Bundy 
.Executive Secretary 



^DVISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs.. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
<JSORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Otten, Rev. Victor E.^elrs 


^R. .^.-^ OPTIONAL fORM NO. % 
J : '"' ' MAY 1962 EDITION 

G$A GEN. REG. NO. 27 



V JMemorandum 






Mr. Wick 

D. C. Morrell§©\ 


By letter dated 4/14/66 to the Director, captioned 
individual submitted a copy of a newspaper clipping containing a 
statement by Bishop Reuben Mueller, President of the National 
Council of Churches, in which he quoted the Director as having said 
"no vestige of Communism has ever been found anywhere" in the 
council. Bundy requests to be advised whether the Director has ever 
made such a statement. 

By letter dated 4/12/66 to Miss Gandy, Bundy advised 
that he had regularly received the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 
Introductions but has not been recently receiving them. He requests 
to be placed on our mailing list and to be furnished copies of the FBI 
Law Enforcement Bulletin Introductions for the years 1960 through 

The Director, of course, has not made the statement 
attributed to him by Bishop Mueller. There have been, recently, other 
inquiries regarding this alleged statement by the Director and correspond- 
ents have been informed that the Director has never made such a state- 

Bundy is well known to the Bureau as a professional 
&$!*%bmmunist speaker who has made a practice of viciously attack - 
1*0* National Council of Churches. He has made statements critical 
the Director and other Bureau officials, accusing them of being soft 
J on Communism. Bundy has been the subject of a closed impersonation 
.case and has reportedly performed homosexual acts in the past. 

lj- Mr. Wick - Enclosures (2) . . » w / 

1? - Mr . DeLoach V ^ ' ■ Ap 

1 - Mr. Sullivan - Encloj-Hifefjgp" 

myi NUED - OVER 
\ DFC-.acp (5) 

AfCf^ t % 



Memorandum to Mr. Wick 
Re: Edgar C. Bundy 

Accordingly, it is felt that his communications should 
not be acknowledged. 


That Bundy* s communications of 4/14/66 to the Director 
and of 4/12/66 to Miss Gandy not be acknowledged. 










Special ^efittot 


Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 



Walter and Victor Reuther called on Attorney General 
Robert Kennedy in the Fall of 1961 and laid out an oral 
plan on how to destroy the Conservative rebellion within 
the United States. Robert Kennedy requested that the plan 
be submitted to him in writing. On December 19, 1961 a 
24-page memorandum was given to the Attorney-General 
and the writer was identified as Victor Reuther. 

The memorandum, which was distributed to all high 
Kennedy ^Administration officials and to "certain sympa- 
thetic Senators and Congressmen" contained Hve major 
courses ojTaction which should be initiated _by_ the_Att or ney_ 
' General: 

1. Muzzle the military and stop the recall to active duty 
of Conservatives such as General James Van Fleet by 
having the Secretary of Defense issue orders against 
speeches or articles opposing Communism. 

2. Stop listing pro-communist organizations exclusively 
as subversive on the annual Attorney General's list 
and I add the names of conservative organizations so 
that the list would not be "lop-sided." This would 
cause the membership of the conservative organiza- 
tions to drop out as they would not want to be asso- 
ciated with a "subversive" organization on the At- 
torney General's list. That would then bring about the 
end of the organization. 

3. Stop the flow of funds to the conservative organiza- 
tions by having the Internal Revenue Service investi- 
gate all tax-exempt conservative religious and educa- 
tional organizations and find some pretext for remov- 
ing tax-exemption. 

4. Use the power of the Federal Communications Com- 
mission to investigate radio and television stations 

; carrying conservative programs and see if such sta- 
tions are violating FCC regulations. 

5. Curb the activities of J. Edgar Hoover who "exagger- 
ates the domestic Communist menance at every turn 
and contributes to the public's frame of mind." Hoover 
was charged in the memo with 'fifteen years of over- 
stating a problem." 

At least four of the suggestions of. the Reuthers are in 
operation now and proof is overwhelming. 

Here is the covering letter from the Office of the Attorney 
General, signed by Andrew F. Oehmann, Executive Assis- 
tant to the Attorney General, identifying the following as 
"The Reuther Memorandum." 



Washington, D. C. 

July 11, 1963 

Mr. John Wesley Rhoads 
1801 - 1802 Finance Building 
Philadelphia 2, Pennsylvania 

Dear Mr, 'Rhoads:' 

This is in response to your letter of June 6, 1963 to the At- 
torney General requesting a copy of the Reuther Memoran- 
dum concerning the "radical right." 

A copy of the memorandum is enclosed herewith. Please 
excuse the delay in a answering your inquiry. We were un- 
able to locate the memo before this. 


Andrew F. Oehmann 
Executive Assistant to the 
Attorney General 


The Radical Right in America Today 

President Kennedy's addresses in Seattle and Los An- 
geles on November 16 and 18 evidenced both a deep 
concern with, and a profound understanding of, the seri- 
ous problems injected into American life by the growing 
strength of the radical right. A spate of articles in re- 
sponsible newspapers and periodicals , reflect this same 
concern and understanding. Perhaps therefore this memo- 
randum will prove but a repetition and restatement of sug- 
gestions already under consideration by the Administra- 
tion. Since, however, the public discussion to date con- 
cerning the radical right has produced little in the line of 
suggested policies and programs for dealing with the seri- 
ous problems raised, this memorandum may have some 
value in focusing attention upon possible Administration 
policies and programs to combat the radical right. 

Initially, it needs to be said that far more is required 
in the struggle against the radical right than simply calling 
attention to present and potential dangers. If the Adminis- 
tration truly recognizes this as a serious problem, as it 

certainly appears to do, it is most improtant tlat Presid- 
dent Kennedy's addresses in Seattle and Los Angeles be 
implemented. Speeches without action may well only mo- 
bilize the radical right instead of mobilizing the demo- 
cratic forces within our nation. It is with this considera- 
tion in view that there is set forth below an estimate of 
the extent of the problem and suggested Administration 
policies and programs for dealing with the problem, 

j Extent of Problem 

The radical right or extreme right-wing, or however it 
may be designated, includes an unknown number of mil- 
lions of Americans of viewpoints bounded on the left by 

Senator Goldwater and on the right by Robert felch, The 
active component of these radical right millions would, of 
course, be only a small fraction of the total, But, whatever 
may be the difficulty of ascertaining their numbers, these 
radical right groups are probably stronger and are almost 
certainly better organized than at any time in recent his- 
tory, lore significant yet, they are growing in strength 
and there is no reason to expect a turning of the tide in 
this regard during the foreseeable Cold far period ahead, 
And, possibly most significant of all, their relationship to 
and infiltration of the Armed Services adds a new dimen- 
sion to the seriousness with which they must be viewed, 

New radical right organizations have sprung up lib 
weeds in the last few years; it is estimated by the Anti- 
Defamation League that almost a hundred such organi- 
zations have been organized in 11 alone, fetch's Birch 
Society, Schwarz' Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, and 
Hargis' Christian Crusade, are among the most powerful 
_ of the new\gioup8^Benson*s Harding College and National 
' ' Edifcation Program' inr] ti, i nunf s life' IMkft 
earlier histories/but they have expanded along with the 
growth of the new groups, But all of these groups together 
are only part of an even larger and constantly growing 
movement which is well manned and even better financed, 
The Birch Society alone probably has a million dollars a 
year at its disposal; so does the Christian Crusade (which 
is just one of 3 Hargis ventures), The radical right as a 
whole - and estimating conservatively - must have twen- 
ty or more times this much on call, There are vast quanti- 
ties of literature, films and records emanating from the 
radical right and even such things as radical right book- 
' shops are beginning to spring up, (General Walker gave 
' l one tfl these bookshops, The Bookmailer in New lork, a 
bigplug on national television December 3rd). 

' The Birch Society may be the best known today, But 
others are equally strong and perhaps more influential, 
Take a look at Schwarz' Christian Anti-Communist Cm- 
, sade, for example, In the Anti-Communist School he ran 
,' in St. Louis earlier this year he was backed by the Si, 
v , Mihk Deiort and was sponsored by the Ivor 
iand Chief of Police of St, Louis and both United States 
Senators, Governor John M, Dalton even officially pro- 
claimed jhis "anti-Communism week in Missouri;' The 
New lorf Times eyewitness report from St, Louis asserted 
that one of tlrmost striking things there was "the large 
proportion of younger people," Schwarz' Hollywood rallies 
are even more disturbin^than his St. Louis and other 
schools, His Crusade had a three-hour rally before some 
twelve to fifteen thousand persons in the Hollywood Bowl 
and an estimated four million more watched the program 
over television on 33 stations in six states, Actors John 
Wayne, James Stewart, Pat O'Brien, and George Murphy 
were there, as were such top "movie-makers" as Jack War- 
ner of I arner Brothers and Y, Frank Freeman of Para- 

mount The gross take at the rally (plus the week's Holly- 
wood Anti-Communist School) was UP. Even more 
significant was the presence of C, D, Jackson, a top execu- 
tive of lijt tym In early September life had run a 
disparaging story about Schwarz, The kickback at life 
was sufficient to induce Jackson to fly to Los Angeles to 
appear in the Hollywood Bowl and offer a public apology, 
Jackson told the audience, "I believe we were wrong and 
I am profoundly sorry. It's a great privilege to be here 
tonight and align Life Magazine with Senator Dodd. Re- 
presentative Judd, Dr. Schwarz, and the rest of these im- 
placable fighters against communism," Only recently the 
Los Angeles rallies were re-telecast in New York City for 
three full evening hours with the Schick Safety Razor Com- 
pany picking up the tab, (Richfield Oil and Technicolor 
Corp,, as well as Schick, appear to he regularly available 
to Schwarz as television sponsors), 

Take a look, too, at another one of these groups - Hard- 
ing College and the National Education Program (both 
haded by Dr, George S, Benson), The propaganda opera- 
tion, exclusive of the college, is budgeted at $200,000 a 
year, They produced some 30 movies of which "Com- 
munism' on the Hap" is the most famous and has been 
seen by 10 million persons, Dr, Benson's weekly column 
has wide distribution and one version is sent in bulk lots 
to a thousand business organizations, He has a monthly 
newsletter with 50 thousand subscribers; he has outlets 
in a great many Farm Bureau monthly state papers (the 
effect of which was seen at the recent Farm Bureau Con- 
vention), He has a series of high school study outlines 
in "American Citizenship Education" sent free to schools 
requesting them. 

Hie Lifeline Radio. Program, nows'on about 200 radio* 
stations (some run him twice), is planning to branch out 
into television, Businessmen all over the Nation are spon- 
soring this program, H, L, Hunt, one of the richest oil 
men in the country and owner of Life Line, boasts that 
"the Free World cannot be saved unless it is saved at a 

All of these radical right organizations have the same 
general line, The danger to America is domestic Com- 
munism, While their particular traitor will vary from Har- 
ry Hopkins to George Marshall, from President Truman 
to President Eisenhower, from Senator Fullbright to, some 
labor leader, there is no question that anybody even slight- 
ly to the left of Senator Goldwater is suspect, They trie 
in fear, Treason in high places is their slogan and slander 
is their weapon, They undermine loyal Americans' con- 
fidence in each other and in their government, 

Their appeal is for "total victory" (note that Goldwater 
is with them all the way on this) and they thrive on every 
defeat, retreat, concession, or even negotiation, Americans 
feel they are "losing" for the first time in history, Since 
Americans intuitively tend not to believe they ever lose 
fairly, the radical right's charges that we are "losing" (it- - 
self a dubious assumption) because of treason in high' 
places falls on fertile soil, In Schwarz's Southern Cali- 
fornia meetings, as shown in the lew York re-telecast a 
couple of weeks ago. Senator Dodd's and Representative 
Judd's heavy-handed foreign policy polemics received little 
applause, but when W, Cleon Skousen (author of "The 
j Naked Communist") charged treason in high places, the 
[place went up in a roar of applause, 

The suggestion is being made in some quarters (e.g., 
Reston in the Jb of November 19, 1961) that the radi- 
cal right is primarily a "Republican problem" because it 
utilizes money that might otherwise be available to Re- 

publican Party candidates, Former Vice President Nixon 
shares this view, Yet, on reflection,, this would appear quite 
superficial. The growing strength of the radical right may 
indeed be an inconvenience to the Republican Party, but 
it is far worse than that for the Nation and the Demo- 
cratic Party - for it threatens the President's program at 
home and abroad, By the use of the twin propaganda 
weapons of fear and slander, the radical right moves the 
national political spectrum away from the Administrations 
proposed liberal programs at home and abroad, By vicious 
local pressure campaigns against teachers or preachers or 
any one else who supports anything from negotiation in 
foreign affairs to governmental programs in domestic affairs, 
they frighten off support for much-needed Administration 
programs, Pressure tactics on already-timid Congressmen 
are reinforced with fanaticism and funds, The pressure 
campaign against the Katanga operation is only one ex- 
ample of what is ahead, Any hard-boiled, realistic appraisal 
of the situation evokes this conclusion: The growing 
strength, organization and financial resources of the radical 
right is not something that can be wished away or that 
can be confidently ignored as a Republican problem, 

Action On The Problem 

As the radical right cannot be wished away or ignored, 
likewise its demise is not something that can be readily 
accomplished, The struggle against the radical right is a 
long-term affair; total victory over the radical right is no 
more possible Ian total victory over the Communists, 
What are needed are deliberate Administration policies 
and programs to contain the radical right from further 
expansion and in the long run to reduce it to its historic 
role of the impotent lunatic .fringe.' ... .■■ ■ 

As the radical right today feeds ike a leech on the 

frustrations of the American people, so reducing these 
frustrations by accomplishments at home and abroad is 
the most important part of the long-range battle against 
the radical right, Indeed, in the long run, only democratic 
initiative in the world struggle against Communism will 
roll back the radical right to its traditional insignificance, 
But the Nation cannot look the other way and wait for this 
to bap, The radical right organizations threaten to ren- 
der impossible the very steps (action d negotiation) 
that need to be taken by the Administration if our nation 
is to survive and succeed in the world struggle; they must 
never be permitted to become so strong as to obstruct 
action needed for democratic survival and success, 

As we gird ourselves for a long struggle against world 
Communism, so we must gird ourselves for a long struggle 
against the radical right, But there are some steps which 
can and should be taken now to halt the growth of the 
radical right and possibly to turn the tide against it, There 
are other steps of a more long-range nature, Among the 
programs and policies of both types which the Administra- 
tion might consider are the following: 

1, The radical right inside the Armed Services presents 
an immediate and special problem requiring im- 
mediate a ' 

'Private agencies can do moth, too, to identify and expose the 
radical right, Indeed, in the long-run the extent of participation ty 
private agencies in tin's struggle is me likely to determine its 
outcome than anything the Government can do, The press, tele- 
vision, church, labor, civic, political and other groups whose con- 
stitutional Uin is directly involved must carry the priie bur- 
den m this struggle, But the purpose ol this memorandum is to 
consider possible Administration policies and programs rather than 
those of private, groups, Furthermore, affirmative Administration 
policies and programs can set the backdrop against which private 
activity is most likely, to succeed. 

The problem of radical right influence inside the Armed 
Services is an immediate one and made all the more so by 
the up-coming hearings of the Senate Armed Services 
Subcommittee. But even if there were no hearings, this 
challenge to the basic American concept of separating 
military personnel from partisan politics must be met now, 
Tolerance of such a challenge can only embolden those 
who do the challenging, 

It has been widely reported that -General Walker's 
radical right viewpoint is shared by a substantial number 
of his colleagues, One observer, Louis J, Halle, has re- 
ported that Walker's position "represents the publicly un- 
expressed but privately outspoken views of an important 
part of our American officer corps in all three services' 1 
[h tyik, November 20, 1961), Drew Pearson has 
twice reported without' contradiction that a Lieutenant 
General has leaked secret information to Senator Thur- 
mond in support of the talker position, The "American- 
ism Seminars," espousing radical right doctrine and spon- 
sored or co-sponsored by the Armed Services in various 
places, could only have been accomplished by radical right 
oleer personnel within the armed forces; the spectacle of 
the U S, Army sponsoring Skousen's reflection on the 
patriotism of Franklin Roosevelt and the loyalty of Harry 
Hopkins, could only have been achieved through the conni- 
vance of inside military personnel, Former top brass work 
with all the radical right groups, The recent experience in 
Algeria demonstrates that the soldiers of an army of a 
democratic nation may he tempted, out of frustration, to 
engage in anti-democratic operations; as reports from 
France make so abundantly clear, the radical right Gen- 
erals and Admirals continue today to threaten the stability 
of France's ^eiriocratiqstem.*- <»■ "■■■■ 

lit appears to support the position of widespread in- 
filtration of the radical right into the Armed Services is 
the manner in which the talker case was handled, In- 
deed, the shocking thing about the Walker case is not that 
his resignation was accepted in 11, but that the Armed 
Services rejected his resignation in 1959 when he tried 
to resign because of "the fifth column conspiracy and in- 
fluence in the United States" and the "conspiracy and its 
influences on the home front," I hether the resignation 
was rejected because Walker's superiors agreed with his 
views or simply were not shocked by them is not known; 
but in either event, the failure to accept his resignation 
constituted a dangerous tolerance of the radical right in- 
side the Armed Services, Even worse was the action towards 
Walker in 11 and early in 11; the Army failed to act 
against Walker's obvious and illegal acts of "radical right' 
politics" until public notice of Walker's offenses (brought 
ahout by a newspaper expose) forced the Pentagon's hand, . 
Again, it is not important why this happened; what is 
important is the degree of tolerance of the radical right 
inside the Armed Services, 

It also appears to have been widespread pressure from 
rightwing Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon which 
brought about the recall to duty of General Van Fleet, It 
is common knowledge that General fan Fleet has himself 
been a member of the extreme right wing (Board member 
of "For America"; endorser of the Florida Coalition of 
, Patriotic Societies; Board of Advisors of H, L Hunt's 
Life Line), Not only does the Pentagon pressure for the 
recall of General Van Fleet evidence radical right influence 
inside the military establishment, but it demonstrates the 
absolute unappeasablity ol this group, All that the recall 
has accomplished is to embarrass the Administration when 
fan Fleet irresponsibly attacked the Administration's Am- 
bassador to the United Nations, 

Once it is recognized that there is a serious problem of 
radical right infiltration of the military and that appease- 
ment is not the answer, the indicated course of action he- 
comes clear, The Administration must get off the defensive 
in the Walker case; it must shift the battleground from 
the defensive posture of justifying the "muzzling of Walker" 
to an offensive posture supporting the basic American 
concept of separation of military personnel from partisan 
politics, To shift the posture from defense to offense, con- 
sideration should be given to requesting Senator Russell 
to broaden the hearings to cover the problem of radical 
right infiltration of the Armed Services, As the Wing- 
(on ht said on November. 21, the hearings "ought to 
be aimed not to determining whether General Walker and 
his imitators were improperly silenced by civilian authori- 
ties, hut at determining how widely the infection they re- 
present is spread in the armed services," 

An alternative to getting Senator Russell to broaden the 
hearings would be for Secretary McNamara to start his 
own investigation of radical right Generals and Admirals, 
Those Generals and Admirals who have lost confidence in 
democracy and who feel tlat the danger to our country 
is treason at home rather than the strength of the inter- 
national Communist movement abroad, should be warned 
against political activity in any way, shape or form, This 
might have the effect of causing the resignation of some 
of these Generals and Admirals which would certainly be 
in the national interest, At any rate, political activity after 
• such warning would be grounds for dismissal from the 
service, Ahove all, the suggested investigation would give 
courage to the officers, old and young, who believe in 
democracy and in a non-political democratic Army, 

Then, too, Secretary McNamara. should try to tab the 
offensive at the forthcoming hearings,' Secretary McNa- 
mara certainly has the right to be the first witness at the 
hearings, Instead of being on the defensive concerning bis 
muzzling of Walker, he should take the offensive by telling 
how action against Walker was too long delayed and how 
there is a serious problem in the Armed Services concern- 
ing persons who no longer believe in democracy, If, as 
suggested in the previous paragraph, Secretary McNamara 
has by that time instituted his own investigation of radical 
right Generals and Admirals, he should give a report of 
his plans in this regard, Whether or not he has instituted 
an investigation, he should make clear that tie Defense 
Department's policy rejects these extreme right-wing or- 
ganizations and rejects the views of those who participate 
in them, He should have those of the real top hrass who 
share his views get right up behind him at the bearing 
and back him up, He should get the full support of the 
President, In this way, the hearings could be turned against 
those who presently plan to use them to help the right 
wing embarrass Secretary McNamara. 

The strong posture against radical right Generals and 
Admirals suggested in this memorandum would go far 
to answer Soviet propaganda that American foreign policy 
is not in responsible hands and that there is a substantial 
"preventive war" group in the Pentagon which may ulti- 
mately get the upper hand, This strong posture would not, 
only reassure our own ales, but might give support to 
factions within the Soviet Union that strive for a more 
flexible position on the Soviet's part, 

2. !k did qk d k illomey General's d> 
mm hi 

The attorney General's list of subversive organizations 
is lending aid and comfort to the radical right Although 

'Possibly tie public release at tbis time ol the Army's inter- 
rogation of General Walker would le helpful in this regard, 

the radical right poses a far greater danger to the success 
of this country in its battle against international Com- 
munism than does the domestic Communist movement, the 
latter have been branded subversive by the Government 
and the former have not, No one loses his job or is sub- 
jected to public obloquy because he joins one of these 
radical right groups; yet these groups can use the sub- 
versive list to get at liberals and moderates who twenty 
years earlier had joined some Communist "front" organi- 
zation which looked patriotic and socially desirable, The 
list today is almost like a Good Housekeeping seal for the 
radical right, Whatever one's views may be toward the list, 
as long us it e«!s it should not remain one-sided and be 
permitted to work in favor of the radical right. 

Under existing regulations, the Attorney General can 

only put an organization on the Attorney General's list if 
he finds, after notice and hearing, that it meets the stand- 
ards of the list-i.e,'that the organization is "totalitarian, 
fascist, communist or subversive, or as having adopted a 
policy of advocating or approving the commission of acts 
of force or violence to deny others their rights under the 
Constitution , , ,, or as seeking to alter the form of govern- 
ment of the United States by unconstitutional means," 
Certain of the radical right organizations may well meet 
one or more of these criteria, For example, the Birch Society 
appears to advocate the denial of constitutional rights by 
force and openly seeks to substitute some other form of 
society for existing democratic forms; to it democracy is 
"merely a deceptive phrase, a weapon of demagoguery, and j 
a perpetual fraud," Three of the best known radical right ; 
groups are predicated upon secrecy: the Birch Society j 
keeps its members secret; Hargis, head of the Christian [ 
Crusade, has announced plans for a secret fraternity with 
Greek Vs; and the Minutemen which conduct guerilla/ 
warfare maneuvers also keeps its members secret, Then,) 
too. Birch operates on a monolithic or totalitarian system' 
within the organization and other radical right groups 
may also so operate, These organizations have succeeded 
in promoting disaffection and, as in the case of General 
Walker, outright rebellion in the Army, There would thus 
appear to be adequate grounds for holding a hearing p 
one or more of these organizations to determine whether 
they should le listed, It might therefore be advisable lor 
the Attorney General to announce at this time that he is 
going to investigate one or more of these organizations 
with a view to determining whether charges will be filed 
and bearings held on the questions of listing one or more 
of these organizations, The mere act of indicatingjthat 
an investigation will be made will certainly bring home to 
many people something they have never considered I the 
subversive character of these organizations and; 1 their 
similarity to the listed groups on the left, To mate this 
announcement before the hearings of the Armed Services 
Committee on the muzzling of General Walker might well 
be an additional way to take the offensive against, Senator 
Thurmond and the radical right, '/ 

It is not known the extent to which the Federal Bureau 
of Investigation has planted undercover agents ilside the 
radical right movement as it has inside the (kmunist 
Party and its allied organizations, If it has already done 
so, the information would be readily available upon which 
to draw up charges for a hearing against one or more of 
the radical right groups, If the Bureau has not 1 as yet in- 
filtrated these organizations, a longer time will of course be 
necessary to obtain the information for the ;cHarges, al- 
1 though much of the needed information is available through 
public sources, In any event, the announcement) of the in- 
vestigation would have an immediate salutary j effect and 
,the later announcement of the hearing or hear ngs might 


have an even greater one., It is not unlikely that these 
groups will refuse information and otherwise act towards 
the Attorney General's procedures just exactly as the Com- 
I munists have acted in the past. Nothing could better re- 
veal to the public the true nature of these groups than de- 
fiant resistance to their government, 

3. The flow oj big money to the radical right should be 
dammed to the extent possible. 

The growing power of radical right propagandists and 
groups is directly related to their expanding ability to 
secure large sums of money. As funds are a source of 
power to the radical right, action to dam up these funds 
may be the quickest way to turn the tide now running in 
their' favor. 

Benson's National Education Program, Schwarz' Chris- 
tian Anti-Communist Crusade, Hargis' Christian Crusade 
and William Vplker- Fund, Inc., 'are among the radical 
right groups which are reported to have federal tax ex- 
emptions. It would appear highly doubtful, to say the 
least, that any or all of' these groups properly qualifies for 
a federal tax exemption. Prompt revocation in a few cases 
, might scare off a substantial part of the big money now 
flowing into these tax exempt organizations,* 

Then, too, corporate funds are used to put radical right 
views on the air for political rather than business reasons; 
propaganda is peddled far and wide under the guise of 
advertising, H. L, Hunt openly urges big business not to 
rely on contributions to finance the radical right but to use 
their advertising funds. The Internal Revenue Service 
sometime ago banned certain propaganda ads by electrical 
utilities as deductible expenses. Consideration might be 
given .to thet question whether the broadcast and rebroad- 
cast of Schwarz' Christian Anti-Communist Crusade rallies 
and similar rallies and propaganda of other groups is not 
,in the same category, 

A related question is that of free radio and television 
time for the radical right. Hargis' Christian Crusade has 
its messages reproduced by 70 radio stations across the 
country, as public service features, and Mutual Broadcasting 
System apparently gave him a special rate for network 
broadcasts. In Washington, D. C, radio station WEAM 
currently offers the "Know Your Enemy" program at 
8:25 p,m., six days a week as a public service; in program 
No. 97 of this series the commentator advised listeners that 
Gus Hall of the Communist Party had evoked a plan for 
staffing the Kennedy Administration with his followers 
and that the plan, was being carried out with success. Cer- 
tainly the Federal Communications Commission might con- 
sider examining into the extent of the practice of giving 
free time to the radical right and could take measures to 
encourage stations to assign comparable time for an oppos- 
ing point of view on a free basis. Incidentally, in the area 
of commercial (not free) broadcasting, there is now pend- 
ing before the FCC, Cincinnati Station WLW's conduct in 
selling time to Life Line but refusing to sell time for the 
UAW program, "Eye Opener." 

. In addition to possible misuse of federal tax exemptions 
and the misuse of corporate funds for propaganda ad- 
vertising, it seems not unlikely that corporation funds are 
flowing into the,' radical right in; other and covert ways. 
The President of Schick Razor Company, for example, has 

.. *An additional suggestion in this regard might be considered. 
This would Be the feasibility of including in the publicly available 
files of these tax-exempt organizations, their annual receipts and 
expenditures reports whch can now be obtained only with great 
difficulty. Appropriately organized files available to the public 
would tend to "create a little self-enforcement, 

made it clear that "Dr. Schwarz will not lack for money 
while I'm around." And, finally, there is the big question 
whether Schwarz, Hargis, etc., are themselves complying 
with tax laws, 

Adequate information on the financing of the radical 
right can only come from the inside of these organiza- 
tions. As already indicated, it is not known whether the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation has undercover agents in- 
side these organizations in the same manner and to the ' 
same degree as the Bureau has inside the Communist Party 
and other left-wing groups. Similarly, it is not known what 
the Treasury Department has done in the way of under- 
cover operations to get at tax violations in the financing 
of these organizations. Likewise, it is not known whether 
the Federal Communications Commission. has ever assembled 
information on the degree to which the radical right is 
getting free time without comparable expression of the 
opposing point of view. Certainly, there is sufficient public 
information indicating possible tax violations in this area 
and possible violations of FCC policies to justify the most 
complete check on these various means of financing the 
radical right. 

4. The Administration shouli take step to end the 

h is the essence of democracy, but armed bands 
are not the exercise of free speech, There is no warrant 
for permitting groups to organize into military cadres for 
the purpose of taking the law into their own hands, 

It is not known whether the Minutemen will grow or 
whether they will fade out of the picture. They do, how- 
ever, represent a dangerous precedent in our democracy. 
Consideration should .be. given ,to the question whether 
they are presently violating any federal laws and, if not, 
to the Federal Government calling a conference of States 
where the. Minutemen exist to see what action could be 
taken under state laws. There is, of course, the additional 
possibility, as indicated earlier, that the Minutemen might 
fall within the terms of the Attorney General's list of sub- 
versive organizations. 

5. The domestic Communist problem should be put in 
proper perspective jor the. American people, thus ex- 
posing the bask fallacy oj the radical right. 

The radical right feeds uon charges of treason, traitors 
and treachery. It has its roots in a very real sense in .the 
belief of the American people that domestic Communism 
has succeeded in betraying America arid threatens its very 
survival, Putting the domestic Communist problem in pro- 
per perspective would do much to expose the basic fallacy 
of the radical right, 

The Administration has inherited an extremely difficult 
problem and posture in this area, Executive and legislative 
speech-writers have automatically maximized the domestic 
Communist menace ever since World War II. The Director 
of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Hoover,. al- 
though he made an admirable recent statement concerning 
the radical right, exaggerates the domestic Communist 
menace at every turn and this contributes to the public's 
frame of mind upon which the radical right feeds, Assistant 
Attorney General J, Walter Yeagley, who continues in 
charge of internal security matters, has always maximized 
the domestic Communist menace, There is grave danger 
that the upcoming legal battle between the Department of 
Justice and the Communist Party over registration (par- 
ticularly if there are additional indictments "of individuals) 
will itself fan these same flames. 

Each Administration since World War II has maximized 
the Communist problem. It will therefore be no easy task 

for the Administration to turn the corner and take a 
different attitude. But action along this line is necessary to 
contain and in the long-run to roll back the radical right. 
Without minimizing the Communist Party strength or po- 
tential in the thirties and forties, it has no capacity today 
to endanger our national security or defeat our national 
policies, There is no need for a further effort to dramatize 
the domestic Communist issue; the need now is to rein in 
those who have created the unreasoned fear ot the domestic 
Communist movement in the minds of the American people 
and slowly to develop a more rational attitude toward the 
strength of this movement. Without forbidding dissenting 
officials from expressing a contrary viewpoint (and thus 
evoking charges of muzzling Hoover, etc.), an effort to 
take a more realistic view of domestic Communism _by the 
leaders of the Administration would probably cause most 
of the Administration officials to fall into line and even 
some legislators might be affected thereby. Fifteen years 
of overstating a problem cannot be reversed overnight, but 
thoughtful handling can reduce tensions and misconceptions 
in this area, too. 

K* ** ** ** 

It would be the easier course to look the other way and 
say that the radical right will disappear when we solve 
our problems at home and abroad. But the radical right 
may, if it is not contained, make it more difficult, if not 
impossible, to solve our problems at home and abroad. 

Efforts to deal with radical right Generals and Admirals 
and Mimitemeri, investigation to determine whether to list \ 
radical right organizations, efforts to dam the illegal flow J 
of money in their direction, efforts to set the domestic \ 
Communist problem in perspective - all will evoke im- j, 
mediate charges of softness on Communism, But this is 
not a problem that can be swept under the rug, The Ad- j 
ministration can no more combat the radical right by be- / 
ing "tough on domestic Communism" or appeasing radical 
right Generals than the Republican Administration was 
able to fight McCarthyism by its own excesses in this area. 
It is very late in the day to start dealing with these prob- , 
lems, hut it will never get earlier. 

25c EACH, OR $20.00 PER HUNDRED 

Published by the National Laymen's Council of the Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton,/ Illinois 6 



/ May 18, 1966 

IfThe attached publication addressed to 
"Personal Secretary to Mr. J. Edgar 
Hoover, ff was sent anonymously from 
Dayton, Ohio v . 



MR. *FEL\T* 


Numerous references* are made to the 
Director and the 


mr'Arotter - 








7JUN3 1966 


B MAY 26 1966 

PHONES (312) 668-3630 



gaft d. Bundy 



s. William T. Bruckner 

Edgar C. Bundy 
. Richard M. Dilworth 

Rogers Follansbee 

George Ray Hudson 
s. Walter A. Krafft 

Ellerton A, Lodge 
. James E. Lyon 
e Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
s. Gerald O. McDonald 
e Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 

Rufus E. Shackelford 

Harry N. Stamper 
. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Bob Wells 

Judson P. Wetherby 
>. H. Dillon Winship 
rs. Gladys Zuidema 













May 23, 1966 

Miss Helen Gandy 

Secretary to Hon. J. Edgar Hoover 
F. B. I. Headquarters 
Department of Justice Bldg. 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Miss Gandy: 

Q- &GL&OS 



- . l 

Mr. Tolsorl _ 

Mr. DeLoach . 

Mri M<jhr 



Mr. Callahan . 

Mr. Conrad 

Mr. Felt 

Mr. Gale 

Mr. Rosen 

Mr. Sullivan _ 
Mr. Tavel __ 
Mr. Trotter __ 
Tele. Room _ 
Miss Holmes 
Miss Gandy 

On April 12, 1966 we wrote you asking if we could be 
put on the regular mailing list to receive copies of L — - — - 
Mr. Hoover's, annual letters to law enforcement offici- 
als, which we used to receive regularly, but have not 
received for the past several years, 

I asked if you could supply us with one copy each for 
the years 1960 through 1966. I have not as yet had a 
reply to this inquiry. 

On 14 April 1966 I wrote the Director and "called to his 
attention an alleged statement by Bishop Rueben Mueller, 
President of the National Council of Churches, which was 
delivered to a luncheon group at the First Presbyterian. 
Church of Orlando on March 9, 1966, in which he purported- 
ly quoted Mr. Hoover as stating, "No. vestige of Communism 
has ever been found anywhere in the Council," referring 
to the. National Council of Churches. .. . . ...... __.. 

One of the most prominent businessmen in the State, of 
Florida, a member of the Board of Elders of the First 
Presbyterian Church of Orlando, has written with great 
concern to us about thisr statement attributed to Mr, 
Hoover by Bishop Mueller,. *§r _ i,( i 

tffc* %*{*** li>f fW -Iff 

Mr. Hoover has been adisistenQ&y on record before the 
Committees of the Congress, in his- public statements, and 
in letters to organizations and individua ls', a - s sta ting 
Vpthat the F.B.I, cannot furnish evaluations on organizations 
.JK or individuals, nor can it clear or find mjiljtj\/.i ^ w*g 

i f \ v K 

W kp We asked in this letter if Mr. Hoover ever ma\de any such- 

A \ statement orally or in print concerning the N , CtCt" and, if 

w * V* so, where such a statement could: be found in the public 

ir ^ record. 

_ si: 'Mrs. J. .Walter Larkin, 

DVISORY COMW) \€k M |||g|: 4>4^™^ n 


Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 



To date we have not received any reply to this letter 
either, and it concerns us deeply. 

The same prominent businessman and Elder just phoned 
me from Florida a few minutes ago to ask if I had yet 
received a reply from Mr, Hoover in reply to this in- 
quiry. * I had to tell him that as yet I had not received 
a reply. ; . . -. , 

Can you please expedite a reply to us on these" two 
questions in my letters of 12- April and 1^ April 1966? 

Very sincerely yours, 



Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 

MA¥%!£44*Ebf7«QN * 
GSA GEN? REG? MO. 2 7 






Mr. Wick 

D. C. Morrefi/^ 





; DATE: 5/31/66 

By letter dated May 23rd to Miss Gandy, captioned 
individual makes reference to his prior communication of 4/12/66 

.4n which he requested to be placed on our mailing list and to be advised 
whether the Director has made the statement, "no vestige of communism 

thas ever been found anywhere" in the I^ional Council of "Churches as 
attributed to him by Bishop Reuben|^tieller, president of that organization. 

Bundy requests an expeditious reply as a prominent * 
businessman in the state of Florida who is a member of the Board of 
Elders of the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando has written with 
great concern to Bundy regarding the statement attributed to the Director. 

. You will recall in my memorandum of 4/18/66, it was 
recommended and approved that neither Bundy T s letter of 4/12/66 to 
Miss Gandy or of 4/14/66 to the Director be acknowledged in view of 
Bundy f s background as a professional anti- communist speaker who has 
been critical of the Director and of other Bureau officials, coupled with 
the fact he has been alleged to have engaged in homosexual practices. 
Bundy T s current letter does not warrant an acknowledgment as it is obvious 
that the businessman to whom he refers could more suitably communicate 
with the Director regarding comments attributed to the Director which yy 
concerned him. It is noted that there have been other inquiries regarding 
the alleged statement by the Director and the correspondents have been 
informed that the Director has never made such a statement^ t/ / f iJF*$ 

1 - Mr. Wick - Enclosure 

1 - Mr. DeLoa-ch 

1 - Mr. Sullivan - Enclosure 

1 - Miss Gandy - Enclosure 

®&MMio 9 

JUN 3 1966 


'DFCfcph (6) : 

-50 UUN 141966 


Memorandum to Mr. Wick 
Re: Edgar C. Bundy 

In view of the foregoing Bundy's current communication 
will not be acknowledged. 


That captioned individual's letter of 5/23/66 to 
Miss Gandy not be acknowledged. 

OPTIONAL fORM NO. 1,0 ';"■* 


GSA GEN. REG. NO. -27,' ' * ,. - 




i . \ 



= Mr, -Wick 

■DATE: 5-19-66 




/(/ J Tele. Room . 

Z' / Holmes 

/ Ga 

Gandy . 


MAY II, 1966 _.'• 





^ H 

In my memorandum to you dated 5-16-66, captioned, 
"Murry C. Falkner, Mobile, Alabama," it was noted that Mr. Falkner 
wrote and advised Mr. Hoover that in an interview with Major E dgar C. 
Qsundv on the May 1 1th show, Pyne indicated . that the Director had 
% retracted his statement .concerning Martin Luther King and that Bundy 
had^agreed with .Pyne's observation. , Falkner ?s-- letter acknowledged 
l 5,-16.-66. The Director stated, "Pyne & Bundy should be told to put 
: up or' shut up, I never retracted my statement re King. H. " 

V r Our New York Office was. instructed to trace this show 

down in an effort to obtain a tape or transcript of the May 11th "Joe 
Pyne Show. " New York has advised that although they could not obtain 
a recording of this show without getting permission from Hartwest 

< - ' Productions in Los Angeles, they were able to listen to a play back of it. 

New York advised that among other things, Joe Pyne 
interviewed Major Bundy on this show in his capacity as head of the 
Church League of America. Bundy explained the purpose of this 
organization and answered several questions concerning its work. 
Pyne also asked Bundy questions concerning Martin/Luther King, the 
John Birch Society and whether Bundy knew of a picture taken of King 
and Abner Green, a CP member, together. Bundy stated he knew 
*■ nothing about such a picture. Pyne then asked Bundy as to "why 
] J.. Edgar Hoover backed down on his notorious liar statement (still 
! talking about King). " Bundy answered, "J. Edgar Hoover did not 
I back down but the conference with King was arranged by the President's 
I office and neither the FBI nor J. Edgar Hoover made any official state - 
J ment about Mr. Hoover's meeting with King. " Bundy continued by saying, 
;] "The .only statement was King's version. " Pyne interrupted Bundy at 

this point and stated "Which may have made it look like J. Edgar Etapve^ 
' backed down.' " To which Bundy, answered, "Yes." ^^^il^^-^-^^fe * 

V~Mv. Be Loach 
r-'Mr. Wick 

1 - Mr. Rosen 
1 - Mr. Sullivan* 




: M. A. Jones to Wick memo. 


Since Bundy -actually dafendM us in this case and stated 
that the Director did not bacl-: clown, it is lelt no letter sent 
to him setting the record straight. Also, since this show has been 
described as a "facetious, controversial inter view -type program, " and 
since Bundy corrected Pyne's observations regarding the King matter; 
it is felt the best interests of the Bureau would be served by not writing 
Pyne which would give him an opportunity to utilize the Director's letter 
on one of his programs. 

RE COMMENDATION :. • - " Jv- '•;.■: >\ 

That no further action be taken. 


2 - 

Hs* k - 

May 18, 193d 

. or. Mirry G " Falknet' ..'-'-■.. . * ,'- -'. 

* 'S700 Saa Jtsan Drive. • \ : . \ J \; v ■■-"■-■■/ / 
MobiIe P .Alabama 366-09 ■ ■ ■ ■;' i 

Dear Ml\ Palknert . . 

'■.'■' I have. ?©eeived-yaur fetter pi IvMy ..12th, , 

and it. y?as good, of you to adfisa me of. tlie comments 

made by Edgar Co Bs&Iy and Joe 'Byne on the May lifch 
- ri 3oe Pjim Show. f * Yon may be sure that I have newr 

reiraelscl,, in any manner,, the statemem S made -regard- 
.- : iEg MEsttei Infixes KSag,- Jr. - . . * 

MAY! 71966' 

Sincerely yours* 
' r £sMm Hoover 

COMM.FK " ; 

I - Mr. De Loach 
1- Mr.. Wick 
1 -. Mr, Rosen- 
1 .- Mr. Sullivan 



^. a* ^trtt^ 


NOTE-: See M. A,' Jones to Mr Q Wick Memorandum, dated 5-1:4-66, 

loach . 




lahan . 

■ vcn _ 


I. Room 


ly — __ 


: a. 

Mobile, Alabama, JCFrlcin. 

;■ t' tk T 

-n it--* ? J* *** _ -• v. :■•: * 





3700 San Juan 
Mobile, Alaba 
May 12th;, IS 

Kr JVo; Edgar Hoover , 


Federal Bureau of Investigation, 

Washingtc^jDo- C» 

Dear Mr © Hoover- 

Mr. Mohr 
Mr. «! 
Mr. Casper . 
Mr. " Callafian . 
Mr. Conratl . 


/ivfr, SSt 
Mr. *favcl . 
Mr. Trotter 
Tele. Room 
Miss Holmes 





\ My respect ~ for you and the Bureau, where 1 served as a agent for 
many years , brings me to write this letter to you. 

. Yesterday, May lltho, 1. was listening to "The JLo^Eme 3fr&t! °n 
ray car radio. His guest on the program was identified as Major, - Edgar 57^u^y, 
former Air Force intelli gsnce officer and noif connected with a. Protestant Church 
"(Presbyterian and Methodist) league against communism. During the program Pyne 
asked Bundy for the latter 's opinion regarding Martin Luther King who, he said, 
was reported to have "fellow -travelers" as. associates Bundy replied that he kad Vv I 
heard such assertions, but his organization had seen no documentary evidence to ^QsJ 
substantiate them, adding however, that Director Hoover of the FBI had characterize^ 
King as a notorious liar. Pyne then. said that you had apparently backed down from fi 
this accusations, 2H^3t-SSESS^' anc * ^oth said that this proFablyresulted from P£ @ s- in- 
sure, on you from the white house I ^J\ 

■' ■ •" ' ' . ' ■' ^- 

Having known you for more than a, quarter of a century 1 do not >ir . 
believe that, you can be pressured into silence when your sense of justice and right!, 
requires that you speak out. I dp not doubt but that millions of people in the V I 
country heard the program 1 mention and 1 do hope that you will take the opportunity^ 

,|to repeat what you so justly said about King in order that none can say in the fK 

[future that, in effect, you dare not, 

" : r I repeat that this letter is prompted only by my deep and ever- 
lasting, respect for you' and the Bureau. 

Sincerely. ypurs 
Hurry C« Falkner 

& WW2419B6 


, ^ as ?K*« 

OPTtONA^fpflM^NO. 10 

■To 1 son 







rROl|t - : 


DATE: 5-16-66 

MURRYC. FALKNER' ..:-\ '■ • \ 


■:-"; • ••'• ."""■-■ ■ • ■ '" ' ~ ! ■ ■ '■■' -v " .:.' W lv 

By letter of J 5- 12- 66 to the Director, Mr. : Falkner, a/ 2 
former Special Agent who EOD 4-18-2.5, resigned 4-15-28, .reinstated 
1-2-34 and retired 7~16-6§, advised that he was listening to the . 

"Joe Pyne Show^on May 11th when Pyne, while in a discussion with 
Major Edgar C. By ndy, indicated that the Director had retracted his 
statement Tconcermng'Martin Luther King. Falkner indicated that 
Bundy agreed with Pyne ? s observation; The Director stated "Pyne 
& Bundy should be told to put up;or shut up. I never retracted my 
statement re King. H. " ; - " 




Bundy is well known to the Bureau as a professional ^p^ 
anticommunist speaker who has made a practice of viciously attacking ' &H ^r 
the National Council of Churches;- He has made statements.. critical "£>k/ '* ;A 
of thp Director and other Bureau officials, accusing them of being soft|V^ 
on r communism. Bundy has been the siibj ect of a closed impersonation 
case and has reportedly performed homosexual acts* in the past. 

In March, 1965, the "Joe Pyne Show" which was then 
being carried on KTTV-TY, Los Angeles, California, first came 
to our attention by statements made on his show indicating that they 
had access to FBI police records. 

Our Los Angeles Off ice advised us at the time that the 
"JoePyne Show" ^as a facetious, controversial interview-type program 
designed to create listener interest in a "wide" variety of topics. 

/^ Pyne was contacted by our Los Angeles Office concerning 
the statements relative to having access^ to our •rjpcords^ndyas 
appropriately admonished. 

1 - Mr. DeLoach - Enclosure 
1 - Mr, Wick - Enclosure. 
1 - Mr. '-Rosen - ! Enclosure 
Mr. Sullivan- Enclosure 

'CF:lcm - ■* vV v ' ! "T -p^-*v -\- 









M. A, Jones to Wick Memo 

/" Fyne formerly worked as a newscaster and /announcer 

in Philadelphia; EennsylA^xiia: ^IordxmI ; Canada; and in Los Angeles, 

California. .. -..;., * • -" "-.,■" 

ACTION : -. '■■■-. ■; ; : :>> ".'-" 

,' We are attempting to obtain a tape or transcript of 
the "Joe Pyne Show" of May 11th to determine what exactly. Pyne and 
Bundy said. We will then immediately write Pyne and Bundy and 
set them straight regarding the Director never having retracted 
his statement concerning King. 


That attached letter to Mr. Falkner, :who is on the 
Special Correspondents' List, be. sent. 


!»■* w^ 



1 - Mr. Wells 

0-$ i^-lb^ty^L? ~ I Y 3 Se P teBber X 1966 


DeLoach _ 



Casper — 
Callahan . 

i Conrad 

Felt' 1 


I Rosen 

I Sullivan _ 


I Trotter — 
■ Gandy 





In response to your request, please be advised 
that a review of the central files of this Bureau discloses 
that no investigation has been conducted concerning the 
following organizations: 

The Church League of America 
Wheat on, Illinois 

The Committee of Christian Laymen 
Woodland Sills, California 

The Anglican Orthodox Church 

The Church League of America was founded in 1937 
at Chicago, Illinois, Edgar C Bundy is the fditor of 
their monthly publication "News and Views" and also r 
Executive Secretary of the organization* He is a well- 
known professional ant icoramunist speaker. 

^ The Committee of Christian Laymen was organized 
to oppose Communism and expose its influence in religious 

There is no record of Crestwood Books, Post 
Office Box 2096, Arlington, Virginia, in the central 
files of the FBI. ,. ■ . 

Dm \x k w 


-NOTE: Classified "S 



EP lift 


A\ '■• 



Excluded from automat Ic 
downgrading and 

*.'" Federal Bureau of Investigation- 

: .< ,>. ■- Records Branchy 



• L__J Name Searching Unit - Room 6527 
L_J Service Unit - Room 6524 
1 1 forward to -F""f le Review ■ . 

■ ; 1 ^Attentiorl, L 



eturn to 


noom ETxTT 

Ty pe of R eferences Requested: , ] 

Regular Request (Analytical Search.) 
LkgT Alb References (Subversive & Nonsubyersive) 
j Subversive References Only 
- . — J Nonsubyersive References Only 
I 1 Main References Only 

Ty pe of Search Requested: 

1 Restricted to Locality of 

Exact Name Onl y, (On the Nose) 
Buildup. L j Variations 


Q^KaiMj&^J OtuE&tsoul&i > 


Birthdat^ K, PlarV . -. - - / 


T .nrnlitip* .".-■-'. 

<-! j Searcher , , . 
R* -Date i o M 7 Initials L4A<J 



; Atfc 

WsHJxtuJLeuvO D/x£h*6-JL&%J CAjujuJIj 

&1rbujC£> /%nt.tsu*JL£<-j fSx.^\ ■ 


Jx - j£>9 fr/i - 3&C-4 

. : 

: . ,-■'"' ' 

■,«'-■'. : " ■ ■ ■ "X ■ ■ 

" - - ' ■■.,'* ■':'""' , ■■■ ' 

*■';.""-' .' 

. '• .-.■>■■ ■■■-.■,, & 

"4-22 (Rev..-l-2^-60.)^ .^T"'^ ' ; .* - : • * ~. " , : 

Federal Bureau of- Investigation • 
; L ' . , : ' Records Bxanch ■ ,^ : '■• 


■ Name/Searching Unit - Room 6527 
1_J Service Unit - Room 6524 
I For-ward to File Review . . 




J^d Return t( 

Supervisor Room Ext. 

Ty pe of References Requested: 

| Regular Request (Analytical Search) 
Jt^JAU References (Subversive & Nonsubversive) 
I Subversive References Only 
I Nonsubversive References Only 
I Main - : References Only 

Type of Search Requested: 

? ot be 

t-ricted to Locality of V&J: 
■L±^TExact Name Onl y .(On the Nose) 

I Buildup 

I Variations 

Subject ry?^X**HM»~X^ /Dcrfr^fe^s 

■ Birthdate & Place. ,__ 

Address ■ 


: Date 


Searcher / 
Initials *^£«-> 




/!>£. ,'• 

.'."*".'■ ', 

' *' ■ . " 

'■.'■■- - 

'■; : ~ ;: &>. • • 


. -,.V, .■.,;.:■ ■- *-,;./., '££ 


"£, . 

^4-22..(Re,v. l-22 r 60.)^ .„ ( >"'"'■■' '. ■ "'■ .••' ■> 

'.: ' .;■' Federal Bureau of Investigation ' 

... .; . -Records ' Branch .»=> 




I Name-Searching Unit - Room "6527 
I Service Unit - Room 6524 ' ' 


__J Forward to File Review' 


id'Return t< 


Room Ext. 

Ty pe of References Requested:"'; "■"" - , , / 

L---J Regular Request (Analytical Search) 
Ljgg All References (Subversive & Nonsubversive) 
J Subversive References Only 
. L_J Nonsubversive. References Only 
. '"I- - - J Main : ^__ References Only 

Ty pe of Search. Request ed: 

'L_j^tT^stricted to Locality of 


Exact Name Onl y (On the Nose) 
Buildups | 1 Variations 

'Address ■ -■' '. 


.R'«ll ^ 



Initials -i_ 






T^^ t> 

L ote-'/p^s-?^' 


(o)--r -3JI-&93 




u- WI49- ssrk*? 





v ^iW^ii/W j 

ua -sT~ So'ea 

%M*ioS^9S^0Sl £J3 

! L »u£%a~ i&q&osr-.ti" -JCl. ahu^J^ 

$*<*& +dua~i'M nfia/jL 9-q?^-*^ 

L N^t U ± (ol CO - tQ3L -^ 


f u* 

>j> ^ -sT0k : & $-9 •- StvJt truck 

/00-3-14- •'■/Ml. 

fV 1 ^ ^U-^C A**/ 4^U*-T b 




) QO~ -Iff 3 1-11 






top ~ ¥7370-?/ 

/op -JC6XG& ^</$3<Ja¥J' 


\/i0\ y /m ^£22M±Jkz*M. . aJa^J^Z^ 

^6uJb^~t^yy: -3/<»J<*«f ' 

|5^22a:c'RlvV 1 1-f WsV)^ "S -'V ■ 'V >"•/' 

' :' ; ."■; ■ 7 NUMEROUS REFE RE 
. -- ' r -.; ; " fr -'"- SEARCH:. SLIP 





. ^/. .7 ' . Searcher " \ . 
.Date : _ %/-£/ — Initial; Jt&S 




X <u^ 

r *£. 

■i tix> 

% id 



to W 00^ 46 look ~a*>: ii £ 

1 m 


t -At 


'/cd-y^S-a-G^fo ? 


i:DD : -flS~10l-lr! 

$06- 35fX3X~! 

Wo .- ffc 3f&ff ^ "v 

i&sr-.A&Tr.s-i t 

m<^< s iil<M-4 € T *-2£' 

■#*"'. ' * . y \ ..Federal Bureau of- Investigation 3 

-Records' Branch -^/'^ 



L_J Name Searching Unit - Room 6527 

L I Service Unit -Room 6524 

l_lFoPward to 'File Review . • 

I t^t Attentio 




turn t 


Room Ext. 

Ty pe of R eferences Requested: 

L_J Regular Request (Analytical Search) 

*^jA 11 References (Subversive- & Nohsubversive) 
1 Subversive References Only 
I'.Ncn subversive References Only '■ 
iMain' „ : References Only 

Ty pe of Search' Requested: * ^ . ' : ,*•,_ 

] . 'Derestricted to Locality of Ca^i^L) ' > 
. GjL*3tx'act Name Onl y (On the Nose) 
\ [ _J Buildup '■ L~_J Variations ""* 

Subject v^o Cer^Ujyyu^^JL^ -tL CMjU^^LM^O 
Birthdate & Place ^au-m^Ul I tA±d^^L tf*U* j 

Address 1 1 i , ■ -- 




n /' '/ ■ Searcher- a 
* M: - Initials J^ -r 

. Date 







-I *(&' 

X k>0 

V-^t'/VD-St'FU— ^2m 9. 




%fr/<-?/^l~ /J- 














/t>D-43-7:S3J> r ^7 -..■■* 5 . 




J^6?„,Q/ j8j \jl^W-4&A^s J$-y< 






ya^ :<-., ^^^.?.? 

%L^£. ^yJ'o— ^ 

/6V- 5"P<P£, 7 --/^S/'- . 

>,/_ ug^ .a, 

/^ <2 - 6^M£^ 9"~ :*4 L 

j -yuo 

/a d- ? £ ? &*^-??k&i 


- 7?.<%#f£ 



f -'^i'ri'2a (Rev. 1 Irl 7-5 ST) 


■b6 ■ 



'>7 /" : 'Se&cheryi'.. ; 

.Date --JZ^dJtl Initial JL&jg s 



dl^pV^A^fp- g.J M. 




l' : irt> 


1r ■ irt> 

I' yjfr 




r^ jAh^, 


' ^Jfey.fjz 

^iM^r i 

^^^^^ -.4g- 




^2— .I 5 

September 29, 1966 

^D * C) 




waumgtoM, Pennsylvania 19086 

Dear Mrs 


I received your letter on September 27th; 

In response to year Inquiries, information 
contained in oar files must be maintained as confidential' 
pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. I^am 
sure you will understand the reason for this policy. I hope 
you will not infer either that we do or do not have material 
in our files relating to the Church League of America* .->• 

Sincerely yours, 

J a Edgar Hooves ; : 



NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable wi£h correspondent. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated (by the Bureau. 
y> Tfg monthly publication, "News and Views," is published for clergymen, 

Tolson _ 

W ^ LED " 3 s lfy men t educators and purports to set forth articles designed for their 
SERi2% 1968$ ^^i We have received numerous inquiries concerning this 

^- •>. ^rgahizaltion and its General Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy. Bundy claims 
co'Mfl-fo roJmYf* been a Major in the Air Force Intelligence. He is also a 

fdsffner Baptist Minister who lectures around the country on communism. 
He has been the subject of a closed impersonation case. 



Tele. Room 



^ftO^ '" f: 



'-ffQCfT 00 ®* 






^ v t _fe 




Wallingford, Pa. 19086 

Dear Sir, 

A week or so ago I was asked by a friend 
to become a part of a study group in my community. After 
asking several pertinent questions about the organization, 
I came away not very satisfied, so am asking you about it. 
The group is affiliated with: 

The Church League of America Wheaton, Illinois. 

■ - jamg ii. m, ,- -V.... „i , ~.,— — „■„ taaiiaiamiial l : 

#No. 61-1716 

What is the organization? 
Where" " " " ? 

What is it's purpose? 

It's Manuel is registered with Lib. of Cong. 

I would appreciate any information about this. 
The only reason f dtftft' -sfflbeing is to alarm people about 
communism and anything else for which it makes a stand 










6>&l/1&JK 7ft 

4 OCT $ 


January 331, 1067 

X407 Hill Avenue 
Wheaton, Illinois 

No investigation pertinent to your inquiry has 
been conducted by the VBX concerning the captioned individual 
and organization. However, the files of this Bureau reveal 
the following inf ©relation* 

The Church League ©fritoeriea was founded in 1937 
at Chicago, Illinoisj Edgar CrBundy is the editor of their 
monthly publication "News and Views* and also executive 
secretary of the organization. He is a well-known professional 
anticommunlst speaker* (62-104576) 

Original and 1 - USIA 

Request received - January 27, 1967 

GWP :mkw/Vl/f (a| . 


NOTE: Bureau fil e 62-104576-143 shows memorandum dated / 
SgrvTftmhPr 1. ■ 10,66.1 I 

/' / 


On January 31, 1967, H. Treacy, USIA advised that Bundy 
was being considered as a possible advisor or consultant. 
Bundy is well known to the Bureau as a professional anti- 
communist speaker who has made a practice of viciously 
attacking the National Council of Churches. He has made 
statements critical of the Director and other Bureau 
officials, accusing them of being soft on communism. 
Bundy has been the subject of a closed impersonation case 
and has reportedly performed homosexual aets in t)*e past. 

l C a - /^y^ 


.'• HB s 


This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI, atittiu"* 
loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency* This reply is result of check 
of FBI investigative files. To check arrest records, request must be submitted to FBI Identification Division* 
F.Mgemdnfcs are necessary for positive check. 

■ ■ ■ ■'■'. . \ 

77mm®7 t 

4-572 (Rev.' 7-18-63) 


GSA GEN. «G. NO. 27 "" 



TO : The Director 


3 -/(/"ly 

FROM : N. P. Callahan 


i- jSS^fiSL?* *** *<fc **• 




*■•-■ - 




,1 > 

i ;-* t 










167 MAR 29 1967 


In the original of a memorandum captioned and dated as above, the Congressional 
Record for "3 ^ /^3 "~ C? 9 was reviewed and pertinent items were 

marked for the Director's attention. This form has been prepared in order that 
portions of a copy of the original memorandum may be clipped, mounted, and placed 
*Jn in&PB't^Bui^g^as.^r subject matter files. \ ' 



Atlanta, Georgia 3U3UU 
Dear Mr. 


April 26, 1067 


'£i> •" b7C 

I have received your letter of April 21st. 

In response to your inquiry, information 
contained in our files must be maintained as confidential 
pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. I am 
sure you will understand the reason for this policy. X hope 
you will not infer either that we do or do not have material 
in our files relating to the Church League of America. 

Sincerely yours, 

'& Bfgj 



NOTE: Correspondent is on the Special Correspondents' List. We have 
had numerous inquiries regarding the Church League of America, but 
have not investigated this organization. Its General Chairman, Edgar C. 
Bundy, was the subject of a closed impersonation investigation. He c:,}. 
claims to be a former Air Force Major and now lectures on communism. 



/ & M % - 


^ilante, Georgia 30308 

April 12, 1967 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
United States Department of Justice 
Washington, D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

TELEPHONE 873-2032 


Recently certain members of our church received printed 
materials from an organization calling itself "The MJhurch 
League of America," address 422 N. Prospect Street, Wheaton, 

The text of the materials had a great deal to say abouVcom- 
munism," "left wing," "right wing," etc.,. using the jargon 
that immediately excites people when a church organization is 
involved. 1 

Our members have asked me for information about this organization. 
Since I am not familiar with it, would you send any information 
that you might have available, so I can advise whether they 
should continue giving attention to these materials or beware 

Thanks also for sending your regular -mail out reports to us 
u *~£ax+jzBsanTCC& .use ... TtEC- A ^ 



out reports to us P l 





sic at i_ 

■ APR 26 1967 







(\ wmW' /oy5?4>\ijg 

June 14, 1967 








Wayne6bu rg > Pennsy lvania 15370 
Dear Mrs. 

•**-JSU.aai Va .., 

Your letter of June 9th has been received* 

While I certainly wish it were possible for me to 
furnish the information you are seeking, I am unable to do so 
since data contained in our files must be maintained as confiden- 
tial in accordance with regulations of the Department of Justice. 
I am sure you will understand the reason for this policy and why 
I cannot be of service in this instance. 

Sincerely yours, 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record identifiable with 

fuontl organizations. 

been described as a possiDie socialist 

He has been affili ated with at least 10 communist 
s identified in Bufiles as having 

and an extreme liberal. [ 


was named as head P^the World Counei 1 of Churches. He is 
known to favor Russian Clergymen-p the Worit Council of Churches. 
Major Edgar C. Bundy and hii£.o%aniza;tion, the Church League of America,] 
are well known to the Bureau. 

HRHicaU (3) > •>*' ':!! :P.» 

i *m l\ 





June 9, 1967 

Waynes burg, ra.. 15370 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
9th & Pennsylvania 
Washington, B # C* 


Dear Mr, Hoover: 

£2 I recently attended a lecture given Tg yMaj or Edgar 
Bundg^of the Church League of America. Erom this talk and 
various pieces of literature distributed at the time, I was led 
to believe that communism has infiltrated the Christian 
churches of this country. 

This is indeed a bitter pill, and since I am instinct- 
ively skeptical of this type of lecture and literature, I am 
asking you to either confirm or deny this information,, 

The pamphlets I received claimed Communistic sympathies 
evident in the National Council of Churches, the World Oooncill 
of Churches and the seminaries producing the young ministers of 
today. The names of Bugene Carson Blake, Edler Hawkins, Martin 
Luther King and Paul Blanshard were mentioned relative to 
Communistic activities. 

-Any information forwarded to mejriH be most gratefully 
accepted. Thank you. IT 


tf> (ez-yf&c-m 



g^mrtrtmrilTT Trmiwi 


JUN 15 1967 


1 ** 

I / 



^ ^ » • / & ¥s ?4~\in 

August 1, 1967 



Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 
Church League of America 
\ 422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Illinois 6018? 

Dear Mr. Bundy: 

Mr. Hoover read your letter of July 26th 
and asked that X thank you for the Information you fur- 
nished. He appreciates the interest and concern which 
prompted you to write. 7 

Sincerely yours, 

b7C ^ 


AUG 1 1967 

l>>\ H^-Wv b^X. 

Helen W. Gandy 

1 - Los Angeles - Enclosure 
: Attention SAC: 



lis believed to be identical with 

_^ J the subject of a Security Matter -C inves- 
tigation by your office, your'file'ioO-68963. This individual was 
reported in December^gigjSejjaf^behig^urrently enrolled at 
Harvey Mudd College, 1 Claremont,V ! Calkornia. 
NOTE: Edgar C. Bundy and his organization, the GJiurch League 
of America, are well known to the Bureau. Bundy is a professional 

Mahti -communist speaker who has been both critical^nd^favorable 
.toward the Director. He has a questionable moral*backgrdund and 

r'tla very controversial individual. (62-104576) J 

GEM:emm (4) , s>*lto ' stlk " r ' 

V1 19***^ Uf^ t 









Mrs. William T. Bruckner 
Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 
Mr. Richard M. Dilworth 
Mr. Rogers Follansbeo 

r; "Richard "Harvey" " 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 
Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 
Mr. James E. Lyon 
The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 
Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 
Mr. Harry N. Stamper 
Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 
Dr. Bob Wells 
Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 
Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 

Hon. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau' of Investigation 
United States' Justice Department 
Washington f Dv£. ~ - 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

July 26, 1967 





During one of ray recent lectures in Anaheim., California, at 
which time I praised the work "of the Federal Bureau of In- 
vestigation and called the people's attention to your tes- 
timony on the 1968 appropriations bill, the . following named 
individual , a\,male student of about 20 years of age, came 
up to me; started a violent argument and ridiculed your clas- \ 
sification of Students for a Democratic Society as ridiculous p 
and not. founded on fact. -- y 5 

hat 1 

He steadfastly declared that SDS ; is not a Marxist-oriiented 
group! that he i ; s a proud member of the organization^: and t 
"J. Edgar Hoover sees a communist in everybody with**^h;ora he 

disagrees politically 1 ;" 


*He stated that he would state these things to your- face or 
to any FBI agenVif he were -given the chance to do- so. He 
was very bold and brazen before a considerable number of a~dult~ 
and student witnesses. ;*/'„: ~~~" -- 

?I thought" that perhaps^you^cfoifld "arrange "to" g i ~ve ffim ~s u chT an~~~ 

opportunity- to^ tell these„sarae things to one of your agents. 

The young man is engaged in spreading poison and .defaming the 
FBI and its distinguished leader. His name is: 

EX 101 V REC-44 , 



, >>_ He 

At)/ ^°xo 
f 4 V 

is white, approximately 
years of age. 

^^^i9 AUG 3 1967 

feet 1 1 0- 1^2 Jcfcn€ ' a dma?t;t e d t o bein g 
Vei^y^inc'erely you^s- 1 , ' 



> r G-. Bundv 
Execut/iv^e Secre ? taru 


ECB/mfs -*~ 

ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF, LAYMEN: -Mr.s._J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. WestbrookrMr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
ADVISORY- COMMITTEE^ OF CLERGY: Rev. CarperorTMacKenzie, Rev.- Herman Often,. Rev. Victor E. Sears 

" ^ "2: a: I— : ^~ 


^ M£f, 1962 Il £0irrbN 

GSAJ5IN. REG. t*>. 27 



jJ Memoranmim 



Mr. Bishop 

date: August 29, 1967 



subject: EDGAR G. BUNDY 


On 8-29-67, captioned individu al telephonicallv contac ted 

FBI Headquarters and spoke with Special Agem 


<J iJ-J? L& 

the Crime Records Division, Bundy stated that he had documents and 
information which he wished to bring to the Bureau's attention. 
Specifically, he advised that an "undercover agent" working for his 
organization and the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department 
has established himself as an official in the W. E. B. DuBois Clubs of 
America and has recently secured considerable information and 
documents pertaining to Communist Party influences in this Club. 
He further stated that he had a list of delegates names, many of/ 
them communists,; who will attend the Convention of therNatiorial Conference 
fticNew Politics to be held in Chicago, August 31 ? through September 4, 
1967. Bundy indicated that he would like to meet with a representative 

I of the FBI and give him what information he has and show him several 

t documents concerning communist activity. 

,"/) Bundy advised that he has not been in contact with the 

Chicago Office since he is not "familiar with the man now handling 
Internal Security matters there. " 


. ;> ^. 

<&? Edgar C. Bundy and his organization, the Church League 

of America, are well known to the Bureau. Bundy is a professional 
anti-communist speaker who has been both critical and favorable toward 
the^Director. He has a questionable moral background and is a very 
controversial individual. 

^ V% *On 7-26-67, Bun$g;ptfte the Director and advised 
that a student in California, whose name and address he provided, 
made defamatory remarks concerning the Director and the FBI.** 

1 - Mr. Dt£oach - Enclosure w 

1 - Mr. Bishop - Enclosure 

1 - Mr Sullivan - Ensure - ^ ff 

TDH:njg&(5) • " • CONTINUED -OVER * 

■■imrj^^""''""^ 1 ^ <& 

REC22 * SEP 6 1967 




M. A. Jones to Bishop Memo 

By letter dated 8-1-67, under Miss Gandy's signature, Bundy was 
thanked for bringing this information to our attention, 


In the past, Bundy has accused the Director and other 
Bureau officials of being soft on communism. Therefore, although we 
are extremely circumspect regarding any relations with Bundy, it is 
felt that in view of his offer to provide information which seemingly 
comes within our investigative jurisdiction, a representative of the 
Chicago Office should interview him in this matter. 


That the attached airtel briefly setting forth Bundy T s 
conversation and his background be sent to the Chicago Office with a 
request that Bundy be contacted regarding this specific matter. 

-f ] (y 


ADDENDUM: (WCS/mls - 8/3 0/67 XJ L4 

Bundy is a troublemaker and cannot be trusted. 
Therefore, any contact with him by an Agent should be 
extremely circumspect for otherwise Bundy will turn it into 
advantage for himself and go about claiming that he is giving 
valuable support to the FBI, etc* 


s ^a 







F^C&* ] 



4\ u, s. mmm of mux. 

\ i§IP$ JS67 

: ' :;; ; |WJBSTIR8 
BIA002 4£3fi EDT SEP 8 £7- <j?7)DEA014 



'"■^%, rt! ... ..-.,...■ . , Mfc 


^ wM^i 

lasper — 
\ Callahan — 
Mr. Conrad — 

Mr. Pelt- 

Mr. Gale — y*\ 
Mis RoseiyC— 1 
Mr, SullWan — | 
Mr. TaveL — 

Mr. Trotter 

1U& Room — 

Miss Holmes,, 







rt& * 


fiSSS?! RTTflCS^'- 

, 7 «rp 1 ^ -^ 


Jl SEP 12 1967 ' 















Mr. Bishopf^ 

date: September 11, 1967 


from D # C. Morrell^ 

subject: EDGAR C. BUNDY 


Correspondent by telegram dated September 8th requested 
Ithe Director to send an appropriate message for the ground-breaking 
Iceremonies of th e J. BJp atthews Memorial Jjjfc^X* According to 
Bundy, it will be a private: researi^^ and national 



Correspondent is well known to the Bureau as an extreme 
right-winger who has attempted to use the Bureau in the past for his own 
gain/ He is also allegedly a pervert and no contact is maintained with 
him. Prior correspondence has either not been acknowledged. or been 
handled by in-^absence letters. J. B^ Matthews is identical with 
Dr. Josephjyg^^ was a s&-conlessed marxist arid was 

— eTfflHS^ frpm4939 to 1945. When contacted by 

the New York Office c oncer nf^a^biyersive individual, the factxrf our 
contact with him was reporte^^|^^m| "New York Journal.-American. n 


In view of the background of Bundy and Matthews, it is jiot 
believed the Director should furnish a statement marking the ground- /y 
[breaking ceremonies of the J. B. Matthews Memorial Library. \y 


1. That Bundy&^Q^l^ram notb e acknowle<teed»»^y ^ 

REM fc*l< 
2. That Bundy's request be ignored. 

U SEP 12 1967 

I - Mr. Bishop - Enclosure 

'Mr. DeLoach r>Al » 

V* OL ' (4) -Wl) 











DATE: 9/8/67 



NEW YORK CITY, 8/10/67 

in g— 

By letter dated 8/31/67, Edgar C. Bundy, Executive 
Secretary, Church League of America, forwarded to the Bureau a, 
transcript and tape of the Barry Farber Show which was aired-ov^er 
Radio Station WOR in New York City on August 10, 1967. ^Appearing 
V on this program with Farber were Bundy and Dr. Willis E;' Elliott, 
I Board of Homeland Ministries of the United Church of Christ, o 



Elliott, on the program, attacked the Director, the 
Bureau, the President, the Secretary of State, American fighting men, 
Congressional committees and practically everything else that was, dis- 
cussed on the program. He indicated in his comments that the Director 
is perpetuating an image of the 1930 f s when he speaks of the threat of 
communism in this country, and also commented that the Department of 
Justice should take over all FBI investigations and Congressional com- 
mittee investigations. Some of his comments would lead one to question 
his mental stability. 


; \ ■:■: 

Elliott has not been the subject of an investigation by the Vv ^ 

^FBI./ Bufiles indicate, however, that he has attacked the House Committee 
Ion /Un-American Activities on numerous occasions and apparently was a 


a leader of the Communist Party in 

'RED- 19 /C,^ -M'fd^fL^ 

close confidant 

Cleveland, OhioJ 

t* EX 104 ..«-.. (n 

} \> Bundy, of course, is well-known to the Bureau and is an 

aextrfeme right-winger who has attempted, to. use the Bureau in the past. 

He is also allegedly a pervert. We have had no contact^with'him, and 

correspondence from him is not acknowledged. 





1 - Mr. De Loach 
1 - Mr. Bishop 
1 - Mr. Sullivan 

~ _ TBC:emm 

57 SE" * 

p 2 




*> s D 

M. A. Jones to Bishop Memo 


Bufiles indicate that 

may be identical with an 

individual of that same name who was a correspondent for "TV Guide" 
and the "Charlotte (N. C. ) Observer. " As a representative of the 
latter newspaper, | | went to Russia in 1956 and was later inter- 

viewed by Bureau Agents in connection with allege d attemp ts by the 
Soviets to recruit American newsmen in Moscow. | | was entirely 

cooperative when inte rviewed. Our files contain other non-pertinent 

references to 


in connection witl 

Ln New York. 


For record purposes. 





12) 668-3630 



idgar C. Bundy 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 
vir. Edgar C. Bundy 

tr. Richard M. Dilworth 
Vtr. Rogers Follansbec 

Richard Harvey 

George Ray Hudson 
Walter A. KrafTt 
^r. James E. Lyon 
Ihe Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
|he Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.O. 

Rufus E. Shackelford 

Harry N. Stamper 

Edgar J. Uihlein 

Bob Wells 

Judson P. Wetherby 
H. Dillon Winship 









August 31 t 1967 







Honorable J, Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U. S« Justice Department Building 
Washington t D.C. 

Dear Mr, Hoover: 

On Thursday evening, August 10, I sat across the 
microphone from one of the most unbelievable 
religious leaders I have ever faced* This was 
on the Barry Farber show, WOR, mutual outlet of 
New York City, for 45 minutes. 

This man, who is prominent in Protestant religious 
circles, made some of the most vicious attacks on 
the President of the United States, the Secretary 
of State, the Secretary of Defense, every American 
fighting man in Viet Nam, the Honorable J. Edgar 
Hooyer and the F.B.I. , the Investigative Committees 
of t-he Congress, and others which we have eyer heard, 

I am enclosing a copy of -the script of this prggram 
and the tape of the actual broadcast, with the 
commercials eliminated. 

I beg of you to listen to the un-American and anti- 
religious propaganda which this man is spreading 
under the guise of a top religious leader in the 
United States. 






Very truly yours , 



Edgarr C. Bund\ 

e. SEP 13' 1967 

st pl4 


Larkin, Mr. tra E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
acKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. ^Victor E. Sears 






422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

Barry Farber Show: 

Major Edgar C. Bundy & Dr.. Willis 



3 3 /4 ips 

iVi ips 

15 ips 

1200 FT. 

60 min. 

30 min. 

15 min. 

1800 FT. 

\V 2 hrs. 

45 min. 

22V2 min. 

2400 FT. 

2 hrs. 

60 min. 

30 min. 

^^i^^^ S^f^ .— ^-._— ..^_.^™^,^^^_ ^... ./-. ,..,.J 

:->,> ; t 

.• :• = •••• • •.•: 




k .« 

fc# ■( i:aii., 


. > \'3<v ■ 3 

l; V:-' 



Major Edgar C. Bundy, 

Executive Secretary of 

the Church League of America 


Dr. Willis E. Elliott 

Board of Homeland Ministries 

of the United Church of Christ, 

and spokesman for the 

National and World Councils 

of Churches 


WOR Radio, New York City 

Thursday Evening, August 10, 1967 

On Thursday evening, 8:15 o'clock, August 10, 1967 Major Edgar C. Bundy 
faced Dr. Willis E. Elliott across the microphone on the Mutual Radio Network 
Station WOR in New York City for 45 unbelievable minutes. The program was 
moderated by the well-known radio personality, Mr. Barry Farber. 

What transpired on that show is here recorded verbatim in the pages that follow. 

You will have to read it in order to believe it! Fundamental Christian leaders, 
such as Major Bundy and Dr. Carl Mclntire, have been warning the people of the 
United States about the things which the religious Modernists have been advocating 
and pursuing for years, but some church people just have refused to believe that 
these things were and are taking place. 

Now there is no longer any doubt as to the veracity of Major Bundy 's charges. 
You can read with your own eyes what one of the top spokesmen for the Modernistic 
ecumenical movement puts on the record: the attacks on God, Christ, the Bible, 
the United States, the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the 
American fighting men and their officers, the Congressional Committees investi- 
gating Communism, the FBI and its Director J. Edgar Hoover, American security 
laws and measures, the patriotic and conservative organizations, the American Free 
Enterprise system, etc., etc. Furthermore, you can order the actual taped broadcast 
from the Church League of America Radio and Film Department, 422 North Pros- 
pect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187, for $5.00, and hear the voices in the entire 

If this doesn't "shake" you; then nothing will! 

The Church League of America 

Wheaton, Illinois 



1) United Church Board of Homeland Ministries, United Church of Christ. 

2) Alleged participant in Harlem demonstrations. (PRESBYTERIAN JOUR- 
NAL-^/ 16/66-p. 12) 

3) See "The Biological Church" from PRESBYTERIAN JOURNAL, 2/16/66, 
p. 1 (Appendix A.) 

4) In a forthcoming book, equates Vietnam war with Puritan notion of self- 
justification through achievement. (NEW YORK TIMES-6/26/66) (Ap- 
pendix B) 

5) Ad Hoc Committee— charged that House Committee on Un-American Activities 
threatens national security. Advertisement, United Church of Christ, Lake- 
wood, Ohio. ( NEW YORK TIMES-2/22/62, p. 17 ) 

6) National Assembly for Democratic Rights— sponsor of this front which was de- 
signed to develop major campaigns and national activity rallying Americans 
against the Internal Security Act. (Letterhead, 11/6/61.) Note: (Out of the 
National Assembly for Democratic Rights was set up the Citizen's Committee 
for Constitutional Liberties. Meeting of Assembly held late in week and follow- 
ing week the HCUA held hearings on it. ) 

7) Petition to President Kennedy to pardon Junius Scales, Communist Party 
leader of North Carolina convicted under membership clause of Smith Act- 
signer. (Pressrelease— 4/5/62) Note: He was pardoned later. 

8) Addressed study group of National Council of Churches Assembly at Miami 
Beach. Alleged to have said that conservative evangelicals who believe that the 
Bible contains all necessary for Christian faith are "distorting" gospel. 
(CHRISTIAN BEACON-12/22/66) - (Appendix C) 

9) Alleged to have stated that adherence to infallibility of Scriptures is demonic. 
Alleged quote as follows: "I consider adherence to the infallibility of Scripture 
demonic. . .My Miami Beach speech was simply a spelling out of this convic- 
tion. . . " (BLU-PRINT-3/7/67) 

10) Contrasted National Council of Churches theology with Bible when he alleged- 
ly said, "The Christian's 'ultimate' commitment should be to the Living Christ 
in world today, and not to a document whose writers knew or understood noth- 
ing of modern society. . ."■ (CHRISTIAN BEACON- 12/29/66-p, 5) 

11) Petition to President Kennedy against Internal Security Act, 10/3/62. Lake- 
wood, Ohio. Secretary, Department of Evangelism, United Church of Christ. 

12) Letter to Editor, dated August 5, 1967, NEW YORK TIMES. HCUA: Hear- 
ings on Communist Activities in the Cleveland Ohio Area, Part I, June 4, 5, 
1962. (Appendix D) 



Puritan Work Ethic Called 
a Hindrance in Thfs Era 

By Edward B. risk© 
PWNCETON, N. J M June 25 
— A group of laymen and 
clergymen Vnet here last week 
to stud^ U»f problems posed by 
tha increasing amount of lei- 
sure In t+day 8 society. They 
were able' to agree on little 
except that traditional Protest- 
ant teachings about the nobility 
of work ar# more of a hind- 
rance than a help in solving 
them* b 

, The two-day meeting was 
catted by the Task Forenoon 
IMmirt, a group of 93 clergy- 
m«**nd laymen named by the 
National Council of Churches 
last year. 

la an opening paper the Rev 
Dr.. Colin W, Williams of the 
Council's Division of Christian 
L.tfe and Mission, described the 
increasing amount of leisure 
time available to workers todpv 
as the 'reluctant revolution "* 
rru u h , , obj,erv crs as Robert 
Theobold, the economist are 
correct, he said, in maintaining 
that automation reduces the 
amount of work required to 
produce economic necessities 
«ut their subsequent predic- 
tion that this would result in 
a f»pid reduction in the work 

£T «Nm * not proved accurate. 
Dr. Williams added. 

The work week has not been 
Flatly reduced he said, because 
of the growing hesitation of 
ih* employe to press for morp 
rre* time from work." 

m£i S i tead ' , he ^"t-inuod, the 
middle-aged persons who con- 
trol working conditions have 
been 'pushing off the reduced 
work requirement at both 
S?i u? e ■ entr y of > r(>uth s into 
JShJJ t m , arket ]s be ' n £ P°st- 
?S rt -iJl y 1ncrease <i education 
and military service, and the re- 
tirement age is being progres- 
sively lowered. *^ 

Puritan Ethic Aid 

One reason for the apparent 
reluctate to acoept leisure, Dr. 
WilUi^p said, u the continued 
PJ*catr#t<. of the Puritan work 
eth*a,j|hich "urged men to use 
their Mime for productive work 
of benefit to the community." 
This r attitude he said, "de- 
valued esthetic pursuit* a* an 
unjustified aristocrat!* luxury— 
the antisocial activity of the 
idle hands." 

This Puritan ethic Dr. Wil- 
liams, added, served as an im- 
portant tool m breaking the 
aristocratic monopoly on wealth 
during the middle ages. 

"S*> succeed it was essential 
that time not be wasted/' he 
explained. "Now however, the 
Puritan ethic, as well as 
showering, its benefits, is 
wreaking its vengence. For it 
means that those who are not 
engaged in economically pro- 
ductive labor, those with time 
on their hands, tend to feel 
guilty. Men are too often not 
free for leisure." 

Basic to the injection of 
meaning Into leisure as well as 
work, said Dr. Williams, is the 
abandonment of the traditional 
distinction -between the two. 
Distinction Drawn 

"Leisure is not the opposite 
of work," he said. "It is the op- 
portunity for free participation 
in the joyful activity and reset 
of those who arc exploring the 
full potential nf creation." 

Tn ihrologiral terms, he ron- 
tfmied. the problem is how to 
move beyond Luther's question: 
How can man he justified be- 
fore God? 

Instead the big 20th-century 
question for which leisure a- 
well as work must be part of 
Lhe answer- is: How c»n man 
partlcipale in God's creation 
and develop aesthetic as well as 
economic potential? 

Thp most vocal critic of Dr. 
Williams's position was. Msgr. 
Frederick J. Stevenson, director 
of the Youth Department of the 
National Catholic Welfare Con- 

ference, Monsignor Stevenson in "an , unfortunate Communal 
said that m minimising the form." 

traditional Protestant distinc-' "The space race and the war 
tion between work and leisure in Vietnam can be, regarded as 
Dr. Williams lost sight of the; leisure activities that reflect the 
importance of •'contemplation." Puritan notion of self-justifica- 
"The basic question must al- ; tion through achievement,"' he 
ways be that of the Psalmist:! said. 

How do w* know God and enjoy; "The feeling is that if I can't 
Him?" he said. "Leisure thus! be a Horatio Alger figure as an 
becomes a dynamic value, a' individual, then I can at least 

means whereby we find out who 
we are and prepare to go back 
into society." 
Monsignor , Stevenson said 

win collectively in space and 
Vietnam." he said. 
The study groups, which Is 

.. -,. | expected to recommend ways in 

that to think of leisure in the, which churches can help people 
same category as work- as ac- use their increased leisure tune, 
tive participation Jn God's crea-is headed by Dr. Paul V\ Doug- 
tive acts— is to neglect the im-! former president of Amert 
portant passive side of leisure! can University, in Washington. 
as contemplation. ; Members include W alter P. 

"Toe Re v^Dr, Willis Elliott. alReuther, president of the TTniled 
United Chureb of Christ theo-jAuto Workers; Hu jfo D. Galusha 
iogian and author of a forth-, Jr., president of the Federal Re^- 
coming bo ok on the theology ofj servp Bank in Minneapolis, and 
leisure, said that the Puritan; a number of businessmen in- 
work ethic has also lingered onvolved in the "leisure industry.'*- 


White View of Negro 
Stwttgfy / 

To the Tditer: 

Negroes in America have hern 
making progress through non- 
violence, threats of violence 
and violence. All three strate- 
gies are essential to further 

Of the three, the threat of 
violence is the middle term 
Nonviolent Negroes use it pas- 
sively: violence will occur if 
you don't respond to our non- 
violent solutions. Violent and 
pro-violent Negroes use it ac- 
tively: open up or we'll break 

Nonviolent Negroes accom- 
plished much by gelt in? them- 
selves victimized — on TV— bv 
white violence. This strategy of 
appealing to the majority's 
compassion and sense of justice 
is of decreasing effectiveness 
as the majority's fear is * 
swamping its positive ^motions 
and altruistic conyidions. 

Further progress will depend 
on the intelligent usn f all 
three- strategics, including stra- 
tegic terrorism. At present there 
is no evidence that violent Ne- 

£ro leadership— if "leadership 
is not too stWig a term-has 
the organizing capacity to pass 
from mindless ghetto expl . 
sums to selective destruction of 
the property of those in whose 
hands are the levers of power 
If such guerrilla activity does 
emerge, we shall see the swift 
demise of my ^ ^ c 

swift shift of national priorities 
toward domestic economic jus- 
tice. J * 

_Two questions must be asked 
of the notion that we must not 
'reward violence"; Is the vio- 
lence justifiable as an attention- 
getter in order to move toward ■ 
necessary change? In the minds 
of those in power, will the costs 
of not "rewarding violence" be 

(Rev. Dr.) Willis E. Fj i iott 

United Church Board for 

Homeland Ministries 

New York, Aug. 5. |%7 



-Dr. Willis Elliott 

"Most of our church members have no intention of being serious Christians 
They joined the church on the appeals of Baal and not Yahweh, or at least more the 
former than the latter. We owe them priestly attention as they traverse the nature 
cycle from cradle to grave. But they are only of the biological church .... We prop- 
erly provide them with adequate structures of caring. Beyond this nature care, we 
have only the obligation to assure them (1) that they are not Christians, and (2) 
that the invitation to become Christians is still open. 

The biological church is certain to vote against change and disturbance, for it 
is essentially a nest. It is not normal, but rather natural, and at that an historical 
accommodation. It would be better if its conversion-proof members withdrew or 
were expelled and went to some secular-caring societies. At least then the picture 
would be more clear and the clergy would be more free to be pioneer men in a van- 
guard church, "the first fruits of the new humanity." 

[Dr. Willis Elliott, in address before 1965 Ecumenical Evangelism Conference 
at Green Lake, Wisconsin.] 



From "New Evangelicalism Meets New Evangelism," CHRISTIAN BEACON, 
December 22, 1966, p. 4. 

On the other hand, a spokesman for the radical "left wing" in evangelism was 
present and took advantage of the opportunity to blast not only fundamentalists but 
even the middle-roaders of the Billy Graham persuasion. According to an official 
NCC release: 

"Conservative evangelicals who believe that the Bible provides everything 
necessary for Christian faith are 'distorting' the Gospel, a theologian told a study 
group at the National Council of Churches General Assembly ... 

"The Rev. Dr. Willis E. Elliott of New York City, the United Church of Christ's 
associate evangelism secretary, compared 'Bible thumping' evangelists with the 
New Testament scribes who, as custodians of the status quo, persecuted and killed 

" 'The old, Jesus-killing scribe's vision was triply distorted by his 'word/ 'book' 
and 'old' orientations, said the special consultant on evangelism for the NCC's 
seventh General Assembly . . . 

" 'The sons of the kingdom are not to be verbalizers, bookers, or antiques— but 
rather ... to use the total resources of nature, history and grace without prejudice for 
old or new but with openness to truth and love/ he declared. 

"The Christian's 'ultimate' commitment should be to the living Christ in the 
world today, and not to a document whose writers knew or understood nothing of 
modern society, the theologian said." 

Elliott's topic was "Beyond the Old and the New Evangelism." The release 

"Most of Dr. Elliott's remarks amounted to a critical assessment of the recent 
World Congress on Evangelism in West Berlin, Germany. Persons and groups repre- 
sented at this meeting constitute the 'old evangelism/ he said, whereas 'social action- 
ist' theologians and church leaders are proponents of the 'new evangelism.' 

"He made it clear that he espoused neither the 'new' nor the 'old/ but that men 
and women at this stage of history must remain 'open' to the leadings of the living 
Christ— willing to have 'new things' revealed by him and have 'old things' shown 
in new lights. 

" 'The World Congress on Evangelism. . .was conceived in the heart of Billy 
Graham and born through the sponsorship of the U.S. religion fortnightly CHRIS- 
TIANITY TODAY/ said Dr. Elliott. 

"The 'official theology' of this Congress, with its emphasis on soul-saving and 
afterlife, distorted the 'true' gospel of love and sacrifice, he said. 

" 'When over and over one hears that nothing can compare in importance with 
the destiny of one's immortal soul, he's apt sooner or later to get two messages: (1) 
that everything else in the world is relatively unimportant in comparison with self- 
concern, and (2) that as regards one's self-concern, everything in this world is rel- 
atively unimportant in comparison with the next world.' 

"Such an attitude is dangerous because it undermines 'ultimate' concern for 
the well-being of persons, he said. This 'scribal mentality' is based on 'pagan myths' 
which predate Judaism and Christianity yet survive as substrata in the Old and 
New Testaments. 

"In Dr. Elliott's view, Christ's call to his followers was not one of selfish salva- 
tion but one of loving service. 

"The Berlin Congress made much of the world's exploding population, but 'not 
a single man . . . suggested that we might have some responsibility in seeing that the 
baby faucet gets turned down to reduce the flow,' he declared. 

" 'Just look at us adult Christians— laden with effete tribal terrors and prides, 
full of old but comfortable treacheries and frauds, pouring out resources into the per- 
petuation of outmoded and competitive forms our children couldn't care less about 
and our grandchildren will laugh at!' 

"Dr. Elliott's address followed a major Assembly appearance today by Billy 
Graham, who stressed that Christians must be active in the world, but only after they 
have first died to the world in Christ and re-entered it with him. . . " 



HCUA— Communist Activities in the Cleveland, Ohio, Area: Part 1; June 1962 

pp. 1052-1053 
Mr. Scherer. Mr. Chairman, I have a statement to make for the record. 

I received a letter from Rev. Dr. Willis E. Elliott, Secretary, Department of 
Evangelism, Board for Homeland Ministries, United Church of Christ He liv^c ,•« 
Cleveland. llvesm 

This letter has been given wide circulation. It is a scurrilous attack on the 
Committee on Un-American Activities. One does not expect this kind of a letter from 
one of the lowest persons in our society, much less a minister of the Gospel. It rather 
nauseates and disgusts me that some member of the clergy and some others like him 
in the Cleveland area use their clerical robes to give weight to their unfair and false 

Of course, they feel free to engage in this type of billingsgate because they rea- 
lize that a man in public office is severely handicapped and hesitant to criticize or 
denounce a member of the clergy in reply. 

In his letter, Dr. Elliott prates about his being committed to the truth Yet 
there is no truth in his letter. 

What do we find in the first paragraph of the letter, which he uses as an excuse 
for his attack on the committee and its work? Here is what Dr. Elliott says in the 
first paragraph of his letter to me under date of May 24: 

Violation of your own rule that the names not be made public prior to the 
hearing date, the identity of the subpoena-recipients has been given most ex- 
cellent publicity (by your design or by irresponsible management of vnnr 
staff), your 

Let me state without reservation that I know as a matter of fact that no member 
of this committee, its staff, or any of its employees, directly or indirectly, leaked the 
names of the witnesses subpenaed for these hearings to the press. As the chairman 
of this committee stated at the opening of these hearings this morning, he has asked 
the Attorney General to investigate the matter, to prosecute those responsible for 
illegally giving out this information. 

Dr. Elliott wrote a letter to Chairman Walter, similar to the one he wrote to me 
Mr. Walter on June 1 wired him as follows : 

Our investigation discloses that no member of this committee or its staff had 
anything to do, directly or indirectly, with the publication in Cleveland, Ohio 
of the names of witnesses subpenaed by this committee. I call upon you to ad- 
vise me whether or not you have any information as to how the press obtained 
the names, as our investigation of the matter is continuing. 

Listen carefully to Dr. Elliott's reply in his telegram under date of June 3 to 
Chairman Walter: 

Your telegram just reached me. The earliest public reference was in the May 


11th and 12th Cleveland Press Robert Crater articles. I regret that I have no 
other names to give you nor do I have any other information about this leak, 
but I respectfully thank you for your inquiry. 

It is obvious that Dr. Elliott made the charge against the committee without 
any basis in fact whatsoever. He read the names of the witnesses in the newspapers. 
He then went about smearing the committee, charging it had violated its own rules 
by design or irresponsible management, and had given the names to the press. 

He and others in the Cleveland area used this false charge as an excuse for an 
all-out attack on the committee and its members. They preached sermons and wrote 
letters. Their attacks were aired on radio and television. 

Joining Dr. Elliott in these false charges are the American Civil Liberties 
Union and the Americans for Democratic Action. Of course, you can expect this, 
because over the years they have been soft on communism. The ACLU has appeared 
in case after case, in hearing after hearing, in support of Communists and Commun- 
ist causes. Over the years they have kept up an unremitting attack on the anti- 
Communist organizations in this country. 

It is passing strange that Dr. Elliott and his cohorts remained strangely silent 
when the names of witnesses called before any of the other investigating commit- 
tees of the Congress appear in the press before the hearings. I refer particularly to 
the witnesses called in the rackets investigations. 

These people have also remained strangely silent when the press carries the 
names of witnesses called before grand juries, even though grand jury hearings 
under the law are secret. 

Dr. Elliott, the ADA, the ACLU, and their like, don't seem to care about the 
civil rights of these people. Why is it they constantly go overboard for the dedicated 
Communists whose goal is the overthrow of this Government ? 



Born in Stamford, Connecticut, November 1, 1915. Son of Merton E. and Ida 
M. Bundy. Father died in 1918. Mother moved to Miami, Florida and remarried. 
Stepfather's name, Walton Floyd Studwell. 

Attended public schools of Miami and Kissimmee, Florida. Was graduated 
from Miami Sr. High School with honors, June 1934. Awarded four year scholarship 
to Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia for having had highest average in Senior 
class of 500. Average of 97.8. Finished freshman year at Oglethorpe with 96 average 
and transferred to Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, in Fall of 1935. 

While at Wheaton College was Director of College News Bureau and sports 
writer for Chicago papers. Worked entire way through Wheaton College and was 
graduated with AB degree in June 1938. 

Joined the staff of the Chicago Herald- American in Fall of 1935 and then 
later with the operations department of American Airlines in New York, and in 


Entered the Armed Services in February of 1941 and rose in ranks from Pri- 
vate to Major, seeing over six years of active duty in Air Force Intelligence in every 
major theatre of war. Served first in South America, then in North Africa, Europe, 
China-Burma-India and after the war in Alaska. Received Nationalist China's 
highest aviation decoration from Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek, the Bronze Star 
Medal from Major General Claire Chennault of the 14th Air Force, and five battle 
stars for major engagements. 

Was Chief of Research and Analysis of the Intelligence Section, Headquarters, 
Alaskan Air Command in 1948 and a Briefing Officer for the Command. 

In August 1948, because of sudden death of mother, returned to the United 
States; Became City Editor of the Daily Journal, Wheaton, Illinois. In June 1949 
received invitation from Senator Kenneth McKellar, Chairman of the U.S. Senate 
Appropriations Committee to testify before full committee in Washington on entire 
Far Eastern Situation, including China, Siberia, Japan, Manchuria, Korea, the Phil- 
ippines, Southeast Asia and Alaska. 

Testimony lasted for two hours before members of both Houses of the Con- 
gress, representatives of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department and all the 
major news services. The presentation was termed by Republican and Democratic 
senators alike as being one of the finest given on the Far East before a Senate 
Committee. These remarks were read into the record by Senators Bridges, McCar- 
ran and McKellar. 

Bundy predicted under oath that South Korea would be attacked by the North 
Korean Communist forces which had been trained and equipped by the Soviets. 
This prediction was made one year and two days before it occurred. He also warned 
of the impending fall of China and scored the State Department, Dean Acheson and 
the Truman Administration for what he termed "appeasement of the Soviet Union 
and failure to recognize the Communist threat" in the Far East. 

As a result of the publicity received from this presentation to the Congress 
Bundy answered invitations to speak before leading clubs, conventions, town-halls, 
forums, patriotic societies, universities and colleges, and for the Republican Party. 

Besides testifying frequently before Congressional committees he has supplied 
them with research material and has aided in the passage of three important bills 
through the Illinois State Legislature during three sessions. 

He is a research analyst, lecturer, author, and Executive Secretary of the Church 
League of America. In 1958 he published a 354-page documented book entitled 
Collectivism In The Churches (Devin- Adair Co., N. Y.) exposing the alarming 
extent to which Communist propaganda has penetrated religious groups and insti- 
tutions. In 1966 he authored two more major books: How the Communists Use Re- 
ligion, and Apostles of Deceit. 

Bundy is married to Lela May Nash Bundy of Louisiana. 

He was awarded the American Legion's Americanism citation for distinguished 
service by the Department of Illinois, and was selected as Young Man of the Year 
by the Wheaton Junior Chamber of Commerce, of which he has been a member. He 


has been a member of the DuPage Young Republican organization, American 
Veterans of World War II, The American Legion, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, 
the Sons of the American Revolution, the Air Force Association, the 14th Air Force 
Association, the "40 & 8," and Co-ordinator of the DuPage County Coalition of 
Patriots. He was selected for two successive years as a member of the American 
Legion National Convention's Americanism Committee by the Illinois Legion, and 
served as secretary of the Joint Foreign Relations— Americanism Convention Com- 

He is an ordained Baptist minister. He holds a Major's commission in the U.S. 
Air Force Reserve and has taught frequently in Air Force schools as a guest lecturer. 


Ddiiy raiuci onuw 

Major Bundy— Dr. Willis Elliott 

Farber: I'm Barry Farber, and if your radio stays right where it is, you will 
meet a clergyman, a white clergyman, and you will swear he is kidding when he 
states his views on racial rioting across the United States, Dr. Elliott, when I read 
your letter to the editor in the newspapers, I shook my head and grabbed for another 
slug of coffee and put the paper down and I said, "I guess I am just not wide awake 
enough yet to read a newspaper." But it said the same thing the second time I read 
it. You are a clergyman. Are you in favor of race riots? 

Elliott: Oh, yes, indeed. Of course, I wouldn't exactly say that riots never did 
anybody any harm. Yes, they obviously do harm. But it is a matter of comparative 
harm, and we are not in a position to choose between riots and something that is 
nonviolent, rather we chose riots than something worse. 

Farber: Major Bundy, maybe you care to comment at this point, or would you 
like to sit back and hear a little more of Dr. Elliott's beliefs? 

Bundy: Oh, I think I'll just sit back, since I never met Dr. Elliott before and 
just let him hold forth for a while, and then I'll come in. 

Farber: Let's see how totally two clergymen can disagree on what blacks and 
whites ought to be doing about each other in the United States. I'm Barry Farber and 
Dr. Willis E. Elliott is connected with the United Church Board for Homeland 
Ministries. He has written a letter to the editor, printed in a major newspaper, that 
says in part: "Negroes in America have been making progress through nonviolence, 
threats of violence, and violence. All three strategies are essential to further progress 
..." Skipping a little bit, I'll read the whole letter later. "Further progress will de- 
pend on the intelligent use of all three strategies, including strategic terrorism." 
Facing Dr. Elliott, Major Edgar Bundy. He is executive director of the Church 
League of America. And while we are together, we will explore and explain as long 
as time permits. First, I think I will quickly read this letter to the editor. I don't 
want to take too much time, but it is a short letter: 

"White View of Negro Strategy —To the Editor: Negroes in America have been 
making progress through nonviolence, threats of violence, and violence. All three 
strategies are essential to further progress. Of the three, the threat of violence is the 
middle term. Nonviolent Negroes use it passively. Violence will occur if you don't 
respond to our nonviolent solutions. Violent and previolent Negroes use it actively: 
open up or we'll break through. Nonviolent Negroes accomplished much by getting 
themselves victimized— on TV— by white violence. This strategy of appealing to the 
majority's compassion and sense of justice is of decreasing effectiveness as the 
majority's fear is swamping its positive emotions and altruistic convictions. Further 
progress will depend on the intelligent use of all three strategies, including strategic 
terrorism. At present there is no evidence that violent Negro leadership— if leader- 
ship is not too strong a term— has the organising capacity to pass from mindless 


ghetto explosions to selective destruction of the property of those in whose hands 
are the levers of power. If such guerrilla activity does emerge, we shall see the swift 
demise of many myths, and a swift shift of national priorities toward domestic 
economic justice. Two questions must be asked of the notion that we must not "re- 
ward violence/' Is the violence justifiable as an attention-getter in order to move 
toward necessary change? In the minds of those in power, will the costs of not 're- 
warding violence' be higher? 

(Signed) Rev. Dr. Willis E. Elliott 

United Church Board for Homeland 

Farber: Dr. Elliott, "strategic terrorism" means that you as a clergyman are 
not explaining, you are not saying, "I can understand what makes these people 
want to do this." You are recommending that Negroes use strategic terrorism to 
accomplish their economic ends. 

Elliott: I am stating that they are not going to make very much more progress 
unless they use a full range of pressure from the push of fear in the white power 
structure to the pull of caring. So far they have just had the pull of caring, that is 
they have played up to fair play, to the sense of justice and compassion, so they 
have been pulled forward, but now we need the push of fear, because we have ground 
to a halt in the Negro revolution. 

Farber: When you are Reverend, Doctor, that means that you are a clergyman, 
a Christian clergyman. What of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not kill; 
thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet?" 

Elliott: The commandment is, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God and thy 
neighbor. So this is a matter of loving the neighbor. As a theologian, I cannot 
put Christianity or the Biblical religions of Judaism and Christianity on one side 
and violence on the other. This is a big fat fiction we have been living with, and we 
are hypocritical to the core because we have imagined that there is this split between 
our spiritual heritage and violence. We have associated violence with the Commun- 
ists, which has given us a misperception of them. 

Farber: But isn't the objective to squeeze this out of the human soul so that 
we will be nonviolent the way we say we would like to be? Instead of using "strategic 

Elliot: No, I would say that it is endemic to man and implicit in his nature 
by divine creation. 



Farber: Well, now, let us get it down to the personal level. Man is violent. 
Some men go bowling, some men argue with their wives, beat their wives, kick then- 
wives, do terrible things unto their neighbors. I know a man down in the South, 
whenever he got angry he said, "By golly, I am going out and strangle a chicken." 
And he did. Terrible to take a chicken by the— ugh! Anyhow, you can hit a golf ball, 
you can go to a gym. Shouldn't we try to sublimate what you think is this endemic 
lust and thrust for violence to socially acceptable goals instead of your "strategic 

Elliott: Yes, you see, strategic terrorism is socially acceptable in the society 
which is being formed against the society which is. You always have that in a rev- 
olutionary situation, as you are moving against something that is called order, 
which you perceive as disorder, in the interest of an order which you want to be born. 

Farber: Would you have recommended "strategic terrorism" for the Jews, the 
Poles, the Irish, the Italians, the others who climbed up in America? 

Elliott: Well, "recommend" is hardly a term. It is actually used wherever a 
group wants a new order to come into being, whether it is George Washington, or 
Stalin, or whoever it is. 

Farber: Does the American Negro need a new order or just a more proper work- 
ing of the existing order? 

Elliott: No, I think the existing order is so corrupt and so organized against 
the Negro that it is necessary to smash through with fear. We have not been able 
to make it alone with the positive feelings of fair play and compassion. 

Farber: Major Bundy? 

Bundy : May I ask just a couple questions of Dr. Elliott since I have never met 
him before? Dr. Elliott, the United Church Board of Homeland Ministries, is. this 
the United Church of Christ? 

Elliott: Yes indeed, Sir. 

Bundy: And does the Board go along with your statements here, your position 
on this "strategic terrorism"? 

Elliott: The Board is related to the National Council of Churches and the 
World Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches, as you probably 
know, last summer recommended violence in certain situations. 

Bundy: At the Church and Society Conference in Geneva. Did they pass that 
as a formal resolution, or was that the advocacy of Professor Shaull from Princeton 

Elliott : It was formally accepted as one of the reports. 

Bundy: Dr. King does not believe in this, though. What is your position in 
regard to Dr. Martin Luther King and Whitney Young and these men whom the 
President calls the "more moderate" of the group, who want to change society 
through peaceful means? 

Elliott: You may have noticed my first sentence in the letter is that we need 
"nonviolence," which would be Martin Luther King; the "threat of violence," which 


is what you are getting largely from SNCC; and also "violence/' which you are 
beginning to get in the form of ghetto mindless eruptions. 

Bundy: Are these three going to be concurrent until this new type of society 
comes in, or do you think that the first two are eventually going to pass out of 
existence and nothing but the "violent" stage will accomplish what they want? 

Elliott: I think that we are going to need the whole range of leadership even 
though it is not organized internally, because what we have is really, Major Bundy, 
a gamut from brain to brawn—that is, the violent eruptions of the ghettos have been 
brainless. And at the other end with nonviolence, you have the heart of the Negro 
brains, and ideally there should be a collusion of brain and brawn so that a revolu- 
tionary figure who represents both promise and threat can emerge as a single in- 
dividual. There is now no single individual. 

Bundy: Well, now this "strategic terrorism" that you speak about and the 
eruption of violence, do you believe that this should take place at the risk of complete 
breakdown of law and order, the killing of people, the looting of stores, say the carry- 
ing away of the teleyision sets, and the furniture, etc., such as we saw in the Detroit 

Elliott: You always have a criminal element that takes advantage of every 
situation, just as you have the Communists who infiltrate all situations that have 
a potency for confusion and chaos, and I certainly don't approve of these things. 

Bundy: Well, don't you think that the advocacy, however, of such a plan as 
this— "strategic terrorism" and then "actual violence" would tend to encourage that 
sort of thing in our society? 

Elliott: Yes, it certainly does. A year ago in the Church House for the United 
Nations I read a paper predicting that violence would increase because as soon as 
you get the appetite for change going, it is a toboggan sliding down hill, and it may 
begin nonviolently, but it moves on to violence, and it grinds to a halt if those who 
are leading, or seeming to lead, consider that the cost is too high. So, that is what 
we really face now. The Negro revolution will end if those who are motivated within 
it think that the cost of it is too high. 

Bundy: Well, now Barry brought up awhile ago the Ten Commandments. Do 
you find in the New Testament, among the teachings of Jesus Christ, that this kind 
of advocacy was made by Him, for accomplishing an end? 

Elliott: No, what I find in Jesus (and one of my earned doctorates is in the 
New Testament in the Gospels, and so I have a very deep concern for this, and per- 
sonally I read the Bible every day of my life in Hebrew and Greek and Latin and 
English. I am a Biblical scholar) — 

Bundy: Where did you get that training by the way? Could you tell us— your 
theological training? 

Elliott: I have five degrees in religion. The last one was the University of 

Bundy : Where did you get your other degrees from? 

Elliott: Oh, well- 


Bimdy : Union Seminary? Did you attend there or Harvard, or Yale? 
Elliott: No, it's- 

Bundy: No, I mean, we would just like to know, because since you do have five 
degrees, I think all of us would be interested in knowing where you got them. 
Elliott: Well, it is just- 

Bundy: Don't be modest about it. We have people in Who's Who, and tell all 
of their background. Are you in Who's Who 1 ? 

Elliott: I don't know whether I am or not. I haven't looked it up. But after my 
studies (I was 14 school years in higher education) , and I taught in two colleges and 
three seminaries, and, by the way, in seminaries I taught Biblical languages- 
Hebrew and Greek. But back to your question on Jesus—Jesus expected the King- 
dom of God to break in violently in His lifetime. It is now 67 years since Albert 
Schweitzer proved this, and it has never been disproved, and on this point Jesus 
was wrong. 

Bundy : Where is the reference for that? 

Elliott: Oh, a number of places in the Gospels He predicts that while those who 
are about Him are still living, the kingdom will come. He says some will not die 
before the Kingdom of Heaven comes, and He says in Mark that those who are with 
Him (He also says this in Luke) will not have completed their preaching circuit of 
the Israeli towns before the Kingdom of Heaven comes. 

Farber: If Jesus were alive today, do you think He would be sympathetic to 
SNCC, or to CORE, Martin Luther King? 

Elliott: Well, I think He would have exactly my position, and the reason I 
say this is not arrogance, but because I consider myself a follower of Jesus, I con- 
sider Him my Lord, and I am trying to do now what I believe He would have me 
do in my situation. 

Farber: See, what is hard for me as a layman to understand is how you, as a 
follower of Jesus, could recommend— Yes, yes, this Negro must pick up this bottle 
and fill it full of gasoline and put in a wick, and light it, and put it through that 
shop window, and reach in and grab that whiskey, —not to mention the sniping, and 
so on. 

Elliott: From the standpoint of naive religion, Barry, the situation is even 
worse. Jesus thought that God was going to do that, and soon that God's kingdom 
was coming violently, you see; and He was going to turn the whole civilization upside 

Bundy: Sir, pardon me for interrupting you, but where does that word "vio- 
lently" or "violent" appear in the teachings of Jesus? What is the Scriptural refer- 
ence for that? 

Elliott: "The kingdom of God comes with violence" (Bia is the Greek word 
from which we get also bios, which means "life." ) 

Bundy : So the root of life is violence? 

Elliott: It is the same. 


Bundy: Well, this is an amazing thing. I don't even find this in the Revised 
Standard Version that the National Council of Churches copyrighted. Why didn't 
those scholars use the word "violence" in translating that word, then? 

Elliott: Well, it is almost as though there had been a conspiracy to avoid the 
implications of Albert Schweitzer's study of 67 years ago. 

Bundy: Well, Albert Schweitzer didn't accept the Bible as being inspired did 

Elliott: Oh, yes, he did. 

Bundy: Did he? 

Elliott : But he accepted it as a very modern man. 

Farber: What was the conclusion of Dr. Schweitzer's study 67 years ago? 

Elliott: That Jesus, in expecting the Kingdom of God to break in,' was right, 
and in dedicating Himself to the Kingdom of God was right. But in expecting the 
Kingdom of God to break in violently in His lifetime, He was wrong because ob- 
viously it didn't break in. 

Bundy: Well, then Schweitzer didn't agree with Jesus because Schweitzer 
taught that you shouldn't even kill germs in the hospital in Africa— you shouldn't 
kill any kind of life, or use violence against them at all. He must not have agreed 
with Jesus' theology that He discovered then. 

Elliott: Jesus' theology was that God had not assigned Him personally to viol- 
ence, that is, His assignment was nonviolence, and in His distinctive mission God 
would take care of the violence, but, as it worked out, Jesus was wrong on this, and 
if He had known ahead of time that He was wrong, He might have taken a new look 
at violence. 

Bundy: Well, you can't possibly, then, as a Christian, follow a fallible person 
who has been proved to be wrong, could you? I mean, you couldn't make Him the 
head of the Church? 

Elliott: I follow Him not only as a man, but also as God, as I— 

Bundy : Well, how could you if He was wrong in His theology? 

Elliott: When God mixes Him a human batter, He folds in mistakes, insecurity, 
death. Mistakes—because our data are inadequate, and they come to us through 
history, which is perverted, and Jesus has to take on our humanity, which means 
that He gets mixed in errors, insecurity and death. 

Bundy: May I ask you this, Dr. Elliott, are you the same Dr. Elliott (if my 
memory serves me correctly) who addressed a group of the National Council of 
Churches, and you said that "the Conservative Evangelicals, who believe the Bible 
contains all that is necessary for the Christian faith, are distorting the Gospel?" 

Elliott: Oh yes, this is my position. I don't know where you picked up the quota- 

Bundy: I read your message. And, also, did you make the statement that the 
Christian's ultimate commitment should be to a living church, or Christianity in 
the world today, and not to a document whose writers knew or understood nothing of 
modern society? 



Elliott: No, what I would say there is that our commitment is to Jesus Christ 
who comes to us through history, through the living church, through the Holv Book' 
the Bible, and in the reality of the church today. ' 

Farber: In a minute I am going to unload one or two mor e questions for a 
clergyman who recommends the use of "strategic terrorism." 

I am Barry Farber in between two men of deep religious conviction whose con- 
victions collide head on over the subject of race and violence i n America Dr Willis 
E. Elliott is a theologian of the United Church of Christ. Jj e j s employed bv its 
Board for Homeland Ministries, has taught in two colleges, three seminaries speaks 
Hebrew and Greek, and reads the Bible every day in Hebrew, Greek and English 
Dr. Elliott says that Negroes in America need to use a tripie^^^ approach- 
nonviolence, threat of violence, and violence— "strategic terrorism"— to accomplish 
their objectives. 

Major Edgar Bundy is Executive Director of the Church League of America 
former intelligence officer in the United States armed forces. He served in every 
theater in World War II. 

Dr. Elliott, I wonder if we could leave the American Negro for a minute and 
go to other oppressed people? 

Bundy: May I ask just one question before we do? Because I think it's very 

Farber: Well, we are coming back, we are coming right back 

Bundy: I just wanted to know if Dr. Elliott himself had ever participated in 
one of these riots or demonstrations. 

Elliott: Many, many demonstrations. No riots. 

Farber: If you were in a Negro riot, would you get up and say: "Yes brethren 
go ahead this is the will of God. We need strategic terrorism." Or would vou try to 
cool it? 

Elliott: You know this, I call myself a "situation theologi aiL » So I wouldn't 
know ahead of time what I should do. It would depend upon— , 

Farber: All right, suppose you had been in Newark, or in Detroit Negro popula- 
tion (some call them ghettos, definite economic inequities, injustices policemen 
talking nastily to them, even when they are not doing anything wrong)' and a riot 
starts and windows get broken, and sniping begins, and automobiles get overturned 
and burned, and so forth. If you had been in the melee, right there, would you have 

Elliott: You see, I think it would be both immodest and evil to say. It would be 
immodest, because it would assume that I would have known ahead of time what to 
do, and, what I am saying is that riots are neither good nor evil ? and therefore you 
can't know ahead of time what to do in that 

Bundy: Looking back on it though, Dr. Elliott, would y 0u have done it now 
that you know what took place— would you have taken part i n those riots? 

Farber: Or condoned them, as a theologian? 

Elliott: Oh, yes, you see, what I am saying, is that I cannot even look back on a 


situation in which I didn't participate. I don't know whether I would have taken part 
in them. 

Bundy: Well, what would have decided you there on the spot? What would 
have been the motivating influence to make your make up your mind? I mean, some 
people claim they have visions. Other people say they read the Delphic oracle, or 
others point to chapter and verse in the Bible. What would be your motivating pro- 
pulsion, let us say? 

Elliott: Well, I have to use a religious phrase here—the guidance of the Holy 
Spirit in the situation. 

Bundy: If the Holy Spirit had guided you to participate in the riots in Detroit, 
then you would have taken place 

Elliott: Indeed so! 

Bundy: ... taken part. 

Elliott: If the Holy Spirit had guided me to the Boston Tea Party, I would 
have dumped the tea. 

Farber: You do then acknowledge a corollary between the Boston Tea Party, 
when we were speaking out against British domination, and the Newark and Detroit 
riots where Negro communities are- 
Elliott: That is one historical analogy. All analogies are valid and invalid, de- 
pending on how you use them. 

Bundy: Of course, I don't think the tea got "hurt" by being dumped in the 
harbor, did it? I don't think it got "killed" at all like people in Watts did and in 

Elliott: That is an important point, Major Bundy. We ought to define violence 
as specifically destruction, and then within violence we ought to make a distinction 
between the destruction of property and injury to persons. 

Bundy: Yes, but, you know, if you go back in the days of Israel, when Israel 
turned against the commands of God, by and large, there is a descriptive phrase 
there, "Now every man did that which was right in his own eyes." And as a result, 
anarchy came and a whole nation suffered persecution, as a result of this. Would 
you call that "situation ethics"— where every man does that which is right in his 
own eyes? 

Elliott: No, I would call that the Radical Right in America. 

Bundy : Oh, the Radical Right, but not the Radical Left. 

Elliott: No, indeed not. 

Bundy: Is that why you have opposed the House Committee on Un-American 
Activities, and the Senate Internal Security Committee, and the McCarran Law, 
the security laws we have had? 

Elliott: Indeed so. 

Bundy: You call them the Radical Right? 

Elliott: No, I see the Radical Right as reviving atavistically an old individual- 


ism, trying to bring the past back. And votes for the past seem to me demonic! 

Bundy : What is the future going to be then, if we can't bring back those things 
on which America was built? 

Elliott: Well, I believe the future will be a corporate reality which God gives us 
as we are willing to give up the individualism of the old capitalism and the collectiv- 
ism of the old Communism. 

Bundy: Do you think that this applies also (you mentioned situation theo- 
logian)— do you think this applies to morals as well, such as Dr. Fletcher recom- 
mends in situation ethics in regard to relationships between unmarried people and 
same sexes, and so on? 

Elliott: Fletcher's book was an early stage, an unsophisticated stage of situa- 
tional ethics, but, in general, I think we are going to have to move, as global man 
emerges, to dealing with the realities of each situation as they occur, because these 
realities are now richer and more complex than ever before in history. 

Bundy: Did you read the study booklet that was written by Dr. Colin Williams 
of the National Council of Churches called For the World? It was distributed about 
six months before the General Assembly in Miami Beach last December, in which 
they said that many theologians now feel that our youth are right in wanting to be 
freed from law in regard to matters of homosexuality, divorce, premarital inter- 
course, and so on? What do you think about a statement like that appearing in the 
official study booklet of the National Council of Churches? Do you think that helps 
the young people today? 

Elliott: I think it is quite appropriate. It is descriptive of a changing situation, 
and it is an effort to reach out to a new situation which will be more moral than the 
old, which was rotten with both corruption and hypocrisy. 

Bundy: Well, what do you mean by the "new ethic" or the "new moral"? 
What is that going to be like if every person makes up his own mind whether he is 
going to have relationships outside of wedlock, or he is going to practice homo- 
sexuality, or somehow— What is the end result of this for the individual and the 

Elliott: See, it isn't the same old individual who is making up his mind. He is 
now a corporate reality. 

Bundy: What is a "corporate reality"? 

Elliott: A corporate reality is people who have come into a relationship which 
means so much to them that they do not fall back out of it as monatic individuals. 
See, I believe the old 19th century individual is dead, along with his economics, 
capitalism, and his morals, victorianism, and so forth. 

Bundy: Capitalism, you say, is dead? 

Elliott: Oh, yes. 

Bundy: What is going to replace capitalism? 

Elliott: Something beyond capitalism and socialism. 

Bundy: You mean we are going to go to some higher order, or some higher 
form of society? 


Elliott: Hopefully, yes. I think the new age which God is giving us is going to 
be better than any age we have had before. 

Bundy: How do you think the Russians with their economic system, let us 
say, and the United States are eventually going to get together? Are they going to 
give up a little bit of their Marxism, and we are going to give up something of our 
capitalism, and we are going to merge into some new society? 

Elliott: I think so, yes— a global society in which we will be able to laugh at the 
hypocrisy of the intermediate stage in which each one kept proclaiming his hard 
ideology, but moved into a mixed economy which gave the lie to whichever ideology 
he proclaimed. 

Bundy: Now, who is going to plan this new economy, this new society, and 
then direct and control it after it has come in? Or, is every man just going to be his 
own boss in this new society? We have to have planners and have to have controllers, 
don't we? 

Elliott: Indeed so. 

Bundy: Can you describe— 

Elliott: The instrumentalities are just emerging for this, the United Nations, 
the World Court, and so forth. 

Bundy: Do you think it will eventually come into a form of world government 
where the various states or countries will lose their sovereignty and then merge into 
this one-world government? 

Elliott: Not merge in the sense of lose their identity, any more than when 
people join the church, they lose their identity. Ideally, when people join the 
church, they should gain a more intense individuality, but they should lose their 
individualism. And so, as states, nation-states, merge their war-making potentials, 
let us say, for example, into a world community, these nation-states will no longer 
have to be so terrified of each other, and they will be able to divert into creative 
channels the monies they are now using for armament. 

Bundy: Well, can you give us some kind of description of what you think this 
new economic system is going to be like? Who is going to decide? I mean are we 
going to say, for instance, that Saudi Arabia and Yemen are going to have to give 
up part of their oil and redistribute it to the nations that don't have oil. How is this 
going to be brought about is what I am trying to find out— this new society that 
you say is going to be created? What is going to motivate men to this altruistic en- 
deavor, to bring in this new society? 

Elliott: Fear, the push of fear; and fairness— the pull of fairness. 

Bundy: Do you think that the individual has this basically in himself; that he 
is not, as the Scripture says, basically a sinner, like Isaiah tells us in the 53rd chapter 
that, "All we like sheep have gone astray?" You don't believe that? 

Elliott: Yes, he is so much a sinner, he needs watching all the time, and every 
nation needs watching. So, I am for global war control authority. 

Bundy: What is going to change him, then, from this state into this nice person 
that is going to bring in this new society with a new economic system where every- 


body is going to share and share alike? What is going to change this man? 

Elliott: A double awareness. He will become more aware of values which his 
forefathers did not know about. He will have a global positive awareness, but he will 
also have a global negative awareness, a fear, a terror that his fathers knew nothing 
about— le bomb atomique. 

Bundy : In other words you think that the fear of blowing up the world is going 
to force people to do away with this old type of society and everybody is going to get 
together; the fear of the atom bomb or hydrogen or cobalt bomb, that this is what is 
going to create this new society? 

Elliott: That is one of the components and an important one, and we need to 
learn to use it positively as we move toward a global society. 

Bundy: Well, now that is interesting, because we had on a previous broadcast a 
discussion of the Vietnam situation and a couple of young men were telling us how 
bad the United States was in regard to its policy in Vietnam, but they didn't come 
up with any kind of solution as to how we are going to change this situation at all. 
Now, what do you think of the Vietnam War in relation to the United States' posi- 
tion? What do you think we should do over there? 

Elliott: I've been for Ho Chi Minh since 1945, so I think we should pull out. 
Bundy : You are for the present ruler of North Vietnam? 
Elliott: Indeed so, I have been for him since 1945. 
Bundy: Why? 

Elliott: Well, I think he is the best leadership material that Vietnam has. 
Bundy: Then you think that the boys that are over there fighting should not 
be there at all? 

Elliott: No, they are all war criminals. 

Bundy : So, you mean the Americans are all war criminals? 

Elliott: Yes, indeed! / 

Bundy: And would you call President Johnson a war criminal, too? 

Elliott: Oh, yes! 

Bundy: And Dean Rusk? 

Elliott: Oh, yes! 

Bundy: And the military leaders and so forth? 

Elliott: It's a general broad category. Anybody, who wants to be in a war I 
disapprove of, I would call a war criminal. But don't take it too strongly. 

Bundy: How about the Nazis? When we were fighting against the Nazis, were 
you opposed to us bombing the German cities and the German civilians, and the 
Italians, and the Rumanians, and Austrians, and so forth? 

Elliott: I was against the extent of it. I thought it should have been more 
strategic. The destruction of Dresden, for example, was mere retaliation. 

Bundy: Were there any organizations formed in this country at that time to 
oppose the bombings of these cities, such as there are now in this country opposing 


the bombing of Hanoi and of the Viet Cong, and so forth, that you can recall? 

Elliott: No, the picture of Hitler was so horrendous that we went along with 

Bundy: You don't think that the picture then of Chinese Communism or 
Soviet Communism can compare with Nazism? 

Elliott: Not at all. I do not think that these regimes are paranoid. I think that 
Chinese Redism has tried to use paranoia to manipulate its people. But this is now 

Bundy: Well, do you think that Communism is bad? 

Elliott: No. 

Bundy: You don't think that Communism is bad? 

Elliott: I don't think Capitalism is bad either. I identify the enemy not as 
anything on earth anymore than I identify the friend as anything on earth. The 
friend is God and the enemy is the Devil, and the Devil may be in control of you or 
me, depending on the situation. 

Bundy : Do you believe in the personality of the Devil? 

Elliott: Oh, indeed so! 

Bundy: Do you think he is located in any particular place? 

Elliott: No, when we are talking about God or Satan, or the Devil, we don't 
talk about locations. 

Farber: Have you ever been to a Communist country? 

Elliott: Oh yes. 

Farber: Well, which ones? 

Elliott: Well, my wife and I, for example, were in East Germany in October. 

Farber: Have you been to other Communist countries? Have you been to 
North Vietnam? 

Elliott: No, but I was holding retreats for our so-called military advisers as they 
came from Vietnam to Pearl Harbor almost seven years ago now, and I was amazed 
to discover that our so-called military advisers were deeply embittered about what 
they were doing. A Lieutenant-Colonel told me that he had three thousand men 
averaging thirteen years old under him and he reported this, and when it came 
out in the newspapers in the United States, it came out that their average age was 
twenty-one. When he asked about the seven-year gap, one of our officers in Saigon 
said, "Well, we had to up the age seven years because the American people wouldn't 

stand for our having child soldiers under us. It might change the whole d' 

Southeast Asia policy." And I wish it had six or seven years ago. 

Bundy: May I ask you this question, Dr. Elliott? Do you think that there is 
such a thing as, a Communist conspiracy existing in the world to take over what 
remains of the Western nations, the free world? 

Elliott: No, I do not. I think there is an illusion of a monolith, the Communist 
monolith, and occasionally Communist leaders make noises to terrorize the West to 
feed this illusion of a monolith. But I do not believe there is a monolith; 


Bundy: The reason I asked that question was, I was intrigued by the fact that 
when we first started out, you were talking about how Jesus Christ used the word 
violence, which has never been translated into the English as "violence." 

Elliott : No, I didn't say that. 

Bundy: As 'Violence'— yes, this is what you said, that Jesus advocated the 
coming in of the Kingdom of God by "violence." 

Elliott: Not advocated. He believed that the Kingdom of God would come 
violently and that God would establish His kingdom by putting down evil and 
exalting good. 

Bundy: Yes. Well, then— then you mentioned that this word, which you trans- 
late "violence," but which has not been translated such in any particular version— 
I asked you why you thought this had happened, and why the National Council of 
Churches, before which you have spoken, did not change this in the Revised Stand- 
ard Version, and you used the words— I wrote them down here— "It almost seems 
like a conspiracy." Well, now you believe in conspiracy in regard to keeping the 
truth back from the Bible to the people, but you don't believe there is a Communist 

Elliott: That's right. That's right. 

Bundy: What do you think of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI? Mr. Hoover says 
there is a very definite conspiracy, in his testimony given annually before the House 
of Representatives Appropriations Committee. 

Elliott: Yes, well, I think that he is under this illusion that we must form our 
foreign policy on the basis of anti- Communism, and I think that he is perpetuating 
an image of the 1930's. 

Farber— Dr. Elliott, in a minute I want to ask you the one question I would ask 
you if I didn't have time for any other. Dr. Elliott, you are an open admirer of Ho 
Chi Minh. You think everybody from the President on down here involved in our 
campaign in Vietnam is a war criminal? You recommend that Negroes use not just 
nonviolence, and threat of violence, but actual violence,— "strategic terrorism" to 
achieve their objectives. You say that you have been in a Communist country. 
Don't you realize, Sir, that the Negro ghettos here have much more freedom than 
the average citizen of Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Un- 
ion, Communist China? They can speak, they can meet, they can mass, they can 
study, they can get jobs, they can advance. How do you square this with yourself— 
this obvious difference between being a Negro in America, as bad as it may look, 
and being a citizen of a Communist country, as good as that may look? You are 
smart enough to know the difference. 

Elliott: This only antagonizes American Negroes, because it is like saying 
that they aren't really citizens, that they ought to be compared with people who 
are in other countries, and they are comparing themselves with other Americans. 

Farber: Would you recognize the Hungarian and the Pole's right to use non- 
violence, threat of violence, and violence to overthrow Communism in those coun- 


Elliott: In my theology, any man has given him by God the obligation to use 
^ ^ his energies for the glory of God and the dignity of man. 

V Farber: Dr. Elliott,. Dr. Elliott,. Dr. Elliott, you are weasling. I want to know, 
^ir, if you think that the Communist governments of Eastern Europe, Russia, 
China (which I consider dictatorships) — 

Elliott: Yes. 

Bundy: . . .are:- (a) As bad as the lot of the Negroes in America, worse than 

the lot of the Negroes in America, or pretty good coun- 
tries of which you approve, like you approve of Ho Chi 

Elliott: It is very hard to make comparisons. In some ways more free, and 
in other ways less free. 

Bundy: May I ask, Dr. Elliott, two quick questions? Number 1: Dr. Elliott, 
if you had the power to recommend to the Congress of the United States, what would 
you suggest that we do with the investigative committees of the Congress, and that 
section of the FBI that investigates or keeps track of Communist activity in this 

Elliott: I think that the Justice Department should take over all such in- 
vestigations, and that— 

Bundy: Do you think that we should have the investigations? 

Elliott: Oh, indeed so. But that Congress committees on investigation of so- 
called subversive activities have served no good function, but rather a counter- 
productive function, namely terrorizing the American people out of dialogue. And 
as a Christian, as a theologian, I believe in dialogue— people ought to be in the word! 
We would be much better off here tonight if we had a Communist with us— around 
this table. 

Farber : I would say you are doing pretty well on most major fronts! 

Bundy: May I just ask this quick question? Do you believe that Jesus Christ 
was God Himself? 

Elliott: Indeed so. 

Bundy : Manifested in the flesh? 

Elliott: I am an orthodox Christian. 

Bundy: And that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God? 

Elliott: It is inspired, but not infallible. 

Bundy: Not infallible? 

Farber: I wish we could continue. Thank you for coming, Dr. Willis E. Elliott 
of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries and Major Edgar Bundy, 
Church League of America. 



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Published Monthly by the National Laymen's Council of the Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois. A 
Non-Profit Organization, Editor: Edgar C. Bundy. Founded in 1937, Chicago, Illinois. 

REC 55 


Easton ? Maryland 21601 
Dear Dr* 





- 1 

u O' 

Tour letter of October 13th and its enclosures have 
been received and I want to thank you for bringing the information 
tajny attention* Jn response to your inquiry, information contained 
Qgpur files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to reguia- 
flftns of the Department of Justice* I am sure you will understand 
jjfee reason for this policy. I hope you will not infer either that we 
tto or do not have material in our files relating to the Church League 
of America, 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgar Hoover 


NOTE: Bufiies contain no re-cord [of ^respondent* His enclosures were 
a letter from the Church League of America requesting the donation for 
Project Anti-Communist whiett Mil me^^lde , documentary evidence obtained? 
from the J. B. Matthews files and the Church League files regarding 
alleged left wing activity. The other enclosure was a. Certificate^! 
Contribution. Dr. Matthews is well known to the Bureau. Eugene/ Bundy 
is the £fe£neral Chairman of the Church League of America and is well 
^i^^toiown to the, Bureau. .t $& 

■ j*V _^ cc.r 


P. O. Box 560 




CASTLE 6-5295 

October 13, 1967 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D. 0. 

Dear Mr. Hoover, y 

I am enclosing a letter fro. tg fernhUg; of America, 
This letter strikes being som«Wt subversive, a ^ ^ 
marked in red the area itoich made me suspicious. 

Since it is known that the National Council of Churches has 
a oinJ Tinge I L'Sering if this organisation is hiding be- 
hind the National Council. 


I felt this would be of interest to you. 

r f- 

REC 55 

4 a ~i*t£2Jszl& 

IB OCT 20 196? 






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Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 
Rufus E. Shackelford 
Harry N, Stamper 
Edgar J. Uihlein 
Bob Wells 

Judson P. Wetherby 
, H. Dillon Winship 











Memo to: Every Dedicated Anti-Communist 
From: Major Edgar C. Bundy 

With the Lord's help and yours , we are about to launch a 
program that may prove decisive for our nation's survival, 
But time is short* 

~b6 - 

Before Dr. J. B. Matthews passed to his reward in July, 1966, 
he arranged to have his ma ssive files on Communism bequeathe d 
to us . Just as important . I I 

offered to take on the monumental 

work of merging these files with our own. 


I refl ected on this wonderful vote of confidence from J.B. 



an idea began stirring in my mind. As you know, the 
Church League of America has been amassing data on subversion 
for 30 years, Our files (over 20 tons) are bursting with 
material -- much of which can never be replaced. 

The same is true of the Matthews file, which I have often been 
privileged to consult. I would be visiting with the Matthew's. 
I might ask about an obscure clergyman who had some Leftist 
conne ction bac k in the '40s, In a matter of seconds, 
J. B. | ~~| would reach for their card index, pull out the 
JMy^s^gmg;^^ evidenc e^ of jjver y Leftist ^ 

activity on His record! 

Suddenly I realized: the merged Matthews and Church League 
files are not only a sacred trust. They give us all a priceless 
opportunity . *~ 

That is how PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST was born, 

This will be our 

1. To merge the Matthews files with our own; to arrange and 
computerize the huge new files for instant reference; to 
house these files under maximum security —» making them as 
safe as mortal man knows how; and then, for total security, 

- ._ to duplicate- and secret the files on microfilm. 

2. Even more important -- to throw open these files to anti- 
Communists everywhere : local police, government committees 

ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin 1. Wiegar|iJNCXjQS U Rill $ J*~ f" 

ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears ( D* ^ I & ' ^ I K> I O J> 


-* ..-c^'^*-' 

investigating the conspiracy, public officials, anti-Communist groups, 
private citizens who are doing their part in the crusade to save our 
freedoms, and those foreign governments that are, at this very moment, 
standing strong against the Communists at the exposed salients of the 
free world « 

Largest Available Data Bank on Communism 

The new Matthews -Church League files will be the world's most complete 
reference source on all Leftists and their groups, apart from the FBI files 
— which, of course, are not open to the public. (Sometimes, when things 
look blackest, I worry about what will happen to the FBI files when J. 
Edgar Hoover retires. Despite brutal attacks, Mr. Hoover has kept them 
inviolate. Will his successor be as brave? Will he be as tough in the 
face of pressures from Liberal politicians? If not, then our own files 
—will -become- the—last major-repository of ant i -Communist data .— Believe— - — 
me, this is a distinction we do not seeJT. Let us all pray for the FBI — 
especially after Mr. Hoover retires.) 

Once the files are housed and set up for action, share with me the vision 
of what PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST will do for all of us 

/ Your church is thinking about inviting a speakej^ Jjrom the ^tionai jCouncil 
\ r^e^M?S&§ s * ^ ou never heard of the man*, biir^yoiTlknow all G3 aBo^^the NCCfT 
\ ^RigKFTlow^ you need facts ♦ 

In a matter of minutes, our data bank pours out^fhe 

You write to us — in an emergency, even call us. 

rolls into action. 

speaker's Leftist background (if he has any). We don't deal in rumors or 

opinions, just facts: his affiliations, his writings, his public positions. 

We rush the data back to you — and you are armed with information that 

cannot be challenged . 

Score another one for our side. And multiply this by what will be happening 
in a thousand communities and churches, school boards and police departments 
across our nation. You can see why PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST often stirs me 
to recall the inspiring words of Romans XII, 11: "The night is far spent, 
-the^day—is^at hand: -=-let-us~theref ore-cast -off-the^wordsof-darkness, and~^ ^^~ — 
let us put on the armour of light." 

How You Can Become Part of PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST — Right Now 

We hope to begin construction within three months on the J. B» Matthews Memorial 
Library. It will be attached to our own Church League center. PROJECT ANTI- 
COMMUNIST will operate out of the Library. Cost of the maximum- security 
Library, plus equipment, will be $108,946. Cost of additional staff to 
collate the data, program the computer and service PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST 
is estimated at $100,000. Thus, we need a total of $208,946 to put PROJECT 
ANTI -COMMUNIST into action. 

This is no small sum. And yet, when I read that it costs over one million 
dollars to elect a Senator from a major state, I am heartened. Surely 
America's ant i -Communists will come forward with one-fifth of this amount! 
for here is not merely a fitting Memorial to America's pioneer ant i •Communist: 
here is an action program to assure that his great work, and the country he 
loved and we love, will live on strong and free. 

- ^ 


I have labored to find this money. I wrote personal letters to every foundation 
that claims to foster Christian and patriotic ideals ~ over 1,600 in all. 
Tragically, only three responded -- with just enough to cover postage and 
secretarial expenses for over 1,600 letters! 

And so I come to you ~ and yet I hesitate. Already you have done more than 
your share to turn back the Communists ... more than your share to preserve 
our Christian heritage. Dare I ask you for still more? 

I jo -- because I know your dedication and your generosity cannot be measured. 
The struggle goes on, and I know you will be part of that struggle for as 
long as the Lord gives you life to breathe. He has chosen you; not I. 

Please, send as much as you can spare. You belong in PROJECT ANTI-COMMUNIST. 
At- the dedicat'ion-of— The- J. B. Matthews Memorial^tibrary ,_you, wi 11 be there. 
-Even^if you_cannot^be^with^us~in^person,™your~name^and^the-name~of^eveiy^^ — *-^-~ 
donor will be part of the Dedicatory Program (unless you ask us, on the 
enclosed form, to omit it). Of course I'll have a copy of the Program mailed 
to you even if you are able to afford only the hallowed "widow's mite.* 1 
Every dollar is precious — as much for your support as for the money 

No matter what your contribution, it is tax-deductible. If our Lord 
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contribute $1,000 or more will be inscribed as a Founder. 

Join us, This Memorial, and PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST, will help our generation 
leave behind an America not in chains, but in grace. Thank you, and God 
bless and keep you! 


Edgar C. Bundy 

P. S. Everyone who contributes $25 will be entitled to six complimentary 
research reports from PROJECT ANTI -COMMUNIST on any person or 
organization. Anyone who contributes $1,000 will be entitled to 
unlimited research reports, for life. 





Enclosed is my $ 

tax-deductible contribution toward building The J. B. Matthews 

Memoriahtibrary and launching PROJECT ANTI-COMMUNIST. Please send me mycomplimentary 
Dedicatory Program when the Library is complete. You may list me as a contributor unless I indicate 
otherwise in the space provided below. 

Please Note; Each contributor of $1,000 or more will be inscribed as a Founder in the Library Recep- 
tion Hall. Each contributor of $100 or more will be inscribed as a Patron. Each contributor of $25 or 
more will be listed in the Dedicatory Program as a Donor, and be entitled to six free research 
reports on individuals, organizations or publications. 

□ Please check here only if you prefer NOT to have your name listed in our Dedicatory Program. 


Add ress_ 



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Time is short! Could you mail your contribution soon — if possible today? Thank you, and may God 
bless youS 


closure _/o^r 7^-/5? 




648PM Wtfim 11-13-67 RMF 
TO DIRECTOR /62-1 04576/ 
FROM CHICAGO /l 00-36062/ 

N0V131967 J/ 


Mr. T6lson_£ 
Air. DeLoach- 
Mr. Mohr 

Mr. Bishop_ 
Mr. Casper- 

Mr. Callahan 

Mr. Conrad 

Mr. Felt.___ 
Mr. Gale. 

--/i Mr. Eosen . 

WP/WttV. Sullivan^ 



Mr. TaveL 
Mr. Trotter™ 

jj\ Tele. Room 

■^ ! f 1 ss Holmes- 
j Miss Gandy— 


S " • 








c v I 



CG 100-36:62 



.£r- ft 







?BAP v - 





tf *4, 

















Tolson — 

DeLoach . 


Bishop — 
Casper — 


December 29, 1967 

jy , Mr 

^ 9 ' 

Raleigh, North Carolina 27610 

Dear Mr. 

Your letter and its enclosures were received on 
December 27th, and I want to thank you for your kind comme: 
concerning my work. ^- — *** 

In response to your inquiry , information conta 
our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regulations 
of the Department of Justice. I am sure you will understand the 
reason for this policy, and I hope you will not infer that we do or 
do not have information in our files relating to the Church League 
of America or the National Council of Churches, 

Sincerely yours, 
J. Ed gar Hoover 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with 


have received numerous inquiries regarding the National Councl 

Churches and Church League of America. Edgar C. Bundy, who is 

^well-known to the Bureau, is reportedly the E xecutive Sec retary of 


letter were 

the .Church League of America. ^Enqlcjseci with 

various jpieces of material which arerapp?Lrently being distributed 

by the Ch*$cl$iifeague of ^me^ea.* One-feuch publication is entitled 

"How Red is the N^iorial Cbij^c|l; of .Churches, tf another i 
"What About th&m%onal Council^ of -Churched? 'pother ms 

is entitled 
pother material 

Jdiscusses the Church League of America. 

y ■■■' 

G an dy 

Mr. and Mrs, 


Raleigh, N. C ZyOlO 
Becember 18, 1967 



Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D.G. 

"V, Dear Mr. Hoover: 

RE: The Church League 
of Ame'glc f^^'" 
Wheaton, Illinois 

It is with considerable reluctance that I address your 
office relative to the above matter. 

Presently, in this area, the above mentioned organization 
has caused considerable negative thinking regarding The 
National Council of Churches. I am herewith attaching some 
literature mailed to me by The Church League of America; 
however, I can appreciate that you could not possibly read 
everything that, no doubt, is mailed to your attention* 

An opinion by you or your office pertinent to the validity 
of The National Council of Churches would be greatly 

May I humbly take this opportunity to express our admiration 
and greatful appreciation to you and to your office for the 
services rendered to we citizens of our great Country. 



RespeotftillT raurs. 


^2~/6</^"7£- / '£ 

t y p , \ f ( r 



■h— t— ■■£*2^t s *££l>jiii£ _ Ji ^> — *— -^ ^ , 


t »f ^*— ^te-T* Mft^c, 



CRIBB : Major Bundy, has the National Council of Churches endorsed Father 

BUNDY : Yes, as a matter of fact, the General Board of the National 
Council of Churches meeting at Atlanta, voted endorsement of Father 
Groppi T s activities in Milwaukee. 

North Carolina churchmen discuss this important and timely matter with an 
outstanding authority, Major Edgar G. Bundy of Wheaton, Illinois. Modera- 
tor is the Reverend C.C. Cribb of Raleigh . 

CRIBB : Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Now may I Introduce our 
panel members. Reverend Randolph Hite, minister of the Grace Baptist 
Church of Raleigh. Reverend Malbert Smith, minister of the Graystone 
Baptist Church of Durham, also, the familiar face on his program "The 
World and the Word" seen on WRAL each Sunday afternoon. Attorney H. F. 
"Chub" Seawell, Jr., of Carthage, North Carolina. Reverend J. Malloy 
Owen of Saint Mark's Methodist Church in Raleigh, also seen regularly on 
"The Circuit Rider".. Then, our guest authority, Major Edgar G. Bundy, 
Executive Secretary of The Church League of America from Wheaton, Illinois. 

CRIBB : Major, give us a bit further information about the H. C. C.'s 
endorsement of Father Groppi. 

BUNDY : The National Council of Churches has two policy making groups. 
One is the General Board which meets three times per year, the other Is 
the General Assembly which meets once every three years in triennial con- 
vention. In September of lyby the General Board of the National Council 
of Churches met in Atlanta, Georgia; and there the Executive Committee of 
the 250 member General Board (incidentally, the 2^0 members were not 
present) endorsed the demonstrations conducted by Father Groppi in Mil- 
waukee which has put the city in a turmoil — and which demonstrations have 
~bemr~nrarked by racial; violence. The General -Board, -thereforey lined it-~ 
self up with this lawlessness which we have seen going on in Milwaukee 
for these past several weeks. 

CRIBB : Major, for the benefit of those in our audience who might not be 
quite as familiar with the Church League of America, perhaps it would be 
wise for you to give us very briefly, some definition of The Church 

BUNDY : Actually, the full name of the organization of which I am 
Executive Secretary, is The National Laymen T s Council of The Church 
League of America. It was formed in the year 1937 in the city of 
Chicago by Chicago T s outstanding Christian lay leaders. Among whom were 


the late Chairman of the Board of the Quaker,. Oats" Company,. Hr. Henry P. 
Crowell, who gave so much of his income to the Lord's work and especi- 
ally to Moody Bible Institute, for whom Moody Bible Institute named 
their administrative building Crowell Hall. Then by Frank J. Loueseh 
who was Chicago's number one citizen, given the title of "Mr. Chicago" 
by a. 11 of the leaders of business and industry at a great .testimonial 
dinner. He was the head of the Chicago Crime Commission, the prosecutor 
of Al Capone, President of the Union League Club, head of the largest' 
law firm there, and many other positions which he occupied. He was put 
oh the Wickersham Committee by President Hoover, but most of all he was 
the ruling elder and teacher of the Adult Bible Class of Chicago T s famed 
Fourth Presbyterian Church for seventeen years. 

These men saw the infiltration of subversive propaganda into religi- 
ous groups, through speakers, through church literature. They wanted to 
set up a great research and analytical foundation that could analyse this 
propaganda and cheek into the background of the individuals that were 
presenting it-,— So'.. they set -up^ther-e- in, Chicago this^-great^resear.Qh-.aenr_ 
ter which has since moved twenty-four miles to the west to Wheatoh, 
Illinois, for the purpose of educating and informing both lay people and 
clergy alike in regard to both people who were departing from the histor- 
ic Christian faith and then after this departure trying to use the cloak 
of religion for subverting our free institutions, and especially our 

The Church League of America has files second to none in the coun- 
try with the single exception of the Federal Bureau "of Investigation. 
We have "over twenty tons of files. We have over six million 3 x 5 cross 
referenced index cards on individuals, organizations, publications, and 
movements with the references on these cards to the original documents 
which we have in our files. 

CRIBB : Now for the first question from our panel members, the 
Reverend Hite. 

HITE: Hajor Bundy, maybe there are some that are not quite as familiar 
with the National Council of Churches as they could be. I wonder while 
you are defining if you might define this organization. Specifically, 
how is it related to the World Council of Churches? 

Federal Council of Churches which was founded at the turn of the twenti- 
eth century by a group of so-called Social-minded ministers. These men 
did not put the emphasis on the great historic doctrines of the 
Christian faith. In fact, many of them denied these great foundational 
doctrines outright. They sought to change the church into some kind of 
political-social service organization for helping out man by supplying 
his so-called material needs. 

The Federal Council of Churches came under fire not only by minis- 
ters, by clergymen, and religious leaders all over the country for a 
period of years, but also by the Government itself. In fact, there was 
an Office of Naval Intelligence Report back in 1935 which stated that 
- the Federal Council of Churches was numbered among the radical pacifist 
organizations whose leadership consists of a small radical group which 
dictates its policies. The Federal Council came to the city of 

Cleveland" in "1950, in November, in -Thanksgiving week. ..There. with several 
cooperating agencies such as Unite d_ Church Hen and United Church Women, 
International Council Religious Education, they combined all of these 
groups "under this one umbrella organization which they designated as the 
National Council- of Churches^ 

The National Council of Churches claims to have approximately 40 
million members in its constituency with some 34 Protestant and Eastern 
Orthodox communions. It is not strictly a Protestant church group. It 
has the Greek Catholic group or Greek Orthodox groups in its midst. 'Dur- 
ing the past fifteen years the National Council has grown into a sprawl- 
ing bureaucracy overseen by an executive and administrative staff of some 
two hundred. There have been over 250 separate boards and commissions and 
agencies within this superstructure which is located at 475 Riverside 
Drive in New York City on Morningside Heights just across the street from 
Columbia University.. 

... The National. Council of Churches claims that these 34 denominations 
send constituent representatives to its General Assembly meetings every 
three years and then has representatives on the General Board and these 
two groups, as I mentioned earlier, dictate its policies. 

If you go over the pronouncements and actions of the National 
Council of Churches for a period of years, you will see that it is just 
aibbut as far afield from the definition of the church, its message and 
ministry as it is possible to get without actually becoming a political 
party under a religious guise. 

SUITS : Major Bundy, I'd like to ask a question concerning your original 

statement. What do you feel that the ultimate goal of the National 
Council., of Churches, as far as that goes, the World Council of Churches, 
(is)— -their real .ultimate .. goal, as it. relates to the work. After all, 
this afternoon we are concerned with this movement in relation to the 
Bible.. I T d appreciate. an. answer. 

BUNDY : Well, Sir, it has been said that one can take a text out of its 
Context and make it a pretext for proving anything. The National Council 
does; have. a text. They have used this over and over again in their pub- 
lic pronouncements, . in. their printed propaganda which they have put out. 
They say that their goal is the. goal as expressed by the Lord Jesus * 
^M^stZin. the seventeenth chaptenof the -.Gospel., of John in his intercess- 
ory prayer with, th6 /Father' before He went into the judgement and "cross 
and. grave experience. They take this one isolated phrase from John 17 
and: Verse . 11.; "that they may. be one, as. we are" one.: Now they say that" 
.what ; they. are! working, for is a union of all of Christ churches throughout 
the ; world, in : . order: to express the Christian message, better It o . the world . 
But .actually, they. have confused their terminology. The word that they 
use is actually "union" and not "unity". Christ was praying for unity or 
oneness of believers. He was not praying for some great organic struct- 
ure, visible structure here on earth. For example, He said, inverse 9 of 
John 17 "I pray for them", speaking of His disciples whom He, said the 

Father had given Him, "and they have believed that thou didst send me. I 

pray for them: I pray not for the world". Now this is a significant 
statement by our Lord because the National Council of Churches comes 
right around in its propaganda and it calls for taking the world into its 
bosom and becoming a part of the world. 

They bring worldlings in to advise them on economic, socialogical, 
political questions— in'" fact i they even have a Department of Drama with a 
liaison officer in Hollywood, calling upon Hollywood "to- advise them on 
how to bring more drama into the worship service in order to hold the i"" 
audiences together* Now, I say that they are mistaken in their terminol- 
ogy o . What. they mean is "union" and ..not "unity", in regard to the Body -of 
Christ. There' is a world of difference between the two, For example, 
you can tie a dog and a cat v stail together and throw them out in the""" 
back yard- You'll have union, but you most certainly will not have unity. 

Now the National Council of Churches is related to the World Council 
of Churches in this manner. The leaders of the old. Federal Council that 
came. into the National Council and kept their leadership positions went 
over. to Amsterdam in August of 194$ in the month of August . There they " 
setup what is now known as the World Council of Churches. Some one has 
rightly. referred to it as the Worldly Council of Churches instead of the 
World Council* Now these groups do not call for their" 'constituent' denomi- 
nations to define doctrine * For example, what they mean by the deity or 

the divinity of Jesus" Christ', Thetr*get -around -this -by saying, n Well;^into 
the details of doctrine we do not go, our mission being practical rather 
than theoretical" , to use their own words. Weil, with "'one swell swoop of 
their pen or typewriter they relegate all Christian doctrine to the realm 
of theory.. What they call practical is advising Caesar's various govern- 
ments around the world on how to change the world through appropriating 
more money, federal spending., international spending, They write volumes 
on the glories of the United Mat ions and why nations should give lip their 
sovereignty and join a world .state or some form of world government. 
They tell the governments of the world how they should disarm and with- 
draw their troops from military conflicts. They get into the field of 
Civil Rights* Well, some of us have seen them in civil riots or demon- 
strations. All,' far apart from the original:. message of the Christian 
Church which .was. to go into all the world and to preach the.. gospel to 
every creature ? not to open the church doors and invite the world to come 
in and. take, over, 

SEAWELL: Well, what about these organizations such as the Consultation 
on Church Union? Is that one of these steps towards this one world 
church that they're talking about? 

BUNDY: Decidedly. They call it COCU. Some of us call it cuckoo because 
Jtheir Jtoe*y.j5jyV ^ £ aitJx,^ Jltere ar4-S£)i7i^ten_._ 

dehoMMtions^ that have been meeting together Iri various parts of " the 
Country*" Their first major meeting was in Dallas, Texas." Then, just 
this year in Boston, Massachusetts, for the purpose of trying to get all 
of these major denominations in this group to merge into one. 

Now we have to go back a little bit in history in order to see the 
picture of exactly what -they are trying to bring about. I can remember 
back in July of 1953 when I sat on the front row of the House Committee 
on Un-American Activities Hearing Room when the late Bishop Garfield 
Bromley Qxnam of the Methodist Church was on the witness stand during the 
famous investigation of Communist infiltration into the field of religion. 
Bishop Qxnam had asked for the hearing. He t^as not subpoenaed by the 
Committee at alio The Committee granted him this courtesy of this hear- 
ing. In that great caucus room of the House of Representatives I sat for 
ten hours and heard every question asked and every -answer given and I have 

ten copies. of the official transcript of the hearing that no other wit- 
ness had been permitted to do prior to his appearance and that was "to 
make a statement before the Committee members got into the actual ques- 
tions. In his opening statement he said that the purpose of the ecumeni- 
cal movement at that time was to bring all of the protestant groups to- 
gether in one protestant group, to keep on cooperating with the Eastern 
Orthodox or Greek Catholic group and then eventually merging that group 
in with this merged protestant group. Then he "said perhaps the day will 
come when we will be big enough to kneel at a common altar with the" last 
major division of Christianity , the Roman Catholic Church, and beg for- 
giveness at this altar from the Christ for our divisions and then rise to 

form one church for one world* Bishop Oxnam stated their plan way back 
in 1953. 

I believe it was in December of I960 that the National Council of 
Churches held its meeting. in Bishop Pike T s. Grace Cathedral on Nob "Hill In 
San Francisco and on the opening Sunda^r before the formal sessions began 
on Monday. of , the National Council, of Churches General .Assembly meeting, 
Bishop Pike and.. Doctor Eugene Carson Blake of the United Presbyterian 
Church who Is now .the most powerful figure in the World Council, of 
Churches, their General Secretary, stole the headlines, throughout the na- 
tion before the Council ever got* underway by proposing the famous Blake- 
Pike Merger proposal. Now .what. -we see in this COG U trend of these ten 
denominations getting together, originally there were only four in the 
Blake-Pike proposal, is the drive towards* this one world church that 
Bishop Oxnam so plainly stated in his opening statement before the House 
Committee on Un-American Activities in July of 1953* They have gone be- 
yond this. They are now sending observers to the Vatican, to Vatican One 
and Vatican Two. On the local levels through the local Councils of 
Churches, they are actually taking in groups that they formerly would not 
take in, such as, Roman- Catholic groups, Jewish groups and so forth, and 
bringing them all into one. 

Now the startling thing about this, and the thing that, of course > 
causes great concern among Bible believing Christians around the world;" 
is the" 'fact- that doctrine. and the Bible as the basis for this unity have 
been thrown out the window. They are not concerned with the great doct- 
rines in the Apostle's Creed* We could give hundreds of instances here 
today from original. documents to prove this point. For example, most of 
you gentlemen,, .and I think most of our viewing audience, have read ~In 
..their-, papers- and in their, church ^publications of the blatant denials of 
the Christian faith by Bishop James A. Pike, I happen to be the™" only" one '"' 
in the United States who has had the dubious privilege of debating Bishop 
Pike before he was ever elevated to bishopric when he was Dean of the 
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in .New York City. This man. has openly 
from. the public platform and in publications . such as the Christian 
Century and to the secular press of the nation stated unequivically his 
unbelief in the great foundational, doctrines of the .Christian- faith as 
stated in the Apostle T s Creed in the Nicene Creed in the Athanasian Creed 
and in the various confessions of faith, and catechisms of the various 
protestant churches. He has denied the doctrine of the Trinity. He has 
denied the doctrine of the Virgin Birth ; . He does not believe in the total 
inspiration or infallibility of the Scriptures. We could repeat. this same 
sort of unbelief amongst the leaders of : this present drive toward the 
ecumentical movement all over the world.* They are on record, they do not 
believe what the historic church of the Lord Jesus Christ has believed 
and taught down through the ages of time. 


GRIBB: Mr. Bundy, we'd like to bring attention to something that hap- 
pened just this week* In this connection,- Mr. Ma Hoy Owen.., 

OWEN : The National Council of Churches claims to speak, when it speaks" 
through, its lobbyists in Congress before Congressional Committees, claims 
to speak for 40 million American citizens who are members of the "protest- 
ant and orthodox denominations that make up the National Council. This 
past week in the headlines of our newspapers, perhaps you remember this" - "" 
from Thursday of this week, an article headlined "Drinking in Family Urged 
in Federal Study". We see that the government sponsored study Thursday 
"recommended a national policy" — whatever that means — "to promote drinking 
in a family setting and to reduce to eighteen the legal age for buying 
and drinking alcholic beverages in public". Then we read in the very next 
paragraph that the National Council of Churches heartily endorsed the idea 
of teaching .our children -to drink intoxicating beverages in the family." 
Wow Major Bundy, I happen, to be a Methodist, I happen an ordained 
minister. in the. -Methodist Church which is the largest. denomination in the 
National Council of Churches. J/e_ have always historically, and we still 
do in our discipline , we have always opposed the consumption :of alcholic 
beverages.- Now here. you have the National Council ..of. Churches taking a 
public~stand in favor of the position .that is. the direct opposite of the 
official position of its largest member body. Now would you care to com- 
ment on the shaky foundation of the National Council of Churches spokes- 
man when he claims to speak for 40 million Americans. 

BUNDY : Well, of course, this is. what the National Council of Churches 
has done over and over again. When they have been faced with this by 
their opponents in .the .clerical field and even by members of the United- 
States Congress .when they have had their spokesmen on the witness stand, 
they always draw back and say, "Oh, no. We don't claim to speak for 40 
million protestants. We speak to the churches," or "We speak to 40 
million protestants". Well, actually, what they do is this, ?\fhen they 
put out a statement like this, they have the eyes and ears and the mouth 
of the media of public communications in this country at their beck arid" 
call. They are very smart people. They are smart operators. Let's give 
them credit for it. Usually their public. relations staff consists of 
former officials of Associated Press or United Press and the major relig- 
ion editors of United Press, Mr; Louis Cassels and Mr. George Cornell of 
the .Associated .Press,, and then especially the religion editor of the New 
York Times , are right there to pick up every statement the National 
Council ^of JJhurch ^.whether ,it J s^jtheir -General. ~/. :.:™/-^ 

" Board," ".the "Executive. Committee of the General Board, .the General Assembly, 
their.- General Officer,, or just maybe some lesser officer who is. chairman 

of a specific division or study commission. They then put this out all 

over the. country. Now. some of the secular newspapers are not being fooled 
by this type of .thing.- I have here before me The Chicago. . Tribune , this is 
the .largest. .circulation of .a full sized newspaper in the United States, 
for December 10, 1966.. It is-- called "By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them." 
The opening paragraph: "To the growing annoyance of laymen who 'are cap- 
tive members of the National Council of Churches, the General Assembly of 
that body professing to speak, for 40 million members of protestant and 
orthodox communities, has been sounding off for years on legislative and 
political questions.- It has now done so again."* End. of quote . This is 
in reference to their triennial- convention in Miami . of December of 1966 
in which they called upon the United States to withdraw from Viet Nam, to 
negotiate with the . Communists , and so forth and so on. Now whether they 

-" " ' . 7 

will admit it. or not, -they are seeking .to. give /the impression that they 
speak. for the majority of Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians in 
this country. They have the public. relations set up. ..They have the 
propagandists. They have the lobbyists. .They .have even some of their 
own men writing their stories, for them in the major news media of this 
country. , 

. Now in regard to this specific story which you brought up in the 
Nevvs and Observor . I was alarmed, as many other people were, when we 
pick up the New York Times , The Chicago Daily News , The Chicago Tribune 
and .here in at. least two of the newspapers was this front page story with 
the bold black headline, on this latest pronouncement of the National 
Council... Now it so happens that. The ..Church League of America gets "what is 
called the Religious News Service. This comes out of New York City and is 
sent to. the .newspapers all over the country and to most of the religious 
publications and denominations taking this service. I have the full storv 
here for Wednesday, October 11, 1967* "National Council. Official. on Alco- 
holism Study .. . Solutions Will Tend Wet. Tt Nov/ they state in this 
story that they T ve discovered through their investigation that 70?£ of the 
American church-going public drinks alcoholic beverages. Now. they don't 
give any proof of this statement. They say 7.0$. That leaves only 30$ of. 
the church-going people in this country who do not drink. I do not be- 
lieve this* 

QWEN : That's not a... 90 proof statement.. 

BUMPY : No, I don T t think it T s a 70 proof . statement either. Let alone 90 
proof. Well, here T s the way they start out--70$ of the church people, not 
of the registered voters, or the population, of the United States, but this 
enters an endictment that they are making, perhaps unknowingly, of the 
fact that the church has departed from its responsibility. You mentioned 
the stand of the Methodist church. Brother, I can remember back when 
Bishop Warren Candler was alive in Atlanta, Georgia. Here is a man whom 
the ."We.t.s n ridiculed on Capitol Hill when he made his famous blistering 
sermon against what alcohol was doing to our young people in this country. 
I know the stand the Methodist Church has taken on this. But here is the 
National Council of Churches saying the solution is not preaching against 
sin or something that is wicked, the solution is to introduce alcoholic 
beverage drinking in the home to the young people and to lower the age 
from 21 to 16. This is the solution, they say, for it. Well, all I can 
say is this, I don't know how much farther the National Council of Churches 
is going to' go. " They T ve thrown the Bible out the window. They've ~ thrown 
great doctrines of Christian faith out the window. They T ve thrown the 
Bible out of our public schools and prayers, the]^ have hob-nobbed with the 
Communists. They have ridiculed the anti-Communists and. our security' laws 
and our security measures. They have called for our withdrawal from the 
fight. Perhaps the next thing we T re. going to see is the glories of nudity. 
Anything can happen if they keep up this trend. 

CRIBB: Major Bundy, many of us, in fact the whole, country., have been dis- 
turbed recently by so many demonstrations and violent riots in the cities 
of America. Reverend Kite would like to pose a question to you in this 
connection. , 

HITE : Major Bundy, to what extent is the National. Council of Churches in- 
volved in these demonstrations, are they really' just favoring them, smil- 
ing upon them, or actually assisting them in the organization, and if so, 
what do you have to offer in the way of evidence in how these demonstra- 
tions usually end up in riots or lead to riots in the cities ab we Aave 
seen in the news in recent months? 

B'UNDY : Brother . Hite , I wish we had about two hours oru-this one question 
alone. . The evidence' is - -so ..overwhelming, it can be presented in any court 
of law under. oath or before any Congressional investigation under oath, 
and incidentally the United States Senate Subcommittee, on. Internal Secur- 
ity and the House Committee on Un-American Activities . is going to go into 
this question of whose behind these racial riots and demonstrations. Be- 
lieve you me there are going to be a lot of names of clergymen uncovered 
in these .investigations. 

Now, first, of. all, the' National Council as we. have said, having de- 
parted from the historic message and mission of th.e. Christian.. Church to 
preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified, resurrected,, and ascended on high 
and coming again, they have turned, as we have said earlier, to what is 
called the social gospel, the social betterment of man. Now one of the 
projects in this social betterment is to go into the so-called ghetto 
areas and .agitate for improvement, as they say, of these people even 
using Caesar T s money, the federal government to do it. The tragedy is 
that a number of the administrations in Washington, D. C. recently have 

plowed millions of taxpayer's money into the hands of these agitating ' 

clergymen for anti-poverty programs, for racial betterment, and so forth. 
It r s amazing how a great deal of this money has been spent. 

Now let me give you an outstanding recent example, of how far some 
of these people have .-gone in helping- to foment these riots, not just dem- 
onstrations, but riots, in our cities. We can talk about . Chicago, the 
West Side, Watts, New York, Detroit, etc. Just a few weeks ago I had the 
experience of facing -across. .the. microphone in New York. City T s most.: power- 
ful radio station for 45 minutes a man by the name of Dr.. Willis. -E.- 
Elliott who is. on the Board, of Homeland Ministries of the United Church 
of Christ, one of ; the major denominations in the membership of the Nation- 
al Council of Churches. This man had written a letter. to the New York 
Times several days in advance - of this broadcast in., which. he stated that 
he was not only for what the negro groups were doing... in. Watts and Milwau- 
kee and Detroit and so forth, but he was for "strategic terrorism" in the 
streets and the breaking down of the white power structure.-- -now this is a 
white man speaking , . this is. a. reverend., _ this .is. a .man. who boasted, over the 
microphone that he has five graduate degrees in theology—and this man 
said that he saw nothing wrong in participating in these things, that he 
himself had participated in these demonstrations in Harlem in New York 
City. Now I said to him, do the other members of the Board. of your denomi- 
nation that^belong Jto„„th.e; %tlonaLJ^ .World -._ . . 
Council of Churches go along with this type of advocacy, strategic terror- 
ism .and overthrowing- the white power structure and so forth. 

He said, "Absolutely ." He said in fact, "You may know the United 
Church "of Christ is related to the National and the World Council of 
Churches* And the World Council of Churches meeting in Geneva., Switzer- 
land; last year," and he referred to the meeting in July of 1966, the' 
Conference of the World Council of Churches on the Church and Society, 
"in which," he said, "they came out with a resolution calling for viol- 
ence and revolution in the streets," This is a fact. 

We have every document that they used in that meeting there" 1 ih rv ' : - : ' 
Geneva ,, v Switze^ the t ^ati.onal^ v Council r of i Ch.urehes - -: :; 

were^riKhtrt:heW ^^..lon.. and^vat ( ed for the^;. 

resolutiOris' when;, th^ r y ^me, 1^X^*1 ^The "l^^ "';7 .■'. 

Church'* coh^r'6:£^^^ %.6tt : 6m:.1^ th^Sbyl^^^ 

c/-: r/:U rw iih ax>x-*xn oii'J n.h afoi'% r >?r I :-<ci :o :,jc h uJ: - : x- hr. 

police, were on the -platform and held- forth and sat/ right in the same 
study session and helped write some of these- resolutions/ Professor 
Shaull of Princeton Theological Seminary was there, and. ..openly advocated 
this violence. He said S&rtin Luther King hadn r t gone far enough. He 
was for revolution, actual revolution in the streets. "When this man 
sat there and declared he was for all of this strife taking place in our 
cities, he then went further than any religious filiated 
with the. National Council whom- I've.- heard. We have, the complete tape on 
this available and the complete script, We f ve been sending them out by 
the hundreds of copies throughout the United States.. He then referred 
to the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Sec- 
retary of Defense and every American boy fighting. in Viet Nam as a war 
criminal. He said that he was a follower of. Ho Chi Minh , an admirer of 
his since 1945. Now who is this man? This man, gentlemen, was one of 
the major speakers at the Triennial Convention of the National Council 
of "Churches in Miami, Florida, in Miami Beach r s Convention Hall in 
December. of 1966. 

Yes, the National Council of Churches not only .endorsed. Father 
Groppi and his demonstrations, but their own. spokesmen on the national 
and world. level, have actually advocated strategic terrorism in the 
streets and the overthrow of the so-called white power structure within 
the United States. 

One other point, it's amazing to see how these men have tried to 
relate the racial demonstrations and riots in the United States to what 
we are doing in. Viet Nam. Oh, how clever they are! * They T re., experts .now 
on foreign policy in .addition to sociology here .at home. They say that 
all we are doing in Viet. Nam is fighting against the yellow people over 
there and putting negroes against yellow people — that is,, by bringing 
them into the armed services when those people should be back here in our 
country helping their own people out in these demonstrations. So, what 
logically follows is their pronouncements against our position -in Viet 
Nam, calling on us to withdraw, and calling on us to sit down and have 
dialogue -with'. the Communists. 

WEN: Major Bundy, may I inject this which is not in the script, frag- 
mentary though the script may be, I don't believe that we would want "to 
condemn^ by insinuation even, lawful .demonstration, in lumping in our 
statements, demonstrations and riots, What we would, of course, want "to 
condemn would be the. breaking of the law, and of course even more vigor- 
ously condemn- -riots and burning, and looting and stealing. and killing. 
I think it might, he well for us to point out the distinction- between 
lawful demonstration,, abiding by the laws of the city and the. state oh 
the one hand, and unlawful, the' flaunting and disregard of the law and 
then going on from that type of illegal demonstrations to rioting and 
actual violence. 

BUNDY : ' Of course, any Christian must be for this sort of thing. The 
Constitution of the United States guarantees the American citizen, re- 
gardless of his race, creed or color, the right to protest, but within 
the law. Now if you take the 'latest testimony of the Director of the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. John Edgar Hoover, and I ! d be 
willing to say that there aren't two, excluding you gentlemen on the 
panel, two out of ten ministers here in the Raleigh -Durham area who has 
ever read the 1966 testimony of the Director of the Federal Bureau of 


Investigation, Mr,. John Edgar Hoover, given to the House Subcommittee on 
Appropriations for the 1968 appropriations bill. . Mr. Hoover did some- 
thing in that testimony which he has never done in a previous testimony. 

What we are saying here — you say within the law — all right, but 
where do these people begin to step over the line? They say r Tt We T re go- 
ing to have a peaceful demonstration." Martin. Luther King, for instance, 
admires Mahatma Gandhi and his satyagraha which is called. non-violent re- 
sistance. He said, '"I'nr against all this terrorism, and all this viol- 
ence." But do you know what Mr. Hoover said about fertin Luther King 
who was never born Martin Luther King, he was born Michael King in 
Atlanta, Georgia, and assumed this name later? Do you know what 
Mr. Hoover said in. his ,196$ ..appropriations bill testimony?- He said, 
"Although ,ffikrtin„Luther King declares .that he comes into a city to 
peaceably seek these reforms , n he says, "the fact of the matter is that 
violence follows wherever he goes." . Now this- is the Director of the FBI 
speaking and yet the National Council of Churches. leaders have not only 
had this man address. their assemblies and the World Council of Churches 
has had him address their assemblies, and they have held him up as one'of " "' 
the.great Christian.. leaders in. the United States. 

CRIBB : %jor. Bundy, X T d like to ask Reverend Malbert Smith to call at- 
tentioii to the political activities of the National Council of Churches 
by posing a question in that. regard. 

SMITH : Major Bundy , we have heard that there are. lobbyists operating on 
behalf of. the National Council of Churches,, and since this is a factual 
documented panel this afternoon, and I . want to commend you on your pre- 
cise enunciating of facts—this is commendable, and the fact that you are 
giving to us the statistics, dates, and events make even this panel more 
significant to me — in order that the record might be more completely 
straight, I would just like to ask for my own mind if there is any press- 
ure exerted on Congress on behalf of the National. Council of Churches. 

BUNDY r There is absolutely no question about it, sir. Let T s look at 
our, famous secular magazine. This is not a religious publication. This 
is United States News and Worl d Report that has a weekly circulation of 
over one and a half million copies. Here is the issue for January 23 , 
1967, this year. Look, at this major headline .on it. "The Unrest in 
United States Churches". Nov; mind you, this is not a fundamentalist 
preacher^^Jthe se . charges . _ But., inside th is, .great njaga.z ine^is^ a r sig- . 
nificant article of many pages showing*. theV picture of clergymen. with. . - 
their clerical .collars on, identifying them in the captions" underneath, 

demonstrating, in front of the White. House, demonstrating in.^New York City, 

clapping as men. burn .their draft. cards and refuse. military service in the 
armed forces of .the .United .States, calling .the President, "war-monger", 
buying full-page . ads in the New York Times at |5,000 per page — and a big 
black headline across the top, "For the Love of God, HEn President, Stop 
It" — and stop what? Then they say stop the na palming and the burning of 
innocent women and. children. You can not go. through any of those ads or 
any of this propaganda on their signs', shown here in U. S. News and in 
many other publications that we have and find any specific condemnation 
of what the Viet Cong .or the Communists have been doing to the people . of 
South Viet Nam.. You: can 1 1- find it-. The indictment by these clerics of 
the National Council of Churches, is against our President,, against our 
Congress, against our security, laws., • against the leaders of our armed 


forces— we are the'Villains according to them. 

'Now, I've said the secular press is beginning to -take notice of this. 
Here is the - New York Times for December 14, 1966, two column storv — , 
"Seven Churches Set Up Capital Aid. Lobby, Call for #18, 000,000, ,000 In- "* 
crease Over Next Five .Years. TT Here are seven major denominations, affili- 
ated .'with the National Council of. Churches who are. going hand in glove, 
to Caesar f s government asking him to appropriate #18,000,000,000 more 
dollars for American foreign. aid, plus a lot of other social programs here 
in the United States. It names them, it names their leaders. They go 
down to .Washington .and they seek an .. audience ..with the President, and they 
seek an audience -with -the Committees, that are holding hearings on the an- 
nual appropriations bills, and here they say, "I represent the National 
Council of Churches with 40 million members.- or I represent the United 
Church of Christ with, over 2k million or I represent the American Baptist 
Convention with 1? million" or the Methodist Church with nearly 11 million 
and so' forth . . They say, "this is our program for bringing about a better 
world". - : "' 

They have .a lobbying office, in Washington, D. C... in the .shadow of 
the nation ! s capitol. The National Council of Churches has a -lobbying 
office there with a full paid staff and a budget running over several 
hundred, thousand dollars per year. The National Council of Churches head- 
quarters in New York City has come up with- money to help out in the so- 
called anti-poverty program in the. Mississippi Delta program. What have 
you? — their -fingers are in the political pie on- every side. They sent a 
man several years ago down to Washington, D. G«, I have. a,;full hearing 
of it here, before a Committee , of the House of Representatives a man: by 
the name. of. Dr». Edward. Car uthers of the Methodist Church, incidentally. 
On June \ y .1965 , he presented a statement on behalf of the National 
Council of Churches of Christ in the U. 3. A. .at the hearing of the Special 
Subcommittee on Labor of the House Committee on Education- and Labor on ' 
proposed repeal of Section 14-3 . of the Taft-Hartley Act, in other words , 
the Right-to-Work Law. , • 

Dr. Caruthers made his presentation, but several of the Congressmen 
were not as ill-informed as he thought they might be* But Congressman 
Griffin:, for one, began to put the question to him and so did Congress- 
man Ralph Scott, asking who had authorized him to come down to .Washington 
and in the name of 40 million church people call for the repeal of that 
Section 14.-B of the Taft-Hartley Lav/ and do away with the Right-to-Work 
Laws and force every man into a union before he can make a livelihood. 
He said, "Well, it was determined by the -General Board*" They then asked 
him, "Well, how many members of the General Board .were present and vot- 
ing?". You see this is the question that they always avoid. 

There are 279 members of the General Board, but they've never had a 
simple, majority present and voting on any of these political questions at 
all. A handful of little totalitarian-minded people have met there in.. 
New York City and. said, "This is going to be the program for the church 
people of America." Then they send a- Dr. -Edward Caruthers down there to 
say, or to imply at least, through the. nation ? s press that 40 million 
church people are all in favor of forcing all of= the workers of this na- 
tion into unions and doing -away- with the Sight- to- Work Laws. This is 
the type of lobby activity for Caesar T s government that the National 
Council of Churches has carried'on not only in Washington, D. C, but 

12 ' 

before the United Motions organisation in New York City, They've had 
their own official, representatives in there, even drawing up programs 
and presenting it to the U-. N. in the name of the churches. In Spring- 
field, Illinois, the state capitol .of Illinois through their state 
council of churches; before the Chicago City Council through the Chicago 
Church Federation, related to it; in Albany, New York; Tallahassee, Florida, 
the state capitals. They are down there strictly on a political program 
and not for the purpose of preaching the gospel and winning lost men and 
women to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

CRIBB : In terms of political emphasis, Major. Bundy, Attorney Seawell 
has a question .with reference to the possible surrendering... of . individual 
national sovereignties to some sort of supra-national organization, 
namely, a .one-world government as well as a one-world church. 

SEAWELL : What do they advocate in regard to the United Nations? That 
is, do. we give up. our sovereignty as the United States of America and 
join all nations of the world wherein we are in the minority and, can be 
outvoted and then have one world government through the United Nations? 
Is. that what they advocate? 

BUMPY : Well, Judge, let me say this. They are so in love with the 
United Nations, I call it the United "Notions *' because there are some 
who have -the notion, it ? s united which is far from the truth. They were 
so in love with it that they built a multi-million dollar building direct- 
ly across the street from the United Nations for the purpose of indoctrin- 
ating church people-in' groups that they, are bringing, from all over the 
United States in. regard to. the glories of the United Nations. .. and .-world'""" 
government. The. man who has been in charge of this building for a number 
of years is a. radical pacifist, a man who has an. open record. of associa- 
tion with various subversive organizations in this country. We get all 
of their propaganda. We have all of their original publications.' This at 

first was built—I'm sorry, brother, to have to say this so often, but 

you know it's true, and I know 'it's true — the Methodist Church put up '"the 
money to build this building and then they turned it over to the National 
Council of Churches. This outfit is right across the street from the U.N. 
and even when the New York World f s Fair" was on, they brought -.whole delega- 
tions of. people and advertized .through their local constituent denomina- 
tions of their churches the fact that here was this great center driving 
for world^peaceu. _ This .is the, shiboleth J:hey .used.;. " "They bring them in - - 
there, show' them' films, stick the indoctrination needle" in them' and then 
take them on special tours of the U. N. and all of it is: "Why the 
narrow minded sovereignty of these 'various nations must be given up and "' 
we must go up the ladder of evolution towards something bigger and' better, 
a world government and a world constitution in order to- preserve ■'"peace"; 
One of the things that they say is this, that we must- learn to understand 
the Communists, that it is wicked to be anti-Communist- anymore. The 
Church must not be opposed to Communism- because if it is,' then we can't 
sit down with the Communist government and . understand their point of 
view and since we are going to all be in one big family of world govern- 
ment one of these days we" better learn to understand the Communists. So, 
therefore, we must do away with any opposition to Communism whatsoever 
in order to drive towards this one world government and a -world economic 
plan, etc. 

In my book, Collectivism in the Churches which is now a best seller 
eleven times over--although the New York Times Book Review ignored it, 

didn T t review it , - the ,-Book Review "sect ion--!.' have.. orig : ffaole chapter on 
the meeting. The - famous. meeting that took, place in 1?42 on the campus 
of; here we go. -again, Ohio Wesleyah University, Jin the State of Ohio " 
with the leaders .of the Federal/Council of Churches .. drawing up _the com- 
plete, plan .for world, government "and a world .economic :. system." Ever Time 
magazine at that time in "1942 exposed, this thing in several. pages . YoLT 
see' what these fellows : have, done , simply putting it is this: ' They do not 
believe that the Lord Jesus. Christ is going' to come back-arid intervene "in 
the affairs of this world as the Bible .states He will do, over and over 
again* Therefore, they have, taken it upon themselves .to plan : to change 
the world' through the Sociological and political dreams and schemes 
which they themselves have planned. . This -is it in a nutshell.. . 

OWEN: Dr. Paul Ramsey, a Princeton professor, who is on the inside of 
the ecumenical movement has just published a new book. 1 happen to have 
a copy of it here. It T s, published, may ,1 say, by the Methodist Publish- 
ing house, Abbingdon' Press.- In. : this book, and I do not mean to endorse 
Paul Ramsey's thought on any thing else, but "he has a "very' interesting 
critique here to make of the World Council of Churches Geneva Conference 
on Church and Society which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1966. 

His book is entitled,- Who - Speaks for the Church ? Major-Bundy, why 

would a man' like Professor Paul Ramsey of Princeton on the inside of the" 
ecumenical movement, who was there at Geneva in the innermost, circle , why 
would he turn critic? 

BUMPY : Well, this of course amazes, me, but once in a' while we do find 
someone who has hit --the saw dust trail or the mourner's bench and has 
seen the light. Therefore, we hold out hope for some of these men. Be- 
cause at • that same Princeton University , .or rather Princeton Theological 
Seminary, I should say, Professor Shaull 'was one of those who attended 

this conference in Geneva, Switzerland. . He is a colleague of this man". 

Professor Shaull openly advocated violence and the revolution that I spoke 

about a .while ago. In fact, we got all of the study papers, all of the 

study section papers, the final resolutions", ""the speeches that were made 
there at Geneva, Switzerland, July 14th through 29 ? , 1966, and we did it 
up 'in this issue of Mews and " Views in' November, 19o6 + ' It T s entitled, 

"World* Council of Churches Platform for Communist Propaganda". Now Tra 

' glad "to see that Professor Ramsey has come out with that book, I am 

wondering what kind of critique his colleague, Professor Shaull will make 

of it , since -he. was one of the men at that^meeting that Professor Ramsey 

speaks about, who took his 'standjon yiolence and revolution* 

HITE : i%jor Bundy, we have ' touched :on. everything I think, except the 
.Negotiate Nov/ movement that is very current and I understand that - in the 
next couple of weeks we will be "hearing a whole lot more, that 
is, calling for the cessation \of bombing of the North and to negotiate' 
with the Viet Cong arid the Communists . in North Viet Nam, I wonder, could 
you give us some information oh this '^nd how the National and World 
Council of Churches is .connected or. associated with, this movement? 

BUNDY:' The National; Council' of : Churches^ has tirelessly, and tiringly to 
us who have to wade., through their'jpronpuncements , year in and year out, 
come up with these resolutions; through, ^the -.General Board; and the General 
Assembly' of the N. C.- C;', "through" the'ir various' spokesmen many of whom 
are leading pacif ists'and. .connected with such, organizations as "Fellow- 
ship of Reconciliation", and "Peace 'in Viet Nam Nov/ n , and "Viet Nam Dav 


Committee" and what have you.. They coalesced with all of these pacifist 
demonstrating groups—many of their leaders do — arid 'Ufte World Council of 
Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, in the same way. Again the onus is put 
on the United States, not on the Communists. We are the ones who have to 
capitulate. We are the ones who are supposed to get out of Viet Nam. We 
are the ones who are supposed to withdraw our forces and then sit down and 
learn to understand the Communists point of view. Well, let me say one 
thing from the military standpoint because I spent 23 years as an Intelli- 
gence 'Officer in the Air Force around the world. If the United States of 
America, if our government capitulates to this kind of unrealistic and 
illogical thinking within our country and does listen to these siren songs 
of pacifists of the National and World Council of Churches, withdraws our 
troops, all of South Viet Nam will be taken over by the Communist govern- 
ment of Hanoi, of North Viet Nam, in no time flat. That's how serious it 
will be. 

CRIBB : Gentlemen, our time is just about up. Perhaps we have time for 
one more question from the Reverend Albert Smith, 

BUNDY : How about one on the New Morality? Can we get that in? 

CRIBB : Yes, perhaps so, Mr. Seawell, would you like to pose this ques- 

SEAWELL: I T d like to pose this question. Has the National Council of 
Churches endorsed this thing that they call the New Morality or Situation 
Ethics? I think that's more important than numerology or anything else. 

CRIBB. : I wish we had a long time to answer this question, but I will of 
necessity ask the Major to be brief. 

■ BUNDY : Well, there is no question about the answer to the question. 
First of all let me preface this by saying that when the National Council 
of Churches General Board met — again a minority of members — two weeks be- 
fore the Supreme Court of the United States ever handed down its decision 
on the Hadelyn Murray case in taking the Bible and prayer out of the 
public schools. The* National Council General Board meeting at 475 River- 
side Drive," New York City, two weeks before the Court's decision, came out 
opposing. prayer „and -devotions and Bible reading in the public .schools, 

-Now gentlemen, it follows that if you put God out of our national 
-life, you're going -to reap the .results— - Tt As ye sew v -so -shall ye -reap% " : ' r *- 
Now we see all over" this country an. almost complete breakdown in morality, 
not only on the campuses of the* institutions of higher learning from 
Berkeley, California, the University of California at Berkeley to N, Y. U. 
In New York or on the. high school campuses, but in the books, in the 
millions of pieces of pornographic filth, in the restrictions removed from 
the stage shows in New York, in Broadway productions/ in Hollywood films. 

But the most shocking thing is picking up this study booklet pub- 
lished by the National Council of Churches, written by one of their depart- 
ment officers, Dr. Colin W. Williams, and distributed in preparation for 
the 1966. General Assembly of the National Council of Churches in Miami, 
Florida, last December, in which they say as follows, page 42, under the 
subtitle of "The New. Morality". I quote, "Old attitudes which in a more 
static society seemed eternal are now being rejected," "Ifeny," listen to 

that" word parents,' not f ew,- "many; ^tlrealpgi^^: are arguing that the youth 
are right in insisting on freedom' ;frori;ia^^ of sex and" family 

life.' Love maybe eternal, but the : laws that relate the meaning of love 
to "particular social/conditions must. be. : subject, to change as the social 
situations on moral questiphs such, .^s^plrevrnarital .intercourse, homo- 
sexuality , divorce, are therefore in^reasingl^^ qtrestioned', and many 
theologians, are ready, to see in/these questions^;. , new freedom. f or.. the 
Christian faith with its emphasis upon law as the servant of love," 1 End 
quote- We ask the question, "What is this thing called love by their 
definition?" .. '. _ : "7\' "'/;*■' 

I hesitate to say it, gentlemejnV But we can go into any court of 
law around this country and name the names of some of these ministers who 
were involved in this kind of deviltry, who have written letters to the 
papers and we have copies of their letters in which they advocate this new 
morality, and so-called situation ethics. The man 'I debated in New York - 
City the other night, that 1. mentioned a while ago, brought this up. "Oh," 
he said, "Dr. Fletcher's book on Situation 1 Ethics is outmoded." It was' 
too sophisticated. We've gone far beyond that now when we have ministers 
putting on strip tease acts, turning their ' pulpits ;over, listen to me, "on 
Sunday morning a so-called worship service in a church in New York City in 
which Adam and Eve were danced in the nude as the worship service. 

Oh there T s so much to- this that we could go on and on. But what can 
vou expect. of our kids when religious leaders that we are supposed to be* 
looking up to are going to bring in this brave new world and' new society, 
having thrown the Bible out the window, having torn Jesus Christ down off 
His throne - of deity, -and 'elevated man thereto, comes along and says any- 
thing goes, have your fun, pre-marital' intercourse, open the dormitories 
of the men on the campuses founded' by. Christian denominations and let the 
girls come in and stay till one thirty ih .the morning, et cetera, what 
can you expect of the kids, when religious leaders advocate this type of 

CRIBB: i%jor Bundy, I wish that we had considerably more time and I feel 
that I speak not only for our panel members, but for our viewing audience 
as well to ask you many more questions, and to hear your clear answers 'of 
indictment against the' National Council of Churches and its various posi- 
tions taken* on, many issues ranging from religious to political and 
sociological and so forth. We thank you, Major, for coming to serve as 
our guest authority on. this panel today. 

We would like the Major to be able to tell you, the viewing- audience', 7 
what to. do. But since time does not permit, ma y' we invite you to write in. 
Write in today for at least two free leaflets: one, "How Red is the 
National Council of Churches?", the other, . fr The Church League of America". 
Included' with this -request will be a free sample packet of material "to in- 
troduce you to The Church League of America. Write to FACTS, Box 14242, 
Raleigh, North Carolina, 

Now let me again express our appreciation to our panel members, 
Reverend Kite, Reverend Albert Smith, , Attorney Chub Seawell, 
Reverend J. Malloy Owen and your master of ceremonies, C..C. Cribb, 
minister of The Capital Pentecostal Holiness Church of Raleigh-, North 
Carolina. We invite you who would like to hear ffejor Bundy in the 
evening' service at seven thirty to. come and share with us in the seven 

C&? - / * </■■ *r~? c - sr"? i«* 

thirty service this evening at the Capital Pentecostal Holiness Church - 
on Highway 70 East directly opposite Greenbrier Estates here in Raleigh, 
North Carolina. Major Bundy will be our guest in the evening service. 

Let us say, goodbye, and God bless you to every one who has been a 

E art of our viewing .audience. We invite you again, write to FACTS, 
ox 14242, your contributions will be sincerely appreciated and help to 
make -this program possible. 

ANNOUNCER : A Committee of Concerned Ministers and Laymen of Central North 
Carolina has presented this panel discussion entitled "What About the 
National Council of Churches?" with Major Edgar C. Bundy, Executive 
Secretary of The Church League of America, Wheaton, Illinois* You are 
invited to address your inquiries to FACTS, Box 14242, Raleigh, North 

The above program on the National Council of Churches with Major Bundy 
in Raleigh, North Carolina, was televised October 15th, 1967, over 
WRAL-TV Channel 5. Except for punctuation, the script has not been 



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Eternal Vigilance is Forever the Price of Freedom 

Wheaton, Illinois 60187 February 1967 




(Editqr^£JQ^eJCerfeiw>rfe. r .pfficial organ of the Dutch Reformed Churches 

In South Africa) 

During a visit to our land a short while ago, a visitor from the Netherlands 
addressed a group of students. In the course of a conversation with two of these 
students, they informed him that they were liberals. The conclusion to which the 
visitor came however on the ground of their viewpoints was: "Gentlemen, you are 
not liberals: you are Communists." 

I would not hold this visitor to be infallible, but it can be said with safety that 
people do not always realize how they may properly be classified. 

There are people who wish to be known as liberals because they see in the liberal 
ways of thought which they support the secret of a new and better world. In con- 
trast to what they look upon as a morbid conservatism they present themselves as 
the enlightened, the progressives, free people renovators and reformers. 

It is hardly necessary to say that this does not turn liberalism into something 
good— on the one hand, because certain liberal ideas compare favourably only with a 
caricature of the conservative viewpoint; and further, because it can be shown 
that liberalism in its basic characteristics is dangerous and subversive. 

There are other people who would feel insulted if they were described as liberal 
or accused of liberal views. These are people who perhaps shrink from the implica- 
tions of the liberal viewpoint in certain particular aspects. But it does happen that 
they hold a view of the world and of life in which other liberal conceptions are ac- 
cepted together with conservative views, without these being assimilated into a 
unified whole without inconsistencies. 

In any case at present in our land an attempt is being made, even in Afrikaans 
circles, right-wing circles, to make the concept "liberal" acceptable by identifying 
it with maturity, adulthood, broadmindedness and freedom. This is however both 

misleading and a misappreciation of history which has given to this word and con- 
cept an unfavourable meaning and content. 

We must further postulate that Liberalism is not exactly a rounded-off system 
such as are dialectical materialism or our church confessions of faith. 

Liberalism is a looser conception, sometimes vague and difficult to define, and 
it often allows its supporters considerable latitude before they are declared heretical. 
With the passage of time there have also taken place changes of emphasis within the 
liberal ranks. Thus, for example, under certain circumstances, individualism, the 
glorifying of the sovereign individual, may be called the watermark of Liberalism. 
(H. G. Stoker "Die Stryd om die Ordes"). But then it may also occur— as at the 
present— that liberal thought crystaliz?es into Socialism, so that it is no wonder 
that it is also brought into relation with Communism. 

Despite the fluidity of the concept Liberalism and despite its shifts of emphasis, 
it is still possible to establish a fairly well defined system of doctrines, feelings and 
behaviour patterns which are fairly commonly known and recognized as liberal. 

One definition of liberalism is the following "A belief in the value of human 
personality, and a conviction that the source of all progress lies in the free exercise 
of individual energy. It produces an eagerness to emancipate all individuals or 
groups so that they may freely exercise their powers .... The power of the State 
must be so applied as to create equal opportunities for all." 

Another description reads: "It is belief in the right of individual freedom: the 
individual possesses as a human being, certain inalienable rights." A Dutch En- 
cyclopaedia says: "It is more a state of mind than a finished whole, opposed as it 
is to dogmas." 


It is interesting in this connection to look at the definition of radicalism. An 
English Encyclopaedia says with reference to Radical: "In English politics, a sup- 
porter of the more extreme section of the Liberal Party." And from a Dutch En- 
cyclopaedia: "In politics one calls radicalism the left wing of liberalism. . .it strives 
for the realization of equality." 

James Burnham (SUICIDE OF THE WEST) says, in his turn: "In political 
and ideological range, the tendency that Americans call "liberalism". . .bridges 
what are known in Europe and Latin America as "the Left" and "the Centre." It 
covers most of the left except for the Communist parties and those dogmatic socialist 
parties that have not, like the German Social Democratic Party and the British 
Labour Party, abandoned orthodox Marxism." (p. 34) 


I repeat that despite the looseness of the concept of Liberalism, it is possible 
to define it. To begin with, a number of pronouncements and points of view the 
following propositions are typically liberal (some quoted from Burnham) : 

All forms of racial segregation and discrimination are wrong. 

Everyone has a right to his own opinion. 

Political, economic or social discrimination based on religious belief is wrong. 
Revolt against a dictatorship is right, and deserves encouragement. 
It is the duty of the government to care for the aged and the sick and the un- 
employed if they cannot do it themselves. 

We have a duty towards humanity as a whole, and to men in general. 
Any limitation of freedom of expression and freedom of meetings, except when 
this portends immediate danger, is wrong. 
Colonialism and imperialism are wrong. 

Hotels, stores, places of entertainment and restaurants must give equal facili- 
ties to all racial groups. 

The chief sources of crime and delinquency are ignorance, poverty, and 

Communists must have the right to express their opinions. 
Any people or nation, whether living in Europe, Asia or Africa, has the right 
to independence if the majority of the people wish it. 
The religious convictions of others ought always to be respected. 
The major emphasis in international policy in our nuclear age must be on 

Except in cases where national security could be undermined, censorship is 

Teachers and lecturers are entitled to academic freedom— i.e. the right to ex- 
press their opinions within and without the lecture-room without interference 
from the administration, government, parents or public bodies. 
Schools must be open to all, irrespective of color, religion or national con- 

All adults have a right to the vote. 

Extremism ( "McCarthy ism") is one of our greatest dangers. 
There are no significant differences in the intellectual abilities and capabilities 
for civilization of races or ethnic groups. 
World disarmament must be propagated. 

Equal political and social rights to all, irrespective of race, color, sex, lan- 
guage, religion, decent, etc. 

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and speech. 
The authority of the state rests with the will of the people. 
Equal pay for equal work .... 


It is however necessary to indicate as carefully as possible the fundamental 
principles of liberalism, and then their implications and practical fruits. 

According to Burnham and Professor Michael Oakeshott, one of the demon- 
strable ancestors of Liberalism is 17th Century Rationalism. 

Oakeshott uses the term "rationalism" as the 'genus' of which Liberalism and 
Communism are the two most important 'species' in our time. 

In the 18th Century the line-of -descent passes through the "Aufklarung," or 
"Enlightenment/' by Voltaire and others. 

From the 19th Century "Utilitarianism" (also called "Liberalism") sprouted 
a part of the liberal theory of democracy, also the emphasis on freedom of speech 
and expression and certain ideas in connection with the right of peoples to self- 

In more recent times another family has married into the family of Liberalism: 
Certain of the descendants of Karl Marx, 
Revisionists such as Edward Bernstein, the 
British Fabians, 
American pragmatists and 
Men of the 

"Utilitarian" view such as John Dewey and John Maynard Keynes. 
From this it will be obvious that the roots of Liberalism spread fairly wide. 
One could say that Liberalism is an heir of post-Renaissance thought, but one 
should not, all the same, view it as the only heir. 

What is more, one must indicate what liberalism has done with its inheritance^ 
If we give attention to the basic principles of liberalism, we must stress again 
that we do not have to do with a precise and fixed creed. Liberal views are not like 
axioms in Geometry. There is considerable pliability and qualification of principles. 
Many of the things which travel under the banner of Liberalism are inclinations, 
trends, —not fixed laws. But it is none-the-less these tendencies which have far- 
reaching practical importance. 

(a) Conception of Man: 

In contrast with the doctrine of original sin and the admission of the existence 
and the power of Satan, a liberal like Prof. J. Selwyn Shapiro says: 

"Man, according to Liberalism, is born ignorant, not wicked." 

By nature the human being is fine and good. His fineness and goodness are 
evident from his sovereign rationality and morality. ( Stoker) 

His nature is alterable, and has unlimited possibilities for good and progressive 

There is nothing in human nature which makes it impossible for society to 
achieve peace, freedom, righteousness, and prosperity, which according to liberalism 
must characterise the perfect world ( 'the good society' ) . 

If these things are not true of the human being, then the liberal program for 
the government of a country and for education and reformation is senseless. 

(b) Rationalistic: 

Prof. Oakeshott (RATIONALISM AND POLITICS) classifies liberalism 
among the spiritual children of Rationalism. 

Liberalism self-assuredly holds that human reason without the assistance of 
revealed Scriptural truths or of faith or the power of habits and customs, can 
understand the world and solve its problems. 

It is an advocate of the sovereignty of reason. It swears by the authority of 
human reason. It is actually the enemy of established authority, of prejudices of the 
traditional, of customs and habits. 

Its attitude is thus both sceptical and optimistic. Sceptical, because there is no 
opinion, belief, practice or tradition against which it does not set a question-mark, 
or in a large measure query. 

Optimistic, because the rationalist never doubts the capabilities of his reason 
when the value of a matter or the truth of an opinion is to be tested. 

(c) Something more About This Optimism: 

If we refuse to accept that we have to do with a ruined creation, and that as a 
result of the Fall man has his wings clipped, it means that the hindrances on the way 
of progress have only to do with external factors such as bad social conditions or 
institutions, and ignorance. 

By the application of human reasoning, a new dispensation can be planned 
and brought into being. 

It is this Rationalism— in its nature unbelieving— which lies at the root of the 
conviction that the truth, of its own accord, must arise from, and be known as a 
result of, open discussion "forum," if you wish. 

Just keep on talking and the truth will crystallize out! 

(d) Add to this the Passion for Change: 

The premise here is that it is bad social conditions, as they have developed 
through history, which obstruct progress. 

Ideas, institutions or behaviour patterns, or beliefs handed down to us, must 
not be accepted simply because they are old or tried. 

We must be ready to undertake drastic innovations if these look reasonable. 

The liberal tends to glorify change as such, even if there is no proof that exist- 
ing practices are either worthless or morally indefensible. 

It is this driving to extremes of change and "innovation" as compulsive demands 
of reason, which makes liberalism the subverter, too, of good traditions, rightful 
beliefs, and those attitudes and characteristics by which a nation in its history has 
received a stamp of its own. 

And I do not hesitate to say that it is this dissolvent role of liberalism which 
removes men's anchors against the revolutionary floodtide of Communism. 

When Bertrand Russell says, "The task of education should not be to uphold 
but to destroy contentment with the status quo/' it is a dangerous declaration of 
change as absolute. 

Followed through consistently, this can also lead to a terrible ignoring of the 
guidance of God in history, and be a denial of revealed truth. 

I could also show without difficulty that the alternative to the liberal passion 

for change is not a petrified conservatism— not a reactionary constraint back to 

"the good old days." 

But stated differently: The remedy for petrifaction is not liberalistic optimism 

or innovation. It is not the revolutionary spirit of freedom which speaks from the 

following words of John Stuart Mill ("On Liberty" ) : 

"The despotism of custom is everywhere the standing hindrance to human 
advancement, being an unceasing antagonism to that disposition to aim at 
something better than customary, which is called, according to circumstances, 
the spirit of liberty, or that of progress or improvement. The progressive prnb 
ciple ... is antagonistic to the sway of custom ..." 

Such a one-sided progressive approach and breaking-down of the existing order, 
is fatal. It fits perfectly the plan of the revolutionary struggle of Communism. 

(e) Freedom of Speech: 

Let us now examine more closely the liberal demand for freedom of speech, 
including academic freedom, as a requirement of reason. 

The premise here is: Everyone must be able to air his opinions. However 
unpopular they may be at the moment, they may yet turn out to be the cor- 
rect view. 

In the "free forum of ideas" reason will have its free choice. 

als came to the deep conviction that all opinions, even erroneous ones, should have 
freedom of expression." 

The great crime would then be for us to prevent people from saying their say, 
or for us to declare that there are things which we do not discuss, or that there are 
people to whom we do not wish to talk. 

"Everybody talks with everybody else about everything, where everybody 
was content to abide by the decision of the majority as long as the dialogue could 

It is almost unnecessary to say that in accord with this, we must allow free 
distribution of Communist literature, 

allow communist lecturers to do as they please, 

tolerate the Communist party, 

tolerate the propagation of Communist ideas, 

i.e. tolerate the propagation of revolution, 

in other words, under cover of peaceful co-existence 

we must place no stumbling-block in the way of the planning of the overthrow 
of the state, or the infiltration of saboteurs, 

and we must tolerate the stealthy liquidation of the capitalists as the enemies 
of the international working class. 

&*■ ; 

No wonder Lippman spoke of THE DEBACLE OF LIBERALISM and 
James Burnham of THE SUICIDE OF THE WEST! 

(f) One Man, One Vote: 

From the aforegoing it is obvious that liberalism must adhere to the democratic 
form of government. 

And further that this cannot be based on anything less than universal franchise 
—"one man, one vote." The government of a country would then be lawful only if 
based on the general will of the people. In this light, liberalism leads to an inter- 
pretation of democracy which works out to government being at its purest when it 
functions by referendum: 

"Government ought to reflect the will of the democratic majority as im- 
mediately, sensitively and accurately as possible." 

This premise pays no attention whatsoever on the one hand to the fact that 
the governing power is an institution of God, and that the government is a servant 
of God. 

On the other hand it pays no attention to the fact that the people over whom 
a government rules are not a number of independent individuals, but are grouped 
into a multiplicity of connections, organizations or common-interest groups. 

It does not demand a great degree of imagination to realize that if the rights 
of a person are to be guaranteed by a majority of one in the body of voters, without 
his being protected by specific corporate bodies which can act as mediators between 
him and the government, then he has actually been delivered over to uncertainty 
and the lack of freedom. 

Imagine what would happen to the church and the religious interests of a per- 
son if the majority of sovereign individuals had to guarantee his religion and the 
free exercise of it. 

Consider the implications for mother-tongue education, religious instruction, 
scientific study, etc. The prohibition of the use of the Lord's Prayer in American 
schools is typical of the "tolerance" of these liberal thinkers. 

(g) World Citizenship: 

Theoretically there is no reason why this individualistic approach to society 
and its emphasis on the views of the majority amongst a crowd of individuals, should 
halt at land- or national-boundaries. 

Burnham says: "Modern liberal doctrine tends naturally toward internation- 
alist conceptions and the ideal of a democratic world order based through one 
mode or another on the majority will of all mankind." 

For the liberal, national sovereignty has become an outdated conception. 

Any form of separation or boundary definition or isolation is taboo. 

Therefore, there is more and more emphasis on world co-operation and the 
idea of a world-government or a world-parliament. 

These are not just the logical consequences of the atomistic view of man and 

nation held by liberals but already we hear voices pleading for their realisation. 

The object is clearly not wittingly to open the way for Communistic world 

But, remembering that the cultural and national loyalties of people are under- 
mined and written off as illiberal, sectional, narrow; and, remembering that Com- 
munism strives actively for world conquest, what resistance can this liberal breaking- 
down of national character provide against engulfment by its overwhelming num- 

And what future in any sense does the liberal world-view offer for the continued 
existence of, e.g. the Afrikaner nation— less than one-thousandth of the world popula- 

(h) Equality: 

When truth is made merely relative, and when democracy is applied on the 
basis of: the half plus one clinches the matter, then it is clear that there is no room 
for a qualitative distinction between people. 

Every person counts as one— a whole one, and one only! 

Thus the liberal emphasis on the individual is a levelling factor, so that our 
century has actually become the century of the ordinary man— the man in the street. 

I think Shelley pictured this man well when he wrote : 

"The loathsome mask has fallen; the man remains; Sceptreless, free, uncir- 
cumscribed, but man: Equal, unclassed, tribeless and nationless, Exempt from 
awe, worship, degree." 

If people are then so "equal, unclassed, tribeless, nationless/' then obviously 
there will be no concern for those factors which distinguish one group of people 
from another or from all the rest. Hence we get from liberal circles vehement feelings 

anti-discrimination, anti-tradition, anti-habit, anti-prejudice, anti-national 
pride, and last but not least anti-anti-communism. 

For liberal thought, patriotism is thus not merely trivial, but an undermining 
of their rationalistic ideals. 

"The cooling off of the patriotic feeling, which reinforces the liberal tendency 
towards internationalism is not at all an arbitrary quirk of liberal sentiment." 

(i) De-Christianising. v 

We could point out further that liberalism is secularized, or becoming so be- 
cause it rejects all non-rational routes to knowledge: 

Its ideals are realized in this life. 

Its paradise is an earthly one. 

The purpose of society and government is the improvement of material 


Therefore, we encounter amongst the liberals an echo of the communist re- 
proach against the message of the church: "Pie in the sky, when you die." This is a 
distinctive feature of the "Social Gospel" of our day. 

The liberal erosion of religion arises also from its having declared war against 
the idea of a supernatural revelation— against the superational and the heavenly or 
other-worldly. And when religion has become chiefly a matter of bread-and-butter, 
a propaganda channel for the franchise, for right of ownership, for wages and human 
equality, it has not only degraded the service of God to the service of man, but also 
thrown the pathway wide open for consistent secularism— atheistic Communism! 

(j) Pacifism: 

It must also have come to our attention that emanating from liberal circles we 
find a strong strain of pacifism. Let us say that it is a tendency. And not with all 
liberals either, because liberals can be rather intolerant, even to the point of vio- 
lence, towards those who are not happy with their "tolerance"— as unreasonable as 
this may seem. 

But because violence and force are essentially irrational, and an embarrassment 
for the open discussion and the democratic procedure, there is an inclination to 
protest against all wars, against nuclear weapons and nuclear testing. 

I wish to say again that this approach is not intended actively to prepare the 
way for Communism, but it is the kind of optimistic approach to human and inter- 
national relations which is deadly dangerous. 

In view of the fact that Communism, by its own declaration, is out for world 
domination—by peaceful penetration or, if necessary, by force— disarmament in this 
peace-time war would be fatal. Total disarmament is suicide if you cannot have 
absolute trust in the good faith of your fellow-man— all your fellow-men. 

But if the liberal pacifists were to have their way, the Western world would have 
to disarm and then abandon itself to the mercy and the faithfulness of the com- 
munists, who have shown themselves in history, in reality, to he merciless and 

(k) Change of Emphasis: 

I want to point out further that in the newer liberalism a change of emphasis 
has taken place. 

During the 19th Century, the emphasis was placed very heavily on free enter- 
prise, free trade, free competition and no state intervention or state protection of 

The disastrous result of this laissez-faire policy was the exploitation of the 
weak, and the creation of the property-less masses. They became, in their turn, the 
prey of Socialism and Communism. 

But at present it is precisely the liberals who protest against the extension of 
individual enterprises by which riches fall into the hands of individuals. And they 
plead for the increase of government control over the economy for social security 

by the state, for the multiplication of all manner of services of the state to 
the community. 

In so doing, liberalism has taken over an important part of the socialist ideology. 

I will risk saying that this brings us dangerously close to State-absoluti— i.e. in 
the very neighborhood of the great master in the field of State-absolutism— Com- 
munism itself! 

(I) Attack the Right Wing: 

Allow me finally to draw attention to a fairly general phenomenon in liberal 
circles, and that is, the seeking out of the greatest enemy on the Right wing, and the 
attacking of it, while reacting with restraint towards the danger from the Left. 

An English writer (Prof. Schlesinger) has expressed it differently: "Liberal- 
ism's Vital centre' is not equidistant from the Left and Right extremities." "It is a 
fact that Liberalism finds, or tends to find, its main enemy, its preferred enemy, to 
the Right." 

Liberalism links up with the tendencies towards the Left, and draws itself aside 
from movements toward the Right. I take a few examples from THE SUICIDE 
OF THE WEST by James Burnham: 

From the liberal side it is sometimes heard that the aspirations and objectives 
of the Communists are good, it is only their methods that are open to improve- 

Liberals find common interests with the Communists, but not with Nazis or 

The Nazi threat and the gas-chambers in Nazi Germany are kept constantly 
before our attention by journalists, preachers, films, television, and politicians, 
but the cruelties of the Communists in Russia and China do not get equivalent 
handling; and neither does the murder of the people of Poland, because these 
are misdeeds on the Left wing. 

There is indignation about French action in Algiers, but we have hardly heard 
about the Arab revolutionaries. 

The Portuguese suppression of insurrection in Angola is greeted with indigna- 
tion, but the reign of terror by the instigator of the rebellion is defended. Thus 
far Burnham. 

Israeli agents smuggled Adolf Eichmann out of Argentina, but what would 
have happened if South Africa had smuggled a few escaped Communists back for 
trial? ' ; . 

Ministers who express support for integration, or for counter-activities arising 
out of a policy of separate freedoms, are hailed as prophets— Luthers of the 20th 
Century—but whoever adopts the opposite point of view is soft-soaping the govern- 
ment and the people! They are then "political predikants." 

If examples are quoted of the undermining of human rights, South Africa 
appears at the top of the list, but the blood-bath of Hungary, the dictatorship of 
Nkrumah in Ghana, the one-party and one-opinion government of Nasser, the 


liquidation of millions of Chinese by the Communists, the banning lately of 150 
Russian ministers to Siberia; these have no liberal news-value. 

In South Africa we have lived to see the activities of Abram Fischer, with all 
their fateful implications described as after all the fault of the Church! It is the 
Church's fault that Fischer became a Communist. Would that possibly be because 
the Church refused to proclaim the materialistic and atheistic philosophy of Com- 

Many Americans burn with indignation over the work of the House Committee 
on Un-American Activities, and Senator McCarthy was called the greatest danger 
since the Second World War— even the chief promoter of Communism; but the 
danger of the State-Department being penetrated by Communists, and the danger 
of America being handed over to Communism on a plate, is apparently nothing but 
an illusion! 

The question is still whether McCarthy was not in some measure a creation 
of Liberalism itself, because the liberals required an enemy on the Right-wing to 
keep alive the contrast between Liberal and Right-wing. This is, in any event, the 
opinion of McCarthy's liberal biographer Richard Rovere. 

The fact that President Kennedy was shot by a known Marxist did confuse 
the issue somewhat. But with the necessary liberal gymnastics it was shown that 
after all it was only Right-wing extremist activities that drove the murderer 
to such a deed! 

Undermines Morality: 

I could also point to the weakening of people's spiritual and moral defensibility 
as a result of a liberalistic moral and religious code : 

It is a fact that when human reason is our highest authority, and we therefore 
reject the authority of the Scriptures, the Church, and the fellowship of be- 
lievers, morality is left without an objective standard. Then man, the majority, 
becomes the standard of good. 

Thus mankind is betrayed to the subjective, the changeable, ultimately to 
degeneration itself. 

Such a viewpoint has no defence against the consistent materialistic philosophy 
of life of Communism. 

If Communism is atheistic; then the rationalistic tendency of Liberalism's 
religious views is no match for it Liberalism undermines and termites true religion 
until it can offer no resistance to de-Christianising. 

If Communism is materialistic, then the secularisation process of Liberalism 
brings it into an area where Communism is a master at the art of secularisation. 
If Communism is totalitarian because the state controls and regiments human life 
down to the minutest details, then Liberalism is its forerunner: 

(a) by its breaking down of the living relationships and interest groupings 
which are a bulwark against excessive state authority; 

(b) because its security state brings it dangerously close to the area of large- 
scale or complete state control. 



If it is the intention of Communism to bring about world revolution peacefully 
or by military force, then the liberal glorification of the idea of change plays into 
the hands of the Communists, and particularly because tried values, tested ways of 
life, the fixed standards of Scripture and confessions of faith, also fall in the struggle. 

If Communism is continually watching for any gap the free world offers; then a 
consistent Liberalism with its policy of toleration towards all, offers no opposition 
to its infiltration and grip on public life. 

If Communism aims at World Domination; then liberalism promotes it through 
its undermining of nationalism, national loyalty and national sovereignty by the 
doctrine of equality. 

It advances Communism by its "left of centre" viewpoint; 
by its pacifism and disarmament plea; 

by the cloak it provides for "fellow-travellers" of Communism; 
by its active and sometimes bitter anti-Right attacks and 
leftist sympathies; 

Let me add just this: 

Defence against Liberalism does not lie in a reactionary conservative attitude. 
It lies in a Christian philosophy of life and view of the world; 

in a healthy, energetic actively-spiritual church life; 
in a healthy national pride; 

in mpral life defined by and obedient to Scripture; 

in an energetic development of the different connections within which the 
individual finds guaranteed his rights and freedom; 
in a responsible exercise of authority by the state; 
in Christian, national, education culture, and so forth 
Let us be strong in these things, then we shall be truly free. 

(The above article was in the form of an address delivered by Dr. Treurnicht before 
the International Symposium on Communism, Pretoria, South Africa, September 
30, 1966.) 



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Section 1. Issues of NEWS and VIEWS 

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The Three Services of the Church League of America 

1. A monthly documented summary of current subversive 
activity, as frequently as three times per month, and known 
as NEWS & VIEWS, featuring such writers as Herbert A. 
Philbrick, E. Merrill Root, Karl Baarslag, Anthony T. 
Bousearen, Senator Paul Broyles, Dr. Ruth Matthews, Dr. 
Bella Dodd, and Major Edgar C. Bundy. This service is 
sent to all contributors of $5.00 or more per year, tax- 

2. Special detailed documented reports on organizations, in- 
dividuals, publications and movements, resulting from 
hundreds of hours of research; From time to time, as the 
Church League of America is able to raise sufficient funds, 
we have the Government Printing Office put back into print 
government hearings which have been out of print for 
some time. These are either distributed automatically to 
our $10+ contributors or they are sold for less than cost 
price. Current testimony of the Director of the F.B.I., given 
in Executive Session to committees of Congress, and which 
is not carried by the American press, radio, television, or 
printed for general distribution by the Government Print- 
ing Office, is also made available to our contributors. This 
document service, plus NEWS & VIEWS, is available for 
those who contribute $10.00 or more per year, tax- 
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3. The privilege of securing documented information from 
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$3.00 each 

This is an expose of the official actions, chronologically arranged, of the National Council 
of Churches in political, sociological, and worldly affairs taken from their own records 
as established by the General Board and the General Assembly, Votes are recorded where 
published by the N.C.C. This is invaluable to all ministers and laymen who wish to 
enlighten church people on how tax-exempt gifts are being spent for political purposes 
in violation of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. 

Issues of NEWS & VIEWS 


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'The Ghost of Judas Walks in .10/.25 


"Spawning Ground for Communism" .10/. 25 

(Union Theological Seminary) 

"The Reuther Brothers Advise the .10/.25 


"Somebody is Definitely not Telling the .10/.25 

Truth" (United Church Women) 

"Social Progress or Socialist Progress .10/. 2 5 


"The United Front Movement is Revived" .10/. 2 5 

"The Case of Private Peter Green" .10/. 2 5 

(or Ghandi-ism Influences American 


"It's Time to Return to the Fundamentals" .10/.25 

"Guilt by Collaboration" (Presbyterian) .10/.25 

"And They Call This Brotherhood" .10/.25 

(VanderbiJt U. Methodist Leftist 


"Professor Fleming" (Vanderbilt U. , TO/.25 

Methodist Leftist Propagandist) 

"X-The Unknown Quantity" (Christmas) .10/.25 

"Is Everybody Crazy?"-— Part I .20/.25 

(Mental Health) 
"Is Everybody Crazy?"— Part II .10/. 25 

(Mental Health) 
"Collectivism in the Churches" ■ .10/. 25 

(Resume of book, exposing National 

Council of Churches) 
"Who is Edwin T. Dahlberg?" , ' .10/.25 

"Are You Afraid?" .10/.25 

"What is Troubling the Episcopalians?" .10/. 25 
"Pacifism, Socialism, Communism- ■& .15/.25 

the National Council of Churches" 

(Part I) 
"Summer Vacation — Moscow Style!" .10/. 25 

(Dr. Willard Uphaus- "Rest Cure") 
"Pacifism, Socialism, Communism & .10/. 25 

The National Council of Churches" 

(Part II) 
"The Juggernaut Rolls On" (National .10/.25 

Council of Churches) 
"Rev. Blake Advocates Force and .10/.25 

Violence" (Expose of Dr. Eugene 

Carson Blake) 
"Treason or Dupery?" (National .10/.25 

Council of Churches) 
"The Mystery of Christmas" ' .10/. 25 

"The Communists Rejoice" (National .10/. 25 

Council of Churches praised by The 


"What is Troubling the Baptists?" .15/.25 

(Part I). 

"What is Troubling the Baptists?" .10/.25 

(Part II) 

"Left-wing Bias in the Religious Press" .10/. 25 

(Expose of The Christian Century) 

"Light Versus Darkness" .10/. 25 

April Spec. "Nikolai Dorofeyevich Yarushevich" .15/. 25 

(Metropolitan Nikolai, Religious 

NKVD Agent) 
May "American Friends Service Committee" .15/.25 

(Part I), 
June "American Friends Service Committee" .15/.25 

(Part II) 
July "Who is Ernest A. Gross, or Who .20/.25 

Speaks For Whom?" 
August "Hate-mongering in the Churches" .10/. 2 5 

(Expose of Gordon D, Hall) 
September "The National Parent Teachers .15/.25 

October "What is Moral Re-Armament, or MRA?" .10/.25 
November "Surely Not the Chautauqua!" .15/. 2 5 

December "Peace — It's Wonderful" (Christmas .10/. 25 

Issue) (False 'Peace 1 Propaganda 



January "They Cry Peace" (Pacifists Assist the .20/. 2 5 

February "The Foreign Policy Association" .15/.25 

February "World Order Study Conference — .15/.25 

Spec. Moscow's Mouthpiece" (Part I) 

(Herbert A. Philbrick exposes National 

Council of Churches) 
March "World Order Study Conference— .15/.25 

. Moscow's Mouthpiece" (Part II) 
April "Women's International League for .10/. 2 5 

Peace & Freedom" 
May "What is Troubling the Southern .15/.25 

Presbyterians" (I) 
June "What is Troubling the Southern. .10/.25 

Presbyterians" (II) 
July "Smear Tactics of the National Council .,15/. 25 

Of Churches" 
August "Fellowship of Reconciliation" .20/. 2 5 

September "Operation Elimination" (Spec, large ,25/. 35 

edition on campaign to eliminate House 

Committee on Un-American Activities) 
October "The Revolt is On" (Special large .25/. 35 

edition. Churches revolt against 

National Council of Churches) 
November "Abusing the Girl Scouts" .25/. 3 5 

December "The Controversial Christ" .15/. 25 


January "What is Troubling the Lutherans?" .15/. 25 

(Part I) 
February "What is Troubling the Lutherans?" , .25/. 35 

(Part II) 
March "Public Affairs Pamphlets" .15/.25 

April "The Death of a Great Church" (How .15/.25 

a Red killed an historic Episcopal 

May "What is Troubling the ' ' .15/. 25 

Congregationalists ?" 
May Spec. "Ralph Lord Roy's Communism and .15/. 2 5 

The Churches" (Devastating Analysis 

of Propagandist Roy, by Dr. J. B. 


Cost Each 

Cost Each 


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"What is Troubling the Lutherans?" 
(Part HI) 



"Is There A Communist Threat?" 

■ 15/.25 


"A Close Look at the American Civil 
Liberties Union" 



"Is There A Communist Threat? 
(part 11) 



"Kingdom Beyond Caste" (One of the 
National Council of Churches' racial 



"Is There A Communist Threat?" 
(part III) 


study courses exposed.) 

May Spec. 

"Communism in the Churches" 



"Are School Textbooks Aiding in the 
Destruction of the American 



"Should the National Council of 
Churches Have Its Tax -Exemption 



"A Presbyterian Speaks to Fellow 



"How the Communists Use Liberals" 



July Spec. 

"Communist Advice for the 1964 



"What is Unitarianism?" 




"Christ Our Only Hope" 



"The Ruthless Reuther" 



"Seed-Beds For Intellectual Weeds" 




"The Captive Nation of Israel and The 


Captive Nations of Today" 


"May the Christian Serve His Country 



"How the Communist and Religious 


In the Armed Forces?" 


Liberals Hate Barry Gold water" 


"Is There Religious Freedom Under 



"God With Us" 



"What is the Hue of the P.O.A.U.?" 



"Is History Repeating Itself?" 




"Cold War Propagandists Who Pervert 




"What Is The Anti-Defamation 


May Spec. 

"What is Troubling the Lutherans?" $1.00/Jl.00 

League of B'nai B'rith?" 

(Part IV) (Extra large edition) 


"The Strange Antics of the Overstreets, 



"Communism on the Campuses" 


Part I" 

(The Reds Invade our Universities) 


"An Exercise in Irresponsibility — The 



"The Wrong- Wing Versus the Right- 


National Council for Civic Responsi- 


"Co-existence With the Chinese 



"The Strange Antics of the Overstreets, 
Part II" 



"The 'Expert' Epidemic" (So-called 
'experts' on Communism exposed.) 



"What Is Happening To America's 



"The Dirty War" (Smear tactics of 
the Enemy) 



"The Baptist World Alliance— Alliance 
With What?" 

.25/35 1 


"Soviet Propaganda in the 'Scholarly' 



"Pete Seeger (Folk Singer) and the 

.25/35 1 


"Christ or Communism" 


July Spec. 

"New York Times Does It Again — 
John Cogley, New Religion Editor" 

.25/35 1 



"Moscow and the American Negro" 

.25/35 I 


"The Demonstrating Clergy" 

.25/35 1 


"Turning of the Tide" (by Commander 



"What the Communist Enemy is Saying" 

.25/35 1 


Karl Baarslag) 
"The Nature of the War We Are In" 



"Another 'Peace' Offensive" 

.25/35 1 

(by Dr. Anthony T. Bouscaren) 


"Christmas Without God?" 

.15/.25 1 


"The Type of Education Which 

Produced Great American Leadership" 
(by Prof. E. Merrill Root) 




"Break the Liberal^ Blackout on Books" 



"The Christian Faith As the Answer" 



"Nihilism in the Academic Groves" 

.15/.25 1 

May Spec. 

"The Bishop and Billy" 
"Stand Fast in Liberty" 



(part I) 
"The Protestant Church Under Castro" 

.15/.25 1 


"The Return of the Square" 



"Nihilism in the Academic Groves" 

.15/.25 1 


"Why I Am A Conservative" 

.10/. 25 

(part II) 


"Communism In Africa" 



"Nihilism in the Acaderhic Groves" 

.15/.25 I 

September Spec. "Know The Enemy" 


(part III) 


"The Menace of Organized Liberalism" 



"It Hasn't Happened Over Night — 



"The Extreme, Ultra, Hyper, Far-Far Left' 


Socialism and the Churches" 


"What Think Ye of Christ?" 



"The Terrible Consequences of Ignorance 1 
or "The Tragic Blindness of Those 



Who Refuse to See" 


"Bishop Pike's Contributions to the 



"The Unholy Alliance In the New 


'Dissolution of Protestantism' " 

Operation Abolition" 


"The National Council's Program for 


February . 


"What Constitutes 'Hate ?" 




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Cost Each 
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September "The Ecumenical Institute: Revolution .25/. 3 5 

Center With a Religious Front" 

October "Recipe for Revolution — 'The New .3 5/. 50. 

Thing' in Missions" 

November "The World Council of Churches"— .35/50 

Platform for Communist Propaganda 

December "The Prince of Peace" .10/. 15 


January "The Institute for American Democracy, .25/35 


February "Liberalism and Communism" .15/. 25 

March "Sabotage in South Africa" .2 5/. 3 5 

April "The Deadly War Against Anti- .25/35 

Communists," Part I 

May "The Deadly War Against Anti- .25/35 

Communists," Part II 
June "The Deadly War Against Anti- • .25/35 

Communists," Part III 
July "What the Communists Tell the World" .25/35 


September "What's Troubling the Methodists?" .10/. 2 5 


April "What's Troubling the Presbyterians?" .10/. 25 


July "I Protest, Says Bishop Oxnam" .15/. 2 5 

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1. AIR FORCE MANUAL, Hearing before House 

Committee on Un-American Activities revealing 
Reds in Religious Institutions . .15 


PROFESSORS (AAUP), Expose by Congress- 
man Francis E. Walter 05 


Report, Critique of "Democracy and Commun- 
ism in World Affairs," ($20 per 100) 25 


COMMITTEE (ECLC), History of their activi- 
ties & attacks on Gov't. Investigating Commit- 
tees 50 


DENCE") 15 


names listed by States 50. 



8. BARNETT, DAS KELLY, Episcopalian Theologi- 

cal Professor, Expose of .25 

9. BILLY GRAHAM, Critique of by Dr. Carl Mc- 

Intire 10 

10. BILLY GRAHAM, "The Bishop and Billy (See 

News and Views, May Special 1963) 10 


SCHOOLS, Review & Summary of Prof. E. 
Merrill Root's Book by Dr. Mark Graubard of 
Univ. of Minnesota 25 


REPUBLIC) (35c for non-Church Leaguers) . .25 


STATUS (Expose of a liberal-leftist so-called 
"religious" journal) (35c, non-CLA members) .25 


- Myron C. Fagan? Is he reliable? (11th Report, 
California Committee on Un-American Activi- 
ties) .10 


CHURCHES (Bibliography Sheet) 05 



J. B. Matthews (non-Church Leaguers 25c) . . .15 



List from Government Printing Office . .No Charge* 


HOOVER, Basic Testimony before House Com- 
mittee on Un-American Activities (A Must for 

all And -Communists !) 15 

Matthews 10 




War," Speech by Congressman Donald Jackson .25 


TORY and METHODOLOGY OF, 66 pages 
of documentation by George W. Robnett .... 1.00 






former Communist Party member and theorist. 
(25c for non-Church Leaguers) 10 



THEM 10 

*With orders of $3.00 or more. 


1000, by Dr. J. B. MATTHEWS .-,.... 2.00 

28. CRONIN, JOHN F. (A liberal Catholic Priest's 

Attack on Anti-Communists) 25 




TIONS (Former President of the National 
Council of Churches) 25 


TIANITY, by Dr. Allan MacRae, President of 
Faith Theological Seminary 10 


AGAINST, by Researcher and Author Julius 
Epstein 1.00 


CASTERS (25c for non -Church Leaguers, 
. $20.00 per 100) : 20 


ated CLERGYMEN 1.00 












COUNCIL OF CHURCHES (Its Relationship) 



. CHURCHES, An analysis of it 50 


NOMINATION, by the Rev. Edwin E. West .15 






W. GWINN No charge* 


BOOK — "The Christian Understanding of 
EAVEY, Christian Educator 1.00 


HIS BOOK-— "The Sun and The Umbrella," 
by DR. C. BENTON EAVEY, Christian Edu- 
cator 2.00 

48. FERRE, NELS —Exposed by DR. DAVID OTIS 

FULLER in "This Is the Apostasy" .10 



by DR. J. B. MATTHEWS (How people are 
duped into joining fronts; identification of 
prominent fronts and front joiners.) 1.00 




TRUTH ABOUT. (A compilation of photo- 
graphed documents showing its left-wing pro- 
clivities and influence on American foreign 
policy.) (SEE ALSO No. 32, Vera Micheles 
Dean) 2.00 


BER 12— "Center For The Study of Democratic 

53. "GOD OR CHAOS?" (See Hoover, J. Edgar, 

Number 55.) 




FBI Director's article on Reds in Churches ... .10 
Communism" (SEE NUMBER 18.) 


U.S.A. 15 


U.S.-A. .15 


U.S.A 15 


U.S.A 15 


U.S.A. 25 


U.S.A 25 


U.S.A 25 

63. HOOVER, J. EDGAR, Letter over Hoover's sig- 

nature showing FBI cannot "clear" anyone or 
give out information on persons or organiza- 
tions to Americans outside Executive Depart- 
ment of U.S. Government No charge* 


KINS (United Presbyterian) by DR. J. B. 





(HCUA) 1.00 




*With orders of $3.00 or more. 

MENTS (35c non-members) 25 










73. McINTIRE, Dr. Carl— WHO IS HE? WHY IS 



"MANUAL FOR SURVIVAL/ ' Counter-Subver- 
sive Training Course (See BOOK SECTION) 

74. MATTHEWS, DR. J. B., "Best Authority On 

Reds," by News Columnist George Sokolsky . . .10 

75. MEISENBACH CASE (The Aftermath of the 

San Francisco Student Riots Against The House 
Committee on Un-American Activities) 10 


No. 145 (See also NEWS AND VIEWS FOR 
January 1958, Parts I & II) 10 




ING 10 YEARS "Why The Methodist Church 
Has Gone Modern" by Dr. C. Benton Eavey . . 2.00 




80. MORAL RE-ARMAMENT, An Examination of 

Leader Peter Howard's Beliefs (A Substitute 

for Christian Salvation and the Gospel) 15 




The Following Reports Pertaining To It: 


THE NCC .- .50 






CONFERENCE, Rev. T. Leibrand's Reply To. .10 


COMMITTEE (An Expose of the Council's 
Totalitarian Methods.) 1.00 




CIL ; ■ 50 




CIL 05 







95. THE RECORD OF THE NCC, 144 pages of its 

political activities 3.00 


Congressman Donald Jackson 25 


Feminine Propaganda Arm of the NCC 25 









(35c non-Church Leaguers) , . .25 


YEARS 1961 thru 1963 WITH INDEX 15.20 


YEARS 1964 thru 1966 WITH INDEX 15.20 

103. NEWS AND VIEWS INDEX FOR 1957-59. . . .50 



106. NEWS AND VIEWS INDEX FOR 1962 .... . .50 





111. OPERATION ABOLITION— 'Yellow Journal- 



DISTORTING WHAT?", by Journalist and 
Editor M. Stanton Evans 15 




14, I960" (See also No, 75, "Meisenbach 
Case" & No. 136 "San Francisco Student 
Riots") 15 








WITH COMMUNISTS" (25c non-Church 
Leaguers) 15 






non-Church Leaguers) 25 

NCC? .' 05 


TROUBLING THEM? (Complete Booklet). 1.00 
"The Immoderate Moderate" 


SCHOLAR ; .10 





WINGERS (Reading List) . . ' 05 



128. "LOOK TO YOUR LANGUAGE" (Changing 

the language meanings in the Bible) by Irma 
Stewart 10 



by Dr. David Otis Fuller 10 


lan MacRae 15 






per 100) 25 












SCHOOLS?", by Rosalie Gordon 20 


YOUR CITY No charge 


NEWS & WORLD REPORT article) 15 






Cmdr. Karl Baarslag (Interdependence Arms 

, Control Scheme) (25c non-Church Leaguers, 

$20 per 100) 15 


Governor of Missouri & Reader's Digest writer, 

O. K. Armstrong ($12 per 100) 15 


by Reno H. Sales 35 








American Legionnaire Lawrence Timbers 10 


UATION OF IT, by Dr. Albert Lindsay, Pastor 
First Presbyterian Church of Tacoma, Wash- 
ington 15 




Hon. Harold Kennedy (35c non-Church Lea- 
guers) 25 






Editorial 05 


huge structure in Geneva, Switzerland to pro- 
mote a world church 05 

NOTICE: ADD 3% above total price for all orders to be 
mailed to CANADA. 


(Prices include Postage) 

APOSTLES OF DECEIT, by Edgar C. Bundy, 550 pages of 
devastating documentation on clergymen who use the 
robes of religion to destroy the faith of millions in the 
Bible, and who substitute a "social gospel," which leads 
■to Communism, in place of the Salvation Gospel. Hun- 
dreds of names are given and their records. 
Hard Cover $4.25 Paperback $2.20 

sor E. Merrill Root. How left-slanted textbooks distort 
history and propagandize for a collectivistic society. 
Eleven "Social Studies" textbooks dissected. 
Paperback $1.20 

354 pages documenting the history of the leftist old 
Federal Council and the new National Council of 
Churches. Now in its 10th Edition as a bestseller. 
Hard Cover $5.25 Paperback $2.20 

Bundy, 162 pages of historical evidence on how the 
Bolsheviks took over the churches of Russia, then the 
Communist take-over of the Satellite state churches, and 
used them as the most effective instrument of Soviet 


strategy for the promotion of Marxism around the world. 
How they captured the affections of Western Modernist 
clergymen who helped them spread their lies and deceit. 
Hard Cover $3.75 

MANUAL FOR SURVIVAL, by Commander Karl Baarsiag 
and Major Edgar C. Bundy, a 15 chapter study course on 
the entire history of Communist subversion, its strategy 
and tactics, infiltration techniques into every phase of 
American Society. The work of the FBI and Congressional 
Committees. Supreme Court Decisions in favor of Com- 
munists. Wrong ideas about Communism, What you 
can do. Complete bibliography of experts' writings on 

Communism. Suitable for High School, University, Home, 
Church and Civic Club study. Recommended by U.S. 
Senate Internal Security Committee Report. 
Paperback. . . .'$3.25 40% discount for large orders. 

NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON, by John Stormer, all- 
time BESTSELLER, over 8,000,000 copies sold. A short 
summary of the softening up of American Society by 
the Liberal-Left unholy coalition. This book is hated by 
' the Communists, Socialists, Modernists, Liberals, World 
Changers, ADAers, and those who refuse to face facts. 
■Paperback. . . .75 cents 


Rental and Sale Prices on Tapes : 

10 min. — $1.25 Rental — $ 2.50 Purchase 
15 min. — $1.55 Rental — $ 3.50 Purchase 
30 min.— $2.50 Rental— $ 5.00 Purchase 

1 hr. — $4.00 Rental— $ 8.00 Purchase 

2 hrs. —$7.00 Rental— $15.00 Purchase 
(20 min. or 25 min. same prices as V2 hr. tapes) 

Valuable Tape Recordings for Anti-Communist Study Groups 
or Public Meetings. 

"The Air Force Manual. & The National Council of 

Churches" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy interviewed by Joe Fribley 

over Radio Station KWKH, Shreveport, Louisiana 
"The American Traditions" 15 min. 

Address by General William H. Wilbur 
"Brainwashing" 1 hr. 30 Min. 

Major William E. Mayer 
"Bundy on Monday" 2 Hrs. 

Address at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, 

Houston, Texas, July 7, 1958 — Major Edgar C 

"Christian Living Under Earthly Government" 15 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 
"The Church and Evangelism" 20 Min. 

Major, Edgar C. Bundy 
"Communism and the Ghurches" 1 Hr. 10 Min. 

Dr. J. B. Matthews 
"Communism in the Churches" 1 Hr. 15 Min. 

Series of 5 addresses by: Major Edgar C. Bundy 
"Communist Penetration of Education" 1 Hr. 30 Min. 

Address by Dr. Bella V. Dodd 
"Communist Infiltration Into Field of Religion" 

1 Hr. 30 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 
"Communist Infiltration Into Field of Education 

1 Hr. 45 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 
"Communist Infiltration Into the Public School System" 

2 Hrs. 45 Min. 

Major Edgar. C Bundy 
'Communist Infiltration Into the Labor Groups" 50 Min. 

Major Edgar C Bundy 
"Communist Penetration Into Government" 1 Hr. 45 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 
"Communist Penetration of Religious Groups" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy — Address given at St. John 

the Divine Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas 
"Communist Strategy and Tactics," Part I 1 Hr. 

Dr. Anthony Bouscaren 
"Communist Strategy and Tactics" Part II 1 Hr. 

1 Hr. 30 Min. 

2 Hrs. 

1 Hr. 

Dr. Anthony Bouscaren 

"Current Peace Drive" 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"Divinity Schools, Communist Penetration of 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"The Dynamite of God" 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

The Emergency Civil Liberties Committee 

A debate between Major Edgar Bundy and Philip 
A. Luce of the Communist Front, The Emergency 
Civil Liberties Committee, On WOR Radio, New 
York City, July 22, 1964, 8; 15 p.m. 30 min. 

"Enter the Anti-Christ" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C Bundy 

'Fifth World Order Study Conference of the National 
Council of Churches, calling for Recognition of 
Red China" by Dr. Carl Mclntire 20 Min. 

"History and Purpose of the Church League of Amer- 
ica" 15 Min. 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"Address by Congressman Elmer J. Hoffman' 40 Min. 

Member U.S. Congress, 14th Dist., Illinois 

"How the Communists are Working Within the United 

States" 25 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy, interviewed by Dr. Carl 

"How Communists Infiltrate" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy, Address to American 
Legion, Dalton, Ga. 

"How the Communists Have Infiltrated Religion" 

3 Hrs. 30 Min. 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"How Our Security is Maintained" 25 Min. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"I Led Three Lives" 1 Hr. 

Herbert A. Phiibrick 

"Immigration Policies, American Committee On," 20 Min. 
By Wayne Poucher 

"Know Your Enemy Series" (For rent only) 

Produced by S.P.X. Research Associates, 15 Half -hour 
Programs on "The Communist Global Conquest," featur- 
ing Colonel Tom R. Hutton 
1. "Concept and Survival" 
"A New Kind of War" 
"What Will You Tell Your Children?' 
"Fraud and the Farmer" 
'Paralysis In China" 
"In the Name of Culture" 
'Paralysis of American Defense" 
'Paralysis Through Information Media 


30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 
30 Min. 


9. "Education for What?" 30 Min. 

10. "U.N. — Instrument of Paralysis" 30 Min. 

11. "Finance, Economics and Labor" 30 Min. 

12. "Law vs. Law" 30 Min. 
13- "Paralysis of Armed Forces" 30 Min. 

14. "The Great Battlefield" 30 Min. 

15. "Weapon for Victory" 30 Min. 
"Major George Christopher of San Francisco Authenti- 
cates 'Operation Abolition" 10 Min. 
Fulton Lewis Jr. 

"Moscow's Plan For A Third Rome" 1 Hr. 15 Min. 

Major Edgar C Bundy 

"The National Council of Churches — Menace or Prom- 
ise?" 1 Hr. 30 Min. 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"The Peoples Platform" 1 Hr. 

Debate on Communist Influence in Religion 

"The Perils of the Social Gospel" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"The Perversion of the Bible" 1 Hr. 30 Min. 

Major Edgar C Bundy (address on the Revised 
Standard Version of the Bible) 

"Pornographic Literature in the Churches and Recom- 
mended by the National Council of Churches" 

1 Hr. 30 Min. 
Joe Fribley of KWKH Shreveport, La. interviews 
Methodist Layman Robert L. Knight 

"Quicksands of the Mind" 1 Hr. 

Professor E. Merrill Root (Address on Subversion 
in Education) 

"Red Influence in Religious Institutions" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"Recognition of Red Tactics" 30 Min. 

Major Edgar C Bundy 

"Subversion in the Churches" Total: 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy, 4 Parts of 1 5 Min. each 

"The Turning of the Tide" 50 Min. 

Address by Commander Karl Baarslag 

"The Type of Education Which Produced Great Ameri- 
can Leadership" 50 Min. 
Address by Prof. E. Merrill Root 

"Uncertain Trumpets" 25 Min. 

Speech written by Congressman Donald L. Jack- 
son. Read by Major Edgar C. Bundy (Expose of 
the National Council of Churches) 

"What Is This Thing Called Love?" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"Which Christ?" 1 Hr. 

Major Edgar C Bundy 

"Why Communists Have Infiltrated Religious Groups" 

1 Hr. 45 Min. 
Major Edgar C. Bundy 

"Will the Communists Capture the U.S. ?" 2 Hrs. 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 

Messages Delivered by Major Edgar C Bundy 
at Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park 
California in September 1964. 

Why the Communists Hate the Fundamental- 
ists 45 min. 

Why the Communists Like Religious Liberals 1 hr. 20 min. 

God's Favorite Extremists 1 hr. 20 min. 

The Big Lie Technique 1 hr. 20 min. 

The Biblical Case for Individualism 1 hr. 20 min. 

Will the American Republic Die Through Brain- 
washing? 1 hr. 20 min. 

What Does Communism Offer? 1 hr. 20 min. 

Which Way U.S.A. 1964? .- 1 hr. 45 min. 


Church League of America radio 
broadcast tapes. 

(each tape contains two broadcasts each approximately 14 min- 
utes in length) 


Introduction to the Church League of America 4 

Infiltration Tactics Described in the Bible 6 

Forces Trying to Abolish Investigating Committees of Con- 
gress 15 

Is There Religious Freedom Under Communism? 17 

Communist Infiltration of American Campuses 10 

Communist Infiltration Into the Field of Religion . 11 

Experts on Anti-Communism ..7 

Religious Leaders Turning to Doctrines of Devils 6 

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam 6 

Role of the Russian Orthodox Church and the World Coun- 
cil of Churches . 14 

Metropolitan Nikolai 4 

The Peace Theme 8 

Necessity for Exposing Error 3 

Who Is Christ According to the Bible? 5 

Religious Leaders Serving the Communist Cause 4 

The Hate Campaign 10 

The Unholy Alliance 8 

Should the National Council of Churches Have Its Tax 

exemption Revoked? 4 

How The Communists Use Liberals 5 

Which Way U.S.A.? 5 

How the Communists and Religious Liberals Hate Barry 
Goldwater (By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them) ... .6 

Attack on Conservative Broadcasters 6 

Unholy Coalition of the Liberal Left Establishment to Des- 
troy Conservative Patriots 1 6 

Penetration of Religious Groups 8 

The Baptist World Alliance 10 

What Is Happening To America's Youth ? 11 

Left- Wing Techniques 3 

Pacifist Disarmament Campaign 12 

Pacifist Peace Offensive 6 

Moscow and the American Negro 6 

The Demonstrating Clergy 10 

Apostles of Deceit 36 

Cuban Churches Under Castro : 6 

Americas Youth (Nihilism in the Academic Groves) ... .12 

Christian Century 6 

Bishop Pike 2 

National Council of Churches Program for Revolution. ... 12 
Ecumenical Institute — Training Ground for Revolution. ... 12 

The Institute for American Democracy, Inc 10 

Liberalism and Communism 4 

Sabotage in South Africa 4 

(Tapes are furnished free to a broadcasting station as soon as 
it schedules the program. Individuals may purchase copies of 
these tapes at $5 per tape. They are not available for rental.) 
For details on how you may get the Church League of America 
radio series on a station in your area, contact: Radio and Film 
Department, Church League of America, Wheaton, Illinois 

The following tapes from the International Symposium on 
Communism held in Chicago, Illinois, March 10-12, 1967, 
are available for purchase at $10.00 each. They are NOT avail- 
able for rental: 

"The Viet Nam Crisis" 
Questions & Answers 56 min. 40 sec. 

Madame Suzanne Labi n 17 min. 40 sec. 


hr. 5 



hr. 8 










"Communist Target: The Congressional Investigative 

Questions & Answers 

Honorable Donald Bruce 1 hr. 

"Cuba and United States Policy" 

Questions & Answers 1 hr. 10 min 

Major Bundy for Paul Bethel 9 min. 

"Pacifist Influence on United States Foreign Policy" 

Questions & Answers 1 hr. 2 min. 

Fulton Lewis III 13 min. 

"What Young Americans Are Doing to Promote 
Freedom in America" 

Questions & Answers 27 

David Keene 28 

"What Young Americans Are Doing to Promote 
Freedom in America" 

Questions & Answers 

Michael Thompson 
"The Communist Party in World Affairs" 

Questions & Answers 1 

Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi 
"Communist Target: Youth" 

Questions & Answers 

Phillip Abbott Luce 
"Trading with the Enemy" or "Building Bridges to 
the Graveyard" 

Questions & Answers 

Karl Baarslag 
"Communist Target: South Africa' 

Questions & Answers 

Dr. J. D. Vorster 
"Communist -Attempted Sabotage of South Africa 
and Rhodesia: How It Was Defeated" 

Questions & Answers 1 hr, 

Nathaniel Weyl 20 min, 

"The Communist Christ" 

Questions & Answers 1 hr. 5 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 28 

"The Relationship of Liberalism to Communism" 

Questions & Answers 

Dr. Nik Lee 1 hr. 18 min. 40 sec. 


When requesting films, film strips or tapes, please designate 
two alternate dates. We will book you for the date available. 
Our contract, found on page 29 must be signed and returned, 
together with your remittance to cover rental and postage fees, 
before the films or tapes can be mailed to you. They must be 
returned the day .following your showing. Please allow two 
weeks delivery. 

An excellent short documentary consisting of actual film foot- 
age of historical events leading up to and following World 
War II, showing how totalitarian forces capitalize on the 
technique of getting free people to adopt an appeasement at- 
titude toward aggressors, and the resulting victories of the ag- 
gressors and enslavement of additional millions. 
Black & White 

30 minutes Rental and Pstg.: $10.50 

A hard-hitting documentary exposing all of the Communist 
Party and front organization publications and their vicious at- 
tacks on Barry Goldwater, calling for his defeat and the elec- 
tion of Lyndon Johnson; and a host of official publications of 
liberal church groups which did the same thing in the same 
language while violating, the provisions of Internal Rev- 
enue Code 501 (c)(3) which forbids the support of or op- 


26 sec. 
, 4 sec. 

36 sec. 
30 sec. 

42 sec. 
30 sec. 

43 sec. 
30 sec. 

10 sec. 

20 sec 
46 sec. 

12 sec. 

12 sec. 

14 sec. 

14 sec. 

30 sec. 

20 sec. 

34 sec. 

position to any candidate for public office on the part of tax- 
exempt groups. 

Black & White Rental and Pstg.: $ 10.50 

30 minutes Purchase price: $100.00 


A dramatic, hard-hitting film which depicts the whole story 
starting with the days before Batista grasped his dictatorial 
command of Cuba. It shows how a power-hungry and bearded 
Fidel Castro was able to unite gradually the fragmentary forces 
which were opposed to the Batista regime and fight a guerilla 
war on the one hand while he sold his country short to the 
Communists with the other. The film contains footage of 
Castro's first raids on Batista's strong points, student rioting, 
Castro's men training in the mountains, Soviet officials ar- 
riving in Cuba, circus-like trials followed by brutal executions, 
and Fidel Castro embracing Nikita Khrushchev on the side- 
walks of New York. This documentary proves with thunderous 
editorial detail the extent to which Fidel Castro has permitted 
Communism to gain an iron foothold in Cuba. 
Black & White 
53 minutes Rental and Pstg.: $15.65 

Explores how basic philosophies of socialist Communism con- 
trast with those of a free Republic. 
Black & White 
45 minutes Rental and Pstg.: $10.50 


(in four parts- 15 minutes each) 
These documentaries give the Communist Party, U.S.A. plan 
for taking over the United States of America. You will see 
for the first time on film the official party program, plus 
basic testimony of J. Edgar Hoover before committees of the 
U.S. Congress, on how serious the internal threat of Commun- 
ism is to the United States. Narrated by Major Bundy. 
Black & White Rental & Pstg.: $ 5.50 each 

15 minutes each Purchase price: $50.00 each 

Documents the continued growth of the world-wide Red con- 
spiracy — Includes coverage of the Cuban take-over and the 
San Francisco riots. 
40 minutes Rental and Pstg.: $15.65 


A documented historical coverage showing how the Soviet 
Union has subjugated 28 countries and territories since 1917. 
Black & White 
30 minutes Rental and Pstg. $10.50 


This half hour hard-hitting revelation of the stepped-up 
campaign of subversive forces working within the United 
States to destroy it, was first presented as a television address 
by Major Edgar C Bundy, former U.S. Air Force Intelligence 
officer, author of five books, world famous lecturer, ordained 
minister, and executive secretary of The Church League of 

In this shocking revelation of how bad off we are internally, 
Major Bundy reveals the latest findings of the Honorable J. 
Edgar Hoover, director of the F.B.I., in regard to the great 
advances the Communists, their fellow travelers and sympa- 
thizers, liberal dupes, front organizations, and infiltrated "legi- 
timate" organizations have made in their campaign to destroy 
-the land we love. 

This film shows how the Communist Party of the U.S.A. in- 
tends to take over America as described in its own official pub- 


lication written by Gus Hall, executive secretary of the CPUSA, 

in the revealing publication entitled, "New Program of the 

Communist Party USA," and dated 1966. 

What is presented in this film is not so-called "Extremist" 

hysteria. It is not'idle rumor or gossip. It is a factual, reliable 

and shocking revelation direct from primary sources of the 

highest authenticity. 

Help wake up a sleeping and lethargic America by scheduling 

this film for showing in your own community. 

Black & White 

30 minutes Rental & Pstg.: $10.50 


Depicts in brilliant colors the pageant in Ohio State University 

stadium, before 85,000 spectators, the history of the American 

flag, sponsored by the Ohio State Society of the Sons of the 

American Revolution. Members of the Ohio State University 

R.O.T.C. present the various flags used in the history of the 

U.S. and a commentator explains their origin. The audience in 

the stadium pledges allegiance to the American Flag and the 

"Star Spangled Banner" is played for the climax. 


20 minutes Rental & Pstg.: $5.50 


A documentary, narrated by former Congressman, and member 

of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Donald L. 

Jackson. See the stark tragedy of how the so-called 'peaceful" 

United Nations, with the help of the U.S. State Department, 

savagely attacked the only anti -communist province of the 

Congo, through the use of rapacious mercenary soldiers, 

slaughtered helpless civilians, including missionaries, nuns, 

doctors, and ambulance drivers. 

Black & White 

60 minutes Rental 8c Pstg. : $15.65 


(Produced by the Christophers) A very moving portrayal of 

the major events in the life of Abraham Lincoln, with excerpts 

from his outstanding speeches from the time he left Springfield, 

Illinois until his death during his second term in the Presidency 

of the U.S. The greatness of Lincoln cannot help but be felt 

by all those who watch and listen while this film is being 


Black & White 

40 minutes Rental & Pstg.: $10.50 


A covering of Communist-led riots against the House Commit- 
tee on Un-American Activities in San Francisco. 
Black & White 
45 minutes Rental & Pstg. : $10.50 


A Timely, Factual Film on Congressional Investigations 

: Congressional inquiries have been discussed and debated for 
a generation or more. Charges and counter-charges between 
supporters and non-supporters of committee actions have cen- 
tered around the rules, limits, methods, scope, and legitimacy 
of Congressional investigations. 

Are Congressional investigations star-chamber sessions, rub- 
ber-truncheoned inquisitions, fishing expeditions. . .or essen- 
tial arms of Government providing an informational service to 
the Congress as it determines the need for new or modified 
legislation ? • 

What, if any, are the investigatory powers reposed in the 
Congress? Are such powers constitutionally established? Are 
they implicit in the legislative function? Are they sanctioned 
by the courts? 

The 16-mm sound and color motion picture. (f The Questions 


and the Answers" surveys the critical and pervasive role of 
Congressional investigations, beginning with the first formal 
investigating committee organized in the Congress in 1792. 
The diverse scope and variety of investigations since initiated 
by the legislative branch, covering virtually every field of 
public concern, are, reviewed. Court decisions affirming the 
legality of Congressional inquiries are scrutinized. 

A special section of the film deals with the House Commit- 
tee on Un-American Activities and its Senate counterpart, the 
Internal Security Sub-Committee. Investigations by these com- 
mittees into the area of espionage and subversion have brought 
both under sharp and repeated attack. 

"The Questions and the Answers'' is a timely, dispassionate, 
factual, candid, objective and dramatic analysis of the investiga- 
tive function of Congress and of the impact of investigative 
committees on legislation. 

This educational motion picture is of compelling importance 
in the study of current governmental problems and issues. 
26 mins., 40 sec. Rental and Postage: $10.50 


The Hungarian people disproved the Communist contention 
that people can be turned into automatons, that the Jove of 
freedom can be "educated" out of them. 

Black & White Rental & Pstg.: $10.50 

26 minutes 


Here is a hard-hitting expose of the drive to substitute State 
Welfareism for the traditional system of Individual Liberty 
and Local Rule on the grounds that the American Free Enter- 
prise System is no longer capable of meeting the complex 
problems of the Twentieth Century. Mr. Reagan's amazing 
and forthright analysis of forces seeking to undermine our 
country will hold your attention from beginning to end. 
Black & White Rental & Pstg.: $ 10.50 

30 minutes Purchase price: $100.00 


A debate between the Reverend Harold J. Bass, Minister of 
Hillside Community Church, Tacoma, Washington, and Major 
Edgar C: Bundy, Executive Secretary of the Church League 
of America concerning Communism and Liberalism among the 
clergy and in the churches of the United States. 
Black & White Rental & Pstg.: $ 10.50 

28 minutes Purchase price: $100.00 

A 78-min., 16-mm. sound motion picture, News-reel films 
are used to dramatically picture the progress of communism, 
beginning with Lenin as he returns from exile in Switzerland 
to seize power after the Czar's assassination in 1917. As the 
rest of the documentary unfolds, startling parallels become 
evident in the different periods of communist rule. (Narration 
by Ronald Reagan) Available on special contribution basis, 
$25 minimum. 
Black & White 
78 Minutes 


(The sound motion picture which church members have been 

waiting for) 

A tremendous grassroots revolution is gathering increasing 

force from one end of the United States to the other. It is a 

revolt by the- laymen in the local churches which are affiliated 

through their denominations with the National Council of 


Claiming to represent some 40 million American Protestants 

and masquerading under a religious front, the National Coun- 

cil of Churches continues to make political pronouncements 
in clear violation of the Internal Revenue Code simply because 
enough people in positions to do something about it are 
not informed as to what is happening. 

Here for the first time is a 16-mm sound motion picture film 
exposing the National Council of Churches. Many of your 
questions about the N.C.C. will be answered in this new 
film, which has been reproduced from a video tape of the Tyler 
Freedom Forum, telecast over Station KLTV in Tyler, Texas 
on April 11, 1966. The program moderator is Mr. Richard 
Harvey, and his guests are Major Edgar C. Bundy, Rev. Bill 
Moore and Rev. Charles Kil lough. 

Black & White Rental & Pstg: $25.00 

60 minutes Purchase price: $200.00 


Revealing the comparison between freedom and enslavement 

in Berlin today. A dramatic picture of West Berlin's post-war 



20 minutes Rental & Pstg. : $10.50 


Based entirely on the research findings and conclusions reached 
by Dr. William Mayer, the only medical officer (Major) on 
the special intelligence board which examined and interviewed 
more than a thousand U.S. and U.N.. soldiers who were re- 
leased from Communist prisoner of war camps in Korea. De- 
picts the Chinese Communist brainwashing techniques in 
manipulating the minds of our men. 
Black & White 
27 minutes Rental & Pstg.: $10.50 


While brave men die in Vietnam to help preserve freedom in the 
World, demonstrations supporting the Communist position are 
taking place in the United States of America. 

The marches, "teach-ins," draft-card burnings and rallies 
are factually and dramatically exposed for what they really 
are in this hard-hitting 16-mm picture documentary. 

You will see and hear exclusive interviews with some of 
the leaders themselves concerning the purpose of their demon- 
strations and statements by such clerics as the Rev. Edwin T. 
Dahlberg, former president of the National Council of 
Churches, and Mrs. Martin Luther King. 

This film must be seen by every American who is con- 
cerned with the future of our country. 

Narrated and directed by. Donald C. Bruce — Member, U.S. 
Congress, and House Committee on Un-American Activities, 
1961-1964; Fulton Lewis III — Former Research Director, 
House Committee on Un-American Activities, narrator and 
director of the film, "Operation Abolition." 
Black & White 
30 minutes Rental & Postage: $10.50 


"AMERICA'S SECRET" Rental $5.00 

35 -mm filmstrip, in color, with synchronized tape recording, 
running time 20 minutes. This film is sure to open the eyes 
of many who never before realized the great importance of 
this nation's Economic Freedom or even what free enterprise 
is and how it works. f 


In this 30-minute filmstrip, you will see an excellent example 

of the plague that is sweeping across the campuses of America. 

See how one of the nation's largest educational institutions, 

The University of California, has come under the influence of 

a handful of fanatic revolutionaries. 

with 3.75 ips taped narration rental fee: $5.25 

3 5 -mm filmstrip, in color, with synchronized tape recording or 
record. Showing time approximately 45 minutes. The mission 
and message of the Church League. See this great conservative 
organization at work as we take you on a tour of its national 
headquarters. You will be thrilled at the scope of operations 
of this 30 year old leader in the battle for God and country. 


This is a 30-minute presentation of the whole frightening story 
of the riots in the Watts District of Los Angeles in August 
of 1965. The story shown from beginning to end tells what 
events like this mean to you and the future of this country, 
with 3.75 ips taped narration rental fee: $5.25 

"COMMUNISM ON THE MAP" Rental $10.00 

3 5 -mm filmstrip, in color, with synchronizer tape recording, 2 
reels, approximate showing time: 1 Hr. 45 Min. The plotting 
on the global map of Communism's relentless advance, nation 
by nation, builds up to a frightening climax as the strategic 
island of Cuba, 90 miles from our shore, becomes a fortress 
dedicated to our destruction. 

"COMMUNIST ENCIRCLEMENT 1961" Rental $15.00 
35-mm film strip, in color, with synchronized tape recording — 
showing time approximately 45 min. Film strip version of the 
16-mm sound film. 


35-mm filmstrip with synchonized 3-75 ips taped narration. 
Showing time 25 minutes. A timely and topical expose of the 
current "death of God" theology and the National Council of 
Churches. Facts are presented in a foremat that convinces even 
the most skeptical that there are indeed problems in America's 
churches. Particularly effective among those who have a strong 
moral foundation and are churchgoing. 

"OVER THE WALL" Rental fee: $5.00 

35-mm film strip in color, with synchronized tape or record- 
showing time is 36 minutes. Recorded at 3.75 ips. Here is a 
graphic picture of what goes on behind the informer's wall 
erected in Berlin. No audience will be able to forget this 
graphic portrayal of Freedom vs. Slavery. 

35-mm film strip in color — with synchronized tape or record, 
15 min. running time. An excellent portrayal in color of great 
events of early American history, composed of photographs of 
original paintings in Washington, D.C. showing George 
Washington and many American historical scenes. The Con- 
stitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence 
are presented. Beautiful color shots of America's great natural 
resources, industries, and scenery are depicted, and a moving 
commentary of the great heritage handed down to us by our 
forefathers who pioneered and developed our land. 


35-mm film strip, in color, with synchronized tape recording, 
running time 20 minutes. Covers a vast panorama of the his- 
tory of governments in the time of man. Where other revolu- 
tions simply replaced one despot with another, the American 
Revolution replaced despots with a code of government based 
upon eternal principles and the belief that every man is born 
with certain specific, inalienable rights. A true appreciation 
and understanding of the reason behind our country's birth 
is forcefully told in this film. 

35-mm film strip in color with synchronized tape recording or 
record-showing time 30 minutes. This is a scholarly expose of 
the evolutionary hypothesis as a fraud, and an excellent 
defense of the Genesis act of creation. It should be shown in 
churches and in schools across America. The narrative is given 
by one of America's great Christian scholars, Dr. R. J. Rush- 


TWO WORLDS series — running time, 15-minutes each sub- 
ject, 3 5 -mm. 
Group 1 : 

1 . A Brief Look At History 

2. The Two Worlds 

3. The Fall of Nations 

5. The Two Governments 
Group 2: 

5. From Jamestown and Plymouth to 1776 

6. The Making of The Constitution 

7. Ratification and The Bill of Rights 

8. Influences on our Constitution 
Group 3: 

9. What Is Communism 

10. Communist Expansion 

11. The Lures of Communism 

12. Communism's Formula For Power 

Group 4: 

13. History of Socialism 

14. Socialism In Europe and England 

15. Socialism's Record 

16. Socialism in The United States 
Group 5: 

1.7. The Role of Private Property 

18. The Profit Motive and The Free Market 

19. Capital Investment Creates Jobs 

20. Economics and The Natural Law 

Group 6: 

21. Two Worlds Review 

22. The Individual and His Government 

23. Responsibilities of Citizenship 

24. An Individual's Moral Responsibilities 

with 331/3 rpm record narration .. rental fee: $2.25 each no. 

$30.00 complete set. 

Back Issues of NEWS & VIEWS 

The following back issues of NEWS & VIEWS, printed prior 
to January of 1957, are now available as reprints at the prices 
indicated. The 10c price is for those who are already members 
of the Church League of America. The 25c price is for non- 
members. Order them by name and by date: 

Cost Each 
Subscriber/Not) Subscriber 



"Is the U.S.A. a Democracy ?" 




"Forces and Processes Behind the 
Conflict in Education" 




"Why do Liberals Fight Congressional 




"What is Troubling the Methodists? 




"What is Troubling the Presbyterians?" 




"N.E.A. Got Its Fingers Burned in 




"I PROTEST" says Bishop Oxnam" 




"The Right to Work in a Free Country" 











"Let the People Know, said Lincoln, and .10/. 2 5 
the Country will be Safe" 

"Can the Leopard Change His Spots?" .10/. 2 5 

"Federal Aid Is No Way .10/. 25 
To Help Public Education" 

"What Are The Reds Up To Now ? .10/.25 

"Civil Rights" Has Angles to Watch .10/.25 

"The How and Why of Internal Security" .10/. 25 

The following issues of NEWS AND VIEWS for 1967, not 
listed on page 7, have since been printed: 


The Communist Christ" 

September "The Deadly War Against 

Anti-Communists," Part IV 

October "What To Do In Vietnam? Do Away 
With Bad Conscience." 

November "The Communist Party In International 

December "Why Man Needs A Saviour" 





Send order to: Order Department, Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 
Cash, checks or money orders only. Do not send stamps. 



422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Illinois 60187 


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of a check, a rental fee of $ per day for the film designated below. 

The undersigned agrees to handle this film with care and to be responsible 
for any damage caused while in the undersigned's possession. 

The film will be shipped to you in advance of your showing date via special 
handling, special fourth class rate. If air mail delivery is desired, payment for 
additional postage must be made in advance. 

It is agreed that the undersigned will return the film via special handling 
to the Church League of America the morning of the first business day follow- 
ing the showing of the film. 

Should the undersigned retain the film for an additional day or days following 
the day contracted for, then the undersigned will remit an additional rental 
fee for each day held. We must be notified immediately for permission to 
hold a film longer than contracted. 

The film cannot be shipped until this contract is signed and returned to the 
Church League film department along with the rental fee. Because of booking 
conflicts, this contract is subject to approval by the Church League of America. 

Signature :_ ; 

Name (please print) 


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12.01 to 14.00 '.. .80 

14.01 to 16.00 .90 

16.01 to 20.00 1.00 

over $20.00 5% of order 

3% increase in price for Canadian orders. 



A History of the Organization, 
Including Its Founders, Scope of 
Activity, and How Individuals 
May Participate In Its Mission 

"Eternal Vigilance 
The Price 

Is Forever 
Of Liberty" 


The organization of the 
Church League of America was 
born in the minds of three men: 
the Honorable Frank J. 
Loesch, Henry P. Crowell, and 
George Washington Robnett. 

FRANK J. LOESCH was the 

great Chicago lawyer whose 
memory is still green as the man 
who, in 1929 when he was head 
of the Chicago Crime Commis- 
sion, was a major factor in the 
prosecution of Al Capone which 
sent the gangster to prison. It 
was Mr. Loesch who labeled Ca- 
pone "Public Enemy No. l."Mr. 
Loesch was 76 years old at the 
time. That, and his work as a 
member of the Hoover Law En- 
forcement Committee, headed 
by George W. Wickersham, 
brought Mr. Loesch national 

Mr. Loesch, Senior member 
of the Chicago firm of Loesdh, 
Scofield, Loesch and Burke, was 
a constitutional lawyer. 

He was also an ardent and 
active churchman and Elder of 
one of Chicago's most prominent 
churches, the Fourth Presby- 
terian Church. 

Early in the 1930V Mr. 
Loesch saw the growing en- 
croachment of government upon 
the constitutionally guaranteed 
rights of the individual and a 
consequent threat to the con- 
stitutional structure itself. More- 
over, he saw that many ministers 
and church leaders throughout 
the country were accepting so- 
cialistic experimentations as a 
great reform movement and they 
began preaching it from their 
pulpits and writing it in church 
literature without apparent un- 
derstanding of the road they 

were'traveling toward complete 
socialization of the American 
way of life, including religious 

Mr. Loesch spent fifteen years 
as leader of the Men's Bible 
Class of the Fourth Presbyterian 
Church. He was a member of 
the Chicago and American Bar 
Associations; was counsel for the 
American Medical Association; 
organized the $80,000,000 
Chicago Union Station Company 
in 1913 and was its general 
counsel; counsel for the Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad System in Illi- 
nois; member of the Board of 
Education of the City of Chica- 
go; special States Attorney to 
uncover election frauds; Presi- 
dent of the Chicago Bar Associa- 
tion; President of the Union 
League Club of Chicago; Presi- 
dent of the Literary Club of 
Chicago; one of the founders of 
and President of the Law Club 
of Chicago; Trustee and Secre- 
tary of the Chicago Historical 
Society and later First Vice 
President; special assistant At- 
torney General of Illinois for 
Cook County to clean up the 
crime situation; honorary mem- 
ber of Rotary and Kiwanis; and 
the recipient of the Chicago 
Merit Awards, presented by a 
distinguished jury composed of 
presidents of leading business, 
education and civic organiza- 

ternationally known cereal man- 
ufacturer, Chairman of the 
Board of Quaker Oats, and 
referred to in his biography as 
"The Aristocrat of the Breakfast 
Table," was also a noted Presby- 
terian layman, a thorough evan- 
gelical in his theological beliefs, 
and a heavy supporter of the 
work of the famed Moody Bible 

Institute, known as <( The West 
Point of Christian Service." The 
largest edifice on the Moody 
Campus today is named after 
Mr. Crowell. 


was an advertising executive in 
Chicago for years, a research 
expert and analyst on sub- 
versive activities, and a member 
of the Methodist Church. Mr. 
Robnett had accumulated a 
library and "working files" on 
communists and fellow-travelers 
in the United States over a 
period of thirty years, during 
which time he studied the var- 
ious social and economic move- 
ments and cataloged the names 
of individuals involved in these 
movements with the various 
doctrines they were advocating. 
His library included reports 
of U.S. House of Representatives 
Investigating Committees on un- 
American activities as far back 
as the Hamilton Fish committee 
of 1930 — the first such Congres- 
sional report ever made on com- 
munism in this country; the Lusk 
legislative investigation in New 
York State; the Rapp Coudert 
investigation of communist 
teachers in New York; the 
Illinois and California reports; 
reports of the Dies and McCar- 
ran committees, and of other 
House and Senate investigations 
which are now unobtainable. 

The First Organizing Meeting 

The three gentlemen named 
above called a meeting on Wed- 
nesday, March 24, 1937, at 
which time Mr. Robnett stated as 
"A part of the program pro- 
posed for this organization, 
which it is suggested that we 
create, is to publish and dis- 

tribute to ministers and lay 
people regular bulletins in 
which would be described cer- 
tain political movements 
which might have direct or 
indirect effect upon the 
churches or their work, or 
the future of religious move- 
ment. Many ministers are too 
busy with their church work 
and programs to do much 
general reading, and it is be- 
lieved that during a period 
such as this information of 
this kind would be helpfuL" 

At this meeting were prom- 
inent lay people of Methodist, 
Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, 
Congregational, and Disciples of 
Christ churches. 

Mr. Harley Ward, Baptist lay- 
man, Wilmette, Illinois, an ad- 
vertising man, made a motion to 
establish the Church League of 
America — to concern itself with 
matters that may concern reli- 
gious liberty, and that particular 
attention be given to a national 
radio program and the publish- 
ing of informative bulletins. 

Mr. Wilbur Helm, prominent 
Methodist layman and Secretary 
of the Conference of Methodist 
Laymen, Chicago stock broker, 
moved that a national head- 
quarters be established; that 
funds be raised to carry on the 
work; and that George W. Rob- 
nett be elected temporary chair- 

A few weeks later Frank J. 
Loesch was elected as General 
Chairman and Mr. Robnett as 
Executive Secretary. 

National Headquarters 

National headquarters were 
opened at 53 West Jackson 
Boulevard and the following in- 
dividuals made directors: 

C. W. Howe, Director of 
the Old Republic Life Insur- 
ance Company of Chicago, 
— Chairman of the Commit- 
tee of Laymen; 

Dr. John W. Brandt, lead- 
ing physician of Pittsburgh, 
—Vice Chairman of the Lay- 
men's Committee; 

Dr. Aimer Pennewell, 
prominent Methodist minister 
of Evanston, Illinois — Chair- 
man of the Committee of 

Dr. R. L. Decker, Pastor of 
the Temple Baptist Church of 
Kansas City, Co-Chairman of 
the Committee of Clergy. 

Within a few short months 
the Church League of America 
had more than six thousand 
members of the clergy from all 
church denominations through- 
out the United States and over 
50,000 lay members of churches 
supporting the work of the 
League and receiving its monthly 
documented bulletin, NEWS & 

Research and analytical work 
was done in the Chicago head- 
quarters for all of the Church 
League supporters who desired 
background information on in- 
dividuals speaking before their 
church groups and writing 
church literature. Outstanding 
speakers were provided by the 
League who appeared before 
large audiences over the nation. 
Many seminars lasting two and 
three days were conducted by 
the Church League. Among the 
speakers provided by the League 

Dr. Kenneth W. Colegrove, 
Professor Emeritus of Polit- 
ical Science at Northwestern 

University, and well known 

authority on Far Eastern 


Charles Lachman, retired 
businessman and Vice Presi- 
dent of Ursinus College, Col- 
legeville, Pennsylvania; 

Rev. Johnstone Beech, 
Episcopal minister of Gaines- 
ville, Texas; 

Col. Walter L. Furbershaw, 
former head of Army Intelli- 
gence for the Sixth Corps, 
U.S. Army; 

Dr. Alfred P. Haake, man- 
aging director of the National 
Association of Furniture 
Manufacturers, former Mayor 
of Park Ridge, Illinois, author 
and well known economist; 

E. Gordon Fox, past Presi- 
dent of Chicago's Western 
Society of Engineers, and re- 
tired Vice President of the 
Koppers Company; 

George W. Robnett — and 

Recently the Church League 
added several writers to its dis- 
tinguished list of NEWS & 
VIEWS authors, such as Dr. J. 
B. Matthews, former Research 
Director of the House Commit- 
tee On Un-American Activities, 
and Herbert A. Philbrick, who 
spent nine years as an under- 
cover spy for the F.B.I. within 
the Communist Party. 

In 1952 the Church League 
moved its headquarters to Evan- 
ston, Illinois, where it acquired 
considerably more space to 
house its voluminous library and 
additional working areas for 
office employees. It has been 
located in Wheaton, Illinois 
since November 1956, and in a 
magnificent Williamsburg Colo- 
nial building built in 1962 at a 
cost of $250,000. 

The Library 

The library of the Church 
League of America has accum- 

ulated a vast number of books 
on religious, educational, politi- 
cal and social movements, and 
on communism, many of which 
are rare and out of print. It has 
an entire section for religion, in- 
cluding government hearings by 
State and Federal authorities; 
pamphlets, books, and sermons 
by ministers; youth publications, 
and Sunday School quarterlies. 
There is one whole section built 
around John Dewey, the educa- 
tor, whose philosophy of prag- 
matism ("what works is good 
and the end justifies the means") 
softened many intellectuals in 
America for the acceptance of 

The Church League head- 
quarters contain thousands of 
files of individuals and organiza- 
tions who have been engaged in 
subversive or "fellow-traveler" 
activities. These files contain 
original documents and propa- 
ganda published by such organi- 
zations as The American League 
of Peace and Democracy (the 
first communist-front organiza- 
tion in the United States); the 
League for Industrial Democ- 
racy; the Institute of Pacific 
Relations; the Fellowship of 
Reconciliation; the People's In- 
stitute of Applied Religion; the 
Workers' Defense League; 
Americans For Democratic Ac- 
tion; and the American Civil 
Liberties Union. 

Other files contain outright 
communist data and propaganda 
such as: material on the old 
I.W.W.; the American-Russian 
Institute;'the John Reed Society; 
the Jefferson School of Social 
Science; the American Commit- 
tee For the Protection of the 
Foreign Born; and hundreds of 

In another section are stacks 
of communist publications run- 

ning back to the date when the 
Communist Party was first 
founded in Chicago in 1919; 
the New Masses, Daily Record, 
New Times, the Daily Worker, 
the Communist, Political Affairs, 
and the People's Daily World. 
The Church League files con- 
tain nearly 3,000,000 3x5 cross- 
referenced index cards on in- 
dividuals, organizations and 
publications which serve the 
communist cause in the United 
States in at least one or more of 
the three categories: 

1) Communist Party mem- 

2) Fellow-travelers, party 
sympathizers or front- 

3) Dupes. 

Thousands of ministers have 
written to the Church League 
headquarters saying that they 
have used source material re- 
ceived from Church League 
headquarters as material for ser- 
mons and for instruction in re- 
ligious institutions. 

There are not more than three 
files in the entire United States 
comparable to the Church 
League files. 

Great American daily news- 
papers, such as the Chicago 
Herald-American, devoted en- 
tire pages to the Church League 
of America. (See page 16, Part I, 
Editorial Page of Chicago Sun- 
day Herald- American for Febru- 
ary 8, 1942, giving two column 
wide editorial and three columns 
on the Church League of 

Tax Exemption 

The Church League has been 
supported wholly by tax-deduct- 
ible contributions from individ- 
uals, churches, foundations and 

business corporations through 
the years. 

The Church League of Amer- 
ica received tax-exemption 
status from the U. S. Treasury 
Department on June= 11, 1942. 

A Statement of Premise and 

The Church League of Amer- 
ica is a voluntary organization 
of citizens constituted of both 
Clergy and Laymen who are 
affiliated with the Christian 
church movement in America 
and who are in general agree- 
ment with the principles as set 
forth below: 

1 . We must rekindle the spirit 
of valiant Christian American- 

2. The American System of 
free speech, free press, free re- 
ligion, free assemblage and free 
enterprise must be maintained 
in this nation irrespective of 
what social, economic or politi- 
cal systems any other nation may 
prefer and adopt. 

3. The American Way has 
provided a wider distribution of 
prosperity and happiness than 
any other system of self-govern- 
ment ever attempted by human 
kind at any time or in any place. 

4. This vast global upheaval 
has unleashed forces which will 
have far-reaching and dynamic 
influence upon the spiritual, so- 
cial, economic and political 
strata in this nation as well as 
throughout the world. Revolu- 
tionary forces will capitalize and 
ultilize the favorable conditions 
of unrest that are now a part of 
and which will follow this titanic 
struggle. Unprecedented prob- 
lems will face our own nation 
as the result of external and in- 
ternal pressure forces now at 
work which' will be highly active 

during the readjustment period 
which we inevitably face. 

5. Marxian Socialism is a 
growing force in this nation (as 
well as throughout the world) 
the history, character, and pur- 
pose of which is an alarming 
threat to all existing order. This 
particularly applies to religion — 
especially to Christianity. 

6. The challenge of destruc- 
tive, organized Radicalism must 
be met intelligently and coura- 
geously. These are issues that re- 
quire greater vigilance and un- 
derstanding than in former 
times. The trend toward Na- 
tional Socialism is marked by a 
desire to centralize and expand 
Federal authority to encompass 
and control the minutiae of our 
lives — and such trend must in- 
evitably eventuate into some 
form of collectivism where the 
sovereignty of the individual is 
totally eclipsed by the sovereign- 
ty of the State. 

7. The best safe-guard 
against totalitarianism in this 
country is to preserve the in- 
tegrity of our Constitutional 
"checks and balances" — and it 
is a distinct responsibility on the 
part of each citizen to help see 
that this is done. The Legislative 
—the Judicial — and the Execu- 
tive Departments of government 
must remain independent of each 
other — and a wide range of 
States' rights must be preserved 
and respected if our Republic is 
to endure. Ours is distinctly a 
limited government deriving its 
powers from the governed and 
it must always remain so. Jeffer- 
son spoke truly when he said: 
"In matters of power then let no 
more be heard of confidence in 
men but bind down the officers 
of the government with the 
chains of the Constitution." An 

all-powerful government tends 
to become arrogant, imperious, 
extravagant and Fascistic. 

8. The Church League of 
America, composed of a Com- 
mittee of Clergy and a Commit- 
tee of Laymen (The National 
Laymen's Council), works in 
common interests and common 
purpose to preserve those Chris- 
tian and American traditions 
which constitute the only found- 
ation upon which free institu- 
tions can survive. 

9. This work is inspired by 
the Christian philosophy that 
elevates and dignifies human 
personality in contrast to the so- 
called "Collectivist" or Marxian 
doctrines which seek to make 
the people the servants of the 
State. American traditions mir- 
ror the State as the servant of the 
people. Christian philosophy 
teaches that people are the chil- 
dren of God — not the pawns of 
a soulless State. There is no 
place for free religion in either 
a Fascist or Socialist regime. 

10. The Church League of 
America is a medium of contact 
between social and intellectual 
leaders and laymen, serving to 
bring about a closer mutual un- 
derstanding and appreciation of 
each other's problems and in- 
terests in relation to each other 
and to the American system as a 
whole. Those who are affiliated 
with the Church League of 
America in action or in sym- 
pathy recognize that intellectual 
and spiritual freedom are insep- 
arable from the freedom to ac- 
cumulate and own — and that 
free enterprise is the only econ- 
omic foundation upon which 
free institutions (churches, col- 
leges, etc.) can satisfactorily 
survive with their great network 
of humanitarian activities which 

are peculiar to the church and 
education movement in this na- 

Reports To Contributors 

Annual Reports, showing 
complete income and expendi- 
tures of the Church League of 
America for the calendar year, 
are sent to every financial sup- 
porter of the League's work- 

All contributors are sent re- 
ceipts and records of contribu- 
tions are kept on file in tripli- 
cate files. Annual reports on the 
operations of the League are sent 
to the Treasury Department in 
accordance with the require- 
ments of established laws. 

How To Become a Member 

Our regular publication, 
NEW & VIEWS, dealing with 
some current phase of subversive 
activity in the church and educa- 
tional fields, is sent as a service 
to all who contribute $5.00 or 
more per year to sustain the 
work of the League. For those 
who send $10.00 or more per 
year, special research reports on 
individuals and organizations, 
government hearings in the fields 
of religion and education, and 
important books are sent, in 
addition to NEWS & VIEWS. 

The League also offers a re- 
port service to its $10.00 or 
more contributors which in- 
cludes routine checks, involving 
twenty separate checking sources 
on names of individuals, organ- 
izations and publications which 
appear in the contributor's local 
community. Limitations are 
placed on this special service ac- 
cording to the amount of the 
supporter's contribution because 
of salaries of employees involved 
and time consumed in investiga- 
tion and compilation of such 

Gifts Sought 

Large gifts from Foundations 
and corporations are especially 
solicited to take care of the large 
overhead for maintaining the 

Members of the Board of 
Directors of the Church League 
of America are elected at the 
Annual meetings of the League 
and are selected because of dis- 
tinguished service as Christian 
laymen, ministers, civic and busi- 
ness leaders. The Church League, 
over a period of several decades 
has had some of the most dis- 
tinguished Americans in these 

categories available. Their 
names appear on the letterhead 
of Church League stationery. 

All ministers and educators 
are placed on the mailing list for 
NEWS & VIEWS as soon as 
their names are forwarded to the 
Church League office, without 
a contribution being required. 
This is made possible by the lay 
contributors, upon whom the 
Church League depends for sup- 

The Church League sponsors 
Christian conferences and count- 
er-subversive seminars in cities 

throughout the Nation. It has 
reached untold thousands of 
leaders in community life in 
many of the major cities of the 
United States. 

Your contribution in support 
of the Church League is earn- 
estly solicited. 

Remember the League 

Please consider remembering 
the Church League in your will 
so that future generations may 
enjoy freedom to worship in the 
Land of the Free and the Home 
of the Brave. 

For Further information; write: 


422 North Prospect Street 

Ask for our catalogue of publications and training aids. 





These are, just a few of the thousands of clergymen and lay- . 
men from our files who ate counted as members of the respective 
denominations affiliated with the National Council of Churches 
and also have aided pro-Communist causes in other of their' af- 
filiations. Most of these are past or present executives, dele- 
gates, or members of committees, commissions, departments or 
who have worked within the administration of the N.C.C. or 
subsidiary conferences, All have given aid to the plan's and 
policies of the N.C.C. 

The numbers following the names refer to pro-Communist 
groups, pro-Communist publications, or pro-Communist organiza- 
tions which are of one of the following types which give aid and 
comfort to the Communist cause: ■ 

1), militant pacifist organizations and projects whose objec- 
tives aid and abet, wittingly or unwittingly, the subversive 
apparatus of the Communists, 

2), one-world groups which are dedicated to the 'drastic abridge- 
ment or destruction of the sovereignty of the United States, 
thus seriously impairing our freedom and ability to act in 
our own defense against the Communist threat. 

3), socialist organizations and group projects which openly 
agitate in defense of Communists and Communist causes. 

4). popular-front type of action and organization in which Com- 
munists, Socialists, one-worlders, and pacifists openly ' ■ 
work as a leftist coalition against the interests and secur- 
ity of the United States, 

5), Communist-front organizations, publications, petitions, and 
other projects which have been adjudged subversive by of- 
ficial agencies of government, : 

This list does not intend complete, 

Most of the individuals listed here have aided many other such ' 
causes, sometimes scores of, others, ' There are hundreds of other 
individuals who could be added to list. .' 

For convenience we have listed the following in accordance 
with their denominations, . !l 

(Numbers indicate affiliations with organizations) , 

J. Burt Bouwmaa 3, 26, 48, 51, 68, 79, 86 
Hugh Chamberlain Burr 87 ' 
0. P. Churchill 3, 26, 30, 48, 51, 55, 80, 86 

D. B. Cloward 23, 26, 30, 51, 55, 64, 72, 80 

Edwin T.Dahlberg 19,21,38,54,55,56,57,64,68, 
Harry Emerson Fosdick 1,19,38,40,45,56,70 

E. C. Herrick 3, 7, 10, 26, 51, 55, 71, 78, 80 
Lee A, Howe, Jr, 54,62,67,68,72,74,80 
Kirtley P. Mather 2,3,7,9,10, 15,. 21, 22, 23, 25, 

44, 45, 51, 53, 55, 56, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65, 70, 75, 

Edward McNeill Poteat 22, 23, 26, 36, 38, 42, 54, 55, 

68, 69, 71, 
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. 3,5,9,10,12,14,15,18, 

34, 40, 42, 44, 48, 54, 59, 61, 63, 65, 71, 74, 75, 77, 
D. R. Sharpe 5, 26, 53, 54, 55, 57, 62, 71, 78, 80; 82 
S. I. Stuber 5,13,51,55,59,80 
Leroy Waterman 2,3,4,22,28,29,42,44,50,53,1 

60, 62, 78, 82 

Benjamin E, Mays 3, 12, 22, 26, 41, 51, 55, 59, 62, 64,' 67, 75, 


R,D, Bowman 30,55,87 
H, D. Fasnacht 58 
E. G. Hoff 26, 30, 51 
P. E. Miller 58 
W, H. Row. 19, 55 ■ 
H, S.Will 11,51 ■, . 


Harold E, Fey 1,38, 48, 51, 55, 56, 64, 70 
Frederick D. Kershnar ' 62, 71, 80 

Charles Clayton Morrison 1, 7, 8, 64 

Kirby Page 8,38,49,64,72,75 

W.W.Sifces 19,30,80 

James D, Wyker 3, 17, 25, 26, 48, 55, 58, 60, 62, 68, 80, 86 


Clarence Evan Pickett, 19,36,38,41,47,53,56,70 


Oscar A. Benson 30, 55, 86 . 
Edward Snively Frey 3, 26, 30, 48, 55, 62, 68, 80 
C, Franklin Koch 5,22,62,74/80 
Harold C.Letts 10,71' 

Eduard C. Lindeman 9, 10, 14, 21, 33, 40, 44, 45, 61 
Frederick Edward Reissig 55, 75, 76, 80 
Paul E. Scherer 3, 19, 36. 38, 48, 72, 80 
' Paul J. Tillich 36, 54, 55, 56,- 61, 62, 67, 70, 71, 80 
Robert P. Weiskotten 19,30,38,72 


George I. Baber 22, 50, 55, 63 

William A, Fountain, Sr; 63,81,86 

Sherman L, Greene, Sr. 29,' 51, 75, 81, 86 

John A, Gregg 22,29,62,81 

Charles, Leander Hill 34,47,55,71,80 

Frank Madison Reid 30, 51, 55, 75 

R. R, Wright, Jr, 3, 22, 25, 29, 34, 51, 52, 55, 60, 64, 70, 85 


Cameron C. Alleyne 3,9,11,22,27,51,59,60 

Rufus E. Clement 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 22, 23, 27, 44, 60, 62, 71, 75, 

76. 85 

B, CRobeson 5,25,34,48,62 

W, J, Walls 3, 12, 17, 22, 26, 30, 34, 51, 55, 58, 59, 60, 63, 

75. 86 


77, 78, 82, 



C, C.Adams 16,21,58 ' ' 

Charles A, Hill 3, 11, 16, 17, 21, 22; 26, 30, 34, 47, 48, 50, 51, 
58, 59, 60, 62, 63, 67, 68, 70, 72, 75, 80, 82, 85, 86 

D. R. Jamison 26, 51, 86 


Thomas S, Harten 5, 60, 63, 86 

D. V. Jemison 22, 26, 34, 62, 71, 76, 86 

W, H, Jemagin 9, 11, 26, 28, 34, 51, 55, 62, 63, 75, 76, 80, 81, 

Thomas Kitgore, Jr. 34,47,48,55,86 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 19,38,41,53,56,70,75,83 
David N. Licorish 9, 10, 21, 34, 73, 82 


James C.Baker 1,3,4,5,7,22,25,42,49,52,53, 

Edwin A, Brown 21, 26, 29, 30, 49, 51, 53, 54, '62, 68 
T.T.Brumbaugh 27,49,51,60,80,85 ' 
Winifred Chappelj 9, 10, 14, 32, 42, 49, 69 
Henry Hitt Crane 2,3,11,16,17,26,36,38,49,50, 

Ralph S. Cushman 6, 7, 14, 54, 62, 68, 80, 84 
Mark A, Dawbet 3, 11,12, 26, 27, 48, 49, 51, 55, 59, 

69 71 79 80 86 
L. 0. Hartman -5'7, 9, 10, 33/49, 71, 73, 80, 84, 85 
. Ivan Lee Holt 33,54,81,84' 
F.Ernest Johnson 31 

David D, Jones 22, 34, 49, 55, 60, 62, 63, 74, 76, 80 
Edgar DeWitt Jones 50 
E.Stanley Jones 9,38,51,87 
Gerald H, Kennedy 49,55,75,80 
Edgar L Love 19,48,49,53,57,70,72,75,80. 
Halford E. Luccock 2,26,27,28,30,33,38,48,49, 

71, 80, 84 
Francis J, McConnell 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 18, 21, 27, 


Edward D.Mowan 11, 16, 17, 22, 34, 43, 49, 55, S 
Jack McMichael 9,11,14,15,16,17,21,22,23,26, 

Walter G. Muelder 19,22,26,27,30,41,49,51,53, 





51, 64, 66, 

33, 42, 44, 
73, 74, 78, 

i, 60, 71, 80 

34, 37, 43, 

G. Bromley Oxnam 1, 5, 6, 12, 13, 38, 49, 59, 62, 64, 66, 68, 78, 

' RalphW. Sockman 5, 13, 19, 48, 49, 56, 80, 82, 88 

'■ Dillon W. Throckmorton 30/49, 51, 55, 62, 68, 72, 79, 80 

' Worth M, Tippy 9, 33, 80 

I Channing Tobias 3, 4, 9, 12, 28, 34, 52, 59, 62, 69, 71 

Glen W. Trimble 49,72,80 

Willard E. Uphaus 3, 7, 14, 17, 20, 53, 62, 64, 69, 72 
- Walter Van Kirk 24,88 

Harry F, Ward 1,3,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,21,22, 
i 23,29,30,33,34,38,43,45,49,55,61,62,63,65,67,68, 
, 69,71,72,74,75,77,78,79,82,84,85,86 

Charles C, Webber 4, 9, 10, 14, 29, 38, 44, 49, 62, 64, 67, 68, 
) 69, 75, 76, 82 



Benson Y. Landis 31 
J, Kenneth Pfohl 57,81 


Shelton Hale Bishop 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 22, 34, 42, 48, 58, 60, 
| 62,67,68,72,74 

; Walter Russell Bowie 3, 4, 9, 21, 22, 24, 33, 35, 40, 42, 44, 48, 
1 52,53,55,60,62,66,67,68,70,71,80,82,84,87 
1 Charles K, Gilbert 13,33,68,71,72,84 
i Henry W.Hobson 3, 4, 21, 25, 44, 59, 62, 68, 71, 73, 81 
! David R. Hunter 48,80 

l Fleming James, Sr. 3, 16, 17, 25, 27, 30, 41, 48, 55, 58, 59, 60, 
I 80,86 

I J. Howard Melish 3, 9, 16, 17, 20, 54, 59, 62, 66, 68, 72 
1 William Howard Melish 3, 5, 6, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 26, 30, 34, 36, 
I 43,44, 54, 55, 59, 60, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 74, 77, 78, 82, 85 

Walter Mitchell 3,11,16,17,23,26,29,30,43,48,51,53,55, 

A, W, Moulton 3, 6, 11, 13, 16, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 30, 48, 51, 54, 
, 55,58,59,60,62,65,68,73,77,80,86 
i Norman P. Nash 16,17,25,27,42,58,68,71,87 

G. Ashton Oldham 6, 7, 36, 42, 51, 54, 55, 59, 62, 71, 81 
! Edward L Parsons 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12, 16, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 33, 
I 44, 48, 51, 52, 55, 59, 60, 61, 62, 66, 68, 71, 72, 73, 77, 78, 
I 79, 80, 82, 84, 85, 87 
I Malcolm E. Peabody 27, 53, 55, 59, 70 

"lliuS.* f IH J f »2 71 
, Henry K,Shenill 59,81,88 

, Guy Emery Shipler 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 27, 29, 
33, 36, 39, 40, 44, 47, 48, 51, 53, 55, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 
, William B. Spofford 3, 5, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 26, 
v 28,33,37,40,48,59,62,66,68,69,72,73,79 


William T, Baird 3, 11, 16, 17, 22, 26, 36, 43, 47, 48, 53, 55, 

1 Roswell P. Bames 24, 88 
, Eugene Carson Blake 70 ' . 

George A, Buttrick 38,71,80' 
J. Henry Carpenter 6, 13, 31, 34, 36, 64, 71, 80, 87 
Samuel McCrea Cavert 2,7,71 
Henry Sloan Coffin 3, 4, 6, 38, 45, 59, 73, 77, 80, 81 
Frank Porter Graham 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 18, 21, 33, 42, 59, 60, 61, 62, 

Cameron P, Hall 87 
Frank L. Hutchinson 9 
William Lloyd Imes 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 18, 28, 29, 31, 34, 37, 39, 

John Paul Jones 1, 7, 16, 20, 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, 33, 40, 42, 43, 

44, 46, 47, 48, 51, 55, 59, 60, 62, 66, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 78, 
, 79,80 
Paul L. Lehman 19,36,53,57,72,74,79,80 
John A, Mackay 5, 7, 9, 19, 23, 36, 44, 48, 53, 55, 59, 66, 70, 

KarlMenninger 1,2,4,29,45,62,73 
Abraham J, Muste 1, 16, 19, 24, 31, 38, 40, 46, 48, 53, 56, 64, 

James Myers 31, 38 
Jon L.Regier 55,86 

James H, Robinson 2, 4, 14, 15, 21, 48, 62, 63, 71, 72, 79 
William B.Rogers 48 

John B.Thompson 3,26,30,37,44,51,60,69,76 
Henry P, Van Dusen 3,24,48,64,70 


Henry A, Atkinson 4, 12, 13, 14, 18, 27, 45, 54, 71, 81, 88 

John C, Bennett 19,46,53,56,57,62,64,70,87 

Millar Burrows 6,29,54,55,68 

Raymond Calkins 3, 16, 17, 25, 26, 33, 48, 53, 55, 58, 59, 74, 

Allan Knight Chalmers 1, 19, 38, 40, 48, 64, 71, 72, 80, 87 
Leonard C.Clough 26,30,55,80 
George Dahl 2, 7, 25, 26, 27, 30, 48, 51, 55, 62, 67, 74, 80 
Jerome Davis 2,3,8,9,10,11,14,25,26,29,30,32,33,35, 

Nels F. S. Ferre 16,17,19,38,58,72 
William H. Genne 26, 55, 86 
Walter M. Horton 3, 19, 51, 59, 62, 64, 71, 73, 78, 80 
Henry Smith Leiper 4, 6, 33, 40, 42, 61, 68, 73, 88 
Reinhold Niebuhr 7, 9, 12, 31, 33, 38, 46, 53, 64, 70, 71, 81 
Victor Obenhaus 1,38,53,64,70,72,80 
Listen Pope 12,52,55,64,69 
Herman F. Reissig 3, 9, 10, 33, 40, 42, 45, 63, 65, 66, 80 
Franklin I. Sheeder 23,26,30,51,72 
Robert W, Spike 48 

Alfred W. Swan 2, 27, 28, 48, 51, 55, 64, 68, 87 
ThomaB K. Thompson 72 
Luther A, Weigle 24,33,64,81 


These listings are not exhaustive. They are only representa- 
tive. There are many, many more organizations such as those 
listed below, The individuals listed here as affiliating with 
these organizations represent only a portion of those who have 
openly given aid to these un-Christian and un-American causes, 

1) American Civil Liberties Union 

"The A.C.L.U, is closely affiliated with the communist move- 
ment in the United States, and fully 90% of its efforts are on 
behalf of Communists who have come into conflict with the 
law. It claims to stand for free speech, free press, and free 
assembly, but it is quite apparent that the main function of 
the A.C.L.U, is to protect the communists in their advocacy 
of force and violence to overthrow the government." 

Cong'! Comi, to Investigate Communism (Fisft CoroiJ. 
"The American Civil Liberties Union may be definitely classed 
as a Communist front or 'transmission belt' organization," 

California Committee on Un-American Activities. . 

2) American Committee lot Democracy and Intellectual Freedom 

"Cited as a Communist front which defended Communist 

Special Committee on (in-American Activities, Annual De- 
port, House Report 2277, June 25, \H2, and House Report 
1,311 on the CIO Political Action Committee, Marcft 29, 


"Cited as subversive and un-American." 
Special Subcommittee of the House Committee on Appropri- 
ations, Report, April 21, 1943. 

3) American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 

"Found to he a 'Communist-front organization 1 within the mean- 
ing of the Internal Security Act of 1950 and ordered to register 
as such with the Attorney General, 

The American Committee for Protection of Foreign Bom is 
an organization within the United States consisting of a na- 
tional headquarters in New York City and affiliated branches 
or chapters at various places throughout the country, named 
committees for protection of foreign born of particular Local- 
ities." '"*** the entire organization (national and locals) is 
effectively under the management, direction and supervision, 
and controlled by members and representatives of the Com- 
munist Party." ■ 

Subversive Activities Control Board, June 27, I960, 
"Cited as subversive and Communist." 

Attorney General Tom Ciari, letters to Loyalty Review 
■ 'Board, released June I, 1948, and September 21, 1948. 
"One of the oldest auxiliaries of the Communist Party in the 
United States." 

Special Committee on (to-American Acliwties, Mcrcn 2f), 
' M. 

"Cited as under the 'complete domination' of the Communist 
Committee on Un-American Activities, Annual Report \or 


' "To defend the cases of Communist lawbreakers, fronts have 
been devised making special appeals in behalf of civil liber- 
ties and reaching out far beyond the confines of the Communist 
Party itself, Among these organizations are the '*** Ameri- 
can Committee for Protection of Foreign Born. When the Com- 
munist Party itself is under fire these offer a bulwark of pro- 
t Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Com- 
1 mittee, Handbook for Americans, April 21 1956. 

4) American Committee to Save Refugees 

1 "Cited as a Communist front," 

I Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Mcrcft 29, 

j 1944, 

' "Cited as one in a "series of Communist enterprises which 

have dealt with Spain and the Spanish Civil War," 
Committee on Un-American Activities, June 7, 1S4S. 
; "A Communist front operating in the Communist-refugee field, 

* * * * has shown interest only in Communist refugees." 
! California Committee on Un-American kiwitks, 

i 5) American Committee for Spanish Freedom 

i "Cited as Communist." 

I Attorney General Urn CM, April 21, Mi 

' "A recently established Communist-front organization whose 

' avowed objective is to force a break in diplomatic relations 

' between the United States and Spain." 

I Committee on Un-American Activities, June 7, M. 


1 6) American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc. 

; "Cited as subversive and Communist," 

I Attorney General Tom CM,hnel,M. 

"Cited as a Communist front whose Collection of funds for 
'relief was only incidental to and a cover for its propaganda 
activities in behalf of the Communist regime in Yugoslavia." 

I Committee on Un-American Activities, April 26, 1950, 

7) American Friends of Spanish Democracy 

■ ' 'In 1937-38, the Communist Party threw itself wholeheartedly 
into. tie campaign for the support of the Spanish Loyalist 
cause, recruiting men and organizing multifarious so-called 
relief organizations **' and as '** American Friends of 
Spanish Democracy." 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Marcn 29, 

m. ' 

"Cited as a Communist Front," • 
California Committee on Un-American Activities. 

8) American Fund for Public Service (Garland Fund) 

, "Established in 1922 *** it was a major source for the fi- 
nancing of Communist Party enterprises" such as the Daily 
Worker and New Masses, official Communist publications, 
Federated Ptcsb, Russian Reconstruction Farms, and Inter- 
national Labor Defense, 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 29, 


"Cited as a Communist front," 

California Committee on Un-American Activities. 
"Contributed more than $1,500,000 all to the furtherance and 
support of leftwiog Marxist projects ... Had, as its trustees, 
the leaders of the Communist Party in America," 

Massachusetts Committee on Un-American Activities, 

9) American League for Peace and Democracy 

"Cited as subversive and Communist." 

Attorney General Horn Cloth 
"Established in an effort to create public sentiment on behalf 
of a foreign policy adapted to the interests of the Soviet 

Attorney General Francis Siddle, 
"The largest of the Communist front movements in the United 
. States ♦*• An examination of the program of the American 
1 League will show that the organization was nothing more nor 
less than a bold advocate of treason." 
Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities. 

10) American League Against War and Fascism 

"Cited as subversive and Communist." 

Attorney General Tom CM, 
"A Communist-front organization ... established in the United 
States in an effort to create public sentiment on behalf of a 
foreign policy adapted to the interests of the Soviet Union," 

Attorney General Francis Bidile, 
"Cited as a Communist front, completely under the control of 

Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, 

11) American Peace Crusade 

"Found to be a "Communist-front organization" within the 
meaning of the Internal Security Act of 1950 and ordered to 
register as such with the Attorney General," "The American 
Peace Crusade" is operated under the management, direction, 
and supervision of persons who are predominantly members 
and functionaries of the Communist Party * * * and acting as 
representatives of the party ,,., " 

Subversive Activities Control Board, July 2$, 1957. 
"Cited as an organization which "The Communist established" 
as "A new instrument for their 'peace' offensive in the United 
States" and which has heralded by the Daily Worker "with the 
usual bold headlines reserved for projects in line with Com- 
munist objectives," 

Committee on Un-American Activities, February 19, 1951, 
"As part of Soviet, psychological warfare against the United 
States, Communist fronts seek to paralyze America's will to 
resist Communist aggression by idealizing Russia's aims and 
methods, discrediting the United States, spreading defeatism 
and demoralization *** specializing in this field *** have 
been such organizations as the American Peace Crusade," 

Internal Security Suocomta of the Senate Judiciary Com- 

mittee, April % M. 

12) American Round Table on India 

"A Communist front headed by Robert Norton, a well-known 
member of the Communist Party." 
California Committee on Un-American Activities, 

13) American Russian Institute 

"Cited as Communist," 

Attorney General lorn Clark, April 21, 1949,' 
"Cited as a "Communist-controlled" organization which was 
intimately linked with the Institute of Pacific Relations," 

Senate Judiciary Committee, July 2, 1952,' 
"Cited as specializing in pro-Soviet propaganda." 

Interne! Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Cow 

mittee, April 23, 1956. 

14) American Youth Congress 

"Cited as subversive and Communist" 

Attorney General Tom CM, December 4, M. 
"has been controlled by Communists and manipulated by them 
to influence the thought of American Youth," 

Attorney General Francis Biddle, September 24, Ml 
"One of the principal fronts of the Communist Party" and 
"prominently identified with the White House picket line *** 
under the immediate auspices of the American Peace Mobili- 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, 
"One of the most influential front organizations ever estab- 
lished by the American Communist Party." 

California Committee on Un-American Actiu ities, 

15) American Youth for Democracy 

"Cited as a Communist organization which has been succeed- 
ed by the Labor Youth League," 

Attorney General J, Howard Mrath, August 30, 1950, 
"Cited as a front formed in October 1943 to succeed the 
Young Communist League and for the purpose of exploiting 
to the advantage of a foreign power the idealism, inexperience, 
and craving to join which is characteristic of American col- 
lege youth. Its "High-sounding slogans" cover "a determined 
effort to disaffect our youth and to turn them against religion, 
the American home, against the college authorities, and against 
the American Government itself." 

Committee on h-Amrican Acuities, April 11, 1947, 
"As part of Soviet psychological warfare against the United 
States, Communists fronts seek to paralyze America's will to 
resist Communist aggression by idealizing Russia's aims 
and methods, discrediting the United States, spreading de- 

(contimed inside) P 

(Copyright 1966 by Laymen's Commission of American Council of Christian Churches - May be reproduced, but only with written permission.) 

featiam and demoralization "* Specializing in this field 
"♦ have been such organizations as *** the American 
Youth for Democracy." 
Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 
'- Committee, April 23, 1956, 

16) Amnesty Appeal for the Communist 11 

A direct appeal urging the immediate release from jail for 
eleven imprisoned Communists, This type of action is 
initiated under the guise of being "American" and calls 
for rights of liberty and freedom of speech, 

II) Appeal for Amnesty 
This petition was on behalf of the imprisoned leaders of 
the Communist Party who had been convicted under the 
Smith Act and urged their release." 

18) China Aid Council 

"A 'subsidiary' of the American League for Peace and 
Special Comittee on Mmrican fortuities, Him 

25, m 

"Cited as a "Communisteontrolled" organization which 
began as a part of the American League for Peace and 
Democracy and later combined with the American Com- 
mittee for Chinese War Orphans," 
Senate Judiciary Committee, July 2, 1052. 

■19) Church Peace Mission 

"The signers of statements from the Church Peace Mis- 
sion have gone on record in opposition to nuclear weapons 
testing and called for cancellation of atom tests," 

20) Citizen's Committee for Harry Bridges 

"Cited as Communist", 
Attorney General Tom Ctoft, April 27, 1949. 

"Cited aa a Communist front, located at 1265 Broadway, 
New York City, which was formed to oppose deportation of 
Harry Bridges, Communist Party member and leader of 
the disastrous San Francisco general strike of 1934 which 
was planned by the Communist Party." 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, m. 
"Typical Communist created and controlled front organ- 

California Committee on Un-American Activities , 

21) Citizen's Committee to Free Earl Browder 

"Cited as Communist." 

Attorney General Tom CIvMfril 27, MS, 
"When Earl Browder (then general secretary, Communist 
Party) was in Atlanta Penitentiary serving a sentence in- 
volving his fraudulent passports, the Communist Party's 
front which agitated for his release was known as the 
Citizen's Committee to Free Earl Browder "' Elizabeth 
Gurley Flynn, one of the few outstanding women leaders 
of the Communist Party in this Country, headed it," 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, McrcA 

29, ISM. 

22) Civil Rights Congress 

"Found to be a "Communist-front organization" within 
the- meaning of the Internal Security Act of 1950 and or- 
dered to register as such with the Attorney General." 

"The CRC "was created and established by the Com- 
munist Party as an organization which would utilize de- 
fense of civil rights for Party purposes and raise and 
maintain mass defense and bail funds for Party use, *** 
the respondent (CRC) succeeded to the role of the Inter- 
national Labor Defense as the Party's legal defense arm." 

Subversive Activities Control Board, My 26, 1957. 
"Cited as an organization formed at a Congress on Civil 
Rights held in Detroit in April 1946 as a merger of two 
other Communist-front organizations (International Labor 
Defense and the National Federation for Constitutional 
Liberties); it was "dedicated not to the broader issues of 
civil liberties, but specifically to the defense of individual 
Communists and the Communist Party" and "controlled by 
individuals who are either members of the Communist Party 
or openly loyal to it." 

Committee on .Un-American Activities, November 17, 

"To defend tbe cases of Communist lawbreakers, fronts 
have been devised making special appeals in behalf of 
civil liberties and reaching out far beyond the confines of 
the Communist Party itself. Among these organizations is 
the Civil Rights Congress, 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, 1956, 

23) Committee (or a Democratic Far Eastern Policy j 

"Cited as Communist" 

Attorney Tom CM, April 27, 1949. 

"as part of Soviet psychological warfare against the I 

United States, Communist fronts seek to paralyze Amer- 1 
ica's will to resist Communist aggression by idealizing 

Russia's aims and methods, discrediting the United States, i 

spreading defeatism and demoralization * ' * Specializing , 

in this field "'have been such organizations as **♦ ' 

the Committee for a Democratic Far EaBtern Policy," j 
Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, 1956, I 

24) Committee on Militarism in Education | 
"Cooperated with Socialist aid Communist groups in wag- 
ing relentless campaign against R.O.T.C. and military 
training in schools and colleges. Received 112,400 from 

the red Garland Fund to propagandize against military 
training in schools, Opposed National Defense work of ' 
the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Reserve 
Officers Association, etc. ( 

25) Committee of One Thousand 

"A Communist created and controlled front organization" 
which was "Created to raise funds for the defense of the 
19 unfriendly witness before the Congressional Committee 
on Un-American Activities' investigation of Communist 'j 
activity in Hollywood, 10 of whom were indicted for con- I 
tempt of Congress," 

California Senate Foci-Finding Committee on Un-Ameri- i, 

can Activities, 194S. 

26) Committee for Peaceful Alternatives to The Atlantic Pact ; 
"Cited as a Communist front organization." 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 25, 1951, ' 
"As part of Soviet psychological warfare against the United 
States, Communist fronts seek to paralyze America's will ]. 
to resist Communist Aggression by idealizing Russia's I 
aims and methods, discrediting the United States, spread- 
ing defeatism and demoralization, ' * ' Specializing in this 
field M * have been such organizations as * *' the Com- j 
mittee for Peaceful Alternatives to the Atlantic Pact. * * '" 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, IM. 

27) Committee to Welcome the Dean of Canterbury 

Often referred to as "the Red Dean of Canterbury", the 
Rev, Hewlett Johnson, was invited to this country by the I 
National Council of American Soviet Friendship (see #59), 
A visa for the Rev, Johnson was rejected on grounds that 
the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship was on 
the Attorney Generals list of subversive organizations. 

In spite of these facts the above listed committee was 
then formed to extend an invitation to the Rev, Johnson 
which claimed to be "in the interest of maintaining the 
traditional American patterns of free speech and hospitality 
to outstanding personalities of other lands," 

28) Conference on Constitutional liberties in America ' 

"A conference as a result of which was established the 
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties, "part of 
what Lenin called the solar system of organizations, os- 
tensibly having no connection with the Communist Party, 
by which Communists attempt to create sympathizers and , 
supports of M program. ' 

Attorney General Francis BiA, September 24, 1942. 
A "Communist-inspired Conference" which launched the 
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties during the 
Stalin-Hitler pact. 

California Committee on Un-American Activities. 

29) Conference on Pan-American Democracy 

(known also as Council for Pan American Democracy) 

"Cited as subversive and Communist" 

Attorney General Tom Ctori. 
"Cited as a Communist front which defended Luiz Carlos 
Prestes, a Brazilian Communist leader and former member 
of the executive committee of the Communist International," 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 2i, 


30) Conference In Peaceful Alternatives to the Atlantic Pact 

"A conference initiated by Communists in the United States 
as part of the "Moscow-directed" "peace" movement, 
Called for July 1949 in Washington, DC, it resulted in the 
eventual formation of Committee for Peaceful Alternatives 
to the Atlantic Pact," 
Committee on Un-American Activities, April 25, 1951. 

3.1) Consumers National Federation 

"Cited as a Communist front" 

Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, 

Marcn 29, 1944. 
"Created by the Communist Party and used for the purpose 
of spreading propaganda in schools and through women's 

California Committee on Un-American Activities, 

32) Consumers Won 

"Cited as a Communist front "headed by the Communist 
Arthur Kallet (whose party name is Edward Adams,) Ben 
Gold and Louis Weinstock, both well-known Communists, 
were also members of the labor advisory committee of 
Consumers Union. 

Congressional Comittee on Dn-Amrican Activities, 
"Cited as "subversive and un-American". 
Special Sub-Committee of House Committee on Appro- 

33) Coordinating Committee to Lift the (Spanish) Embargo 
"Cited as one of a number of front organizations, setup 
during the Spanish Civil War by the Communist Party in 
the United States and through which the party carried on 
a great deal of agitation, 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, M. 
"Cited as one of a "series of Communist enterprises, . 
which have dealt with Spain and the Spanish Civil War. 
Directly related, organizationally or historically, with 
the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. 

Committee on Un-American Activities, June 7, 1946. 

34) Council on African Affairs 

"Cited as subversive and Communist." 

Attorney General Tom Clark, Dec. 4, 1947 and Sept, 

21, 1949. 
"Cited as a Communist front "formed to provoke racial 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate hikiory 

Committee, April 23, 1956, 

3!) Cultural and Scientific Conference (or World Peace (the 
Waldorf Conference, sponsored by the National Council 
of the Arts, Sciences and Professions.) 

"Cited as a Communist front set up to "mobilize American 
intellectuals in the field of arts, sciences and letters" as 
a propaganda forum for Soviet foreign policy and "Soviet 
culture," [t served to "prepare the way for the coming 
World Peace Congress in Paris," 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 26, 1950, 
"A sounding board for Communist propaganda." 

Secretary of State Dean Acneson. 

36) Emergency Civil Liberties Committee 
"The Emergency Civil Liberties Committee is an organiza- 
tion with headquarters in New York, whose avowed purpose 
is to abolish the House Committee on Un-American Ac- 
tivities and discredit the F.B.I. *** although representing 
itself as a non-Communist Party group, actually operate* 
as a front for the Communist Party, It has repeatedly as- 
sisted, by means of funds, and legal aid, Communists in- 
volved in Smith Act violations and similar legal proceed- 
ings, One of its chief activities has been and still is 
the dissemination of voluminous Communist propaganda 

Committee on Un-American Activities, March 9, 1959. 
"To defend the cases of Communist lawbreakers, fronts 
have been devised making special appeals in behalf of 
civil liberties and reaching out far beyond the confines of 
the Communist Party itself, Among these organizations 
are tbe '*' Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, 1956. 

37) Emergency Peace Mobilization 

"A Communist front which came forth, after Stalin signed 
his pact with Hitler, to oppose the national defense pro- 

Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, 
"Among the more conspicuous Communist fronts that have 
defied brazenly the interests of the United States and 
other freedom-loving nations whenever they have been in 
conflict with the interests of Soviet Russia and world 

California Committee on Un-American Activities, 

38) Fellowship of Reconciliation 

Radical-pacifist group UBing Christian terms to spread com- 
munist propaganda. Circulated petitions for and played a 
leading role in bringing about the recognition of Russia in 
1933. Is a Bection of the ultra-radical War Resisters Inter- 
national which, according to its literature, "Believes in a 
new social order can be and will be established . , , it be- 
lieves these changes can be accomplished by revolutionary 
uprising," ... Is a branch of International Fellowship of 
Reconciliation which says "we must work for a radical re- 
organization of society" and insists that "the class war 
is a fact". 

39) Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade 

"The friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade was an or- 
ganization connected with the (Communist) Party which 
functioned in cities throughout the United States to raise 
funds to finance the ALB (Abraham Lincoln Brigade) oper- 
ation and as a propaganda outlet for the Party. The FALB 
functioned in conjunction with the Party and was supported 
by the Party organization." * * * the Friends of the Abraham 
Lincoln Brigade '** raised hundreds of thousands of dol- 
lars '** when it went out of existence around 1940, its 
functions were taken over by respondent (the Veterans of 
the Abraham Lincoln Brigade,") 
Subversive Activities Control Bawd, December 21, 1955. 

40) Greater New York Emergency Conference on Inalienable 

"Cited as a Communist front which was succeeded by the 
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties." 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, m. 
"Among a 'maze of Organizations' which were 'spawned for 
the alleged purpose of defending civil liberties in general 
but actually intended to protect Communist subversion from 
any penalties under the law". 

Committee on Un-American Activities, November 11, 


41) Highlander Folk School 

Sworn testimonies given before the Joint Legislative Com- 
mittee on Un-American Activities, State of Louisiana, in 
the report released November 19, 1963, clearly established 
that Highlander Folk School was Communist and pro-Com- 
munist in leadership and instruction, 

42) International Labor Defense 

"*** witness (Carl) Hacker established that in the early 
1930'e there existed in the United States an organization 
named International Labor Defense CILD'I, It was the 
American section of the International Red Aid which had 
its headquarters in Moscow and which was the parent or- 
ganization of the various Communist defense organizations." 

" *** The testimony of petitioner's shows that the 
ILD was dominated, directed and controlled by the Com- 
munist Party," 

Subversive Activities Control Board, June 27, 1969. 
"Cited as subversive and Communist." 

Attorney General Tom CM, Iwe 1, 1M. 

"It is, essentially, the legal defense arm of the Communist 
Party of the United Statu." 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

"The International Labor Defense *** was part of an in- 
ternational network of organizations for tbe defense of 
Communist lawbreakers," At a conference held in Detroit, 
Mich, April 27-28, 1946, the International Labor Defense 
and the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties 
merged to form the new front, Civil Rights Congress," 

Committee on Un-American Activities, November 17, 

43) Jefferson School of Social Science 

"Found to be a 'Communist-front organization' within the 
meaning of (be Internal Security Act of 1950 and ordered to 
register as such with the Attorney General, 

The selection of the School's name was prompted by tbe 
established Communist Party technique of using names 
steeped in American Tradition." 

" * ♦ * It commenced in January 1944 •*•. The Organ- 
izing Committee, almost all of whom are identified in the 
record as Party members or functionaries, became the 
School's first Board of Trustees." 

"The Jefferson School * ' * operates, primarily, to train 
its students almost all of whom are Party members or po- 
tential recruits, in the Party's programs, strategy, and 
tactics *** Under rigid Party control, it is utilized as 
the Communist Party's principal training ground for ef- 
fective membership and leadership therein *" 

" ♦**The basic proposition of Marxism-Leninism taught 
and advocated by the School, because espoused by the 
Party, is that our present form of 'capitalist society 1 , rep- 
resented by the Government of the United States, must be 
destroyed through a proletarian revolution and replaced by 
socialism under the dictatorship of the proletariat; that 
such revolution requires the use of force and violence; and 
that the leading force in such revolution * * * is the Com- 
munist Party," 

Subversive Activities Control Board, Iwe 3D, 1955, 
"Cited as an 'adjunct of the Communist Party." 

Attorney General Tom CM, December 4, 1947. 
"At the beginning of the present year, the old Communist 
Party Workers School and the School for Democracy were 
merged into the Jefferson School of Social Science," 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, \m, 

44) Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee 

"Cited as subversive and Communist," 
Attorney Central Tom CM, September 21, Ml 

"A Communist-front organization," 
Congressional Comittee on Un-American Activities, 
March 29,1944. 

45) League of American Writers 

"Cited as subversive and Communist" 

Attorney General Tom Clori, June 1, 1948. 
"Cited as a Communist front" 

Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, 

March ^, mi 
"In the Daily Worker of April 20, 1935, it is stated that 
another organization was set up to be known as the League 
of American Writers, membership limited to revolutionary 

Massachusetts Committee on Un-American Activities. 

46) League for industrial Democracy 

"Founded as a militant socialist organization and sub- 
sidized by the Communist directed Garland Fund, the 
League for Industrial Democracy propagandizes particularly 
among college and seminary students. Its publications 
have largely been written by members of the Communist 
Party and its supporters, Their objects of attack have 
been those pursued by the Young Communist League and 
kindred organizations - against military training in schools 
and against the evils of the capitalist system, The achieve- 
ments of the workers' government in Soviet Russia are 
painted in gilded eulogy, and similar socialism is advocat- 
ed for tbe United States." 
Massachusetts Committee on Un-American Activities. 

41) Live and Let Live Statement 

"The signers of the 'Live and Let Live' statement call 

for the recognition of Red China as the legitimate govern- 

I ment of China, that our government support the admission 

, of Red China to the United Nations, and the international 

1 outlawry of atomic and hydrogen weapons." 

48) Melish Briefs' 

"The 'Melish Brief Amici Curiae' filed with the Supreme 

Court of the State of New York, March 13, 1950; the 'Melish 
, Brief Amici Curiae' filed with the U. 5, Supreme Court, 

January 11, 1951; and the 'Melish Brief Amici Cutiaw 
, filed with the New York State Supreme Court, April 28, 

1956; were all on behalf of William Howard Melish, a 
1 Communist clergyman." 

M Methodist Federation for Social Action 

(Formerly, Methodist Federation for Social Service), 
"With an eye to religious groups, the Communists have 

! formed religious fronts such as the Methodist Federation 

f for Social Action,.." 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 
Comittee, April 21 1956. 

, "A tool of the Communist Party. It is trying to use the 
prestige of the Methodist Church to promote the line of the 
Communist Party," 

1 Congressional Comittee on Un-American Activities. 
"Among the more conspicuous fronts for Communist ac- 
tivity in the field of relief, assistance, and welfare work, 

i ♦ • * A statement in their Social Service Bulletin #8, 1932 

. admits cooperation with the Communists," 

California Committee on Vn-Amrican Activities, 

(50) Michigan Civil Rights Federation 

"Cited as a subversive and Communist organization which 
has been succeeded by and now operates as the Michigan 
Chapter of the Civil Rights Congress," 
■ Attorney General Tom Clori, Sept. 24, M. 
' "Cited as an affiliate of the Communist front, the National 
I Federation for Constitutional Liberties," 

Attorney Genera! Francis diddle, Sept, -24, J942. 
"Among a 'maze of organizations' which were 'spawned for 
■ the alleged purpose of defending civil liberties in general 
but actually intended to protect Communist subversion from 
I any penalties under the law." 

Committee on Un-American Activities, November 17, 

51) Mid-Century Conference lor Peace 

Cited as a meeting held in Chicago, May 29 and 30, 1950, 
by the Committee for Peaceful Alternatives to the Atlantic 
Pact and as having been "aimed at assembling as many 
gullible persons as possible under Communist direction 
1 and turning them into a vast sounding board for Commu- 
nist propaganda," 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 25, 1951. 
Cited as a Communist front "active in the recent peace of- 
fensive after World War H." 

Internal Security Subcommittee of k Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, 1956, 

52) National Citizens Political Action Committee 

It has been clearly established by overwhelming evidence 
that the National Citizens Political Action Committee is 
tbe major Communist front organization of the moment, As 
a front organization, it represents the Communist Party's 
supreme bid for power throughout its 25 years of existence 
in this country. 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities, 1944, 

53) National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American 
Activities Committee 

Cited as a "new organization" set up in the summer of 
1960 "to lead and direct tbe Communist Party's 'operation 
Abolition' campaign." "Seven of tbe national leaders of 
this group have been identified as Communists," 
Committee on Un-American Activities, October 3, 1961. 

54) National Committee to Combat Anti-Semitism 

The overwhelming preponderance of fellow travelers on the 
National Committee to Combat Anti-Semitism is convincing 

proof of the Communist infiltration of the committee. 
Special Committee on (in-American Activities, Mi 

55) National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act 

"To defend the cases of Communist lawbreakers, fronts 
have been devised making special appeals in behalf of 
civil liberties and reaching out far beyond the confines of 
the Communist Party itself. 'Among these organizations 
are tjie ... National Committee to Repeal the McCarran 
Act, len the Communist Party itself is under fire these 
offer a bulwark of protection." 

Jntemai Security Subcommittee of (lie Senate Judiciary 
.' Committee, April 25, 1956. 

56) National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy 

' This committee has called for cancellation of nuclear 
tests, a permanent end to nuclear testing, American dis- 
armament, a new Berlin authority under the United Nations 
which will supervise a gradual unification with powers to 
tax, withdrawal of armed forces of all nations from Berlin,. 
to establish the city as being neutral, and to solve the 
"larger problem of Germany" in the same manner, ■ 

57) National Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell 

Following the execution of atomic spies Ethel and Julius 
Rosenberg in June 1953, the "Communist campaign as- 
sumed a different emphasis, Its major effort centered upon 
' Morton Sobell," the Rosenbergs' codefendant, 

Committee on Un-American Acuities, August 25, 1956. 

58) National Committee to Kin Amnesty for Smith' Act Victims 
A group which is "totalitarian, Fascist; Communist or 
subversive or which has adopted, or shows, a policy of 
advocating the commission of acts of force or violence to 
deny other persons their rights under the Constitution of 
the United States, or which seeks to alter the form of gov- 
ernment of the United States by unconstitutional means." 

Designated by (lie Attorney General, April { 1955, 

59) National Council of American Soviet Friendship 

Found to be a "Communist-front organization" within the 
meaning of the Internal Security Act of 1950 and ordered to 
register as such with the Attorney General. 

'* ... A fair consideration of the record as a whole in 
this proceeding requires the conclusion that the National 
Council, operating under the domination, direction, and 
control of the Communist Party, has as its primary purpose 
to advance and promote the objectives of the Soviet Union 
for the Communist Party behind a facade of being inde- 
pendent of the Party and interested only in developing 
friendship between the Soviet Union and the United States, 
The assistance rendered to the Party iB considered to be 

Subversive Acuities Control Board, Fed. 7, 1855. 
Cited as subversive and Communist. ' 

Attorney General Tom Clot, Sept. 21, IMS. '• 
' Cited as specializing in pro-Soviet propaganda. 
• Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate, April 23, 

60) National Council of Arts, Sciences, and Professions 

Cited as a Communist front; 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 19, M 
Cited as a Communist front which is "used to appeal to 
special occupational groups,,," 

Internal Security Subcommittee oj tne Senate Judiciary 

Committee, April 23, 1955. 

61) National Emergency Conference for Democratic Rights 

Cited as a, Communist front, 
Special Committee on (M-American Activities, March 

"It will be remembered that during the days of the infamous 
, Soviet-Nazi pact, the Communists built protective organi- 
' zations known as the National Emergency Conference for 
Democratic Rights, which culminated in the National Feder- 
ation for Constitutional Liberties." 
Committee on Un-American Activities, Nov. 11, Ml 

62) National Federation for Constitutional Liberties 

Characterized as an organization "operating in the field 
of civil rights under (Communist) Party domination and 

headed by responsible Party functionaries," The National 
Federation for Constitutional Liberties, the National Negro 
Congress, and the "dormant" Intension Labor Defense 
merged into the Communist-"created" Civil Rights Con- 
gress. "The petitioner's witness, (Bella) Dodd, testified 
that the question of NFCL's merger with the CRC was re- 
ferred by her to national Party officer Eugene Dennis who 
decided it should be merged," 

Subversive Activities Control Board, July' 25, 1957. 
"There can be no reasonable doubt about the fact that the 
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties - regard- 
less of its high-sounding name - is one of the viciously 
subversive organizations of the Communist Party." 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

% M, 
Among a "maze of organizations" which were "spawned 
for the alleged purpose of defending civil liberties in 
general but actually intended to protect Communist sub- 
version from any penalties under the law," 

Committee on Un-American Actiuities, Nod, 17, 1947, 

63) National Negro Congress 
Characterized as an organization "operating in the field 
of civil rights under (Communist) Party domination and 
headed by responsible Party functionaries." 

Subversive Activities Control Board, July 25, J957. 
Cited as subversive and Communist 

Attorney General Tom ClorUcpt. 2!, WS. 
"The Communist-front movement in the U.S. among Negroes 
is known as the National Negro Congress. *** The of- 
ficers of the NIC, are outspoken Communist sympathiz- 
ers, and a majority of those on the executive board are out- 
right Communists," 

Special Committee on Un-American Actiuities, March 

25, Mi 
Cited as among "the most prominent and important Com- 
munist Negro fronts in the past," 

Committal on Un-American Actiuities, Dec. 22, 1954. 

64) National Religion and Labor Foundation ' 

Set up by radicals, in 1932, to propagandize "the new 
social order;" to give active cooperation to strikers, at ' 
the same time seeking the revolutionary overthrow of the 
capitalist system, Its directing personnel and National 
Committee were composed almost exclusively of Social- 
ists and Communists. Writing in its official organ, one 
of its officers says: "It is no longer a question of the 
need of revolution; the question is as to the method of 
bringing the revolution to pass," It has published blas- 
phemous and atheistic literature, . 

65) New Masses 
"New MasseB, a weekly publication, * M was an officially 
controlled organ of the (Communist) Party which dealt 
principally with problems in the arts and sciences from 
the Party point of view,"' 

Subversive Activities Control Board, Dec, 21, 1955. 
"Nationally circulated weekly journal of the Communist 
Party * M whose ownership was vested in the American 
Fund for Public Service" (Garland Fund). 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

21 m. 

66) North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy 

Cited as Communist ■ 

Attorney General Tom Clark, April 27, IH9. 
Cited as a Communist front 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, M 

67) Open Letter on Harry Bridges 

Cited as a Communist front 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

(8) OPEN LETTER to President Roosevelt protesting the 
deportation order against Harry R. Bridges, 

69) Peoples Institute of Applied Religion - 

Cited as Subversive and Communist 
Attorney General Tom CM, Sept 21, M 

"one of the most vicious Communist organizations ever 

set up in this country." 
Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities. 

70) Petition to Congress to Eliminate House Committee on 
Un-American Activities 

An effort to influence public and government opinion by 
use of petitions which were published in newspapers and 
other periodicals in the years 1959 and 1961. 

71) The Protestant 

(formerly known as Protestant Digest) 

"With an eye to religious groups, the Communists have 

formed religious fronts such as the * * * Protestant" 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

CmmiM, April 23, 1956. 
"A magazine which has faithfully propagated the Com- 
munist Party line under the guise of being a religious 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

72) Rosenberg Clemency, Appeal 

During the year 1953, the Daily fork, "official Com- 
munist Party, U.S.A., organ," published a number of ap- 
peals, signed to President Eisenhower to commute the 
death sentences of the Rosenbergs, 

73) Russian War Relief, lnc, 

Organizations in behalf of the Soviet Union were among 
the earliest type of so-called front movements instigated 
by the Communist International and its affiliated Com- 
munists Parties, According to Joseph Stalin, "the United 
Front tactics were set up by Lenin in order to make it 
easier for the millions of workers in capitalist countries 
. , , to come over to Communism," A review of the back- 
ground of the controlling group (of Russian War Relief, lnc) 
will reveal the fact that the organization is firmly in the 
hands of those who have a history of close cooperation 
with the Soviet Union, the Communist Party, or its satel- 
■ lite front organizations. 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Mi 

74) Schappes Defense Committee 
Cited as Communits 

Attorney General Tom ClorUpril 27, 1949. 
"A front organization with a strictly Communist objective, 
namely, the defense of a self-admitted Communist who 
was convicted of perjury in the courts of New York." 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Mh 

29, M. 

75) Southern Conference Educational Fund 

"After this organization, the Southern Conference for 
Human Welfare (#76) which was established in 1938, was 
exposed, it was dissolved to wither and die, but it was 
replaced in the twinkling of an eye, by the Southern Con- 
ference Educational Fund, TMb organization maintained 
the same address, 822 Perdido Street in New Orleans, the 
same telephone number, generally the same officers, and 
it continued to publish the same paper as was published 
by the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, which is 
"The Southern Patriot", which is still being published 
and distributed in voluminous numbers today," 
The Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Ac- 
tivities, State of Louisiana, November 19, 1963. 

76) Southern Conference for Human Welfare 

Cited as a Communist front which received money from 

the Robert Marshall Foundation, one of the principal 

sources of funds by which many Communist fronts operate, 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

, 29, m 

Cited as a Communist-front organization "which Beeks to 
attract southern liberals on the basis of its seeming in- 
terest in the problems of the South" although its "pro- 
fessed interest in southern welfare is simply an expedient 

for larger aims serving the Soviet Union and its subversive 
Communist Party in the United States." 
Committee on Un-American Activities, lime 16, 1947. 

77) Soviet Russia Today 

Cited as a Communist front 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

29, 1944. 
Cited as a "Communist-front publication." 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 2$, 1959, 
Cited aa a "Communist-controlled" publication, 

Senate Judiciary Committee, July 2, 1952, 
"Jessica Smith was * * * shown to be long-time member and 
functionary in the (Communist) Party, as well as in the 
Party-controlled Friends of the Soviet Union, She has 
been continuously the editor of Soviet Russia Today and 
its successor New forld Review for years," 

Subversive Activities Control Board, February 7, 1956, 

78) Spanish Refugee Appeal 

"To defend the cases of Communists lawbreakers, fronts 
have been devised making special appeals in behalf of 
civil liberties and reaching out far beyond the confines of 
the Communist Party itself, Among these organizations 
are the *** Spanish Refugee, Appeal, When the Commu- 
nist Party itself is under fire these offer a bulwark of 

Internal Security Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary 

. Committee, April 23, Bi 

Cited as a "subsidiary" of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee 

Committee on Un-American Activities, June 7, Mi 

79) Statement Defending the Communist Party 

"On March 5, 1941, the Daily Worker, official newspaper of 
the Communist Party, featured in a full-page spread the 
names of several hundred persons who defended the Com- 
munist Party against alleged persecutions.. The statement 
of these persons speaks for itself, but it is noteworthy that 
their defense of the Communist Party was made at a time 
when the United States was being swept by a Nation-wide 
series of sabotage strikes in the country's defense indus- 
tries. These strikes were Communist-inspired and Com- 
munist led, **♦ And it should be remembered that the 
line of the Communist Party was at that time determined 
by the fact of the Stalin-Hitler pact," 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Mi 

80) Statement endorsing the publication and distribution of 
the report of seven clergymen who visited Yugoslavia and 
whose report whitewashes Tito's Communist regime, 

81) Union of Concerted Peace Efforts 

Cited as a Communist front, a leader of which was Clarence 
Hathaway, then editor of the Daily Worker, 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 
25, Mi 

82) Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade 

Found to be a "Communist-front organization" within the 
meaning of the Internal Security Act of 1950 and ordered to 
register as such with the Attorney General. 

Subversive Activities Control Board, Dec. 21, 1955. 
Cited as subversive and Communist 

Attorney General Tom Clart, Sept, 21, Mi 

83) War Resistors League 

American affiliate of the revolutionary Sraalist-Communist 
War Resistors International. Its pledge for enrollment ways; 
"I declare it to be my intention never to lake part in war, 
offensive or defensive, international or civil, whether it 
be by bearing arms, making or handling munitions, volun- 
tarily subscribing to war loans, or using my labor for the 
purpose of setting others free for war service," One of 
its slogans is; "To unite men and women who have de- 
termined to give no support to any war, irrespective of 
the reasons." The League co-sponsors numerous com- 
munist-controlled movements and programs of the Commu- 
nist-dominated or ' " 

84) Washington Committee to Lift the Spanish Embargo 

Cited as a Communist front, 
California Committee on Un-American Activities 

85) Win-the-Place Conference (Congress) 

Cited as subversive by the Attorney General 

86) World Peace Appeal 

(Stockholm Peace Petition) 

" *** the campaign of the (Communist) Party in 1950 to 
obtain five million signatures to the World Peace Appeal 
or Stockholm Peace Petition, (Witness Barbara) Hartle 
showed without contradiction, and was corroborated by 
documentary material, that the Communist Party used the 
Peace Petition for the purpose of combatting the foreign 
policies of the United States, specifically at a time when 
the United States had the atomic bomb and other countries 
did not have it; that the circulation of the Peace Petition 
was a tactic of the Party in the program to achieve world 

Subversive Activities Control Board, April 14, 1959, 
"The Permanent Committee of the World Peace Congress 
met * * * in Stockholm, Sweden, between March 15 and 19, 

1950 **♦ to launch the boldest and most far-reaching 
maneuver of the whole Communist peace movement - the 
world-wide circulation of 'peace' petitions, **• " 

" "* the launching of the world-wide drive for sig- 
natures to a so-called World Peace Appeal *•' is the *** 
most extensive piece of psychological warfare ever con- 
ducted by any organization on a world scale. '»* The 
World Peace Appeal was launched 3 months before the 
outbreak of Communist armed aggression against South 
Korea. Obviously the appeal was intended as a smoke 
screen for such aggression," 

Committee on Un-American Activities, April 25, 1951, 

87) World Tomorrow Poll 

Voted in favor of Socialism, a drastic increase in inherit- 
ance and income taxes, a "Cooperative commonwealth" 
instead of capitalism. 

88) World Youth Congress 

Cited as a Communist Conference held in the summer of 
1938 at Vassar College. 

Special Committee on Un-American Activities, March 

21 Mi 


"If, as Bertrand Russell prophesies, some form of ol- 
igarchy, whether capitalistic or communistic, be inevitable, 
in a technological age . . . the communistic oligarchy would 
seem to be preferable in the long run to the capitalistic 
one." -Reinhold Niebuhr, "Moral Man and Immoral Society 1 ' 

"We have previously analysed the ultimate objectives 
of Marxian politics and have found them to be identical 
with the most rational possible social goal, that of epl 
justice." - Keinhold Neiiuhr, "Moral Man and Immoral 

"How is reintegration possible? And the general an- 
swer is: by mass organization within a centralized and 
collective system. There is no other way out. , , , All this 
presupposes a centralized power and authority, not only 
with the respect to economic and political organization but 
also with reference to education and religion. - Paul Til- 
M, "The Protestant Bra" 

"If Protestantism should turn to a fuller social gospel 
it would mean not only a denunciation of war but the sever- 
ance of any connection with it. It would mean not only a 
willingness to be imprisoned rather than invoke a blessing 
on armies in the field, but it would mean a withdrawal of 
chaplains from service with the Army and Navy, It would 
seek an overthrow of the present capitalistic system, There 
are those who feel that the profit motive is wrong and that 
there can never be happiness for mankind until the present 
economic system gives way, to some cooperative scheme 
, ,. it might mean revolution, There are those who while 
opposed to the use of force in international relations, 
would not hesitate to use force in the overthrow of an 
economic system which they regard as un-Christian and 
vicious."- Ivan Lee Holt, '"!k Search for a New Strategy 
in Protestantism," 

"We have yet to see the folly of trying to change the 
individual and leaving him in an unchanged, selfish, cor- 
porate life, Life on a collective scale must be born again, 
Cannot be done? Absurd. Russia has done it, She has 
had a secular new birth, The very basis of her life has 
been changed and changed profoundly, and the result of 
that change has been so startling that John Gunther, in 
the penetrating book, "Inside Europe", ends the book by 
saying, 'Give Russia ten years more of peace and she will 
be the most powerful nation on earth,' Why? Because she 
has hold of a higher principle, co-operation, andit is work- 
ing out in higher results than we can work out of a lower 
principle, competition," - E, Stanley Jones, "fk Choke 
Before Us," 

"Communism, on the other hand, is an attempt at unity 
on a larger scale - universal, in fact. It is attempting to 
bring unity into life by the recognition of what is to it a 
universal principal - the economic interpretation of his- 
tory, basing life upon the economic, with a; more just and 
equitable distribution of goods through the putting of the 
means of production into the hands of society for the bene- 
fit of all who labor, This is to he done through a class 
war which will in the end bring all classes to one class, 
namely the class of the workers, and hence a brotherhood 
of all who contribute through labor. This brotherhood runs 
across all national boundaries and unifies all life on this 
basis. It has one enemy, namely, the non-contributor, the 
exploiter; and when he is eliminated then the whole system 
is essentially pacifist. War is no more and men are com- 
rades and brothers." - E. Stanley Jones, "Tk Choke Be- 
fore \]s," 

"Is it not probable that the greatest event of the 20th 
Century thus far is the Soviet Revolution and all it has 
meant to human welfare?" IProf. Jerome Davis, long time 
member of the Federal Council inner circle.) 

"When the Western world was floundering in an unjust 
and competitive order , , , God reached out and put his hand 
on the Russian communists to produce a juster order and 
to show a recumbent church what it has missed in its own 
gospel." IE, Stanley Jones, Federal Council-sponsored 
preacher and speak. J 

"The Christian religion is not a suitable religion for 
today," (Eduord C Lindemon, Federal Council Commis- 
sion on research, and editor IMS and 1S40J 

"The Soviet Union is progressing and growing up eco- 
nomically and politically since the time of the Czars, while 
capitalist society is starving and going down," (Harry F. 
M in a radio broadcast May 21, Mi} 

"Denominationally, I am a Presbyterian; religiously a 
Unitarian; and politically, I'm a Communist, I'm not preach- 
ing to make people good or anything of the sort. I'm in the 
church because I can reach people easier that way and get 
them organized for Communism," (Rev, Claude C. Williams, 
a confessed Communist Party member, director of People's 
Institute of Applied Religion, and long-time intimate of 
prominent Federal Council personalities,) 

"The only way out is an economic order which in- 
creasingly eliminates the profit motive," (Edword L. 
Parsons, Bishop of California.] 



Date: 1I/U/67 

Transmit the following in . 

(Type in plaintext or code) 


!!iri? :: ! 

■■ \}^'-^* i 

||?-f-;f s ) 


x fi'iiir:. R.:-jr:n. yl 

"^IfMr. ?:wei I 

'< i Tc!i. Il»re f 


| J Mis; .'ii^iiy- 


TO: DISSJTOE, FBI (62-4270) 


HA -2 
00: 07 YQ32 

\ '<^ ^ 


Ee Chicago tei 11/13/67 captions d "EDGAR C» BIINS Y,, 
3F02MTKH (&KCMING, INTERNAL SEC02:TY n , Sufile 62^10^ 

;■ Enclosed for the Bureau are 5 copies of a LEM 
concerning the visit of representatives of the Russian 
Orthodox Church to the Chicago area. A copy of this LHM 
cc being furnished Ne^ York for information since New York 
is office of origin in this matter 

The confidential source utilized in the enclosed 

f f " A 

The IfiM is classified confidential because it 
contains information received from a confidential informant 
cf continuing value whose future effectiveness could be 
compromised by the unauthorised disclosure of information 
,'.onUined therein » 

For information^, it is noted that the Bureau by 
routing slip dated 10/2/G4 3 furniskea Chicago a copy of a Ictta. 
sent to the USDS dated 8/9/54 from the Church of the Brethren 
national Headquarters^ Elgin , Illinois, concerning arranger-en t$ 
ct that time v;ere in a discussion stage, concerning the porsibi; 
of a visit to the seminary of the Church of the Brethren by 
representative or representatives of the Russian Orthodox .;niircl|i 
~.i that time the State Department advised that ~<ip.L and tee 
Chicago environs were "closed" and it vjas not pcccihle to 
..pprove the visit at that tizae* It is belike-' that the c;,.rren 
"was the culmination of plus begun in^ii-*.,; 

I krreau ::-ls 5) (EL!) M* /#¥?%"* 

- i::r York „ '2-9340) (Info) (EncL 1) (2L:*ot R iw4rtfe 








In Reply, Please Rejer to 
FUe JVo. 


Chicago, Illinois 
November 14, 1967 



On Nove&ber 13, 1967 9 a telegram m& received' 

at the' Chicago Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
(FBI) from Sdgar C Bundy,, Executive Secretary } Church League 
of America (CM}<, 422 North Prospect Street , fieaton P Illinois* 
The telegram stated the CM i?ias to hold a press conference 
at its national headquarters at Sieatonj Illinois, on the 
afternoon of November 13 , 1967 , to "expose the details 
concerning the bringing of three agents of the Soviet Secret 
Police^ the KGB 5 to the Chicagoland area for a series of 
speeches attacking the United States position in Viet Nasi, . 
as part of. a four weeks tour of the United States by the 
Foreign Secretary of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow 
and foso clerical-aides Although persons sponsoring them 
Lave attempted to keep their schedule secret so as to avoid 
demonstrations , the Church League has succeeded in securing 
part of it, along with complete identifications on the tea.n 
and previous violent attacks against the United States This 
team is scheduled to arrive in the Chicagoland area on this 
Thursday evening, November 16/ 

On November 13, 1967, a confidential source, \*;ho 
' has ■ furnished reliable information in the pastj advised he 
had learned a group of representatives of the Russian Orthodox 
Church had arrived in the United States on November 9, ,1967, 
at Nev; York ; Kevj York, for a visit under sponsorship of the 
National Council of Churches The source had' no information 
that the group planned to visit the Chicago area. 

In its November 12, 1967 edition, the "Eockford 
horning Star", a Rockford, Illinois daily newspaper, carried 

:,n article captioned, "Soviet Clergymen to Visit in Area/' 
The article, dateline Mount Morris, Illinois, stated/that a 

This document contains neither ^commendations nor 

conclusion of the FBI. 

property - 

F3i and is loaned to your agency; it and res confer 
a& aot to be distributed outside your ageacy. 
DATE 3/23/09 ? _ 

#1120410 BU» Bv 

GrMr) 1. 
Excluded arom automatic 



delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church 
visit the Church of the Brethren ^ Mount Morris, on November 19, 
1967o The article stated the visiting delegation would 
arrive at the national headquarters of the Church of the 
Brethren in Elgin, Illinois, on Thursday, November 16, 1967, 
The pastor of the host church at Mount Morris was quoted 
as saying it is anticipated representatives of the anti- 
communist International Council of Christian Churches will 
picket the delegation on November 19, 1967, The article 
did not identify the number of persons in the Russian delegation 
but identified the head of the delegation as "Metropolitan 
Nikodim of Leningrad and Novgorod who as Chairman of the 
Department of External Affairs of the Moscow Patriarchate, 
is the Russian Orthodox prelate most v/idely known outside 
the Soviet Union o" 

2 - 

:. optical forWio 
may 1912 edition 
gsa fpmr (41 cfr) 101-11.0 
















and advised as follows: 

j 1^ _ _ I who has been an i nformant for the 

Chicago Police~Depirtment concerning subversive activities 
in which he has participated on behalf of that Department 
and who has on occasion furnished information on a voluntary 
basis to the Chicago Office of the F BI, contacted SA FORREST . 
F. BURGESS on 12/12/67 while | | was in Washington, D.C.rr?/ ^ 




Calumet", Chicago, Illinois, and one of the founders of the 
Young Americans for Freedom said that EDGAR C. BUNDY, 
Executive D irector of the Church Leaders of America, was 
looking for 


it was 

that BUNDY had collected a 

large number or documentary records concerning communists 
and communists activities, which information he in turn made 
available to anti 'commun ists org anizations for the purpose 
of exposing communists. | was able to identify several 
top functionaries of the Communist Party who were attending ,,, 
the convention sponsored by the National Conference for New/t A 
Politics in Chicago, Illinois, in August, 1967, and advised^ ^ 
BUNDY of this information. BUNDY was instrumental in having 
this information published in the "Chicag o Tribune" without 
[disclosing the source of this information.! 








(lj- Bureau 

1 - Chicago (Info) (MO 
1 - WFO 
(4) / 

WW/ '7 j 

MAN 10196 


- I. 

Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Regularly on the Payroll Savings Plan 


4>~ " 


turned over to BUNDY copies he had made 

of several documents included in the records at the Nat ional 
Conference for New Politics as well as material had 

madd and maintained concerning correspondence and records 
from t 

received infor mation from several people, 
1 which indicated tha t 
BUND Y had ho mosexual tendencies. One | | (ph) ' 
told l 1 that he had formerly been employed by BUNDY • 
and t|at BUNDY had been involved in homosexual activities k 
at Wh|aton College inv olving BUNDY and a Wheaton student. 

___ rm ^ ]for the "Herald Freedom", Zarapath, 

JejtMlsiy, said BUNDY had been involved in homosexual 
activities and charges had been bro ught against him if 
New Jersey three years previously. 

mentioned previously in this memo said BUNDY had engaged 
in extensive homosexual activities in South Africa when 
he was visiting there and was forced to leave there by 
leaders of the South A fri can Gove rnment two or three 

these stories concerning 


years ago. 

BUNDY had never been made public because it was feared 

it would discredit the "Right Wing" movement. 

he confronted 

BUNDY with these allegations concerning homosexual activities 
on BUNDY 1 s part and BUNDY was angered about this but would 
not deny the allegations. He countered by saying this is 
a favorite technique of communists to discredit people in 
the intelligence field by attaching the sti gma of homosexual 
activities to them. BUNDY also told that he could not 

- 2 







have been in the Air Force Intelligence Service with a 
background of this type and that he had the highest 
intelligence d&ai!fic^ieti for access to confidential 

information. I lhad also received information that 

BUNDY had been discredited by the Air Force Intelligence, 
although he did not confront him with this information. 

At the time BUNDY and 

were airing their 

differences of opinion BUNDY stated he had extensive files 
/ on "Right Wing" organizations and metohers which disclosed 
derogatory information concerning them and which could 
result in dis creditin g them if he had released such 
information. | | asked him why he was accumulating this 
type of information when he had indicated that primarily 
the target of his activity was communist organizations 
and individuals having a communist background whom he 
wanted to expose. BUNDY replied by stating that the 
information he compiled w as his own business and the information 

he did compile was none of 


asked BUNDY why he had furnished the 

newspapers information which resulted in | | exposure 

at the National Conference for New Politics concerning the 
top functionaries of the Communist Party attending the 
convention of the National Conference for New Politics. 
BUNDY gave an evasive answer to this question. | | 

told BUNDY that this had resulted in exposure and 

diminished the possibility of his obtaining information in 
the future concerning "Left" organizations. 

in relation to h 

observed that BUNDY is vicious and brutal 
.s wife and also to his employees. 

does not believe he is a person to be trusted. 

The above is being furnished to the Bureau for 
information. It is poin ted out ' that it appears from 
information furnished by I I that he presently holds a 
personal grudge of some type against BUNDY. 

GSA GEN. ftEG. NO. 27 



to :Mr. Sullivan(j^ 
;From : T. E. Bishop 

















Tele. Room _ 


The following volume of testimony has been received 
from the SISS and sent to Mr. Sizoo of the Domestic Intelligence 
Division for appropriate review and return to my office to be returned 
to the SISS: 

Volume 2, December 11, 1967 - Executive Session, 

Testimony of: 



Edgar Clifford Bundy, JExecutive Secretary, 



1 - Mr. 
1 - Mrs. 

Room 722 9th & D 








t ioi 

J2 JAN 10 1968 

i*^ It/ y 


JAN li )968 


\ i& 


Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Buffalo, New York 

■ i 

March 8, 1968 


Your suggestion lias been received that a certain 
organization be added to the list of agencies which may be con- 
tacted lor information of a particular type. After careful consid- 
eration, it has been decided it would not be in the Bureau's best 
interest to take the action you proposed. 

Although your idea was not adopted in this instance, 
1 appreciate the interest you displayed in submitting it to me. 

MAILgD 19 

MAR 8 1968 


Sincerely yours, 
J . Edgar Hoover 

2 - Buffalo 
1 - Field personnel file 
Qk 1 - Suggestion file 

J v 1/- Personnel file of SA Maurice G. Anthony 

{$T^ (Suggestion 647-68 dated 2/28/68) 


Suggests the organizationf'CEURCiLLEAGUE OF AMERICA, 

— NOTE: 

— &£/**** Wheaton, Illinois, be .added to the Manual of Instructions! as 
~ janes&f the agencies which may be contacted for general source information) 
~ available pertaining to certain industries. This agency maintains background 

— information concerning ministers and members of the clergy in the United 

— States which is available to me^mbersi of! the; League. Members receive this 
Te'i^ . . . - > ^hafojjBaation free for the first two requests each year with subsequent requests I 

S? (fliBip teletype (,„„□ IS-fr /'.'/ (CONTINUED - OVE R) [}- I 




pri a payment basis. . Information supposedly contains.- birth", education, 
educational hcmprs* employment and prior employment background. 
Sugge^-a made with this organisation by the Chfofgo , 
Division to determine availability of this information to determine 
if a liaison could Reestablished to; provide such information to all 
offices, upon request, in the futility^ _ / ; . 

Training Division opposes adoption* Bufile 62-1045^ 
contains information regaling this organization* A review- of thi^^' 
material Vre veals Edgar C. Bptdy, Executive Secretary, Church league 
of America, is- well-known to tfe; Bureau and is an extreme right-, 
winger who has attempted to us^iie Bureau in the past. We Ipve had 
no contact with him, and correspondence from him is not acknowledged 



$*4L^ .'a. '■* 

Emp Jo xeeiSugge st ion 

F»-2 J 527Rev. 9-11-59) 




Director, FBI 

From: ( 



Division of- Assignment 


"1)6 " 

suggestion Manual of Instructions, Vol. I, Sec. 9C, lists agencies which 
may be contacted for general source information available pertaining to 
/h certain industries. It has come to ray attention that an organization, 
Y CSM.CE LE A SBE ©g AM ERICA f Wheaton, Illinois, maintains background infor- 
mation concerning Ministers 'sard~members_of the Clergy in the United 
States, which is available to members of the League. Members receive 
this information free for the first two requests each year with subse- 
quent requests on a payment basis. This information supposedly contains 
birth, education, educational honors, employment and prior employment 
background. It is suggested a contact be made with this organization 
by the Chicago Division to determine the availability of this informa- 
tion and to determine whether a liaison could be established to provide 
such information to all divisions, upon request, in the future. 

Current practice or rule (Include manual citation as well as facts)' 

Advantages of suggestion and annual savings (include basis for estimate) •- " Tt' 

In view of increased involvement and activities of Ministers _ 
and the Clergy In anti-draft matters and racial matters, this central U 
source, if available to all offices, may possibly provide; access to 
full background information concerning these individuals who** are sub- 
jects of current investigation. Access to this type o& Information may 
eliminate some contacts with Educational institutions, which are poten- 
tially dangerous in view of current attitudes toward furnisfiing infor- 
mation to investigative agencies, A savings in investigative time 
could result in that lead information could be compiled immediately 
from one source. 

Disadvantages of suggestion 

None known. 

(The use by the United States of m/ suggestion shall not form the basis of a further claim of any nature by me, my heirs, or 
assigns upon the United States, I understand that I will be considered for any justified award only if my suggestion is adopted 
"within two years after submission.) ; I (7 tn . 

ELr. UJurs. DmIss I SA 

Signature and Title of Sfiggester 

Recommendations and comments of Division Head 4 _ * 

Suggest handling by Chicago •ffice to evaluate this apparent source 
of information. 

-(Do not write in this space - for Bureau use only 










•from :SAC 9 WFO 

date: 12/21/67 

subject: 50RRSST F. BURGESS 

special agent 
,■■ Washington field office 

n. ? 



Enclosed herewith are 2 copies of a self-explanatory 
:::araorandum pr epared bv SA FO RREST' g. BURGESS concerning his 
contacts with 





C2JX- Bureau (EncT 2) 

I - WFO 





j: \ 

Sajy i7.J\ Savings Bonds Regularly on the Payroll Savings Flan 






k?- MSIZ4 

W9 FEB 5 19b8. 













v. :-o 

date: 12/21/67 






who has been an informant for the 

Chicago ? Illinois, Police Department concerning subversive 
activities in which he has participated on behalf of that 
Police Department and who 5 on oeeasion 5 has furnished in- 
formation to the Chicago Office of the FBI, was introduced 
SA FOR REST F. B URGESS by Mrs. I l of Washington, 

' 1 visited WDC on | J At this time. 

t^ n 



was conxerred with alone and it is pointed out that at 
no time has BURGESS -talked with | | in the presence of 

any group. 

Mrs . 

has on several occasions furnished 

security type mx or mat ion to the Washington Field Office, 

on 12/11/67, contacted SA BURGESS and 
advised as "follows; 

He had been subpoenaed" to testify at a closed 
executive session of the Subcommittee for the U S„ Sen ate 

Internal Se curity Committee of the Judiciary. I I 

•stated that | I 

] According to[ 

Jraen he was leaving 

the convention^ he was also threatened hy. what he termed 
"unknown Black Power 47 representatives. 

commented he was afraid if he testified 

before the above Congx-essional committee he might be 
further threatened or harmed. He asked for advice as to 
testifying and v/as told by BURGESS none could be given him. 


Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Regularly on the 'Payroll Savings Plan 





On 12/12/67 < 

and advised as follows? 

ieain contacted SA BURG3SS 

He had testified on 12/12/67, 


before the above . 
committee and among questi(jaa_aslLfd him were so me concerni ng 

WDC oa | 

He testified that he had actually 

tze identity of the people 
hen he was in thi s citv. 

r.:et a group of Mrs. friends in V/DC on. that date and 
consequently identixxea %.nem in this testimony 8 Ke also 
testified that he had seen SA BURGESS at that time, , BURGESS 
asked him if he made it clear fftar h&_ (BURGESS) was not at 

the abo ve-mentioned meeting of 

said he was not sure but would 
&a&e sure his testimony was correct. 

with Mrs. 

check on tnxs ana 


| indicated he was scheduled to testify 

again before this committee on 12/13/67. SA BURGESS made 
no suggestions to l l and most definitely did not seek 
to have him alter his testimony. 

also told SA BURGESS on 12/12/67, that he 

had been "asked questions a t this hearing concerning Major 
EDGAR C- BTHDY of Chicago. I~ _ | 



B URGESS has nofrelated any information to either 
or anyone concerning Major BUNDY* In 
no kno wledge c oncern ing him. It 'is 


fact, BURGESS had 

pointed out that 

SA BURGESS to the eitec 

to them concerning allegations 

on the part of Major BUNDY* A 



and Mrs,[ 

that people. 

J have commented to 

have furnished information T 

of possible homosexual activities 
letter to the Bureau 
data regarding BUNDY is presently in 


2 ~ 





MAY "963 iOlTiOS 





\\} y» 




Af Jones 


--"x rt 


a former Special Agent who served from 1951 to 1961 
tr;d with whom we now deal most circumspectly, advised late on 12-18-67 
\he had a personnel' problem" for FBI involving an Agent and homosexual 


fcivities. Interviewed on 12-19-67, 

alleged SA ForresKBurgess 

shad counseled a recent witness before the Senate Internal Security Subcorn- 
hnitte to change his testimony /to show the witness met Burgess alone and not 
,,with a group at a meeting. Transcript of testimony (enclos ed) show s the 
witness so testified originally* After this was pointed out to he made 

statement which contradi cted his original charge. Testimony and inf or 

v rnation supplied by 
jsaid off 


show little, if any, basis for charg e. 

e-rece^i testimony disclosed Mrs, | |had information 

Edgar"Bu-ndy of the Church League of America is homosexual. He 

;gave the impression he felt FBI source of this information, but when 
^challenged, admitted he had no reason to so believe or to feel this had any 
'^connection with his charge against Burgess. He had no information of 
'homosexual activities involving an Agent as originally implied. Enclose d 
■ is a statement from SA Burgess denying that he ever counseled ! | to 

; , change his te^ tim ony or that he has ever given any information about Bundj 
■Ito Mrs 




or anyone else. 





(1) That 

-139 FEB 5 I9b8— 

be advised that a check of the facts confirms 

:s allegation and implication were fallacious^. 

/^Jf— •" j5 

* 1*3- 

., . A- / 


54 FE 

, (2) That Senator James O. Eastland ,(D-Miss.) 3 Chairman of the 
Gubcommittee^with whom we enjoy excellent relations, be advised of this.-' y: c 

situation upon his return to Washington when Congress reconvenes.. ^ , .. -7 "V \ 

/ ' ' r\J*' <* 5^ * ft ■ ■*■■-■■ S' s 



<oach / 
VIohr , *V; 

1 _ r* K< \ Lxf'^-'' 

1 - Mr. Bishop 
1 - .Mr. Callahan 

1' ^ Mr. 






DWBrnls (9) 




M. A . Jones to Bishop memo 





Late on 12-18-67, 

contacted you (Mr. Bishop) by 

telephone saying, he ha d a perso nnel problem for us involving an Agent and 

homosexual activities, is a former Special Agent, serving from 

4-23-51 to 5-12-61, with' whom we have dealt most circumspectly. 

on 12-19-67. [ 

Per vou r instructions. Special Agent 

called on 


made available the enclosed transcript of t estimony.-- 
idken in executive session of the Su bcommitt ee on 12-12-67 from 

3 He laughingly referred tc| | as "the reason you guys haven't 

\ been getting any goo d informat ion from your bag jobs lately- -he's been beating 

| you to ail the stuff. "| formerly worked for the Chicago Police collecting 

information on the National Conference on New Politics (NCNP) and the DuBois 
Clubs* He has "stolen" numerous records from both groups and NCNP and the 
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party currently are suing the Subcommittee, 
some of its members and staff personnel, in connection with its use of infor- 
mation from these records. I I 

ref erred to te stimony on pages 275 through 279 of the 
nere l I discussed a meeting he attended at the 

enclosed transcript w! 

home of Mrs. I 

I "Ttestiiied he had been invitecfio Washington by Mrs J I 

to talk with 

1 Northwest, Washingt on, on 


land an FBI Agent. He said the meeting was attended by Mrs . 

(identified by[ 


and a man fron 

J. He 

said the. FBI Agent, identified as Forrest Burgess of Washington, came after 
everybody left. 


declared that on 12-13-67, the day- after the above 
contacted him and said he had discussed his testimony 
with Burgess who suggested he change it to show no one else was present 

]conf erred. | |said Burgess told him this 

when Burgess and 

was important since the Bureau had other investigations going which might 

be damaged by any publicity indicating they conferred at a meeting, 

stated. He said he remi nded Gum aer he had been under oath and asked if he 

had told the truth. Whenl |said he had, 

\ could not be changed. 

told him his testimony 

Mo A. Jones to Bishop memo 



It was pointed out to Norpel that page 279 of the transcript 
testimony clearly shows that Burgess was not at the meeting, 




that he "came later after everybody left. . .he came several hours later 
And then I told h im primar ily what I had mentioned to the others/ 1 
agreed but stated 

apparentl y did not recall how he had testified 

had wanted to make sure the . 

when he talked to Burgess.. He said 

record showed there was no one else present when he and Burgess conferred. 

It was pointed out this latter statement conflicts wi th the e arlier charge tha t 

Burgess suggested^ 

change his testimony. [ 

] replied 

apparently thought he had not made it clear that he and Burgess met alone 
and Burgess wanted him to change his statement to make sure there would 
be no indication they had talked in the presence of anyone else. 

then stated 

had given testimony off the 

record that Mrs J l had told him she learned from an American security 
} agency that Bundy is a homose xual. I _ I riemeanor indicated he felt 
i the FBI was the source of Mrs J [information. He continued thatT 


and residing a1 

Vienna, Virginia, 

He said he does not know if 

.was told th e s ame infor mation by Mrs. 

Mrs | Itolc j | the information 'came fro m n the _B ureau M but he would 

had about homosexual 

be interviewed, 

(This was the only information 

was asked if he had any reason whatever to believe 

the FBI was the source of the alleged information that Bundy is homosexual. 
He did not. He was asked what, if any, connection this had with the informa- 
tion supplied about SA Burgess. He said none that he knows of. He was 
then asked to specifica lly state his complaint. He said it appeared Burgess 

had counseled 

■pes sib 

to change testimony given before the Subcommittee 

y to cover for some error in the conduct of his interview with| } 

then remarked he hated to "dump" a personnel problem in "your lap, TT 

.riding"" I know what a problem they can be since I use to run them out in the 


was thanked for his observations, but it was pointed 

out to him there seemed to be little on -the record to support them. 

Enclosed is a memorandum from SA Burgess to the Special 
Agent in C harge of W ashington Field Office in which he clearly shows he did 
not c ounse i P to change his* testimony and that he has never furnished 

Mr s. l "l or anyone else any information about Bundy. 

- 3 

■*3-4> ^ 


M. A. Jones to Bishop memo 





He resigned effective 5-12-61, because 

his wife had refused to move to Chicago with him. He later was employed as 
Acting Chief, Records and Service Branch, Office of Security, Bureau of 
Security and Consular Aff airs, Department of State. He was under the super- 
vision of who has been charged by the State Department with 

furnishing the Subcommittee classifie d and unclassified information and 


documents from State files. 

the Subcommittee on 7-24-64, praised 

n as high, if not higher than J. Edgar Hoover 

named several Bureau officials who were aware oi 

in executive session testimony before 
and said he regarded him 
He also injudiciously 

I I He rece ntly has been added to 

the Subcommittee staff in the research department, | ostensibly 

r&trrmp to make room for h im. Ma ndel continues to work at the Subcommittee, 

have been only when necessary and then 

Our contacts witt 

with great care. 




- A 

*r. Wi C. Sullivan 

C. D. Brennan 




Mr. t. t. -8is1 
Mr. f . G. Sullivan 

January 5, 1968 

ltr s . L. Whalea 



Reference ia M^e to memorandum Bishop to Sullivan 
%%/%%/$% t . o^ptMMi ^otieg^.* $$mM./M^9wm^M&mititf ■ 
. Subc oaait tee f»°!$raasBit ting W copy of the teatiaony of 
Ic^ftee €li,ffe^*^ jajy before an executive session of tha 
Senate I&ternal Security Subcoanittae an December 11, 1987. 

A roviow of tfclfc -itotartftl **?e**f 
tfco Executive Secretary, «M»»r*b iyi*gue ..of' 
Illinois, tosti£S#ft ^#0*0 **Mfe:^B 
Mfevftajtieai of the National Coapi«nce 
whieh was held in #iio*go t Illinois, J 
SOftenfcer 4., 10S7. 

, Ha . ■ 
rrica, Wheat on, 

wm*$®tM$ - tJao- ' 
JPaMtllei CNCNP) 
tl to '■■' 

■■• " . .. Bundy teatif i 

iiifro# oao r ~~ 

the gOT and to fuTRiab 

mm$M®$ tj&O ;eo»TO»tio»~ , _„ w „___._, 

undercover agent for t%» In telligen ce $ $ejfe 

£ tlte &*Bjro& 'Loogsi* of Awerio* 
dent of 4&it»v*% to infiltrate 
tlon to the Church League 



^olioo Department. Ha ,... 
f . .1* B. ©uBois Gitttaa aad 


mpH&mif ioiafd tit* 

Soolfty and had participated |b 

Hofcroi*/ i&ioagov and otftaf ©iiiogf* 

Bundy teotlfioi- 

ICQMl >* » fconooratie 


in New York, 

worked for the Church 

League o&ly fcMfftipt fotlo®: during the 

session. 'tfcej£ntf;.$|tiai ti«o, | ^~| »l#;fQr%ao' in the office 
Of. M SUSP in Chicago an d waa pr ivy ,t* Ail 4*o0»ooioitt» 
prior to ifco coavantion . ' | _] waa , tJ*§fefof»,.. able to ' 

raoove §« aany ae 2,000 docuaenta froa iH'.Wht'llltlf to . 
the Church Leag tfa offic es daring this short period of ti»e. 
Bandy teatif lad I I faad agreed to* *&«t waa hired to, obtain 

and reproduce these documents solely for the benefit of the 
Church League. It was their agreement t tsat the originals, 
after' fOpfodBefiOAt woulit ho rotiiapaoll to l T for i^mi^mm 

use he wanted to «afe a of then. Prior to th© opening of the 
convention, however . I I underc over role was diaeovered. 

■' laolosu** 

<^M 62-10457 i 
SHH:cst . 



H* JAN 10,d68 



Memorandum to Mr. w. C. Sullivan 

mx wmmu* mmmm m% wot politics 


Ho nevertheless remained is the employ ©f the Church League 
to reproduce tit* 2 ,000 documents he had taken frea the NCNP 
prior t© hie discovery. 

Bundy testified that after I I had reproduced 
those documents at Church League expense gad with its 
facilities;*, instead of turning the copies over to the League 
and reclaiming the ori ginala. he furnished the copies to 
Mr. | | of the Washington Bureau of Cople y 

Newspaper*. Bandy testif ied that .he discharged | I on 
learning of his actions, [ 

has never returned the copies 

. of- these' doenstsst* and the originals are still la the 
possession of the Church league* 

fhe SCMP its formed in June, 1986, to enable those 
who work for peace, civil rights* end *n end t© peverty to 
register th© greatest inpact by concentrating aehey and 
manpower on direct political actions. 

The W. i, B. DuBois Clubs is a cossun is t-or tented 
youth group, sad students for a Democrati c Society has been 
described by | _ „ ~} ©eoBaattist Party, USA, 

as * patt of the "responsible left" which the fsrty has "going 
for as.** 

■.-. Bandy ie a professional antieonsunist speaker who 
has ©sen critical ©f the iirsetor and other Bureau officials. 
He has been alleged to have engaged in homosexual practices 
and has been the subject of an inpsrsonatien investigation, » 

With respect to above information, V. A. Jones to 
Bishop Mesor a ndua, August 29, 1967, captioned "Edgar C. Bundy* 
Church League of Aaarica, the n ten* Illinois* sta tes thftt 
Bundy contacted Special Agent I , I ©f the Crime 
Beeorde Division on August 20, Iff?* offering to furnish the 
documents to the Bureau. At thst tins, Br, fclson consented, 
**t don't think he should be contacted by us. fell Chicago 
by phone, M the ©irwetor replied, w l coaeur." Chicago advised 
by phone August ffv 106?. 


fm Information. %ftt eo»y «t tfte hearings of the 
Senate Internal Security Subcommittee {attached) %0 *eturned to 
f$t9 Crime Becorda Division for retarn to tb# Senate Internal 
Security Subcoaoait tee . 

.■ * Z * 


Qri .3/13/68 Ma j6r BUNDY Spoke bef oi# t h$ * J 
Clubs ait the^Tampa-Sheratdn Mote ly iri ^ampay '■; 
on ythe : subject ! f S$ifcbe of the Nationt, Major 
talk was; primal press } "■ vy 

releases, and test imcmy by the $|irector • -. Majoi^ BDNDY 
quoted freely f rom comment sr^inade; by the Mrec tor before 
various ^Congressional cbmmitt§es wfeich to 
appropr fa t ion hear ings and pt hery invest igat i ve hearings ♦ 
Ma j or BUNDY q^Pt^d Director eaci|time from publicat ions . 
in which the Director f 4 remarks had b#e 
did not make ahyy^ersohal comments Ion t hey^birec t oas^ s t 

> ; -. iWheii^qt^ 
do^ea^'Cthat^^hl^: testimony was %iv^ 

committee meeting and pnly 20Q copies of' £ije ^e^tEmori^ :% 
were ymade > Major BtflfbY- stated he^ goi one ^of a 4he^ ■ '.. v: - 
copies and fol lowed this with a comment to the elf ect J'-\i 
that he was able t6 get this copy because ^sj^Hknbwni \ 
that he frequently quoted ythe Director li^ his talkis* 
He. did not^hbwevery Infer that the copy had been received 
from the FBI nor did he at any time (raferj that he was ■ > 
in any, way connected with the FBI nor did he at; any o 
tifte make any comment indicating he hady any personal 
relatiohiship with the Director, - :W^"y ■■ ■' - - x^ 




^r ,, Upon conciudihg his tstll^ Major-''SU^ 
a ^standing ovation from th:e ^embers of -the Kiwanis Cli 
There; were' about 150 per sons I preseii^|a|£this meeting 
represent i ng var ibus bus i nessmen i n : Tampa and the mS^t i ng S^ 
was chaired by; the former majror, JUX4lANyLANE, 



2, - Tampa 



ii'ng ^ufnli3hed:;f9r;-;&a^0a v u ' s 
beini %ak.en- by Tampa Divis 

u ■• s information. 

n I or ma 


MAR £8^1968 




PHONESl *i 31 2 )- 668-3630 

Edgar C. Bundy 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 
Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 
Mr. Richard M. Dilworth 
Mr. Rogers Follansbeo 
Mr. Richard Harvey 
Mr. George Ray Hudson 
Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 
Mr. James E. Lyon 
The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 
The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 
Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 
Mr. Harry N. Stamper 
* Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 
Dr. Bob Wells 
Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 
Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 


















July 30, 1968 

Mr. Cartha D, DeLoach 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D.C. 

Dear Mr. DeLoach: 

The item enclosed from the back page of" PEACE NEWS 
may have escaped the attention of federal authorities. $Gt*?J&} &^<£~ 
We have the original publication* 


. of the California Senate Fact- Finding 

Committee on Un-American Activities is assisting here this 
summer as research consultant and suggested that I send 
this to the Bureau. ■ 

Yours very sincerely, 


Enc£U^/ <^ 


Information Service 

X >>* 






AUG 6,1968 

U 1968 


^COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
\OMMJTTEE\OF CLERGY; Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 


S s 





CB06ogy laimiiLttu 

CBflBogy 8anniur~ 



.•..•\i-..».'A.v. _ . 

:||| ••: •••.'••/fe-f.'.- •. '<••'•"'•••• 



" Freedom for Galanskov! Freedom for the Baptists! Freedom for all political prisoners in the 
USSR!" This is the leaflet CHURCH gave out in Moscow last Monday ^ternobn. See "story, 

page 1, 


i . .. ; ; - -^MMiMSm 

i£^MsM^^&MM^A. aii_u-^i fitl&i 


^ pv, ■ iVU >, ^^^x-- l!S j vi ^*^—^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^mm^^^^m 

"• -v^H^f 

on the KGB! 

Supporters of CHURCH — -including As far as I can gather — the three are 

the three back from Moscow — will due to arrive back at London Airport 

stage a non-violent demonstration at midnight tonight as I write— the 

in support of prisoners of con- demonstration in solidarity with 

science in Russia outside the USSR ' g™"^ 'SJ?^*"^™ 5! n SS2 

$£^Ji& U g* & * tlVn "eTW^omife £" Ma^ky 

this Saturday, June 22. Square. Quickly, it seems, he and 

Janette Hammond were arrested by 

Bob Overy writes: At 4 pm last Mon- KGB-men in plain-clothes (a Russian 

day afternoon I had a phone call version has it that it was a citizens' 

from Moscow. Viv Broughton was on arrest) but not before Viv had 

the line — clear as a bell. " Congratu- stripped off his jersey to reveal the 

lations on your wedding anniversary," name of Galanskov in Russian in capi- 

he said, after some brief conversation tal letters across his tee-shirt. As they 

about the weather. "Thanks," I re- were driven off in a police van, the 

plied. (I am unmarried.) That was the two threw their remaining leaflets out 

signal to a supporting group in Lon- of the back. 

OTUmSnSS. St to P ?Urt er the!r A few moments later, John Careswell 

■demonstration in Mayakovsky Square. 

began distributing leaflets ' until he 
too was arrested and spirited away in 
Thereafter, of course, Western corres- a taxi. " Impromptu discussions," ac- 
pondents in Moscow, who had been cording to one report, broke out in 
tipped off in advance about the in- the crowd concerning the contents of 
tended 5-day fast and leafleting, the leaflet — which included a state- 
beamed the story right round the ment from ""Bertrand Russell con- 
world. Quickly, in London, a small demning the conduct of the trials of 
group of CHURCH supporters who Russian writers and extracts from j,a 
had prepared to deal with press , en- J public letter, critical of the Galah-* 
quiries, photos, biographical details, skov trial, circulated in' Moscow last 
the English text of the leaflet, and so year by Dr Pavel Litvinov and Larisa 
■" on£ began the. task of making sure re- Dani el. A couple of Western reporters 
porters got their facts right imd— in Tare "§ald"to have, beeh' ^Vbughe'dt'up-"* 1 
so far as t his was possible — of gettin g,;' in the melee: The CHURCH three 
through to Moscow the essentially in- were mTerrogated and held in "cus" 
offensive nature of the organisation, tody for nine hours, before being 
CHURCH. J released early on Tuesday morning. 

VivjJroughton, a 25-year-old labora- 
tory technician, John Careswell, a 21- 
year-old Southampton ''"University Stu- 
dent, and Janette Hammond, a 20- 
year-old secretary in a publisher's 
office, had gone to the USSR in an 
organised party of tourists, smuggling 
in with them several hundred copies 
of a leaflet in Russian calling for the 
. release of imprisoned Russian writers, 
Baptists and Ukrainians. They had in- 
tended to fast for five days in Maya- 
kovsky Square — and will continue 
their fast in any case until 4 pm this 
Saturday — but of course expected 
nonetheless to be arrested as soon as 
they made an attempt to distribute 
their leaflets. 

CHURCH began, in Bromley, Kent, 

last summer with some young Children playing in Powis Square, action and declared the Square 

Notting Hill Gate, last Saturday free. (Photo by Serena Wad ham.) 

continued on page 5 after citizens had taken direct John Edmunds reports, page 4. 

Roger Moody on the case of Jeremy Tupper 

Callaghan's Vietnam conscript 


Biafra Campaign Grows 


Washington &„tiie Poor 


London — Student Revolt 


BUI Hillier on Victims of 


Duane/Pople on 
The RisinghiU Affair 


Colin Ward on 

Herbert Read's Anarchism 


Paul Derrick on 
Donovan & the Unions 


John Ball's Column 


" England is still a risky place to 
be, but it may be ripe for a test 
case . . . " — RITA (Resisters Inside 
The Army) April Bulletin 1968. 

The story of Private Jeremy -Tupper 
begins in 1967, when he left Cali- 
fornia after serving some months in 
the American Army. ,He was com- 
pletely open about his moral objec- 
tion to the war in Vietnam and, when 
his unit was due to be posted there, 
left it — using his own passport first to 
go to France and then, in November 
last year, to come to England. 

Not only was he permitted entry into 
this country but he and his wife lived 
here for five months before any police 
action was taken. The police then 
started visiting the Tuppers and ask- 
ing questions — but it took another 
two months before a warrant was 
issued for Jeremy Tupper' starrest. 
Regrettably, Tupper was not in pos- 
session of any long-term legal advice 
and, on surrendering himself to the 
local police station, perhaps did not 
fully realise that he could, according 
to legal opinion, have asked for an 
adjournment in order to prepare a 
case. On being convicted of deser- 
tion " he was taken into American 
military custody. At the moment he 
is at Lakenheatn Base in Suffolk. 

The decision to hand over Tupper to 
the American authorities last week 
was made : by the Home Secretary 
himself, Mr James Callaghan. Not the 
least disturbing aspect of the whole 
icpugnant business was that, before 
pressure had been applied on the 
Government by Frank Allaun, Fenjrter 
Brock wsy, British Council for Peace 
irTVietnarri and, more recently, Peace 
News,- the Home Office was doing its 
level best to wash its hands of the 
affair by claiming that " this is solely 
a police matter. 

US pressure 

Moreover, during an interview in 
Whitehall on Monday, a deputation 
organised by Peace News and BCPV 
— comprising barrister Lord Gifford, 
American lawyer Howard Sachs, Mrs 
Tupper, David Win"hlck"MP > and led 
by FrankjAHauh--- was told by Lord 
Stonham "that the hand-over was 
made under considerable pressure 
from American authorities, who in- 
voked the Visiting Forces Act of 

-The Act allows parties to it to make 
a " specific or general " request for 
the hand-over of military deserters. It 
is now clear that the Act applies not 

just to individuals deserting — or 
AWOL — from units on duty in a "co- 
responding " country but also to any 
unit belonging to any country bound 
by the Act. 

The extraordinary delay between Mr 
Tupper's arrival in this country and 
his subsequent prosecution was at 
least partly due to the slow grind 
involved in the machinery at the 
Home Officer-rtheoreUcahy « consider- . ^.. 
ing all the circumstances -In his case/' W * 
There is also some strong suspicion 
that the British authorities may have 
tried to hint to Tupper that he should .'■■.'.'■ 
leave the country before the full 
force of the law fell upon him — in 
which case we have the added trag- 
edy of a man's openness about the 
situation contributing directly to his 
present plight. The Home Office could ■ -r 

hardly continue to delay action for *■ '■■■■".; 
long, when a member of the House. .■■.-. 

continued on page 5 

Next Week 


The Paris Rebellion 


Peace Ne.vys 21 June 1968 5 

Arms for Nigeria via Bristol? 


Iv'emn McGrdth- writes: Coming into the growing chorus of criticism into 
Whitehall on Sunday June 23, in time making a predictable effort at justify-- 
for those taking part to join the end-ing its policy.: That much of the 
of the Anti-Apartheid South Africa attack comes -from those who feel no 
'Freedom- Day Rally, will be a second f "similar "■■ -inhibitions' -over -backing, 
march organised by Save Biafra. V ' "America in Vietnam is balanced per- ........ .. . . _ 

On thP wav it will call at the Russian h aps by those whose curiously select- -ment climb-down, Stansted-style. This 

more ■ relevant than ever. Hence Sun- 

Now that Holland, Britain's partners 
in Shell and Unilever (both with 
major interests; in Nigeria-Biafra) is- 
joining Czechoslovakia in cutting off 
arms-supplies; it-seems quite possible 
that' there could be a Govern- 


Embassy and also 10 Downing Street., ^^°^S"^„ 

calling for an end to both countries'! .other direction. ; .■- ..,■ ■- :S -,, .,,•., 

arms-supplies to Federal Nigeria. Cas- Since Michael Stewart's main point in 
ualties from war (Russian bombers, the House of Commons — in the face : 
British bullets) and famine (the ; of singularly pusillanimous attack, m 
WMMM -- MM , l -- M - li i mM ^,_- blockade and invasion increasingly spite of the impression given in the 
rawmmwiMT ■ fiWHfr-f— mi ra ^M c ] epends on British arms, vehicles, press— was that supplying arms to a 
IfCAr AUnnki a»-\> -"'and advisors, as other countries get country is the best way of stopping it 
\J^f*T- /-ViV^r JfcJCiry cold feet) are mounting rapidly. ■ : from fighting a war, it can presum- 

Whether secession was justiiied in ■ ably ** ? nl ? *I$*8*l 2^!?X wfnnf 
the first place (an academic question^ ; : Britain - starts -shipping arms to Hanoi. , 
in view of the 30,000 massacred ^^B^^^umBKnUKU^KKBHa^^tttK^ 
Easterners that preceded it) becomes/ 
increasingly irrelevant, "There is no 

- . USAF, -Alconbury is a '-'fighter-re con- 
r" 1 -'" naissance base equipped with Phan- 
| ■""■■' .-'■'. toms, situated near the Al in Hunt- 
=■,'■•'. ;. ingdonshire. On Sunday June 29 an 
l^ attempt is to be made to walk onto 
'. the base and occupy the main runway. 
I' At the same time a supporting picket 
!.' ; ; is planned outside the base. It is also 
?,hbped to contact American service- 
*../-. men and their families in the course 
'■-■:' of the demonstration and encourage 
f> them to work for an end to the Viet- 
nam war. Full details, with map, 

day's march, and the rally to be held 
in Trafalgar Square on July 7. 
It now loo ks— accor ding to Save 
Biafra — as if most arms from Britain 
are going out via Bristol, the source 
being Birmingham. Fuller informa- 
tion welcome, either to Save Biafra 
(272/2554) or Peace News. < 

intention at this stage to starve them 
out " was how Nigeria's Minister for 
Information blandly put it last week. 
Our italics, added to emphasise that 
talk of genocide is not just alarmist 
propaganda. ' : 

While Oxfam does its bit to try to get 
1,000 tons of dried milk costing 

CHURCH in Moscow 

from page 1 

Christians who believed that ' ■ the 
aii^fijwasjnessed up politically and 
'spimually and ihat it was failing to 

offspring. In spite of the Gerald 
Brooke case, the CHURCH three and 
their supporters in London were al- 
ways fairly confident that they would 
be deported after interrogation. One 



from: Alconbury 2% Jiine Committed li^OOo'mto^Biaf^ of J h | ^ on ^? n ev ^ lin ? .P^j^ 8 ™^?" 

13 Goodwin Street, London N4. ernmeht has at last been prodded by of, truth." "Since" the church can only gested stupidly on Tuesday that Tariq 

Students talk at LSE 
act at gM or n sey 

be the community of men and women 

acting, out the radical teaching of the 

'.man called Jesus Christ, and since 

vfTTthe : .community .that is known as the 

- church has repeatedly refused to do 

. . just ih'di, then it relinquishes its right 

to call itself the church,"- says a 

;.: CHURCH, handout. Those who have 

havp hPPn niiP nf HKp rPflsori^ °t>tea out of the church, or who have 

have Deen one of the reasons, <^ on ^ their good thing" inside or 

All ought now to try his luck in 
Moscow. What CHURCH has demon- 
strated, nonetheless, is that Christian 
pacifists are capable of showing in 
the present world situation as much 
relevant courage and concern, for r 
injustice .as anybody. '. ''•-\\ 

talk- in ; 

p: : -.. ; ":-. .... „ ........... 

fey -,i;Kevm ■"" McGrath writes :v When the may 

i ■ ! SSSSJr^ST&'dlSSSS'^S of acton g con°UnUed SnSideTc £3 ' US *° *^ Btow *■ CHURCH " 

E : *>tn. ■..:,?:,. 8 ? f f '' n n te c X to Ntaltt ( BHowVlarffe Most of CHURCH ' S activities s0 far 

' wll-lhat means another plaeue shot W on group 'or inditidaar profiof s.-< ^ gftg^ SS^S ' ' • 

No i oke t h e last time* it crave me" ■ Plans are going ahead for fre e'tr imr ■ Jyussia n- pri auiiera u i luiibiieaie. vav 

^,v : plague, the BBC looked after me. :;. . Hornsey open through the summer : . p^^-N^^iirnanv «^twt<i and- 

j& Now the Viet Cong have started hit under its new management/ so ^^uS^J^^^^^SiJ^^Lt^ 

i- '■' ting, the part of Saigon 'where the work can continue and outsiders ' .^rli^C^^^hi^^^^hil 

\. press all live-ahd we were thinking (school-leavers etc) can have.ago: ^ -.S^lStlffiS 

■%■■ tlifiv were nn our sde" Cavp a ". . • P". uecemDer .-i,i»/, unaer me uue, 


they were oh our side ") gj 
.of unreality to the whoh 
; :Not surprisingly, the unreality and 

' 3V oc a cfSon e This is an approach that would seem ■?' The Bomb in the Human Head." All 
" appropriate to explore for all univer- three arrested in Moscow are mem- 

teWom^h^ Ihe siW students wb ? believe in^e pos- Hbers of the jgHowahip of R^oncjl^ 

:P ublie. -Not Siore bloody students . v "W^rfjta Universities. The ^only ;.tion, and ^hn^agswe^is ^out to 

/ ': must by now be the virtually urtant J u ?t objection to tak: 
- incus, though largelv unfair, com- . ^ interferes with 

'ment, : ■"''■/■ '■'■■ other students who 

just objection to taking over "(that take up ^ a . . ,, 

"■•■-■ ■■- m e r ighte;.of;HheFoR Youth Organiser. 

, . . - prefer to get^The parents of ; the three seem to 

1 " AVii ivo.r a mmmnni^ Mr rnhn. , educated" more conventionally) no . have come out particularly well from 
■!'- ; Be^dit^"' wa Z naVem seitine i on / e F apP u lies ' T ^ e ^orities ...would ,;the grilling that the press has given 
! •■■'* SueSon But when whKSed find ^ embarrassing to stop students:, them over the last two days wi§i, in 
.1^ ^3"v":^„L^L e il.y .filJWfiS running a Free University in the long : the circumstances, some fine state- 

the long : the circumstances, some "fine state- 
ments in support of their far-away 

House of Lords, my foot — V\e goij 
, ; money in Rhodesia! J: 

like'a'stehrgun opened up on some 
' - undefined roof-top overlooking Cohh- ; 
} -. . Bendit and. the others, interest — with 
.-.' V 'some apprehension, though not much 
' .)'r— flared momentarily , in the press 
■" crowd. Within seconds it "became 
f. -clear that it wasn't an; assassination 
| ; i . attempt, and attention fiagged; Ap- 
I ^ ■ parently the guilty par^t' was a woirk- 
i. 1 ;: man with a rivet-gun." . w . 
p . ..At LSE next night, with the general 

f; ; ,o- press excluded, rather more useful 71 ^^ u^.^b,, nu-umaest «, we ■ ...... . . , j ™. v ,. - , 

: , , communicatjon was possible. It soon matter^ and both the Tuppers (in; V^e^my^^Ppw -has been- oomniitted a persecution "—then we h*tve everv 0. 

'" IK -k, .'„,.. ,v... n^„ v .,^>,...,„ „.. appiied to them for extcn- ' l(> * K ' a K ^ ^ r T itlHft ^F 1 ^ right to insist that the Br.tish Gov-' 

™ |canUy,; ; ttie NGCL- suggests tiiat Jor emment 'fuJIvjuetify its proclaimed 

'some time the Home Office has* been confidence in " the American process 
from the F<>rc%»- j>f Uw" • This becomes even more 
' B ** m W r '- l . m ^ on i Essential now that 'international law- ; "' 

. nn ^^'T^nr^rfcAf ^:- * aqoAV,'. ". /• -...-I'll*. i'.' '.>•* i ... ' _• -h. ^i •'•- . 

r - V* . f 

Callaghah'^cohscript for Vietnam 

from r»a«^ i ' -?° ? r i t ^ h ^ s "°> burn ^d one of the ■ fact it isn't, since he could be shot as 

rrom page j. last bridges between tacit support already noted, and the Home Office 

of Lords had .taken ah; mte res t.;i^^^^ definition^. 

P .beeanie^obvioiis mat Miss Yugoslavia May; had applied to them tor eaten-.'; 1 
' ^^f^^^^i^^^te^ft^ sion of visas and vork-permits" * - ? ' 

K? verv iJttleln common with her rom- "i r » ' ■ < .* * - 'i ^ .-rsome time the H< 

.*,.pamons. after a monotoned eulogy ] h( * ^ao rt "r Adrnmistration. headed under pressure 

■ f for Tsto and an attack on "ne^U\e b > Po^ticians who in the past tried office m i^ie a 

• t-".^,,u;^^*„ . •■" i .. ...i s.»v- ,•**,. ~„~j -,.* strenuouslv >to defeat Torv - denorts- \r,^i*.;*r,^L , ^ n A~' n-,'* 

:^th"ey-;fsKowed signs ef a- ■ sense 
- T humour markedly lacking else \* hen? 
f-'-rwere T^ewis Cxilr (fronj Columbia) 
„. f^and Dan}eI'C6hn : Bftndit. -Both', demon- 
■^^:straied"that in spite of the -Labour 
'. . -Govern inenu . there is a useful p 1 ---- 
S -' fojr a degree of pragmatism, %-. 

PI ^ext day tho home-grown 'brigade Mir^h'AAl 
** 'Vtook 'over at^LSE; setting. up ; 'RSSF S ' 1,T, ' ,WI '>*^ 
"(Revolutionary Socialist Students 
Federation). Student after student 
stood up, said his three-minute mani- 
festo, and sat down. The fact that the 
whole -thing was going on with the 
full consent, of the LSE /authorities 

The Save Greece Now defence partv cernf-d w^ tru ?t the American- pro- J arld ^: Belgium f" 'try hard to>; avoid ^see- 
taking place this Saturday (June 22) c ?ss of law —therefore there is ing things " (RITA): No Government 
has had its venue moved. It will not "absolutely no question of considering can hide behind the paragraphs in its 
be in Fitzjohn's Avenue but 'at 21 fsylum for Mr Tupper on grounds international law whUe conniving at 
Rumbold Road, London SW6. En- that he faces persecution or death. the p0S sible breach of international 
trance still 5s. : V .' " ■ .;. '■ J Howeyer^H:.:^ ; is,, n — and in law, as purs has done. ,.^. 




\ i 

u If I have to lay an egg for my 
country, I'll do it," said comedian 
Bob Hope recently in a speech 
given to Army Cadets at West 
Point, American equivalent to 
our own Sandhurst. Trouble is, 
he's been doing just that for 

* • ♦ 

There's an awful lot of hypocrisy 
being written round this issue of 
the Tory Peers clashing with tie 
Government's move to strengthen 
world-sanctions against Rhodesia. 
When the Commonwealth Immi- 
grants Bill was bull-dozed 
through "Parliament some little 
while back, there was no. talk 
then of "grave constitutional*" 
crisis" — indeed, some- news- 
papers opposed to the Bill were 
suggesting ; that the . House of 
Lords should throw out the Bill 
with the contempt it. deserved, 
almost as if it were their patriotic 

dutv < ...,. 

Of course, the whole thing is one 
gigantic farce anyway. Mind you, 
I don't agree with the Editor of 
the Morning Star, who is calling 
for total abolition of the House 
of Lords. Personally I am for the 
retention of the Second Chamber ' 
—it shows great potential for de- 
velopment as a major tourist 
attraction. I would increase the 
stipend _ presently enjoyed by- 
" "tfieir Lordships to ten shillings 
an hour plus free luncheon 
vouchers, and merely ask in re: 
turn that they do some tipsy 
Morris Dancing in' their moth-, 
eaten finery round the Woolsack 
op Empire Day and Trafalgar 

NaLHentoff , columnist on the 
American Village Voice, reports 


the following news-item from the 
bottom of the front-page of 

the February 22 Chelsea-Clinton 
News—" Army Private First Class 
.ftffiL.Mo|iaiiaja, age 20, son of 
Ktr'and Mff HerbertMonahan ot 
457 West IMF StreeC was F&, 
signed as nuclear weapons as- 
semblyman near Cu Chi, Vietnam; 
January 7." ' " 

There's something disturbing 
about the new craze among stu- 
dent militants for clenched fists 
held high in the air. One almost 
expects to be overwhelmed with- 
out warning by guttural barks of 
" NonJ Pasaran! ■'." As, for the 
present style of singing The In-' 
ternqtionale as "a gesture of fra- 
ternal solidarity — usually out-of- 
tune, as at .the, end of the 
international jamboree with. Ho- 
;bert i MacKenzie on. BBC TV last 
Thursday— well, the last time I 
heard Jhat sung 'With any fervour 
in .tiTis^5reen and: Septic Isle, was, 
when my father' came home froni 
the Spanish Civil War. It sounded 
pretty poor then, and last Thurs- 
day it reminded me even more of 
a funeral dirge. 

And now for our old friend, 
''faults in the channel of com- 

munication." Liberal sociologist, 
tell us that riots and revolutions . 
occur because of "failures 
communication." The existent!^ 
ists have taught us that nobod 
communicates with anybody thesl 
days, not even in bed. And'Sii 
Bryrimoor Jones, Vice-Chancellor 
of Hull University, now asserts 
that the basic reason behind stiftl 
dent unrest is " a break-down in Sj 
communication." But what does ,11 
Sir Brynmoor see as worth-while; p 
, and workable communication? Iri-^ 
\ his .own words, "Some members M 
of- staff make great efforts to || 
keep in touch with students, ask | 
ing them to their homes for tea # 
or sherry." Is he serious? " m 

News of a. bizarre working alli-:*ii 
ance reaches me from. Norths 
Carolina, via Liberation \„.News'-' 
Service. The leading iigtit in a j| 
campaign against, prison condi--f| 
tions in the State Prison— which \m 
led in April to a prison revolt in 3$j| 
which guards killed six and }i 
wounded 77— is one Lloyd Jacobs, ; |1 
King Kleagle of the local Ku'.^i 
KluxKlan. ;>'";., ■ / ■ . '** 

He's been campaigning ever since ^1 
ie served a term inside in 1959 ' 
and has setup a " Northtarolina 
Justice, ; Committee." How he fits, 
it in #h Jlis other -3pare-time;^| 
role isn't; clear, J>utl|n^ recent- 
leaflet he' goes, so far' J&to say, 
" It is time , the. White Mail' and , 
the Bla r c¥ Man, joined together ' in • J§ 
peace "--and he's f on record as 
inviting the President of the local 
NAACP to join him in a demon- 

Well, perhaps there is more hope 
with a man who says "I am 
prejudiced, but—" instead of 
" I'm. not prejudiced, but— ." 

* ' I 



Terms: 9d per word, minimum 4s. Oil- 
counts for series. Box No—Is extra. C«h 
with order (not stamps, please). AdTerts 
to reach S Caledonian Road, London Nl 
by first post Monday. Box No replies to 
same address. Displayed adrertuement 
rates on application. 

Coming events 

PEANUTS FOLK CLUB. Kings Arms, 213 

Bishopsgate, EC2. Saturday, June 22, 
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THE 'CROSS FRONTIERS Language Centre, 
incorporating the International Discussion 
Forum, welcomes new participants. Write 
to Helen Mayer, Box No 850. 

TYPING, Manuscripts, theses, etc. Sue 
Pottle, 4c Willow Buildings, Willow Road, 
NW3. SWI 4192. . 

VISITORS WELCOME at Peace News and 
Housmans, 9.30 to 6 Monday to Friday 
(and Housmans all day Saturday). 5 
Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London Nl. 


PEACE PACKETS, fl per year pays for 
automatic regular dispatches .of latest, 
peace pamphlets, booklets, leaflets, etc, 
from many organisations, and Housmans 
literature lists. 5 Caledonian Road, Nl.. 
Start Now! 


VOLUNTEERS urgently needed at Peace 
News Offices Wednesday (5-8.30 pm) and 
Thursdays (office hours) to help pack the 
paper. 5 Caledonian Road (Kings Cross 
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For sale 

POSTERS PRINTED, quickly -and cheaply. 
50 size 20" x 15" for 69s post free. Quota- 
tions on request, Five day delivery ser- 
vice, 5 Caledonfan Road, Kings Cross. 
London Nl. , ' , ■ ; 

WHAT A RECORD] Harold Wilson and the 
Party Songsters in their 1964 General 
Election theme song,- " Let's Go With-. 
Labour." Did they really promise these 
things? Get the record for 2s6d (postage • 
6d) from Housmans, 5 Caledonian Road, ■ 
London Nl. 


UNITY BUS 8647. "Harold Muggins is a' 
Martyr "—political carnival by and with 
John Arden, Margaretta D'Arcy, and < 
CAST.: Thu, Frl, Sat, Sun-7.30 pm. Tern- ■; 
porary membership is. 1 Goldlngton St, 
NW1, Tube: Kings Cross or Mornington ' 
Cres. Late night agit-prop shows Frl & 
Sat, U pm. ' ■ ■;,-'■ 


4-572 {Rev. 7-18-63) 

GSA GIN. BtG. NO. 27 



The Director 




N. P. Callahan 

SUBJECT: . Th e Congressional Record 


6 Pages E4783-E4788. Congressman Rarick, (D) Louisiana, 

stated "Church League_oJ_Amexica y 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton,- 311. , 
in its News and Views Report for May 1968, has issued t a 55-page comprehensive 
documentary on M. L. King, Jr. , entitled, f His ThrgfpTronged Attack On: ^ : 
1. Christ and the Bible, 2. The United States of America, 3* Law and Order. " 
He included portions of the report with his 'remarks. This material contained 
information regaining announcements made by King which included the 
following: f, Was critical of the F, B. I. especially in Albany, Georgia. In 

- a sermon delivered November 15, in New York City King is quoted as 
saying that reports of alleged Southern outrages against Negroes filed with v 
the F. B, Iv, produced no action. ! J. Edgar Hoover told a House \ , 

... Appropriations Committee that communists are infiltrating the Civil Rights \ 
movement. King said that that statement was a smear and that Hoover r 

'has allowed himself to aid and abet the fallacious claim of Southern 
racists and extreme right wing elements. '" ^ 



iZi, JUN 12-1968 

In the original of a memora n d u m captioned and dated as above, the Congressional 
-^R&cord for £P— 2- 9- & ^Lj^^S"^^*^^ 5 reviewed and pertinent items were 
jm^k^y^t^e^vbaiiSSi&'s attention. This form has been prepared in order that 
^ portions of a copy of The original memorandum may be clipped, mounted, and placed 

in appropriate "Bureau case or subject matter files. 

PHONES (.312) 653-6 10^^ W 



Edgar C. Bundy ^ 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C, Bundy 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Kraffr 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 

Hit. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 












z - 

tff. ■ 



October 23, 1968 I 

Mr. Tolsoru 
'Mr. beL4 
Mr. Moh 
Mr. Bisjb 
Mr. Casr] 
Mr. CaUanAn._ 
Mr. Conrafe 
Mr. Felt. 


Mr. Rosen„ 

Mr. SullivaS 
Mr. Tavel 

Mr. Trotter. 
Tele. Room... 
Miss Holmes.., 
Miss Gandy. / 

The Honorable J. Edgar Hoover^ Director 
The Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Department of Justice Building 
Washington, D. C. 20535 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

Inasmuch as Mr. William C. Sullivan is scheduled on 
the so-called "extremism" seminar being sponsored by 
the man .and organization which we have exposed in this 
issue oC^MEWS_& TL^S, scheduled for Friday and Satur- 
day, October 25" and""26"/ 1968 in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 
I thought you would like to have the enclosed documen- 
tation. X. 

Very tjruly yours 

Edga/ CTBundy 





;18 0CTS0 1968 

n X «* V* 

DVISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, Mr. Harry N. Stamper, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
>VlSQpy_^OMAAITTEJ OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 

i/JSQRY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. 

Si EC 3 11868 -^«? 







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Vol. 31, No. 11 


November, 1968 



"New" Organization 

, On November 18, 1966, in Washington, D.C, a 
iradical modernist Methodist minister by the name of 
;Franklin H. Littell, stepped to the microphone in the 
Sheraton-Carlton Hotel and announced to representatives 
;of the American Press, the formation of a new organization 
for the purpose of fighting what he termed '"extremism" 
in the United States. 

The man selected to be executive director of this 
newly formed organization, Charles R. Baker, stated in 
Volume I, No. 7, of HOMEFRONT, the official publica- 
tion of the organization: 

Distinguished Americans, representing a broad cross- 
section of our nation, have decided to sponsor the 
Institute for American Democracy (IAD). 
The NEW YORK TIMES, for Saturday, November 
19, 1966, in a three-column wide story, written by Joseph 
A. Loftus, stated: 

A new organization took out today after the radical 
right and the radical left and said it intended to keep 
after them full time. Calling itself the Institute for 
American Democracy,' Inc., the organization ■ say 
(sic) it had a committee of 48 persons composed of 
prominent church, business, education, labor union 
and public service leaders, along with figures from 
both major political parties. 

The Philadelphia INQUIRER for November 19,. 
1966 ran a headline, ''Institute to Battle Extremists," fol- 
lowed by: 

A group of American leaders in business, church, 

political and labor affairs disclosed Friday that they 

have created an Institute for American Democracy 

to fight extremism of both the right and the left. 

The Santa Ana (Calif.) REGISTER for Saturday, 

November 19, 1966, carried the following heading: "New 

group reports: Birchers 'Center' of Fascist Circle" and then 

referred in the lead paragraph to; 

The John Birch Society is the center of an inter- 
locking directorate of Fascist organizations seeking 
to destroy American democracy, the newly created 
. Institute for* American Democracy (IDA) (sic) 
charged Friday. . 

The Portland OREGONIAN for November 19, 1966 
recorded the following headline: ''Institute Formed to 

Fight Extremism: Birch Society Named As Chief Target," 
with the following lead paragraph: 

A group of American leaders in business, church, 
political and labor affairs disclosed Friday they have 
created an Institute for American Democracy to fight 
extremism of both the right and left. 
The Binghamton, New York PRESS carried a story 
on November 19, 1966 from San Marino, California 
quoting a spokesman for the John Birch Society, saying 
that "He welcomed the efforts of the newly created Insti- 
tute for American Democracy (IAD) to combat extremist 

The Los Angeles TIMES for November 19, 1966, 
under the byline of Thomas J. Foley, printed the following 
lead paragraph: 

A group of religious, labor, political and academic 

leaders Friday formed an organization pledged to 

combat extremists of both the right and the left. 

The SEAFARERS LOG of Brooklyn (N.Y.) for 

December 9, 1966 printed the following: "New National 

Group Forms to Combat Extremist Threat" and the lead 

paragraph stated: 

A new national organization has been formed to 
combat the "merchants of fear" extremist "hate" 
groups of the radical right and the radical left. 
The ASSOCIATED PRESS sent the following story 
out of Washington, D.C. on November 18, 1966 to all of 
its subscribing news media: 

A group of American leaders in business, church, 
political and labor affairs disclosed today they have 
created an Institute for American Democracy to fight 
extremism of both the right and left. 

NCC-ADL "Discussions" 

BROADCASTING, the official journal of the broad- 
casting industry for March 13, 1967 carried an interview 
on page 48, with Charles R. Baker, Executive Director of 
the "newly formed" IADI in which the following was 

Mr. Baker said IAD grew out of discussions involv- 
ing members of the National Council of Churches 
' and of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith 
who felt "let down" after the Larson group folded 
and who were concerned about "extremists of both 
left and right." These concerned individuals, Mr. 

Baker said, saw similarities between the two ex- 
tremes in that "they were at war" with those occupy- 
ing the middle ground. 

BROADCASTING stated that IAD is a kind of 
spiritual successor to the National Council for Civic 
Responsibility which was organized September, 1964 to 
produce programs to combat what is called coordinated 
propaganda activity of extremist right-wing groups. That 
group, headed by Arthur Larson, former head of the 
United States Information Agency, went out of existence 
less than a year later. 


The Church League of America in its official publica- 
tion, NEWS & VIEWS, revealed the whole sordid record of 
the National Council for Civic Responsibility in its March, 
1965 issue and in the January, 1967 issue, showing that 
it was a "front" set up by radical liberals and financed to 
the tune of $60,000 by the Democratic Party, for the pur- 
pose of defeating Barry Goldwater for the presidency of 
the United States, while masquerading as a "non-partisan" 

Franklin H. Littel] and his lackey, Charles R. Baker, 
are guilty of perpetuating a gigantic deception and hoax 
on the press and on the people of the United States! 

The Institute for American Democracy, Inc!, was 
NOT "a newly created" organization; did not come into 
being in Washington, D.C.; and was not and is not a 
separate and independent organization. 

It was the late Adolph Hitler who said that if you 
want to tell a lie and have people believe that lie, then 
tell as big a one as possible and tell it often enough and 
more people will believe it. 

While claiming to defend "the democratic process" 
against so-called "extremists," Littell and his deceiving 
crew are guilty of doing violence to the words "democ- 
racy" and "American." 

Deception and Intrigue 

Herewith begins a documentary expose of the decep- 
. j tion and intrigue of a "front" organization which has 
! been operating in the United States since 1943 with cer- 
; tain periods of dormancy, and revived again for the highly 
! questionable purposes stated by Mr. Littell to the oress on 
! November 18, 1966. 

The key to this extensive investigation of the oper- 
ations of the IADI was discovered on the bottom of a 
letter, sent out under the signature of Steve Allen, per- 
petual supporter of liberal causes and member of the 
national committee of the IADI, soliciting funds for the 
operation of this organization. 

Mr. Allen's letters of February 14, 1968 and May 
20, 1968 (to cite but several) were on the stationery of 
the Institute for American Democracy, Inc. and contained 
the words "Contributions to the Institute for American 
Democracy are tax-duductible." 

On, the other letterheads of the IADI, starting with 
December, 1966 and well through 1968, no such phrase 

The Church League of America investigators con- 
sulted the latest Cumulative List of the Internal Revenue 
Service, United States Treasury Department, revised to 
December 31, 1966, Publication number 78, and found 

on page 231 the listing of the Institute for American 
Democracy, Inc. but NOT at 1330 Massachusetts Avenue, 
N.W., Washington, D.C. as printed on all the letterheads 
of IADI and on its publication, HOMEFRONT. 

The address given was: New York City! 

Church League investigators then went to the office 
of the Internal Revenue Service in the Borough of Man- 
hattan and asked to see the forms 990-A on the IADI, 
which forms are required to be filed by all charitable and 
educational organizations, annually, with the Federal 
government. \ 

While waiting for these forms to be withdrawn from 
the files, the investigators consulted previous Cumulative 
lists of the IRS and discovered that the Institute for 
American Democracy, Inc., New York, appears on the 
following lists: Revised to October 31, 1954, Revised to 
December 31, 1958, Revised to December 31, 1960, Re- 
vised to December 31, 1962, Revised to December 31, 
1964 and Revised to December 33, 1966. It does not 
appear on the 1947 list which was Revised to June 30, 

The following -forms 990-A were available from the 
Manhattan District Director's files: 1964, 1965 and 1966. 
The latest form 990-A, that of 1967, was not in the IRS 
Manhattan office but rather in the computer center of the 
IRS in Kansas City, along with all other 1967 reports of 

Not "New" 

The data contained on the reports in file was enough 
to show that the IADI was not "a newly created organiza- 
tion" at all but rather was incorporated in the State of 
New York on April 2, 1943 and received tax exemption 
on June 27, 1944. 

This information is contained on the 1966 form 
990-A, page four. 

Also, on this same page the words appear in column 
B under Schedule B: "Inactive in 1965." 

The street address given on the 1966 form, page 
three, is 30 Broad Street, New York, New York 10004. 
It has never been located at that address. 

On the same form 990-A for 1966, page three, under 
the instructions "Enter the name and address used on your 
return for 1965" is the address of 315 Lexington Avenue, 
New-York, New York 10016. 

This address on Lexington Avenue gets us to the 
heart of things! 

The building at 315 Lexington Avenue, New York, 
New York, bears the following stone inscription on the 

"B'nai B'ritlT 

This is the headquarters of the Anti-Defamation 
League of B'nai B'rith and the various agencies of the 
Jewish fraternal organization known as B'nai B'rith, or 
"Sons of the Covenant." 

The 1964 form 990-A, giving the same 315 Lexing- 
ton Avenue address, states "No financial transactions 
during calendar year." 

And then follows a list of officers: 

Vacant . . President 

Samuel Dalsimer' , Vice President 

Oscar Cohen Secretary 

Benjamin Greenberg a Treasurer 

J. Harold Saks Assistant Treasurer 

The Creators 

Samuel Dalsimer 1 is chairman of the program division 
of the Anti-Defamation League and is listed as a creator 
of the IADI along with Benjamin Greenberg\ 

The 1965 form 990-A also states: "No financial 
transactions during calendar year" and lists exactly the 
same officers with the position of "president" vacant. 

The Church League of America investigators then 
paid a visit to the office of the Secretary of State of New 
York in Albany and secured a certified copy of the in- 
corporation papers of the IADI. Although Messrs. Dal- 
simer and Greenberg are listed as creators of the IADI on 
the Federal government form 990-A for 1964, they are 
not so listed on the official incorporation papers filed with 
the State of New York. 

The Incorporators 

Here are the incorporators on the papers filed with 
the New York Secretary of State: 


Pursuant to the Membership Corporation Law 
We, the undersigned, for the purpose of form- 
ing a Membership Corporation pursuant to the 
Membership Corporation Law of the State of 
New York hereby certify: 

1. The name of the proposed Corporation 

2. The purposes for which it is to be formed 
are: As a non-profit organization, to uphold and 
defend the Constitution of the United States of 
America, to foster, perpetuate, and extend Amer- 
ican democratic principles as set forth in the 
Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of 
the United States of America, and Lincoln's 
Gettysburg Address; to inculcate a sense of indi- 
vidual obligation to the community, State, and 
Nation, and the obligation that the State has for 
the welfare and protection of every individual's 
rights in the Nation; to combat un-American and 
anti-democratic attitudes, programs, and move- 
ments in the United States of America; to promote 
peace, understanding, and cooperation between all 
races, religions, and classes in the United States 
of America; to cooperate with other organizations, 
associations and corporations having the same 
general purposes for which this corporation is to 
be formed; to maintain educational relationship 
with churches and other similar groups; to co- 
operate with, use and maintain the public infor- 
mation service and press service of the Christian 
Institute for American Democracy; to maintain a 
national headquarters and branch offices, to hold 
public meetings, deliver public address, distribute 
press releases, booklets, pamphlets, and other 
similiar literature in order to. carry out the pur- 
poses stated above; and generally to do anything 
further which is appropriate for the attainment of 
its purposes. 

3. The territory in which these operations are 
principally to be conducted is New York State. 

4. The 'city and county in which the principal 
office is to be located is New York City, New 
York County, New York."' 

5. The number of its directors shall not be 

less than three nor more than nine. 

6. The names and residences of the Directors 
until the first annual meeting are: 

Rev William C. Kernan 33 Ferncliff Road 

Scarsdale, New York 

Rev. Guy Emery Shipler 353 Main Street 

Chatham, New Jersey 

Dean Alfange 25 Central Park West 

New York City, New York 

Rev. William F. Rosenblum . .6 West 77th Street 

New York City, New York 

Harry Lyons Mayfair Apartments, 

Broadway, Woodmere, New York 

7. All of the subscribers to this certificate are 
of full age; at least two-thirds of them are citizens 
of the United States; at -least one of them is a 
resident of New York State; of the persons named 
as Directors, at least one is a citizen of the United 
States and a resident of New York State. 

In witness whereof, we have made, subscribed, 
and acknowledged this certificate this 31st day of 
March, 1943. 

(signed) Rev. William C. Kernan 
(signed) Dean Alfange 
(signed) Guy Emery Shipler 
(signed) Rabbi William F. Rosenblum 
(signed) Harry Lyons 
Harry Lyons, in a sworn statement dated 
31 March 1943, and filed with the State of New 
York, identified himself as attorney for the sub- 
scribers to the certificate of incorporation. 

The copy of the original Certificate of In- 
DEMOCRACY was filed on the 6th day of April, 
1943 with the Department of State, New York. 
According to the records of the Secretary of State, 
the IADI was founded as a membership corporation on, 
April 6, 1943, in New York County, It was dissolved by 
proclamation of the Governor of New York on October 
15, 1952 for failure to file the mandatory annual report 
with the Department of Social Welfare. The IADI filed a 
certificate of annulment of this dissolution on November 
18, 1952 and was then reinstated. 

The men behind IADI succeeded in getting the 
organization exempted from filing an annual report with 
the New York State government by a very interesting and 
intriguing means. 

Jacob Javits 

On March 6, 1956 the Attorney General of the State 
of New York wrote an opinion to the Commissioner of 
the Department of Social Welfare, under which the Char- 
ities Registration Bureau is a section, and stated that it 
would no longer be necessary for the Institute for Amer- 
ican Democracy, Inc. to file an annual report with the 
State of New York inasmuch as it is a department of the 
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. 

The Attorney General of the State of New York at 
that time was Jacob Javits, now United States Senator. 

We are photographically reproducing here Mr. Javits' 
opinion which shows that the Anti-Defamation League is 
not only the "third unit" of B'nai B'rith for the purpose of 
protecting "Jews from the effect of bigotry and discrimi- 
nation and to secure for them equal rights and oppor- 
tunities in all phases of American life," but that it also 
performs this task through two departments, the Institute 
for American Democracy, Inc. and the Institute for Demo- 
cratic Education, Inc. 


Opinions ok tiik Attohnnv Cknkhal 



Social Welfare Law, § 482 a, Suhd. 1; § 482-f — Kxbmptjom of Religious 


Bei.iojous Corporations Law from Application or Article 10-A, Social 
Welfare Law. 

Section 482-a, suhd. 3 of the Social Welfare Law exempting religious 
agencies and organizations from application of Article 10-A exempts not 
only organizations incorporated under tiie licligious Corporations Law but 
also " other religious Hgcnciea or organizations". Such "other religious 
agencies or organizations" must have been intended to be those which 
serve religion outside the Church by preservation of religious rights and 
freedom from persecution and prejudice and/or by fostering religion includ- 
ing the moral and ethical aspects of a particular religious faith. The 
American Jewish Committee and B'nai B'rith are thus exempt by § 4S2-a 
(1) from application of Article 10-A, Social Welfare Law and "charities, 
agencies or organisations operated, supervised or controlled by or in con- 
nection with" them (§ 482-a (1)) are also exempt. A fund raising agency 
serving such organizations or their subordinate units is further exempt 
under § 4S2-f which requires professional fund raiBcre to register only 
if they net »s such "for -a charitable organization required to register" 
pursuant to Article 10-A. 

You have requested an opinion as to whether Article 10-A of 
the Social Welfare Law is applicable to the American Jewish 
Committee and/or B'nai B'rith, and their subordinate organiza- 
tions. Your question has been before me for some months during 
which I have given careful consideration to the language and intent 
of the statute, its coverage and exemptions, and have had before 
me the documents referred to hereinafter. which, at your suggestion, 
the two organizations have submitted to me, and have made some 
independent research into facts pertinent to this opinion. 

Both American Jewish Committee and B'nai B'rith have asked 
that their status be defined as exempt from application of the 
article under § 482-a, subdivision 1, of the statute. 

I set forth this provision, breaking it up into its component 
parts. For purposes of simplicity of reference thereto subsequently 
in this opinion, I shall designate the several clauses by letters 
although they are not so designated in the statute. The subdivision 
declares : 

"This article shall not apply to 

(a) corporations organized under the religious corporations law 

(b) and other religious agencies or organizations 

(c) and charities, agencies or organizations operated, super- 
vised or controlled by or in connection with a religious 
organization. ' ' 

Neither American Jewish Committee nor B'nai B'rith is or- 
ganized under the Religious Corporations Law. What I have desig- 
nated as clause "a" of the subdivision drops out of our considera- 
tion, therefore. 

Our question is whether either or both organizations and their 
subordinate agencies fall within clause "b" or 'V of § 482-a, 
subdivision 1. 

It is my opinion that both organizations fall within clause "b" 
and their subordinate agencies fall within clause "c". 

We start with the premise thai, obviously religious agencies 
or organizations other than those organized under the Religious 
Corporations Law are exempt from Article 10-A under § 482-a(l), 
else the subdivision would have stopped with clause "a"; else 
clauses "b" and "c" arc meaningless. 

As the Religions Corporations Law is broken up into articles 
dealing with the several faiths, creeds and denominations, it, at 
least in its utilization, has been for the incorporation of churches, 
using that term in its generic sense to cover institutions of the 
several faiths, creeds and denominations, functioning as such. 

Religion is, however, served also by methods and activities sup- 
plementing the mission of the churches and synagogues, and groups 
and agencies exist to serve religion outside the church. Patently 
the purpose of § 482-a(l) must have been to exempt from Article 
10-A such religious agencies and organizations in addition to church 
groups, and clauses "b" and "c" were put into the subdivision 
to effectuate that purpose. 

The provisions of the Constitution of the United States and of 
this State protect, in addition to religious worship, by the First 
Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, "the free 
exercise" of religion. Article I, § 3 of the Constitution of this 
State guarantees that "The free exercise and enjoyment of religious 
profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, 
shall forever be allowed in this state to all mankind." 

When the purpose of an organization is the preservation of 
"the enjoyment of religious profession and worship" thus guaran- 
teed, from persecution and prejudice, and the fostering of religion, 
including the moral and ethical aspects of a particular religious 
faith, it appears to me that the motivating basis for the work of 
the organization is then religious and the group is the "religious 
agency", the "religious organization" contemplated in clause "b" 
of § 482-a (1). 

This has been recognized as a matter of fact and of law. Thus, 
such organizations of the Catholic faith are under the aegis of the 
church authorities, and in informal opinions of the Attorney Gen- 
eral of this State in 1954 (June 30 and July 22) have been held 
exempt from application of Article 10-A. 

I have studied the constitution and corporate charters of the 
organizations and the brief submitted by the American Jewish 
Committee and that submitted by B'nai B'rith in which they have 
set forth their purposes and activities. The conclusion I have 
reached is that by reason of essential purposes and activities both 
organizations qualify as "religious agencies and organizations" 
under the above analysis. I summarize them here as they have 
guided me to my conclusion. 

American Jewish Committee [Incorporated in New York State 
by L. 1911, c. 16; organized 5 years earlier as a reaction to 
Russian pogroms 1903-1905 in which large numbers of Jews 
had been massacred.] 


Opinions of the Attorney General 

Opinions op the Attorney General* 


1. As declared in § 2 .[never amended] of the Act of Incorpo- 
ration, the objects are : 

"to prevent the infraction of the civil and religious rights 
of Jews, in any part of "the world; to render all lawful 
assistance and to take appropriate remedial action in the 
event of threatened or acfnal invasion or restriction of 
such rights, or of unfavorable discrimination with respect 
thereto; to secure for Jews equality of economic, social and 
educational opportunity; to alleviate the consequences of 
persecution and to afford relief from calamities affecting 
Jews, wherever they may occur; and to compass these 
ends^to administer any relief fund which shall come into 
its possession or which may be received by it, in trust or 
otherwise, for any of the aforesaid objects or for purposes 
comprehended therein. ' ' 

2. The activities of the organization as detailed in its brief 
have all been in furtherance of and have not deviated 
from such objects, to wit: 

"(1) continual investigation and exposure of organized 
anti-semitcs and other subversives; (2) countering anti- 
democratic propaganda witli accurate information to the 
American people through radio, press, motion pictures, 
books and pamphlets, speakers and discussion groups; 
(3) enlisting in the fight against prejudice the cooperation 
of editors, publishers, labor and industrial leaders, veterans 
and youth leaders, ministers and educators; (4) initiating 
and supporting legal measures against discrimination or 
segregation in employment, education, housing, and the 
use of public accommodations; (5) determining, through 
scientific research and study, the origin and causation of 
prejudice, how it. operates, and what can be done to eradi- 
cate it; (6) assisting local community relations organiza- 
tions to counteract prejudice and discrimination in their 
communities; (7) organizing and strengthening AJC chap- 
ters in strategic cities throughout the country for the 
purpose of enlisting Jewish leadership and support for 
this program." 

B'nai B'rith 
The name of the organization is Hebrew meaning "Sons of 
the Covenant". 

1. The objects and purposes of the organization [as set forth 
in its Constitution and the declaration of its officers on 
many occasions over the years, and the history of its activi- 
ties since its founding in 1843 as contained in a book 
entitled "This is B'nai B'rith" edited by its national 
secretary and published in 1941] are: 
"B'nai B'rith has taken upon itself the mission of uniting 
persons of the Jewish faith in the work of promoting their 
highest interests and those of humanity; of developing and 

elevating the mental and moral character of the people of 
our faith; # * * coming to the rescue of victims of persecu- 
tion * * *." (Constitution § 2) 

"The whole spirit of B'nai B'rith was to be found in the 
Covenant that God made with Abraham *■ ? V "This is 
B'nai B'rith", p. 8) 

"B'nai B'rith is the handmaiden of the temple and the 
synagogue. * * * Even those among us who may not yet 
have affiliated with the institution of the synagogue, have 
by their participation in B'nai B'rith helped to do its 
work." (Address of National President, June 16, 1953 at 
Dayton, Ohio) 

2. The ritual at meetings includes lighting of ceremonial lights 
in the form of the Menorah and the reading of prayers 
of che Jewish religion. 

3, . The activities of the organization from 1851 to date have 
included protests against persecution of Jews abroad by 
representations to the government of the country where 
it was occurring and by requests for intercession by the 
government of the United States ("This is B'nai B'rith", 
pp. 9-13, 17-19, 31-2). It has also engaged as a major 
activity in countering anti-Jewish prejudice in all its 
manifestations. This it does through its Anti-Defamation 
League, referred to infra ("This is B'nai B'rith", pp. 16, 

The membership of each organization is confined to persons of 
the one faith, the Jewish faith. While in my opinion an organiza- 
tion need not confine its membership to persons of one faith in 
order to be a "religious agency or organization", the- fact that 
each of these organizations does that is an added factor for so 
denominating them within the intent of the statute. 

Both organizations carry on certain charitable activities. How- 
ever, in classifying organizations for any reason, it is the primary 
purpose and objective which are determinative. 

B'nai B'rith has several subordinate units. One is the B'nai 
B'rith Hillel Foundation which functions on college campuses, as 
do Newman Clubs, which serve Catholic students, and "Wesley, the 
Methodist student organization. Hillel conducts Jewish services, 
organizes classes and discussion groups on the Bible, Jewish history, 
literature, ethics, philosophy and contemporary Jewish problems, 
and promotes inter-faith relations ("This is B'nai B'rith", pp. 
75-80). Hillel units are almost always directed by a Rabbi. Another 
unit is B'nai B'rith Youth Organization which functions among 
Jewish youth to stimulate affiliation with Judaism, by encouraging 
attendance at religious services and activities of service guided lyy 
the Golden Rule ("This is B'nai B'rith", pp. 87-93). A third unit 
is the Anti-Defamation League. This unit's "primary task is to 
fight anti-Semitism, to protect Jews from the effects of bigotry and 
discrimination and to secure for them equal rights and oppor- 
tunities in all phases of American life" ("This is B'nai B'rith", 


Opinions ok the Attorney (ienkual 

p. GO). It performs this task through two departments, the Institute 
for Democratic Education, Inc. and the Institute for American 
Democracy, Inc. The first represents it in the field of radio and 
television; the second in the field of pictorial display. 

The three units and two subunits of B'nai B'rith which I have 
considered in the last paragraph have the same purpose as B'nai 
B'rith. Since they arc not set up simply as committees of the 
organization, but as separate units, I have weighed their status 
as such and I am of the opinion that they are exempt from the 
application of Article 10-A, under clause "c" of § 482-a(l) as 
agencies or organizations "operated, supervised, or controlled by 
or in connection with a religious organization. 

Finally, I come to the Joint Defense Appeal. This is the agency 
that is linked both with the American Jewish Committee and the 
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. It is the unit that raises 
funds which arc divided equally between the two agencies to carry 
out the programs already described. If the two agencies are, by 
coming within § 482-a(l), exempt from the application of Article 
10-A, it follows that the Joint Defense Appeal would be also 
exempt. For one tiling, it, like the other units of B'nai B'rith, 
is "operated, supervised or controlled by or in connection with a 
religious organization" — this unit by two religious organizations, 
B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee. If the Joint 
Defense Appeal is to be deemed a "Professional Fund Raiser", 
it is not required to register, in my opinion, since it is raising funds 
for organizations not . required to register because exempt from 
from application of the law. Section 482-f requires professional 
fund raisers to register only if they act as such "for a charitable 
organization required to register" pursuant to the article. Ac- 
cordingly, in an informal opinion of the Attorney General in 1954 
(1954 Atty. Gen. [Inf.] 86), it was held that a professional fund 
raiser who conducts campaigns for Catholic churches, schools, 
hospitals, and other institutions, is not required to . register and 
post a bond under this section. 

Dated: March 6, 1956 

Department of Social Welfare 

One might ask the very appropos question at this 
point: if the business of the ADL and its two departments 
is as stated by the Attorney General of New York 
State, why then is it attacking institutions, organizations, 
churches, societies and individuals who will have no truck 
with those who promote anti-Semitism or who believe in 
defaming Jews? 

Who Is Defaming Whom? 

That question will be answered at length, later. It 
will be shown that the ADL has gone far afield of its 
original purposes and has been engaged, through such 
outfits as IADI, in defaming anyone from critics of the 
political New Deal, to those who have criticized the liberal 
justices of the United States Supreme Court who have 
made a mockery of our anti-subversion laws and restric- 
tions against the distribution of filthy, pornographic ma- 
terial to America's youth. 

Letterhead I 

The Church League of America possesses in its files 
a number of interesting letterheads and letters. One is 
entitled "Christian Institute for American Democracy" at 
369 Lexington Avenue, New York 17, New York, and 
dated March 21, 1945. On the. letterhead is the name of 
the director, the Rev. William C. Kernan, and the follow- 
ing Board of Sponsors: 

Dr. Frank E.Baker, L.H.D. 

President, State Teachers College 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rev. Henry Sloane Coffin, D.D. 

President, Union Theological Seminary 

New York City 
Dr. Sherwood Eddy, LL.D., Ph.B. 

New York City 
Rev. Henry Smith Leiper, D.D. 

Executive Secretary, Universal Council for Life 
and Work 

New York City 
Bishop Francis J. McConnell 

Resident Bishop, Methodist Church 

New York City 
Rt. Rev. Edward L. Parsons, D.D. 

Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of California 

(Retired), San Francisco, California 
Rev. Edwin MacNeill Poteat, D.D. 

President, Colgate-Rochester Divinity School 

Rochester, New York 
Rev. Rolland W. Schloerb, D.D. 

^ Pastor, Hyde Park Baptist Church 

Chicago, Illinois 
Rev. Robert W. Searle, D.D. 

General Secretary, Greater New York Federa- 
tion of Churches 

New York City 
Rev. Guy Emery Shipler, D.D., LLD. 

Editor, "The Churchman," 

New York City 
Rev. Ralph W: Sockman, D.D. 

Pastor, Christ Church, Methodist 

New York City 
Dr. Henry P. Van Dusen, Ph.D. 

Roosevelt Professor of Systematic Theology, 

Union Theological Seminary 

New York City 
Rt. Rev. Benjamin M. Washburn, D.D. 

Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Newark 

Newark, NJ. 
The Rev. Daniel Day Williams, D.D. 

Assistant Professor Theology, 

Chicago Theological Seminary 

Chicago, Illinois 
Rev. William L. Young, D.D. 

Regional Director, National Conference 
of Christians and News, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Many of the above names have long records of affil- 
iations with varieties of communist-front organizations 
and have been espousers of communist causes over a span 
of several decades. Some are now deceased. It would take 
pages to document the record of individuals like Guy 
Emery Shipler, Edward L. Parsons, Francis J. McConnell 
and others. All of them were radical leftist modernists in 
the field of theology. None of them represented historic, 
Biblical Christianity. 

This particular letter is addressed to Mr. George 
Teubor and the Rev. Kernan, Director, stated as follows: 

'Two organizations, which parallel each other, but 

have different fields of work, comprise our setup. 

One of these is the Christian Institute for American 

Democracy which is engaged primarily in issuing 
weekly releases for the rural and religious press, etc., 
and in promoting weekly radio programs. The Insti- 
tute for American Democracy, Inc. is a non-sectarian, 
non-profit educational organization working on be- 
half of Unity between races and religions in America. 
The projects of this Institute, are various, but all in 
the field of mass media." 

Letterhead II 

The next letterhead which the Church League of 
America has is of the Institute for American Democracy, 
Inc. at the same address, 369 Lexington Avenue, New 
York and is dated September 11, 1945. The same address 
as the Anti-Defamation League. 

The secretary and executive director is the same Rev. 
William C. Kernan; however, the Board of Sponsors differs 
from the so-called "Christian Institute." In this list are 
some of the record holders of communist-front joining 
and communist petition signing in United States history. 
Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam', Guy 
Emery Shipler and others grace this letterhead. 

When New York investigative agencies requested 
information from this group its officers stated: 

"We see no reason for filing any audit, budget or 
treasurer's statement with these agencies, since the 
organization does not solicit charitable donations." 

Several of its sponsors and officers were in the public 
relations business, including one Richard A. Zinn, director, 
who was a paid staff member as well as the treasurer, 
Harry Lyons. ^. 

This organization was using the name of Justice 
Frank Murphy of the United States Supreme Court at one 
time. One of the officers of the Church League of America 
wrote to Justice Murphy, at the time, who replied as 

"In response to your inquiry concerning an organiza- 
tion known as the INSTITUTE FOR AMERICAN 
DEMOCRACY, I wish to state that I am not an 
officer of it nor am I conversant with its purposes 
sufficiently to be of any assistance to you. 1 am not 
personally interested in it." 

Letterhead III 

The next letterhead in the files of the Church League 
of America is entitled "Institute for American Democracy, 
Inc. at 212 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, New York and 
dated November 30th, 1951. It is addressed to Arthur G. 
Mulligan at a Bronx Junior High School. Richard A. Zinn 
is listed as director and Robert W. Searle, D.D., editor of 
the Protestant World, New York, New York, is identified 
as president. 

Some of the names of the national board of sponsors 
are different from those on the letterhead of 1945, but the 
flavor is exactly the same, left-liberal, such as Philip 
Murray, the president of the C.I.O. and Dr. Willard E. 
Goslin who was the center of controversy in the famous 
Pasadena public schools case. 

The letter, acknowledging a request for their Unity 
school materials, is signed by one Pauline A. Weinstein. 

All through the history of this Institute for American 

Democracy, Inc. one can find. an amalgam of notorious 
communist-front joiners and petition signers; modernist 
Protestant ministers, noted for attacking the Deity and 
Divinity of Jesus Christ, as well as the authenticity of the 
Scriptures; and a coterie of liberal Jews. One can only 
wonder what the purpose of such an amalgamation is, 
especially when this strange combination takes in millions 
of tax-deductible dollars in order to attack Christian 
ministers and educators who believe in the Christian, faith 
as contained in the Bible and who preach it! In recent 
years, this same strange combination has attacked organi- 
zations, societies and individuals on the basis of their 
defense of Constitutional government, the limitation, of 
Federal powers, opposition to communist infiltration in 
American society and opposition to pornographic filth on 
stage, on the motion picture screen, and on the printed 

Conservative Jews, Protestants and Roman Catholics 
have been horrified at the antics of this amazing liberal- 
left axis. 

The Anti-Defamation League, which spawned the 
Institute for American Democracy, on its 1965 and 1966 
form 990-A's, declares on page four that it was organized 
in 1946 in the District of Columbia. On the same form, 
when the IRS asks for the date of the letter from the 
Federal government granting them tax exemption, the 
ADL gives the date of May 10, 1945 and its business as 

Now, any schoolchild can see that here is a claim 
that it received tax exemption a year before the organiza- 
tion was ever formed! This cannot be. An organization 
has to be in operation at least one year; and then be 
investigated by the United States Treasury Department, 
before it can receive tax exemption. 

Congressional Investigation? 

We can only wonder if a Congressional investigation 
is not due in regard to the activities of this organization, 
or at least by the State of New York, since an opinion on 
its operations was rendered by Jacob Javits while he was 
Attorney General of New York in 1956! 

The New York Times in its story of November 16, 
1966 quoted Franklin Littell, the present president of 
IADI, as declining "to discuss amounts and contributors 
at this time, because," he said, "he did not want to subject 
contributors to abuse. Eventually," he said, "the Institute's 
financial information will be made public." 

In BROADCASTING for March 13, 1967, Mr. 
Baker, former publicist for Walter Reuther, stated that: 
"IAD is founded by church, fraternal and trade-union 
groups as well as contributors." 

BROADCASTING then went on to say: "However, 
he declined to identify them. Doing so, he says, may sub- 
ject them to 'harrassment'." 

Since the IADI has not seen fit, in the two years of 
its existence, to make "public" its financial information, 
the Church League of America here and now proposes to 
do so. One must keep in mind, however, that the 1967 
form 990-A is not presently available because of its being 
at the computer center of the Internal Revenue Service 
in Kansas City. 

The Money Source 

So, we shall take the 1966 report which is for the 
year in which Dr. Littell and Mr. Baker say IADI came 
into being. Keep in mind that it was November 18, 1966 
when Mr. Littell held his famous press conference. That 
would be approximately six weeks before the end of 1 966. 
If Dr. Littell and Mr. Baker were telling the truth about 
IADI's origin, then the 1966 report would cover only six 
weeks. of operations. 

Page three of the 1966 form 990-A shows that the 
IADI received $75,907.05 of which $51,813.90 , was 
expended. Largest items of expenditures included; Re- 
search study $16,250.00, travel $3,839.51, salary for Mr. 
Baker $11,250.00, other salaries and wages $10,670.28. 
On Schedule Number Four on the 990-A it is stated: 
u No officer or trustee receives any compensation dur- 
ing the taxable year. As the corporation is in the 
process of being re-activated (emphasis added by 
Church League) no reliable estimate can be made 
as to the time devoted by the officers and trustees." 

Here is a list of officers: 

President — Dr. Franklin H. Littell 
Vice President — Samuel Dalsimer 
Treasurer — Dr. Edwin Davis 
Secretary — Bernard Levy 

The directors are listed as follows: 
Samuel Dalsimer 
Jacob dayman 
Bernard Levy 
Dr. Edwin Davis 
Dr. Franklin H. Littell 
Dr. Burton Marvin 
Rabbi William F. Rosenblum 

It is interesting to note that Rabbi William F. Rosen- 
blum of Temple Israel, New York, is an "old timer" in 
the IADI. His name appears on the letterhead of the - 
same organization at 369 Lexington Avenue, New York, 
September 11, 1945. 

Where did the bulk of IADI's income come from in 
the year 1966? 

In order to find the answer to this question we go 
to the form 990-A of the Anti-Defamation League of 
B'nai B'rith for 1966 and find in "schedule of expendi- 
tures" that the ADL gave the IADI a gift of $50,000.00 
for that year. 

Very interesting is the fact that the ADL took in 
$3,738,269.33 in 1965, less a cost of raising that amount 
of $639,256.00, leaving a net of $3,099,013.33, of which 
$2,185,264.37 was paid out in salaries, more than two- 
thirds of the net! In, addition, there were such expenditures 
as $186,096.32 for "personnel welfare," $127,443.69 for 
"meetings and conferences, " $169,463.19 for "travel"; 
while only $306,113.46 was expended in "projects." 

According to the 1966 form 990-A of the ADL it 
took in $4,089,809.45, less expenses of raising the amount 
of $654,528.97, for a net of $3,435,280.48, of which 
amount $2,440,052.45 was paid out in salaries, or two- 
thirds of the total amount taken in. 

Profitable Business! 

One can readily see what a profitable business it is 
to attack conservative Christian leaders and patriotic 
Americans under the guises of "anti-Semitism," "Fascism," 
"Nazism," and "extremism!" This will surely scare poten- 
tial contributors into pouring out the shekels so that 
persons like Benjamin R. Epstein, national director of the 
ADL, can pull down a salary of $37,500.00 in 1965 and 
get a raise of $2,500.00 to bring it to $40,000.00 in 1966. 

This is the same Ben Epstein who collaborated with 
the ADL's attorney, Arnold Forster, to write a series of 
books creating a "danger on the right," which even J. 
Edgar Hoover of the FBI does not say,, in any of his 
testimony to the Congress of the United States, even exists! 

On Friday, October 13,1 968, the Institute for Amer- 
ican Democracy, Inc. inserted in the New York Times, 
page 50-C, a full-page length, seven columns wide ad 
attacking George C. Wallace, candidate for the Presidency 
of the United States on the American Independent Party 
ticket, because of his approval of support from members 
of the John Birch Society. 

Since the IADI claims tax exemption for the money 
it receives, and U.S. Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)3 
forbids the support or opposition to any candidate for 
public office by such tax-exempt organizations, here, again, 
is another example of how the liberal -left flaunts the laws 
of the United States. 

The names of Franklin Littell, as chairman, and 
Charles R. Baker, as executive director, appear on, the ad 
along with anti-American-position-in-Viet Nam spokes- 
men, individuals with long records of support of commu- 
nist fronts, and more ADL people. 

. The real "gimmick" or reason for placing the ad, is 
found at the end; "PLEASE MAIL TODAY" cut-out 
coupon for mailing money to the IADI. They note that 
"contributions to TAD are tax-deductible." 

A representative of the Display Advertising Depart- 
ment of the New York Times stated that the cost of the 
ad was $6,510.00 for the 2,100 lines of space. 

This is the same IADI who hurls, in print and from 
the public platform, "estimates" of monies raised annually 
by "right-wing" organizations, which estimates blow up 
into thin air when financial reports are laid) on the line, 
side-by-side with the IADI-ADL Form 990-A filings. 

Again, we say, this is a very y very profitable business! 

The fact of the matter is, that if one examines the 
books by ADL writers Epstein and Forster, and the nomi- 
nations of Littell and Baker, one can find that what they 
are really attacking are those organizations and individuals 
who are opposed to the trend toward Marxist socialism in 
the United States, the breakdown of the Christian churches 
and their beliefs, the crime rampant in the streets of 
America, the violence and extremism of the leftist groups 
which they never mention, and the pornographic filth mills 
which are turning out millions of pieces of literature for 
the demoralization of America's future citizens, our youth! 

Time to Awake 

It is time that the American people wake up to the 
phony charges of individuals who are making a huge rake- 
off from promoting "dangers" which are non-existent in 

the United States and who are creating strawmen in order 
to take the eyes of the American people off the danger 
of communist infiltration of American society, as stated 
time and time again by the Director of the Federal Bureau 
of Investigation, the Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, and the 
countless witnesses, including former officers of the Com- 
munist Party of the United States, before investigative 
committees of the Congress of the United States. 

Here is the key as to why Littell despises the House 
Committee on Un-American Activities and has openly 
attacked it. 

Here is the key as to why Littell of IADI fame goes 
before a Committee of the United States Congress and 
opposes prayer and Bible reading for the children in our 
public schools! 

Here is why the IADFs Charles R. Baker, Executive 
Director, attacks the trial exposing the crimes of inter- 
national communism, sponsored by Young Americans for 
Freedom and the conservative Roman Catholic Twin 
Circle Publishing Company, at Georgetown University in 
February, 1968. 

The entire edition of HOMEFRONT, edited by 
Littell's Baker, for March, 1968, is a vicious and lying 
attack on American organizations and individuals who 
have no time for anti-Semitism, Nazism and Fascism. 

Targets of Attacks 

While conducting ''Institutes on Extremism" around 
the United States, such as the one on October 25 and 
26, 1968 at the site of Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount 
Pleasant, Iowa, where Littell has been president for two 
years, the IADI launches attack after attack through its 
publications and spokesmen on the platform against the 
following: billionaire H. L, Hunt of Dallas, Texas; John, 
Fred Schlafly, Jr., distinguished member of the American 
Bar Association, and the Cardinal Mindzenty Foundation; 
Mr. Schlafly's wife, Phyllis; Dr. Fred Schwarz of the 
Christian Anti-Communism Crusade; Dr. Carl Mclntire, 
Bible Presbyterian minister and President of the Inter- 
national Council of Christian Churches; Pastor Richard 
Wurmbrand, who spent years in communist dungeons and 

whose body was lashed by communist persecutors; Young 
Americans for Freedom; Father Daniel Lyons, conser- 
vative Roman Catholic priest and editor of Twin Circle; 
Clarence Manion, former dean of the law school of Notre 
Dame University; and a host of other good Americans 
and organizations. 

On top of this, the Institute for American Democracy 
has attacked the major broadcasting networks because of 
their opposition to the FCC's so-called "fairness doctrine" 
which was pronounced unconstitutional and a violation, of 
the First Amendment by the United States Circuit Court 
of Appeals in Chicago, Illinois, September 10, 1968, 
unanimous decision of the justices. 

Baker and Littell have written letters to broadcasting 
stations throughout the United States demanding "equal 
time" under the so-called "fairness doctrine, 1 ' threatening 
the stations with action via the Federal Communications 
Commission, if they did not succumb to IADFs demands. 
The IADI secured mailing lists for various parts of 
the United States and sent out letters beginning in January 
of 1968, and months thereafter, addressed to "Dear 
Friend" and signed by Steve Allen, member of their Board 
of Sponsors. Mr. Allen stated in the letter: 

Political extremism gravely threatens our democratic 
institutions today. . .the radical right influences the 
views of millions of Americans with 10,000 radio 
broadcasts each week. A year ago, the Institute for 
American Democracy became the first organization 
to insist on the right to reply to personal attacks 
from these apostles of hatred . . . since its announce- 
ment in late 1966, IAD has sponsored the formation 
of dozens of local citizens' groups to combat political 
extremism in their communities ... if you want to 
help the fight against the know-nothings and mud 
slingers, please send a generous (tax-deductible) 
contribution to IAD today. 


Look who's talking about "mud slingers!" Accom- 
panying this letter is a vicious smear brochure of four 
pages which we reproduce here. 

It Can't 

Or Can It? 


New Group to Fight Extremists on Left and Right 


Special to The Ntw York Times 

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 — 
A new organization took out 
today after the radical right and 
the radical left and said it in- 
. tended to keep After them full 

Calling itself the Institute for 
American Democracy, Inc., the 
organization say it had 
a committee of 48 persons, 
composed of prominent church, 
business, education, labor union 
and public service leaders, along 
with figures from both major 
political parties. 

Heading this effort as chair- 
man is Dr. Eranklin H. Littell, 
president of Iowa Wesleyan 
College and former senior 
Protestant, adviser to the United 
States High Commissioner in 
Germany: Charles R. Baker is 
the executive director. 

Dr. Littell said during a news 
conference a;t the Sheraton - 
Carlton Hotel that the institute 
"grows out of the concern of 
informed Americans over the 
rising volume of extremist ac- 
tivity, particularly by organiza- 
tions in the John Birch Society 

'Interlocking Directorate' 

Dr. Littell/ an ordained Meth- 
odist minister, said the Birchers 
had established "an interlock- 
ing directorate with Liberty 
Lobby, Americans for Constitu- 
tional Action, the Church 
League of America and a dozen 
other radical right groups, in- 
cluding several with daily or 
weekly radio programs." 

He continued: 

"They are in the vanguard of 
the biggest effort to brainwash 
a. substantial portion of a papu- 
lation since ( Hitler's backers 
helped pave that paranoid's 
path to power with an aggres- 
sive propaganda campaign." 

Dr. Littell said these persons 
sometimes were referred to as 
"kooks," but that his experience 
In Germany and elsewhere "con- 
vinces me that both the Com- 
munist and the radical right 
leaders are playing for keeps, 
they are flesh eaters." 

The institute said a principal 
function would be to provide 
local groups with facts to com- 
bat extremists who tried to 
take over Parent-Teacher As- 
sociations, schools, town 
councils and library boards and 
to dominate or discredit educa- 
tional, religious, trade union 
and public service associations. 
The group has established head- 
quarters at 1330 Massachusetts 
Avenue N. W„ Washington, 

Panel of 48 Religious, Labor, Business and 
Civic Leaders Pledge All-Out Drive 

Or. Littelt (above) used the blackboard to show how the John Birch 
Society is the hub of the radical right establishment at the Kickoff 
Press Conference. 

Dr. Littell said the institute 
expected to produce educational 
materials that would make clear 
trie meanfng of democratic proc- 
esses and the falsity of charges 
often made by extremists. There 
will be occasions, he said, when 
the organization will demand 
"equal time" to answer broad- 

Budgeting Key Factor 

The extent of its work will 
depend on its budget, which "is 
in the making now," Dr. Littell 
said. He declined to discuss 
amounts and contributors at 
this time because he said he did 
not want to subject contributors 
to abuse. Eventually, he said, 
the institute's financial informa- 
tion will be made public. 

He did not identify any or- 
ganizations on the left except 
for the Communists, who he 
. said had "fanned the flames of 
black power" and had some- 
times taken over demonstrations 
against the war in Vietnam. The 
emphasis in his remarks and 
in the literature released was 
on the John Birch Society and 
its associations. 

The members of the commit- 
tee are as follows: 

Organization Leaders 

Dore Schary, chairman of the 
Anti-Defamation League. 

Morris Abram, president of the 
American Jewish Committee. 

Dr. Irvamae Applegate, president 
of the National Education As- 

Dr. David Hunter, deputy genera] 
secretary of the National Coun- 
cil of Churches. 

Roy Wilkiris, executive director 
of the National Association for 
the Advancement of Colored 

Walter P. Reuther, president of 
the United Auto Workers and 
-vice president of the American 
Federation of Labor and Con- 
gress of Industrial Organiza- 

Mrs. Norma Morrison, co-chair- 

" man, Committee on Advancing 
the Democratic Process, Glen- 
view, 111. 


feishop A. Raymond Grant,' presi- 
dent of the Methodist Board of 
Social Concerns, 

Dr. John H. Burt, Episcopal Bish- 
op-elect of Ohio. 

The Rev. Ray Gibbons, executive 
director of the United Churc*h 
of Christ's Council for Christian 
Social Action. 

Msgr. Satvatore J. Adamo, execu- 
tive editor of the Catholic Star 

The Rev. John E. Sheering, 
C.S.P., editor of the Catholic 

George N. Shuster, assistant to 
the president of the University 
of Notre Dame. 

WilliHm E. Cate. executive. sec- 
retly of Hie Greater Portland 
(Ore.) Council of Churches. 

1'uhlic Attaint 

Senator Clifford P. Case, Republi 
can of New Jersey. 

Senator Gale W. McGee, Demo- 
crat of Wyoming, 

Senator Frank E. Moss, Demo- 
crat of Utah. 

Marion B. Folsom, lormer Secre- 
tary of Health, Education anc 

Dr. Arthur Larson, former direc- 
tor of the United States Infor. 
mation Agency. 

Francis Biddle, former Attorney 

Leon Keyserling, former chair- 
man of the President's Council 
of Economic Advisers. 

Oscar Ewing, former Federal 
Security Administrator. 

Dr. Joseph F. Kerrins, consult- 
ant, New England Birch Watch- 
ers, Attleboro, Mass. 

Thurmond Arnold, Washington 
lawyer and former United Statef 
circuit, judge. 

Business and Industry 

Jacob Blaustein. former member of 
the United States delegation to 
the United Nations. 

Oscar A. De Lima, president of 
the Roger Smith Hotel Corpora- 

Asa Spaulding, chairman of the 
board of the North Carolina 
Life Insurance Company. 

E. A. Hayes, president of the 
Hawkeye National Investment 

C. E. Israel, vice president of 
Fashion Frocks. 

Samuel Dalsimer, vice chairman 
of Grey Advertising, Inc., New 
, York. 

Edwin G. Halperin, chairman of 
the Blackstone Manufacturing 
Company, Chicago. 

Edward A. Ring, president of 
Circle F. Industries, Trenton. 
Trade Unions 

James Patton, president emeritus 
of the Farmers Union. 

Jacob Potofsky, president of the 
Amalgamated Clothing Workers 


Dr. John C. Bennett, president of 
the Union Theological Seminary. 

The Rev. Colman J. Barry, presi- 
dent of St. John's University. 
Dr. Kimball Wiles, dean of the 
College of Education, University 
of Florida. 

Dr. William Haber, dean of the 
College of Literature, Univer- 
sity of Michigan. 

George C. Lodge of Harvard Uni- 
versity's Graduate School of 
Business Administration. 

Daniel Bell, professor of sociology, 
Columbia University. 

Prof. Vernon Mickelson, depart- 
ment of organizational sciences, 
Case Institute of Technology, 

Publishing and Arts 

Harry Ashmore, director of the 
Center for the Study of Demo- 
cratic Institutions. 

Ralph McGill, publisher of Tnc 
Atlanta Constitution. 

Hodding Carter, publisher of The 
Delta Democrat-Times. 

Louis Untermeyer, a poet, and 
former poetry consultant to the 
Library of Congress. 

John Cogle?, religious news edi- 
tor, The New York Times. 

Dr. Martin E. Marty, literary edi- 
tor, The Christian Century. 


7330 Massachusetts Avenue, H. W.- Suite 101, Washington, B.C. 20005 

The IAD is a private, citizens organization working to protect our democratic 
institutions by public exposure and education from the assault of the extremes, 
right and left. 

Dr. Franklin H. Littell, Chairman Charles R. Baker, Ex. Dir. 

Contributions to the Institute for American Democracy are tax-deductible for income tax purposes. 

Ev&n a casual observer can see what the smear 
artists of IADI have tried to do simply by juxtaposition. 
For example, putting the words "Ku Klux Klan" directly 
under the picture of Dr. Carl Mclntire and the word 
"MINUTEMEN" under the picture of Mr. H. L. Hunt, 
a great American and patriot who simply has made lots 
of money in the oil industry. To put the names of good, 
patriotic men and ministers together with the raving 
Adolph Hitler, the American Nazi Party, etc. — men who 
have denounced every form of totalitarianism, including 
the Nazis, Fascists and communists — reveals a baseness 
and vileness of the worst sort on the part of the compilers 
and the disseminators of such scare-mongering progaganda. 
No U.S. government body has ever cited Mclntire, Hunt, 
Hargis, Schwarz, Walker, Smoot, Manion, Welch, Bundy, 
or their organizations as "Nazi" or "Fascist." In fact, they 
have not even been investigated! 

Since the era of "be kind to communists and their 
friends" has come in, the whole left-liberal cabal of the 
religious, educational, entertainment, labor, and commu- 
nications world has tried to erect a "Nazi or Fascist 
threat" which is nonexistent in the United States. These 
propagandists become their own authorities. Franklin 
Littell is typical of a puffed up ego, who cites himself as 
an authority for his recklessly hurled charges of Nazism 
and Fascism against those who oppose communism. 

We prefer the authority of the Director of the Fed- 
eral Bureau of Investigation, the House Committee on 
Un-American Activities, the United States Senate Sub- 
Committee on Internal Security, the United States Armed 
Forces Intelligence Services and various state government 
counter-subversion investigating committees, such as the 
California State Committee, to the likes of Franklin Littell, 
Baker, and their ADL axis friends. 

Is There a Nazi-Fascist Threat? 

Here, for example, is the official statement of the 
House Committee on Un-American Activities, released 
October 1, 1968, on the subject of the American Nazi 
Party : 

While George Lincoln Rockwell has made some trips 
abroad and has sympathetic and ideological ties with 
some relatively small Nazi movements in, other coun- 
tries, neither he nor his party serve as an agent of 
any foreign Nazi government as such. In addition, 
nazism is largely discredited as a political ideology 
in all parts of the world and there are no indications 
that there will be any change in this situation in the 
near future. 

The staff has been collecting information on the 
American Nazi Party since it was formed. some 7 
years ago. . . . As a result of this inquiry the staff has 
obtained the name of just about every person, who 
has been a member of the Party in the last few 
years. At the. present time the Nazi Party probably 
has less than. 50 active members. It is doubtful that 
it has ever at any one time had as many as 100 active 
members nationally. 

It is clear that Rockwell and his handful of fol- 
lowers are of little significance to the security of the 

United States in the traditional or generally accepted 
sense of that phrase. It is my considered opinion and 
that of the staff that at this time Rockwell and his 
handful of Nazis create no more than occasional 
problems which local police can adequately handle. 
(A footnote on page 76 of the 1967 Annual Report 
of the House Committee on Un-American Activities 
reads "On August 25, 1967, Rockwell was shot and 
killed in the parking lot of a shopping center near 
the headquarters of the American Nazi Party in 
Arlington, Virginia.") 

In the annual testimony of the Director of the FBI, 
the Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, before the United States 
House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, over 
the past eight years, Mr. Hoover has stated unequivocally 
that the most dangerous threat to America's security comes 
from the Communist Party with an approximate member- 
ship of 12,000 hard core, and from some 120,000 fellow- 
travelers who constitute a far greater threat than the party 
members do because of the cloak of respectability behind 
which they operate. Mr. Hoover further states that the 
Soviet espionage system within the United States is greater 
than at any time in our history and that the combined 
Nazi-Fascist espionage during World War II cannot com- 
pare to the present Soviet network. 

It is the conviction of the Church League of America 
that Littell, Baker and their ADL friends are appealing to 
the fears of people who do not know that there is no Nazi 
or Fascist threat in the United States in order to obtain 
financial and moral support for their respective organiza- 
tions. How else can you explain the millions of dollars 
raised by this Axis which is not joining with our law 
enforcement agencies and investigative committees of the 
Congress in exposing the hundreds of pro-Marxist groups 
in the United States which are bringing America's cities 
close to anarchy and causing the greatest anxiety and 
problems in United States law enforcement history? Why- 
no pronouncements against the vicious Anti-Semitism 
mouthed by Black Power extremists in New York City? 

The Sources of Their Information 

Mr. Baker, the executive director of IADI, stated 
in the November, 1967 issue of the IADI publication 
HOMEFRONT that the basic information which his 
organization disseminates comes from the files of two 
groups. Both of them are non-governmental bodies. They 
are, according to Mr. Baker, the Anti-Defamation League 
of B'nai B'rith and Group Research, Inc., the latter having 
been set up by the Walter and Victor Reuther crowd for 
smearing those opposed to the Reuther's socialistic con- 
cepts' of government. (See September 1963, special issue, 
News & Views, "Know the Enemy," for documentation 
on Group Research, Inc.) 

The Church League of America believes that it is 
high time that a full scale investigation be launched by a 
committee of either the United States Senate or the United 
States House of Representatives into the conduct of the 
Institute for American Democracy, Inc. and the Anti- 
Defamation League. We believe that hundreds of thou- 
sands of loyal American Jews, Catholics and Protestants 
will welcome such an investigation. 


When organizations, enjoying tax deductibility — thus, 

giving them an advantage over profit-making tax-paying 

groups — use such an advantage for spending millions of 

dollars in attempting to smear out of existence opposition 

totalitarian ideologies, it is, indeed, time that they be 

lied to account before the American people. 

The Church League of America has all of the orig- 
inal documents in its files used in the unmasking of the 
deceit and hoax which the IADI has perpetrated on the 
American Public. We are prepared to go under oath in any 
Congressional investigation and lay the proof before the 
people's representatives. 

We eagerly await such an opportunity. 
* * * 

Additional reading material on the subject: 

NEWS &. VIEWS, January, 1965, "What Is The 

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith?" 
NEWS & VIEWS, March, 1965, u An Exercise in 

Irresponsibility — The National Council for Civic 

NEWS & VIEWS, January, 1967, 'The Institute for 

American Democracy, Inc." 
NEWS & VIEWS, June, 1968, 'The Strange Tactics 

of Leftism." 

(Prices, 25 cents per copy for Church' League of 
America members or 35 cents per copy for non-members.) 


The Church League of America intends to send a 
copy of this expose to every member of the United States 
Congress, to the officials of the IRS of the United States 
Treasury Department, to the officers of the State of New 
York, and to every newspaper, radio and television station 
in the United States. We have all of the address plates of 
the media of communications. This mailing will cost us 
thousands of dollars. We do not have a multi-million dollar 
budget, such as the ADL-IADI axis has. In fact, we do 
not even have a "Wines and Spirits Division" to raise 
$5,500,000.00, such as the Anti-Defamation League has 
with a senior vice president of Schenley Industries at the 
helm! Neither do we have a "Motion Picture Division," 
such as the Anti-Defamation League has, for helping 
to raise a 1968 budget of $6,193,000.00. The total 
budget of the Church League of America in 1967 was 

If heads of corporations, banks, churches, trust funds, 
estates and ordinary individuals will send in the funds to 
us we will blanket the United States with this revelation, 
which we believe is long overdue. Please let us hear 
from you. 


Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Illinois 60187 


For Church League Members: 35c each; $30.00 per 100 
For Non-Members : 50c each; $40.00 per 100 


422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

Published Monthly by the National Laymen's Council of the Church League of America, 422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois' A 
Non-Profit Organization, Editor: Edgar C. Bundy. Founded in 1937, Chicago, Illinois, 






as en 



M *•** 

9 o 

1 N 





.eLoach . 
J (ohr 


■ jasper 

1 Callahan . 


| felt 

October 29, 1968 




jo^ 7C " 



Post Offtce Box 6405" 
Kansas City, MissourT 64114 



Dear Mr. 

I have received your letter of October 22nd, with 
enclosures, and I want to thank you for your kind comment con- 
cerning my administration of the FBI. 

In reply to your in^ry f information contained in 
our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regula- 
tions of the Department of Justice. I hope you wilt not infer either 
that we do or do not have data in our files relating to the Church 
League of America. I regret I am unable to be of assistance to 
you in this matter. 

Sincerely yours, 

J, Edgax j-iuover 1 

NOTE: Bufiles disclose in 1947 correspondent was subject of an 
Atomic Energy Act-type investigation during which nothing derogatory 
was developed regarding him. His enclosures are a letter from the 
Church League of America requesting a donation for Project Anti- 
Communist and a certificate of contribution. Edgar C. Bundy is 
Executive Secretary of the Church League of America and he and 
Dr. J. B. Matthews are well known to the Bureau. 

sen . 

I jullivan 


if rotter 

I Tele. Room . 



FMG:gkg (3) 

m urn .8 

fmimtom □ ' tei 








Area Code 8ie 

TEL. EMERSON 3-1402 




October 22, 1968 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D, C. 20535 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 


I am afraid I am somewhat presumptuous in writing you and 
imposing on your time although I think that possibly you can 
arrange to have my, question answered. 

.4 /}/ri 


Enclosed is a copy of a communication! have just received 
and I do not know where to write to get information as to the 
worthiness of the organization. I, of course, am against 
anything which is even Communist tainted but dislike sup- 
porting causes which are not the best and not worthy of 

If you have any information, or can obtain it for me, regarding 
this particular group, I would be very grateful. Perhaps, 
if it is not convenient to answer my question, you can suggest 
someone to whom I could write. I have implicit confidence 
in you and in what you are doing which is the reason for my 
assuming on your time. 


sincerely yours, 


REC 5 


^ r ^¥57^/^ / 


gi OCT 30 1968 

PHONES (3t2) 653-6 IOC 





■ tdgor C. ? 




M\0 Qt 



. Willie 

m T. 3 ruck nor 



C. B'jndy 


■ Mr. 




■. Mr. 


Rcy Huilscn 

[ Mrs 

. V/a!>e 

• A. Krci-rt . 



£. Lyon 



! 'he 

Tee/, C; 

imoron McKKe/isie 

; TJw 

Rev. Vicior H. Seer-. D.O. 




; Mr. 


;.. ihctckdfofJ 




J. UiMain 


Fob \V 


: Avr. 


P. Wciherby 


■ Mrs 

H.- Dil 

on v -V]n;Sip 




October 14, 1968 



The drums of anarchy arid revolution grow louder every day 
in our beloved country. In late August., Chicago was turned upside 
down by radicals and Communists who cynically manipulated thousands 
of young people to- advance thei r-plan to tear down America,. -as we 
know it. These same instigators, and thei r cohorts , were present 
at Columbia University and Berkeley, in Cleveland, Newark, 
Washington, D. C, and a hundred other American communities. 

.They move with such disturbing ease and effectiveness from 
city to city that it is more important than ever that the program 
which we launched last year -- PROJECT ANT I -COMMUNIST — be fully 
implemented immediately. 

A Priceless Opportunity for Guarding our Freedom 

Before Dr. J. B. Matthews passed to his reward in July, 1966, 
he arranged to have his massive files on Communism bequeathed to 
us. His devoted wife and fellow scholar, Dr. Ruth Matthews, offered 
to take on the monumental work of merging these files with our own. 

PROJECT ANT i -COMMUNIST was thus born, and it has received 
heartwarming support from coast to coast. Thousands of dedicated 
Americans have generously contributed toward the J. B. Matthews 
Memorial Library to house these files. Dr. Ruth- Matthews .has 
been working diligently to merge the two sets of files. The 
Matthews Library itself is complete. We are tantal izingly 
near our ultimate mission: 

!♦ To merge the Matthews files with our own; to 
arrange and computerize the huge new files for jnstant 
reference; to house these files under maximum security 
-- making them as safe as mortal man knows how; and then, 
for total security, to duplicate and secret the files on 


2. To throwWpen these files to anti-Communi^s everywhere: 
local police, government committees investigating conspira- 
torial activities, public officials, ant i -Communist groups, 
private citizens who are doing their part in the crusade 
to save our freedoms, and those foreign governments that 
are, at this very moment, standing strong against the 
Communists at the exposed salients of the Free World. 

Largest Avai lable Data Bank on Communism 

The merged Matthews-Church League files will be the world's most 
complete reference source on Leftist individuals and groups, outside 
of the FBI files— which, of course, are not open to the public. 

Here is how PROJECT ANTI-COMMUN 1ST can help you. Suppose that 
Tom Hayden, who was so prominent in Chicago at the Democratic Convention, 
is coming to your town. You remember that he has a notorious record of 
affiliations with radical groups, but you need the facts . You write to 
us — or telephone in an emergency. PROJECT ANT I -COMMUNIST is activated. 
..Our data, bank pours out Tom Ha.yden l s. background: he is a founder of 
Students for a Democratic Society,he traveled to Hanoi with Herbert 
Apthek'er, the top Communist therotician in this country, he was 
embroiled in the 1967 Newark riots, etc. 

We rush the data back to you — and you' are armed with documented 
information that cannot be chal lenqed . Multiply this by what will be 
happening in a thousand communities and churches, school boards and 
police departments across our nation — and you can see why we call 
PROJECT ANT I -COMMUNIST vital to our nation's freedom. 

So near ~ but not yet a reality. The J, B. Matthews Memorial 
Library complex is almost ready for full-scale operation. The building 
itself is completed and much of the necessary equipment is in place. 
Dedication ceremonies are scheduled for early 1969* But funds are 
urgently needed to install the remaining equipment, to hire addi- 
tional staff and to cover the operating costs of the Library in 
its all-important first year of operation. In short, we need a 
total of $85,000 to put PROJECT ANT I -COMMUNIST into action. 

1 have labored to find this. money. I wrote personal letters 
to every foundation that claims to foster Christian and patriotic 
ideals — - over 1,600 in all. Tragically, only three responded ~ 
with just enough to cover postage and secretarial expense for over 
1,600 letters! 

And so I come to you — and yet 1 hesitate. Already you have 
done more than your share to turn back the Communists .... more 
than your share to preserve our Christian heritage. Dare I ask 
you for still more? 


I do — because I know your dedication and your generosity cannot 
be measured. The struggle goes on — it has quickened of late — and 
I know that you will be part of that struggle for as long as the Lord 
gives you life to breathe. 

Please, send as much as you can spare. You belong in PROJECT 
ANT I -COMMUNIST. At the dedication of the J. B. Matthews Memorial 
Library you will be there. Even if you cannot be with us in person, 
your name and the name of every donor will be part of the Dedicatory 
Program (unless you ask us, on the enclosed form, to omit it). Of 
course Mil have a copy of the Program mailed to you even if you 
are able to afford only the hallowed M widow ! s mite." Every dollar 
is precious — as much for your support as for the money itself. 

No matter what your contribution, it is tax-deductible. If our 
Lord has showered you with His abundance and you are in a position to 
make a sizable contribution, you may want to consider the tax advantages 
of 'giving securities or real estate." Everyone contributing" $100' or more 
will have his name engraved as a Patron on the Bronze Plaque that will 
command a place of honor in the Reception Hall of the new Library. 
Everyone who can contribute $1,000 or more will be inscribed as a 

Join us. This Memorial, and PROJECT ANT I -COMMUNIST, will help 
our generation leave behind an America not in chains but in grace. 
Thank you, and God bless and keep you! 



^ » / J fe 




Edgar C. Bundy 

P. S. Everyone who contributes $25 will be entitled to 
six complimentary research reports from PROJECT 
ANT I -COMMUNIST on any person or organization. 
Anyone who contributes $1,000 will be entitled 
to unlimited research reports, for life. 




Enclosed is my $ 

tax-deductible contribution toward The J. B. Matthews 

Memorial Library and launching PROJECT ANTI-COMMUNIST. Please send me my complimentary 
Dedicatory Program when the Library is complete. You may list me as a contributor unless I indicate 
otherwise in the space provided below.. •- . • . *. ■■ ■*.• 

Please Note: Each contributor of $1,000 or more v/ill be inscribed as a Founder in the Library Recep- 
tion Hall; Each contributor of $100 or more will be inscribed as a Patron. Each contributor of $25 or 
more will be listed in the Dedicatory Program as a Donor, and be entitled to six free research 
reports on individuals, organizations or publications. 

□ Please check here only if you prefer NOT to have your name listed in our Dedicatory Program. 





Zip (if you know if; not required] 

Time is short! Could you mail your contribution soon — if possible today? Thank you, and may God 
bless you! 





To 1 son 

DeLoach . 




Callahan . 

Conrad 1 




Sullivan __ 



Tele. Room 






Illinois 60970 

Dear Mr. 


Your letter of October 25th has been received. 

In reply to your inquiries, information contained 
in our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to regu- 
lations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer 
either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to 
the National Council of Churches or the Church League Of 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no record of correspondent. Eugene Buridy 
is General Chairman of the Church League of Americasand it and the 
National Council of Churches are well-known to the Bureau. 

WMGAak (3) 






432-25 1 J 
432- 42 H 

October 25, 1968 

J. Edgar Hoover 
Washington,, D.C. 

Dear Sir. 



A Mr, Edgar Bundy , Church League of America spoke 
in our community last evening. He cited many of your 
reports to Congressional committees as facts that the 
FBI has proven the National Council of Churches to be 
filled with Communists — -fact or fiction? 

Secondly, he states the Church League of America 
has the second best set of files on all Communist 
action, the first set of files is FBI files is this 

Any information you may have will be appreciated. 


\0*Y .It 



Jo4ri>7 6 

J& 3 


2 NOV 1 19 68 




Ieadquarters, franklin square 
hiladelphia, pennsylvania 19106* 

frank l. rizzo 



INT 68-168 

-November 29, 1968 

Mr. J* Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D.C . 

Dear Sir: 



to\ /Departme nt was recently: contact ed by a 



Jersey, a representative of the" Church League of 
•Aifl^f<^~ Wheat on, Illinois. 


offered the services of his organiza- 
tion in assisting us in the investigation of subversive 
and militant organizations. He stated that his organiza-. 
tion has worked In conjunction with the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation, and Municipal Police Departments in. the 
investigation of subversive groups. ; 

Before our Depar tment would 1 attempt to avail 
ourselves of Mr. | | services, we would appreciate 

your confirming the credit ability of his organization; he 
has indicated that your Bureau wquW vouch for his ■ . 

trustworthiness. QW* ^REC- 7S &<% ^/ 6 fy?P 

, ■ rt . I ; =2s T? H 'RECbRDEb 

Investigation by Captain 

Intelligence Division; Inspector^ 










Very truly yours, 

geDe.t^..0t i ve Bureau 

! 1-1 

: \0 

M?V I963.EDIT&N 
G5A.GEN. REG, NO, 27 






<<Tplson __^ 

f ffeooch r / 





Conrad - — £— 

Mr, Bishop 

date: January 16, 1969 

M. A 







The SAC. Philadelphia, has furnished a copy of a J2$^ 

letter received by| 

Steel Company, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Mr J_ 

Allan Wood 
] said he 

was bringing the letter to the Bureau's attention since he felt the 
above captioned is using the good name of the. FBI to further their 
own goals. The reference made in the letter to the FBI is in 
connection with the claim that the Church League of America has^ 
been Intensely researching the activities of troublesome groups 
and individuals and consequently their files are second only to those 
of the FBI which, of course, are not available to private industry. 
The letter further referred to Frank J. Loesch who created the 
Public Enemy List which was later adopted by the FBI. 

The activities of the Church League pf Ameri? 
are well known to the Bureau and it is headed by Edgar C. Bundy^ 
Executive Secretary. This group has been promoting a "project 
anti-communist" and soliciting membership of persons in private 
industry at prices ranging from $25 to $1, 000 which will entitle 
them to free research reports on individuals, organizations and 
publications. Bundy is an extremely right-wing individual who has 
attempted to use the Bureau in the past. We have had no co ntact 
with him and correspondence from him is not acknowledged. ! 
the signer of the above letter, is not identifiable in Bufiles. 

REC-6 ^:/°0/--/^7 





. Sullivan 

For information.. No action necessajjy^ ^ ^ 





FEB 6 1969*>W 



'■:■/ ■-£*-* 

December 5, 19 C8 ! 


/ (?fa 

Police Headquarters 

.Franklin Square 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IS 108 

My dear Inspector: \ 

Your letter was received on December 3rd* 

.In response to your inquiry, 1 am instructing 
Special Agent in Charge Jaxnieson to have a representative 
of his office contact you in the very near future concerning. 

the matter you mentioned. ! ; 


■ Sincerely yours, I 

.-. 'Edgar Hoovesl j ■ ■ 


a • 






f o 





■ if 









I - Philadelphia - Enclosure j 

Personal Attention SAC: Y ou should promptly have a representative of 

and confidentially inform him that 

your office contact Inspectoj 

has had no contact with the Bureau and our files con- 
tain no information concerning him. You should also advise him the 
Church League of America has not been .investigated by the FBI and 
that this should in no way be considered as a clearance or non-clearance 
of this organisation. 

NOTE: Inspectoij | is a graduate! in good standin g of the 79th 

Session, FBI National Academy (March - June, 1967). 

is not identifiable in Bufiles. The Church League of America 
nas not been investigated by the Bureau. 

AIA-.cac (4) 

$■ ■' :•■: - 
DEC 2 6196b 




C5A FPMR (41 CFR) 101-11.6 


Memorandum • 






b6 "'. 
b7C : 

■ Stev €asp,eK 
**'£& e,onra4„.^, 

|l Site. EfeitL. ^ ' T 


WH EATON , _ILL. .6 0187 

ftfe, Rose n. IH 
|M&. SufeaaZI" 

■- x On 1/6/68, 

I Wood Steel Company , . 
I a cop y of a letter addressed to Mr . 

Alan -3*^ 

uonsnonocxen, fa. ,. turnaisnea to sa 


of the aforementioned company. 



said he wanted to bring this letter to the attention ot 

FBI since he felt the Church League of America is usi ng irhe p 

good name of the FBI to further their own goals . v Mi**. 

further noted that the letter implies that FRANK J.". JLOESCH, a 
founder of the Church League of America, is at least associated 
with .the FBI; . ! >, T ' 

' • Mr. 
Pa . , does not 1 
of America. 

said Alan Wood Steel Company, Conshohocken 
plate using services of the Church League" 

This data is being furnished to the Bureau and 
Chicago for info purposes only. Philadelphia does no t 
contemplate any further action in this case v 



2-' 1 BUREAU (Enc. - .1) ... - 
1- CHICAGO (INFO) (Enc. - I) 
"1- PHILADELPHIA (62-0) 

JEC:rel ' . ; /-. 

(4) . ■ ' ,-- ■"■;,-; K-*:; ' . 

'&2^0t/$i:<is> r fM 


^'4-„=s_c_33 cccsscnS**" 


FEB 6 ®®^WSM£2J3^ 

- Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Regularly on the Payroll Savings Plan 


to Mr.[ 

The following is the content s of a letter addressed 

Alan Wood Steel Company, 

Conshohocken, Pa* 1942 8, sent by the Church League of America, 
422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, 111. 60187: 

"Dear Mr 

"I am sorry you did not receive my earlier letter. 

"American businessmen are faced with a grave problem, 
the extent of which, most are not fully aware. Our 
working forces include more than a few radicals , 
socialists, revolutionaries, communists, and trouble- 
makers of all sorts. The colleges and schools are 
educating and training thousands more who will soon 
be seeking employment, - 

"The hiring and training costs to industry for individ- 
ual workers runs into many thousands of dollars. Before 
they are employed, their educational and professional 
backgrounds are screened most carefully. On the other 
hand, little if anything is done to determine their 
philosophy of life. In many cases this is of paramount 
importance . 

"The Church League of America is non-denominational, 
non-political, and tax-exempt. For 32 years we have 
been intensely researching the activities of trouble- 
some individuals, groups, and publications ,. about which 
management would be well advised to be aware. Our files 
are the most reliable, comprehensive and complete, and 
are second only to those of the F.B.I. , which of course, 
are not available to you. 

"Our founder, Frank J. Loesch, was one of the toughest 
minded crime fighters who ever lived. As president of 
the Chicago Crime Commission, he was directly responsible 
for putting Al Capone out of circulation. He created 
the Public Enemy List, which was later adopted by the 
F.B.I. , and which is still a potent tool in the fight 
against crime. Because of his successes in Chicago, 
Mr. Loesch was appointed by President Hoover to the 
Wickersham Committee, which was the National Law En- 
forcement Committee, where he served with great dis- 

<' We can supply you with all the data regarding your 






"people that you may deem advisable. Data that is 
fully documented and will stand up in any court 
in the land;.. not editorial comment. In return, 
we seek cooperation to the end that we may modernize 
and keep abreast of what appears to be an ever- 
growing need. 

"My office will call you for an appointment to 
go into this delicate matter at greater length. 

"Youys very truly. 
T 7S/ 

Field Director 

» /f^ 


- 2 


February 4, 1969 



Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 
Dear Mr. 

In answer to your inquiry of January 29th, information 

contained in our files must be maintained as confidential pursuant to 

regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer 

either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to the 

Church League of America. 

Sincerely yours * 
J - Edgar Hoovef 



s» o 


q *"" 

Mf • 


M ^ 


a ca 


. UJ 

■I lJ - 

!;■& -- 


Tolson _ 

NOTE: Correspondent inquired in February, 1962, about infiltration of 
churches by communists. He asked for information on several individuals 
and also the Church League of America. He was advised at that time that 
our files are confidential and that being an investigative agency we do not 
make evaluations relating/lny organization, publication or individual. The 
Church League of America and its Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy, are well- 
known to the j|ureau. , , 1 t 

MHBrsae (3) 







January 29, 1969 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D. C, 

Dear Sir: 

£P I have recently been receiving material from 
JI^^^J5kJ^^m^^^Mmx^ 9 422 North Prospect Street, 
Wheaton, Illinois * •■ 

^he organization appears very definitely to be 
against communism. I would appreciate the classification 
of this agency in your office. 

Thanking you, I am 

Sincerely- " 

Dean Sneritus 

^64 (4 QS- /o^£2 a k 


iy FEB 6 1969 






8 s 




FEB 141978 

f*> 1 


\0 'A. 


Edgar C. Bundy 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr, Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Rogers Follansbec 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs, Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. James E, Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

The Rev. Victor E. Sears, D.D. 

Nir. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Mr. Edgar J. Uihlein 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 

PHONES (312) 653-6TOO 










Mr. Callahan,. 
Mr. Conrad— 

Mr. Felt 



Mr. Rosen 

Mr. Sullivan- 
Mr. Tavel 

Mr. Trotter.™ 
Tele. Room 

May 1, 1969 

Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
United States Justice Department Bldg. 
Washington, D*C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

I received originals of the enclosed photocopy material 
several days ago with an invitation to join this organi- 

Please notice on page 2 of the enclosed material that 
your name is used. 

Have you ever been associated with this organization in 
any way, or did you give permission for your name to be 
used? I would like to know if this organization is a 
xbonafide one and whether or not I should accept membership 
in it. 

Miss Holmes—™^ 



Very sincerely yours, 


Edgaxj^C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 

**- 6J-/d¥s~7S-/fl 


s MAY 19 1969 

ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF LAYMEN: Mrs. J. Walter Larkin, N\f. Harry N. Stamper, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook, Mr. Edwin L. Wiegand 
ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF CLERGY: Rev. Cameron MacKenzie, Rev. Herman Often, Rev. Victor E. Sears 




'^' , 




March 6, 1969 

Director Genera) & Board Chairman 


Dear Mr. Bundy: 

Enclosed please find an invitation to join what our members feel is our nation's most 
interesting organization. The Governors of the sixty-six year old International 
Platform Association (turn page) feeling at our Washington, D. C. Convention that our 
present roster, influential though it might be, was too thinly spread, have created a 
limited number of new memberships. Your name has been proposed to the Board for 
membership under this authorization. 

The I. P. A. has always had one of the nation's most distinguished memberships. On its 
rolls, living or dead, are such names as Presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, 
Lyndon Johnson, Herbert Hoover, John Kennedy, Harry Truman, Woodrow Wilson and Taft, 
"Dear Abby" Van Buren, President of the U. N. General Assembly Ambassador Charles Malik, 
Victor, Borge, bavid Brinkley, J. Edgar Hoover , Art Buchwald, Hubert Humphrey, Mark 
Twain, Lowell Thomas, Earl Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, Walter Lippmann, Glenn 
Seaborg, many members of the Congress, and numerous ambassadors accredited to the U.S. 

I.P.A.'s members are linked by talent and imagination, for it is the club of those 
either interested in appearing before audiences or in hearing and knowing the great 
speakers and performers of the world, those who run it and entertain it. In our last 
few meetings, the following members have appeared on our program: President Lyndon 
Johnson, President Barrientos of Bolivia, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Art Buchwald, 
Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, David Brinkley, Ambassador 
Goldberg, Orville Freeman, Mitch Miller, Winthrop Rockefeller, Stewart Udall, Ralph 
Nader, Clark Mollenhoff, Mayor John Lindsay, Drew Pearson, Al Capp, Senators Eugene 
McCarthy, Church, Fulbright, Gruening, Kuchel, McGee, Morse, Javits, Percy, Baker, 
Ribicoff, Glenn T. Seaborg, William Manchester, Minority Leader Gerald Ford, ,f Dear 
Abby" Van Buren, and many other prominent I. P. A. members. 

I.P.A.'s objective (next to it's members' enjoyment of each other) is using its prestige 
and that of its members to improve the American Platform, particularly as it relates 
to assembly programs for school children. Please see brief I. P. A. history enclosed 
and U.P.I, feature article of June 6, 1965 and The New York Times Magazine section of 
June 9, 1968 for additional information. Our members meet annually for five days of 
conversation and entertainment which are the high point of the year for even the lead- 
ing political figures, newspaper columnists, writers, stars of the entertainment and 
movie world, judges, businessmen, ambassadors, and chief executives of sovereign 
nations, who attend. It has ended two of the past four summers with a barbecue at 
Drew Pearson's farm, prepared by Lyndon Johnson's Texas Chef. 

If you wish to accept the enclosed invitation to join I. P. A., the membership papers are 
enclosed. Please list any newspapers (limit to three) to which you feel press releases 
should be sent. If you do not wish to join, please let us know so that the invitation 
can be extended to some other qualified person. 

<=& — sL- 

Drew Pearson 

Chairman, Committee on Associates 


Very truly yours, 

Dan Tyler Moore y / 

ENCLOSURE Director General and Board Chairman 


Director General & Board Chairman "..,..,. DanJ'yler Moore* 

PrAjL^nt ^Ktonr? Seaborg 

vR|Piosidi}nt Ula Blair Miller* 

Secretary . . > . . ; Edna Sinclair 

Treasurer. ;v, , , NeiH O'Malley 


Lowed Thomas 

Drew Pearson 

Sir William Samson Moore 

Glenn Seaborg 

Ambassador Enrique Tejera 

Ambassador Julio Sanjines Goytia 

Senator Clarence Ditf 

John Henry Faulk 

Benjamin Franklin 

Anna Slair Miller" 

Anne Guthrie . 

'* Executive Committee 

Carleton Rogers 
William McVey* 
. Louis Bohmrich 
0. G. Eitxgerald 
Edna Sinclair 
Eleanor Peters 
Rosa Lobe 
Edmund Thornton 
NeW O'Malley 
Paula Bishop 
Dr, K. Hart Puffer 
Salom Hlzk 

Paul Leonard 
Don Wolfe 
Eileen Hall 
Jane Archer 
Cathy Allan 
Halcyon Bryant 
Ann DeMun 
Ed Wright 
Ray Geiger 
Leona Will Caldwell 
Dr, Cleo Dawson 

VNWWorft J«ir»r\*i rt©» Bryon, TH«odk>r«i Roosevelt, Modome Scbumonn-Heinfc, WiJF/#om Hoyvctrcl .T&f*^ 
Franklin O. Roo»«voh, Woodfow Wilton, Mark Twajn c ^£^X_V^o.U»*>* Lyndon 8. .- f&hntA&e*, . £2&me*r<zY 

jarTWit" A; Vo« f \«*r ;*1»out O. W»«v»F,'" i ' OSaV Ai>Ky r * Va r\ Bu r» r> „ Oovfd Brink fary, J, E cigar H&ovmr, 

JkoV\n F. Ktnnttdiy, Victor Bor©**,, Art BucKwald, Former United NarMon 'i Prmmtdmrtt ~A.rrtho*s&<i&r- - 

CViarl«t« hAotiW, towetl Thomat, S»cr«tory Orvillo Fr«eman, EJ»o /Ma.xw*r//, Bart W7/jon, Wat tar 

VAp<p«\cnrMrv, $*%*. V-M&r^S'&orv , B«*» Myanon^ Henry Morton, R«ar Adm, Ec^ar &ctt<zhmlt*,r, M&r-Jb»rf 

Hoover , *Wt>«nr>: Oou\et/S«r\ator Ero#t^ Gru«ni r>^, f*odo*y Haci<«r, Chorlfon rAottortsDrWahter-CAfirerrGx, 

Otto AAv\n Kr^igjttir^ Som i.«* v#n©,Or, ChaHea.AAayo, Jodg* John V. McCorm*clc, Oavtcf M<zOor\<?tcJ, 

V%v>V»«rr V*v*mpV\ir«ty , S«notof TKomat J. Mclntyrs, T«icl Mock, Morfon** AAa»n ( W&rrrfar Vfeo £3rx*an Hcr/Vy 

Trwman , KA\tc;H KAlU«»r f Eci^or o«r«y«&ri. Or, Alvor«tx, Dr#w f»«rct«-*o«"k,, Oc*rr%«* / « «_** Vondtfbt/'f, «o*/ 

%%«>\<a«i<' # Jor» S»«»H\o.Q, lU^on Roth, Ronald Roogon, Dorothy Provlo*, Vtr>c»nt Pr#c#, Arr> £>o*»o dor 

'X**\mxKk r V**** O'Br^on, CorroH 6ok»r, Mocflorot Cuikln Banning, Morgan A^». B^offy* Shmttmy B+rm&rt, 

ftoy 1 &o\q«»>', Hot Wo\bfooU ,CW«F Ju»t*o»Eart'Wonn»n, J».j*j0« Jacob A*, Bronze**, Ett&r* L. &ro&t*», &mm/cimfr* 

V^ronWAtrt. Jv*ciy Crar\ovo,B«i*w Dovij, Betty Furiiws© Joor» Fonfoin^, Swnaror Frctrtk C^h^r<ch r W<mnaf+// 

<fc„ Cor «y , ioan C"»v/ford, RicHord Dy«-Corrodin#, Woft#r CVo#t*c «*«», 8ob Cwmmfr*^*, ,As?s><» Bloirt* 

KA\\\«r, Hua^ Oowr**, Polly B«r-Q*amt Fiw!d«, Mwrroior-** Glngofd, J. H«rmon O'tZmmffm, Harry J. 

Art*U**Q«*r, S«»r\«a*c»r air<iK &c*yH, S«r»oi»i»r XMor* B«b>l«r, Hort, Mo*«* Bogot, Mo<or C2mr*mrat Rokr+rt M. 

feq»otW, WotpH J, Svif>cKo, TH«* Mors. John Moor* Cobot, Franh Copra, L*o CZHmmm, 6ob <Zor*mi4*i i^** r 

**-*«. %r\c«i Of. F«<*#ew** , EUeirtor S!l<«t P«r«r», Ambot»«dor A4ohmo u d f, Fon»94/h, AHo/or C?wA*ro/ 

Ot«»rt«« *t. Fok, Copt. Paul Dry, Harry Ootciwr-t, Amfao»»actof Sood Jumo, Gov. J&hry WV. Kir*& f 

*krrtfc>o**o«»«Or K „ M. «. «<ipp»»a! rt, Qov. M. ft** L«w, Laona Will Cafd«y«jf, Jxj<4 Q m S- tord, 

Ju<l«« John V. KAeG»rw(cW„ W^rritn C. Maonwiion, ft. J. Maxw»(l, VwKo«*» Mmrtuhin, L + m MmTcotf, 

Idvyord *». tv\or(*c»c\. £.Mf?wr\i<t C.. Pulltom, J»«f>in(j» Randolph, Jund&m Wyr»(i», M. &l<iHc»rf£m<*r*, C2mr***r*xf 

M«t^»«< » f*iO^*,»-y » **r«te<»**« , a«l«»r OullUrm© Swvitlo Socato, Oovi*^ Scho»nbfim, Johi^ Conrorf, W, *T, 

»rv S^o*«*, S«r*«i»r»f S»v>an Sym!no»»n, L.*wJ» B«»K^>rl«:K, «f«^o»-*» Fte>r<mm Y*alt4*r*&, C. r^iH» 
*, *iv.b<i«(»«k». Clor« V-». Tlmb#r1oW*. Joy »*»«. Ft»f«.r, S«r>o»«>r Jk>*4»^»H O, T^dfrtp., G«rt«ro( 
*>.. *Vi»rt rt«»MV. *ofc» ««»<•*<*. S«sr-n=N*T Vo»x>c: t *r, R&bSflo 'jonthoj- V;it*llo, J^.^-m W<a*mimc*r+, 
Tmao W«uk , Judq* Curl <«v. W«»;«c»»«i«. SHat(l« r v*wt r-.» wr* , r-4«,*l £• ^ * ' ; n , Nto,t>«<-r <S . Voun», 5*™>for 
*tp^-mn KA. Vowno. *u»»*H C3c.i^«Jv^» I I , 0«.«o Af,dir*wt, *-««»«. WiM.o,.-, «. A'Kihinon, t.or*r««c» Aivary. 

>•«. iuon <e.«*or Co.d«»o Dovlla, John H»n fy C«burp, O-co- o* A. Coofc. , W~ Tr u . 0>*»^;«, j" .><*»• 

V*t>. IK>«k«l V<H«*ki»ro, Tom t.. Cop«ioy. Jluon Pmtm.f. O. - L«>IU A. He. **"*•. £>w»r« -J 

~ " * — " kjf T «e»n, A.mbiKtodor rrancUca ft. Lt™<*, rmjt I . McKo^ r H uo K F. /V^e K »e.r», 

fy V%/_ »^»\«,, 0*«l»w >JV, rvAr,» r . T ., H»l. n »-^,^ m , J^dg,* VWJlJir,-^ C. /v^t*»»,, C^s 

J«hA Jam«t C>*C".*»««*»l t, Judo* <T- <*, Mw*!*, *w*^t». fv*t» ct-m t i **<m W. t, 


0-«-«»^ Unn«K««'*. 

u>9»«n>(«. O- . 

0*W-B¥ *fc«>^ 

*^*»*„ Ml. 


k^m ^^vr^/^v^rir^-rsr 1 "".".^ ; ;*7r;rr/\;^ 

■ Hal Holbrook 
Lowell Thomas 
Lyndon B. Johnson 
Drew Pearson 
Chief Justice Earl Warren 
Ambassador Arthur Goldberg 
Ralph Nader 
Ben|arnin Franklin 
Edgar Bergen 
Dan Tyler Moore 


The 65 Club 

John F, Kennedy 
Elizabeth Carlson 
Cathy Allan 
Pauls Bishop 
Louis Bohmrich 
■Leona Will Caldwell 
Edward Clarke 
O. G. Fitzgerald 
Eileen Hall 

Editha Higgins 
Ricklie Boasberg Hoyt 
Anna Blair Miller 
Elizabeth Moore 
Rosa Lobe 
Howard Higgins 
Harlowe Hoyt 
J. Herman O'Keeffe 
Eleanor Sikes Peters 


• X; 




P.O. BOX 5891 -C 



1 NO. 19627 



■ L.M.M.M.., 

nlT'-Jiniiiiiil'-wiTniii m 



FoundM* 190J — Incorporated 1907 




N»m*- Print or Type 

Date . 


■ \ 

<M*ilinfr Addrru) 






E & D 
Ack. .... 



Hi I JaJ 3 I 4 I 5 I o | 7 | | 8 | 9 | 

■ irttimtm^^trnmuimmmmtimm 



Birthplace Month, and Date of Birth 

(Town) (State) (Country) 

Education (list degrees if any and from what institutions) 


Endosed h o check or money order for $15.00. (Check must be sent In wfth thU information cord). 


Approved by Ambassador Enrique Tejera Ben Franklin 

Committee on Associates: Hal Holbrook Ambassador Julio Sanjines-Goy tia 

John Henry Faulk Sir William Samson Moore 

Drew Pearson Senator Clarence Dill 
Dan T. Moore 

2564 Berkshire Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 

■4 *■ 




Director General & Board Chairman . . Dan Tyler Moore* 

President Glenn Seaborg 

Vice President Anna Blair Miller* 

Secretary Edna Sinclair 

Treasurer Neill O'Malley 


Lowell Thomas 

Drew Pearson 

Sir William Samson Moore 

Glenn Seaborg 

Ambassador Enrique Tejera 

Ambassador Julio Sanjines Goytra 

Senator Clarence Dill 

John Henry Faulk 

Benjamin Franklin 

Anna Blair Miller* 

Anne Guthrie 

"Executive Committee 

Carleton Rogers 
William McVey* 
Louts Bohmrich 
0. G. Fitzgerald 
Edna Sinclair 
Eleanor Peters 
Rosa Lobe 
Edmund Thornton 
Neill O'Malley 
Paula Bishop 
Dr. K. Hart Puffer 
Salom Rizk 

Paul Leonard 
Don Wolfe 
Eileen Hall 
Jane Archer 
Cathy Allan 
Halcyon Bryant 
Ann DeMun 
Ed Wright 
Ray Geiger 
Leona Will Caldwell 
Dr. Cleo Dawson 


The 65 Club 

Hal Holbrook 

Lowell Thomas 

Lyndon B. Johnson 

Drew Pearson 

Chief Justice Earl Warren 

Ambassador Arthur Goldberg 

Ralph Nader 

Benjamin Franklin 

Edgar Bergen 

Dan Tyler Moore 

John F. Kennedy 
Elizabeth Carlson 
Cathy Allan 
Paula Bishop 
Louis Bohmrich 
Leona Will Caldwell 
Edward Clarke 
O. G. Fitzgerald 
Eileen Hall 

Editha Higgins 
Ricklie Soasberg Hoyt 
Anna Blair Miller 
Elizabeth Moore 
Rosa Lobe 
Howard Higgins 
Harlowe Hoyt 
J. Herman O'Keeffe 
Eleanor Sikes Peters 


2564 Berkshire Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 

Office of the Director General 
2564 Berkshire Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 

miimmmmmm » 




: Ml 

*■ ' #. «f , \ 4, i i j, ,, ' .. 

— ;, •'■ *i ^-" [f;1 -V<v $fft ; 

■ ^ 





The International Platform Association was organiz- 
ed under the name of the International Lyceum Asso- 
ciation on September 5, 1903. It was incorporated in 
1907 and for more than half a century has numbered 
among its members many of the foremost leaders in 
many areas of American life. 

But the "platform" — originally called "lyceum" — 
had its origin in the days of Aristotle who lectured in 
the walled garden of the Temple of Apollo Lyceus. In 
the streets nearby Athenians gathered to listen to 
their philosophers and poets. 

The word "lyceum" was first applied in America to 
the activity of Josiah Holbrook, a Yale Graduate, who 
organized groups of adults for the purpose of self- 
education. The first group was organized in Milbury, 
Mass., in 1826 with Daniel Webster as its first chair- 
man. Both the Massachusetts and New York legisla- 
tures established state Lyceum boards. In 1831 the 
American Lyceum Association was founded to unite 
the local lyceum groups. 

The greatest single impetus to the growth of the 
'lyceum' or 'platform' field resulted from the efforts 
of Charles Dickens, the English author, to schedule a 
lecture tour in America. A person representing Charles 
Dickens discussed his problems with a Boston journa- 
list James Red path. Mr. Redpath, in turn, discussed 
these problems with his friends in the literary field — 
Julia Ward Howe and her husband, Dr. Samuel G. 
Howe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and others — and in 
1868 established the first lecture bureau in America. 

On the list of the first American lecture bureau were 
such speakers and concert artists as Susan B. An- 
thony, Henry Ward Beecher, P. T. Barnum, Ole Bull 
(violinist), Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, Julia Ward Howe, Henry W. Shaw 
(Josh Billings), Wendell Phillips, and other leaders 
in the lecture, entertainment and concert fields of 
those days. 

Those early greats plus later members such as 
Russell Conwell, William Jennings Bryan, Theodore 
and Franklin Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Will 
Rogers, John Kennedy, and many others have be- 
queathed a portion of their greatness to their counter- 

parts now embraced in the International Platform 
Association. Over ten percent of the members of the 
U. S. Senate are I.P.A. members as is President Lyn- 
don Johnson, Vice President Hubert Humphrey and a 
good percentage of the foreign Ambassadors accredit- 
ed to the U. S. 

Each year the top platform people who belong to 
the l.P.A. appear before college, forum, school assem- 
bly, convention, concert, executive and Women's clubs, 
service club and industrial association audiences. Any- 
where and everywhere that eager audiences convene 
there is the l.P.A. 

As l.P.A. member Lowell Thomas has said "No other 
medium can compare with the platform. Television, of 
course, is a magic medium, and so is radio. But 
neither has the real class of the platform." 

Among the privileges of membership is attendance 
at the annual convention where the most outstanding 
programs seen anywhere in this country are presented 
throughout the week. Here time-honored orators and 
statesmen and celebrities of the Platform find mem- 
ories; hopeful beginners find counsel and help; and 
patrons find enjoyment and new talent. The annual 
convention is a time for fun and recreation, fellow- 
ship and reunion, and genuine relaxation after a 
strenuous year. The workshops, previews and pro- 
grams elicit enduring friendships and lasting admira- 
tion one for the other. 

The International Platform Association is the pro- 
fessional association of those engaged in the lecture, 
concert and entertainment field, but for two genera- 
tions its membership has included many of the most 
distinguished men and women of our nation's top 
echelon, in many diverse fields. If one thing about the 
l.P.A. can be pinpointed as most valuable to its un- 
usual membership it is the fruitful and lasting friend- 
ships developed at high level across ordinarily in- 
accessible professional and geographic boundaries. 
Membership is limited to persons of good moral char- 
acter, who are recommended for membership and 
whose application is then approved by the Committee 
on Associates and by the Board of Governors. 

" ,--Vv, 



* ,^ : -. w -. ||| ^ ^ 5 

t ■* ~-~ , ^ , „ 1. " 4 * ' 

,^^ bdlaa M Mi ^ liteittai i M iM| iM i^0HHilteitt 

mm* : 

This Certifies That 

has been recommended by the B&ard of Gov- 
ernors and the Committee on Associates to 
membership in the International Platform 

Committee on Associates 
Ambassador Enrique Tejera 
John Henry Faulk 
Drew Pearson 
Sir William Samson Moore 
Senator Clarence Dill 
Ben Franklin 
Ambassador Julio Sanjines-Goytia 




Director General and Board Chairman 

Board of Governors on Reverse Side 

" , .;' iL "~li -"• *, ,'J, ' ,?$?; ',' ' »*M»~* " '-i 

■\!S RlffK ; ' 


,i,'^*'t . l '* ' ; 



,. Sp ■:. 


of the 


Lowell Thomas 

Drew Pearson 

Sir William Samson Moore 

Glenn Seaborg 

Ambassador Enrique Tejera 

Ambassador Julio Sanjines Goytia 

Senator Clarence Dill 

John Henry Faulk 

Benjamin Franklin 

Anna Blair Miller* 

Anne Guthrie 

Carleton Rogers 

William McVey* 

Louis Bohmrich 

O. G. Fitzgerald 

Edna Sinclair 

Eleanor Peters 

Rosa Lobe 

Edmund Thornton 

IMeill O'Malley 

Paula Bishop 

Dr. K. Hart Puffer 

Salom Rizk 

Paul Leonard 

Don Wolfe 

Eileen Hall 

Jane Archer 

Cathy Allan 

Halcyon Bryant 

Ann DeMun 

Ed Wright 

Ray Geiger 

Leona Will Caldwell 

Dr. Cleo Dawson 

'Executive Committee 


\3 'a 


PHONES (312) 653-6100 



Edgar C. Bundy 



. William T. Bruckner 


Edgar C. Bundy 


Rogers Follansbec 


Richard S. Harvey 


George Ray Hudson 


Walter A. Krafft ^ 


James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 


John R. Orndorff 

The Rev, Victor E. Sears, D.D. 


Rufus E. Shackelford 


Bob Wells 


Judson P. Wetherby 


H. Dillon Winship 















July 28, 1969 

The Hon. J. Edgar Hoover 


Federal Bureau of Investigation 

U. S. Department of Justiee Building 

Washington-, -D. G. •- = — --...-..... .:. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

*», Please accept our deepest appreciation for 
tne excellent testimony you gave before the House 
Subcommittee on Appropriations on February 17. 1969 
and recently released. 

Your testimony has proved to be a very 
valuable source of documentation for those who love 

„V^f«°^ Un J ry . and * h ° are °PP° si ng those who are working 
within to destroy it. 

*h~ h a w ^J? av o distributed your annual testimony by 
the hundreds of- thousands of copies every year. 

We are sending 20,000 copies of your latest 
testimony to key people throughout the United States in 
a mailing this week from our Headquarters-.^. 

*.u „ ? wonder if you noticed that the DAILY WORLD, 
the Communist Party U.S.A. newspaper, mad e a two-page 

f oro • on ~ the -Church-League of -Americaain-their July ~5 7 
1969 issue. J ' 

I Tel;;, Room..... 
Miss Hoiraes- 
Miss Gaudy.- 

They ended their attack by saying, "Now they 
must be put out of business". Y 

Thanks, once again, '(fori aMsyoui have done for 
be™offf£. nati ° n thr ° U9h the maJ * tSfg^ h3Ve M K> 

Very sincerely yours, 

: fiO^ 



Executive Secretary 


Walter Larkin, Mr. Harry N. Stamper, Mr. Ira E. Westbrook^Mr. Edwin L. 
imeron/ MacKenzie, Rev.- Herman Otten, Rev. Victor E. Sears 

CQRRESPQ^l 7 "^ 



W % SZRSCSORt IBI (100*430008) 


SAG, QllCm (100-4555$) (F) 

Sfi * S OS ' — 

(oos caic^so) 


<T06;fi/?' C< Sum/) 

■'■"""'■■■■■ -_i#^ 

On 5/10/69, captioaad subject aflwagred on BDHRIS — 

BAKR]&CT*8 **Ctilcago Shov" fra® 12 o* clock iddaigkt until iiOO a.m., 
6/11/69, This lit s MC*TV production la Chlcagp on Channel 7, 
HLS»TV, It i* a pre- taped discussion tar?* <rfkwr- : la 1 irfil«» ©efmar 
and controversial personalities mppmx m& 'mm cjuostionaa ly 
BAKBETT regarding thaaaalvcs, 

BARRETT Identified D0H&I as National latei>0xgaiilasatlonal 
Secretary of SOS and infonaed the vieving audience her appearance 
•sas in connection vitsr -SOS's planned a::tansion into industries 
work force this swam* and tonus titstch hasr© engendered a good 
deal of eossesat ia'tat : pawa of lata. 

DQH8H responded to the offset that 30S is no longer 
a 9*aoath a vear otgaBtotion of collie stadaots* feut rather 
i* a revolutionary youth aovessent extending Itaalf to people 
&mepftmm 9 iiudtattag i»rkers in tateasa and tnta&ry. 

Ilia urgaoey of the crisis in Aaacta; vOLWx regard to 
schools* the nar lit Tletaau* racial conflict, the pmblms of 
cities* sad poverty* BOOT said* is such that &m lives lit the 
most extreme society vblch has ever agisted* She alleged that 
ordinary people « the varfeere* black, Iraoua, and red - haye built 
the tNuifref this ctfoobgr* ana that » while ours Is wx affluent 







°3> BBteasi W) 

(1 - $2-104576) 
3 *■ Chicago 

(1 -100-36062) '(EDGAR C, 
(1 * 100-40903) (SDS) 


62 rPJL 

,€ 7/ 





CO 100*45568 

society* pcwsrfcy is on tlie increase, and a very few af- 
fluent people control societies wealth while the nasses 

suffer more sad isore. She cOHMDta that S8S Ml* 

sports the program of the Black Fssther Party tBP?) 
tch is active in tiie area of racial conflict. 

IteH^sont this show DOHBS repaired tin* and 

faia to this tSanft'ossertdtsiK that the eossifary is ridden 
th crisis at ham and that thousands are 4fxng in 
Vietnam for the f insncial profit of Chicago* that the 
V*S, is built on a policy of racism and oppression 
of workers dk^estleaily while U.S* £br«dip&' policy ts 
an ln?erialist one. Ail of this, she asserted, is solely 
to insure that the few who hold power will get richer 
at the es^enae of the xaasses *ho are e§f>loited. 

DOHKSf rejected the idea that there is anything 
sinister of SDS»s plans to broaden the scope of their 
activities beyond the college cisapases to the larger 
eosatsuaities. She said that SD3 iseiabers will carry their 

?olitical address with them wherever they go» that this 
s not a program of Infiltration and that there is nothing 
secretive about it. 

After the first cuarter hour DOHRH and BARR2ET 
were joined fey IDG&R C. BOmJY, ©sascntive secretary* Cfeuecch 
tmmm of Jfeierica tGUQ * ^^aton t Illinois^ and DAVID 
SOTlk* a reporter for the Catholic pdblicstion •llew tibrtd." 

BASEST drew attention to the eogpai&i of BUHDI 
end CL4 to e tas&arize for & fee Maong taislness and 
industrial concerns the Identities of SOS personnel in a 
cmeiffk to ttettrt S0$*s strategy of singling with the 
worfeers this ssmcsr* S3TSS was silfsarfor ej|Ood deal of 
the rcpsdnder of the show, while SOKM sad BCtaT e^chnnged 
verbal sallies* espressive of their conteapt for each other. 

BOOT referred to written mteriel regardliig 
the testimony sad writing* of 5BI Director J. WGM I0QV3R 
at various tines in the past several years* regarding toe 
character of SDS and to sake the point th&t its size is 
not so iapoxtaat as its influence ?ad to fortify the efficacy 
of the work of CIA, D013EH scoffed la reply , tjrgtag that 
they discuss issues. She charged that the great fear of 
coissannist subversion in this country for the pmt 10 years 

2 - 

CG 100-45560 

h&s been r sw&a screen mplof®& by the pdtvllsgfld classes 
to moid dis&ajitfag Issues am problem or doing asyiMng 
efcout th*s» She claijaed that seesirlty aaaisi meeting the 
needs of people and said that she isished to- discuss that. 

BOW persisted in his attanpt to depict his 

organization as om engaged for years la 'the tmoleaasi . 
necessary work of fitting earsnttdmu He denied that' ''.;%,._ 
CLA er^esr disseminated any issfoimtion not 'taleea from 
public shjurees: and clalriod t&at it wmM all .ttorkt up 
la a court of law* He dree attention to 1X311^* s past 
public etataasat £s<isiich «b» described herself as a 
"rerolutionary cowmist" as aft exasple of the type of 
Information his ot^snization dlssaainates to a perspective 
employer of SDS personnel. D0&SB admitted haviag made 
the.#tat€5aeat and saldshe wtilid stand, on it, but she 
refiised to ansrpgr BIMD1P attend!^ question as to the 
dif f orsno3 between Itedst and Pvevdkutioasry Ctunuati^ 
She noted that It was an irrelevant question and that 
she desired to disease issues* 

DOH^ nstarked during the show that SBS has 

SO » 000 sobers, W88Z, in rebuttal, referred to 
information from Director HOOVES* s public statements 
to the effect £DS exaggerates its dhse and that the actual 
membership is abotxt 6^000 'with less than 900 of these 

ing dues. fiOHKR asserted that she ijoribf In SDS National 
ice mmrr day and that the national *aesib«r»jbip Is 
w # 000, ¥itn t^toaaands- isore wjpportiag SBS through tlie 
w&nc of local chapters and at dsBoostrctioQS sponsored by 
SBS. BCBSDQT claimed tj^ac&r I s ' "soaeone" in the national 
office sad - a^Xoyteffi Cnat Ms iaforsation- refparding SDS 
t#as basod pertly npon that source. 30HHII merely replied 
sarcastically tmt^ ma glad to hear that. 

miWt asked ^y* if SDS Is so aaall as BBSIDx* 
elfiloedy why wae he so concerned over their plans to 

have their sobers alible with \jprjberg In Jtgggg jtgy* 
BUIIDY. raster assayed the ^qa«fi5tioai^^B|ffi5^1os©d the 
discussion indicating he had not been , wry taf*re*sed. with 
the esetveae positions of either DSHER or BOSSf and 
wondered on teich of their lists he could <aod up on. 

- 3 - 




CG 100-4556C 

Late in the erasing off 6/i0/g$ # JftftSnr contacted 

the Chicago Office and adriaod off his appearance tb t 
date ( fat* »% st taping of the foiragoiitg shew* H» alleged 

I t&raatdaed drariLng the taking to "get hisu" 
to ijttieh fee r^li®& tha t ha Hbad bean ttfaitttanad helot* 
and he nas net afraid. | | he said. responded T?ith 

a threat "¥a itacpt the Hiv ©amid us and| wll got you 
this tl&e," SCHIDT felt that; the VEX s!»uld fee aifare of 
this noting that he had reported the gutter to the 
HhcstQB Police Bapartiaant, tiho ha said "ware out in force 
to ftarnlsh Mm preteetlofi. 

—t | asoMsored- the above show 

and no threats vere observed to have been made by -any 

mmsbm: of the grat© against any others. 


olice Demrfcraent* infoxiaad SFl 


that at ib:15 jm&*, 6/10/^ BCSarc contacted the 
Police Department regarding the al^ 
that nftcr the show fed haSn tat 



and Eiade the eo»an£JIl2ifiJiLiiave wjysTor dealing vith 
wK>mie like yoiu* I I said that the Vbeaton 

Police Deg&rtawit sent palrol ears past'OTTOx*** residence 
and SLA offices eeriadicaHy, hut that tjbere 'ma no 
trouble nor auaplcloua persons observed en either premises. 

, , n>ted that BBBDV has "run tham 

ra^ea" mST reports of threats against himself and 
ajjniaat his CLA Offices owr l&e j^ssr®. Be described 

SONS? as a fearful mssgidLmm/mi noted, that nothing 
has ever happened to either prmiaaa over the yeara 

ms£$&t on oaa ©ceaaloa there was a theft of soias If 
hulhs frota a Christmas ti*ee displayed in. front of 

the B*jses« BB&i.Cbieagp haw heen mms& far 

years of WOK*' a controversial political activitiaa> 
oppoTtmim and- tsireli^Mlity. 

Itsa foregoing is for the bream's information? 
no ftjrther action %$ anticipated in this Division. 

4 - 




Mson _ 


'hop __ 

;per — 

[ iahan . 



May 8, 1969 


Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

libcecutive Secretary 
/Church League o! America 
/ 422 North Prospect Street 

Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

Dear Mr. Bundy: 

Mr. Hoover has received your letter of May 1st, with 
enclosures, and asked me to advise you that with respect to your 
inquiry, the International Platform Association was founded in 1903 
and incorporated in 1907. It is a professional organization in America 
for lecturers, entertainers and others who appear before audiences and 
has not been investigated by this Bureau. Mr. Hoover is an honorary 
member of this group and has enjoyed cordial relations with its Direc- 
tor, Mr. Dan Tyler Moore. 

Sincerely yours, 


MAY 8 » 1969 


Helen W. Gandy 

NOTE: Mr. Bundy is well-known to the Bureau. He claims to have been 
a major in Air Force Intelligence and is a former Baptist minister who 
lectures throughout the country on communism. We have observed a 
, policy of being most circumspect in our dealing with him. Accordingly, 
the above reply is deemed appropriate. 

CEE:hak (3) 








August 6, 1969 


J/6 —-I*/'-; 


. - '' 



1 1 • 

Ajo, Arizona 85321 

Dear Mrs 

I have 


In reply to your inquiry, information contained in 
the files of the FBI mast be maintained as confidential pursuant 
to regulations of the Department of Justice. X hope you will not 
infer either that we do or do not have material in our files relating 
to therChar ch League of America. 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgar Hoover 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated by the Bureau. 
Its General Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy, claims to have been a Major in 
the Air Force Intelligence. He has been the subject of alelosed 
Impersonation case. 


DeLoach . 
Bishop — 


Callahan . 


Rosen - 
Tavel _ 
Trotter - 
Tele. Room 

CEE:ekw (3) 


> J 







/¥&&/* s-</r// 

■ ^7~V > 




■■Jujy 31,1969, 

Ajoj Arizona^ 

Director of F B I, 
J Edgar *Wer, ■■ 
Washington, D, C» 
Dear Sir: 

In this day and age when so many factions are working to destroy Our 
Country, one does not know where to turn —to be on the right track. One group 
or the other is always accusing the other of being a flommunist front. One hears 
Birchers are far left, World Council of Churches, NEA and even the Girl s couts 
were Mentioned. 

I read an item in the Arizona Daily Star, June 19,1969, entitled, ^Leftists - — 
Tracked by Church League, I wrote to them about the above Organizations and re- 
ceived a letter stating the fees for news letters, etc. I am perfectly willing to 
make the contribution of $25.00 per year if this is a Fine, Good, Honest American 
Organization. I have worked in the Girl Scouts all my life and tried to preach 
and practice good citizenship }&U every opportunity, A I work with Mexican, Anglo 

&W HE0#A ~]o\ 57/,- 1 73 

and Indian girls. Every once in awhile we get a^nW bd^Wfelrown *ower ancnust 

recently, (last of April or First of May) There we'&AU&m^'c^red men in here and a ,j& 


they distributed some papers (Black Panther) until' my son caught up to them and ask 
for a paper, then of course, they were out of them. He was able to get one from a 



Now the purpose of thijjetter, I want to know if thi^s the right organization 
to secure the -information from. After I receive- it I don't want any one to tell 
me they are far left and here I am subscribing to it. 
Thanks --so very much for your help. 



A jo, Arizona. ■>■■ 









.' * \ 




f o* > 

--31W ..1 

BeWW-fi §3f 



t •>"/■-■ 

■: ^ r J > 

November 17, 1969 




m s 


***' St 

** i 


> 3 





larrmgiuu, murw lAt kota 58421 

Dear Mr. 

Your letter, with enclosure, was received on Novem- 
ber 10th and I certainly appreciate your kind remarks concerning my 
administration of the FBI. I hope that my future efforts will continue 
to merit your support. 

With respect to your inquiry, I am unable to comment 
as you desire since information in the files of this Bureau must be 
maintained as confidential in accordance with the regulations of the 
Department of Justice. I regret I cannot be of assistance to you in 
this instance. 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Edgar Hoover 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. The 
Baptist World Alliance is an international organization whose aim is to 
further and promote fellowship and cooperation among Baptist? and to promote 
moral and spiritual development, unity and fellowship. We have received 
numerous inquiries concerning the Church League of America and it has not 
been investigated by the Bureau. Its General Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy, 
claims to have been a Major in the Air Force Intelligence- He has been the 
subject of a closed Impersonation case. The enclosure in essence states that 
the Baptist World Alliance is infiltrated by communists since its annual 
meetings are attended by clergy from the Soviet Union and that such 
individuals are not true religious individualsbut really agents of the Soviet 

CEE:eaf (3) 







Ovurcli; T 

, [ 

Phone: 652-2162 

Carrington, North Dakota \58421 ^5 

i i 


Proclaiming The Good News of Jesus Christ 

$ November 1969 

Mr. J* Edgar Hoover 

Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Washington, D. C. 

Dear Mr. Hoover: 

like so many other Americans I have never written to thank 
you for your splendid service to our country. Regardless of 
what response you may make to the rest of this letter I want 
to personally tell you of my admiration for you and how deeply 
I appreciate what you have done for our nation* 


As a Pastor I have taken a stand against the B aptist Wor ld 
Jllj jnce. I have placed much reliance upon the enclosed"^ 
pamphlet published by the^hurch -^ §^g 3a J^^^Q^_ la which 

" cotS^iFffifffliations 

serious charges are made concert 
with this organization* 

A letter from you confinning this or in support of the editor 
Edgar C # Bundy or of the Church League of America would be of 
great value to us as we strive to encourage other Baptist 
Churches to step aside from this unholy alliance with those 
that are of communist persuasion and pronouncement. 

I am writing solely for myself at the request of two of my 
deacons. I am not affiliated with the Church League of 
America. I made my first contribution to their work this 
fall and have made one purchase of literature from them. 

Should you deem it proper to answer I intend to make your 
letter public unless you request otherwise. 



I I 

Phone: 652-2162 

I know fcow busy you are but I also know that you lo^^ur 
country and its people and have a burning desire to Keep it 
free. It is out of my own deep personal concern that I have 
presumed to add this one more burden to your attention. 

Thank you for your consideration and whatever attention you 

feel »7 be proper. tefl ^ - / » V SVA . 

Respectfully yours f 



* NOV ?© 1969 

u Ye Must Be Born Again" 

[Gospel of John, Chapter Three] 

Rev. Jack N. Christensen 

775 North 1st 
Carrington, N. Dak. 58421 


Vol. 28 No. 6 

Eternal Vigilance is Forever the Price of Freedom %"-■& 

Wheaton, Illinois JUNE 1965 



There are forces working to destroy the United States of America who are 
consorting with agents of the Soviet Secret Police and with various persons dis- 
guised in religious garb coming into this country as exchange visitors and posing as 
artists, newspaper men, clergymen, etc. 

In this issue of NEWS & VIEWS we are going to deal particularly with the 
Baptist World Alliance and how communist influence is even making itself felt in 
Baptist circles. 

We have a special document from the State Department, the text of a cable- 
gram sent from Moscow in October of 1962 when the late President Kennedy had 
given an ultimatum to the Soviet Union and to Castro's Cuba to remove the guided 
missiles which then were poised at the heart of America's great industrial cities. The 
whole world was electrified by this strong action on the part of the President of the 
United States, but few people realized what was taking place behind the scenes. 

There was a cablegram addressed to the Secretary General of the United Na- 
tions, Mr. U Thant, in which the United States was accused of bringing about the 
outbreak of a world war as the result of "the actions taken by the United States 
administration against the Republic of Cuba which are extremely dangerous to the 
cause of peace/' The same cablegram to the Secretary General of the United Na- 
tions then went on: "We cannot but declare to the whole world that the reckless 
steps of the United States government are a crying violation of Christian teaching 
and a great sin before God." 

This appeal had been signed by Alexei, the head of the whole Russian Ortho- 
dox church which is controlled from the top to the bottom by the Secret Police, by 
the political leaders of the Soviet Union who have on the Sovnarkom (the Russian 
Council of Ministers) a man who administers church affairs. Alexei, of course, is 


f I ; 

only the religious head who gets his instructions from the communist leader sitting 
there on the council of Russian ministers. But, what was also noteworthy was that 
this vicious attack against the United Statts was signed by two- others, one, Vasgen 
the First, identified as Supreme Patriarch and Catolicos of all Armenians and 
one Jakov Zhidkov, identified as Chairman of the All Union Council of Evangelical 
Christian Baptists and others." The Baptists, and what other small religious groups 
remain in Russia, are classified as other sects, that is, outside the Russian Orthodox 
church which for years had been the main church of the Soviet Union. 

Here is a self-styled Baptist by the name of Jakov Zhidkov, who has made a 
vicious attack upon the United States of America, who has come to this country 
before and is now scheduled to return in June of 1965 to the United States to attend 
the Baptist World Alliance Meeting in Miami, Florida. ; 

From time to time American tourists, both clergy and laymen, returned from 
short tours of the U.S.S.R. with what purports to be so-called "eye-witness" ac- 
counts of what they conceive to be religious freedom in the land of the Soviets. 
Some of these firsthand accounts have appeared in various religious publications. 
Not all of these publications can be dismissed as having had a Soviet slant in the 
past, or as being edited by left-liberals. Many of these enthusiastic tourists are un- 
doubtedly honest and sincere people. They may actually have visited a church or 
two and have seen with their own eyes a religious service in progress. An orthodox 
Russian priest in full regalia or a Protestant minister appeared to be conducting 
church rites freely and unhampered. The Congregation was obviously devout. There 
were no militia or secret police in evidence. Moreover, the church was full to the 
door with many of the worshippers tightly packed together near the door. Here was, 
according to all accounts, living and inspiring testimony to the invincibility of 
Christianity even under the iron heel of the Communist Secret Police. 

The important question is: "Is there absolute and unquestionable religious 
freedom in Russia today?" 

Soviet authorities, American communists, Soviet sympathizers, and even some 
naive and liberal American religious leaders say "yes." Escapees from the Soviets, 
including former Secret Police officers, American former high-ranking communists 
and intelligence experts on communism say "no," just as emphatically. 

What are the facts? Collaterally, the contention is also heard that while there 
may not be an unrestricted freedom of religious worship in the U.S.S.R., the church 
is tolerated and not persecuted and there is more religious freedom in communist 

Some years ago there was a visit by three Soviet Baptists to Canada, including 
the man identified as the President of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Soviet 
Russia, Jakov Zhidkov, the same one whose signature was affixed to this com- 
munique addressed to Secretary General U Thant of the United Nations on Octo- 
ber 25, 1962 condemning the United States because it ordered Cuba to send its 
guided missiles back to Russia. Jakov Zhidkov made this vicious attack along with 
Alexei and Vasgen I against the United States of America. 

Zhidkov, and those who entertained him in Canada, maintained that he is a free 
agent and that Baptists enjoy full religious freedom in the U.S.S.R. Other ministers, 
not so naive, and escapees from the Soviet Union, told the Canadian Press that the 
three Russian Baptists were "communist agents and one is an elite member of the 

1» '* 

N.K.V.D., otherwise known as the Soviet Secret Police/' The elder Jakov Zhidkov, 
was accompanied by his son, Michael, and the Rev. Ilya Ivanov, treasurer of the 
Baptist Union of the U.S.S.R. Zhidkov, Sr. claims to be pastor of the only Baptist 
Church in Moscow. He has also been a Vice-President of the Baptist World Alliance 
which includes the American Baptist Convention in the United States, the National 
Baptist Convention in the U.S.A., and the Southern Baptist Convention, along with 
Baptist groups from other countries of the world. They meet together every five 
years in cities like London or Rio, and in the year 1965 in Miami, supposedly 
for fellowship together as Baptists and to discuss how to promote Baptist teachings 
throughout the world. One minister, at least, has made the charge that the elder 
Zhidkov is an elite member of the Soviet Secret Police. This is the Zhidkov who 
claims to be pastor of this only Baptist church in Moscow. Now wouldn't you think, 
first of all, that it's strange that if there is religious freedom in the Soviet Union 
that there is only one Baptist church in the City of Moscow with its teeming mil- 

Nobody ever thinks to ask that question. 

If we had only one Baptist church in cities like Dallas or Miami, Philadelphia 
or Chicago, New York or San Francisco, some people would begin to wonder. We 
have in some of these cities dozens and dozens of Baptist churches. But only one in 

This minister has charged that the elder Zhidkov is an elite member of the 
Soviet Secret Police and if this is true then all Baptists whose conventions or 
churches belong to the Baptist World Alliance have a serious Christian duty to per- 
form, namely, to look into the bonafides of the Rev. Jakov Zhidkov. 

For the past several years and particularly in recent months as the Baptist 
World Alliance meeting approaches in Miami, the Church League of America has 
received thousands of requests from people, Baptists primarily, who want to know 
the facts concerning this man who has been elected a Vice-President of the Baptist 
World Alliance and who comes to their meetings. We will present facts from the 
news stories which we have collected, the radio broadcasts we have intercepted from 
communist countries, official communist publications, U.S. Government hear- 
ings, and other documentary materials bearing on religion under communism: 
How that Jakov Zhidkov and his cohorts are being used by the Soviet Union 
to further its aims amongst gullible Baptists who have never done their homework 
on the subject. We will quote right from the official statements of Russian sources, 
including Jakov Zhidkov, what he has to say about freedom of religion. 

In a letter published in 1947 by the American Russian Institute, cited as a com- 
munist front by the then Attorney-General of the United States, Tom Clark, Mr. 
Zhidkov wrote "we deeply respect our Soviet government which; has given us this 
complete religious freedom and protects it from any violation whatsoever." This 
was the letter signed by Jakov Zhidkov, the same one who plans to come to the 
Baptist World Alliance in Miami in June of 1965. 

Zhidkov has been editor of the Russian magazine entitled "The Brotherly Mes- 
senger," which was described by the United States Post Office Department as 
"Found to consist of communist propaganda' ' and about which the U. S. Treasury 
Department said: "These publications contain all accusations against the United 
States in connection with the Korean conflict." For a while they were banned from 


the mails, banned from coming into this country for distribution, on the grounds 
that they constituted communist propaganda and vicious attacks against the United 
States of America. Keep in mind that the editor of this material was and is no 
less than Jakov Zhidkov, the man who signed the attack against the United States 
in regard to the Cuban missiles and the man who is Vice-President of the Baptist 
World Alliance meeting in Miami, Florida in June of 1965! ; 

Zhidkov has a long record of collaboration with the leaders of the Soviet Union. 
In an address to the Baptist World Alliance, 10th Congress, held in Rio de Janeiro 
in September 1960, Mr. Zhidkov said: "In September 1959, the Soviet government 
submitted to the United Nations a declaration for universal and complete peace. 
This most human declaration can become the only basis which will unite all Chris- 
tian churches and activities in one direction— to beat all swords into plowshares and 
all spears into pruning hooks." 

Here is a tragic example of how a man being used by the Soviet Union, posing 
as a clergyman, as a Baptist in this case, uses the platform of a World religious Con- 
gress in Rio de Janeiro to praise the Soviet Union and to make it the harbinger of 
world peace. This, in the face of all the evidence before the world of what the Soviet 
Union has done to once-free nations, how it is fomenting revolution around the 
world internally and supplying the arms, the equipment and even the advisors and 
technicians to bring about revolution Soviet-style! Here is a minister, a self-styled 
Baptist who was elected a Vice-President in the Baptist World Alliance, using the 
platform of this world church meeting to spout Soviet propaganda. 

On April 19, 1961 from Moscow, broadcasting in English to North America, 
was carried a brazen message from a known Secret Police official, one Alexander 
Karev, who was masquerading as the General Secretary of the Soviet Union of 
Baptists. Karev has been an assistant in this so-called Moscow Baptist church to 
Jakov Zhidkov. Karev presumed to speak as a "representative of the Christian 
World/' He wanted to know what the attitude of United States Christians was to 
"the streams of blood that are now being poured out on the island of Cuba and to 
those guilty of causing the bloodshed." 

This man in religious guise and a member of the atheist communist Secret 
Police then had the unmitigated gall to preach so-called "Christianity" to Ameri- 
cans and to say that by conniving at the liberation of Cuba from Castro's commun- 
ists, "The United States greatly lowers the prestige of Christianity in all countries 
of the world." This comes from a man who has been an assistant to Jakov Zhidkov 
in this only Baptist church in Moscow and who is the Secretary of this same group, 
this so-called All Union Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists of which Jakov 
Zhidkov is the chairman! 

So here we have an agent of the Soviet Secret Police by the name of Karev 
working directly under so-called Baptist Zhidkov who is in the Baptist World Al- 
liance and who was elected an officer in it. 

There have been a number of top former secret police agents who have escaped 
to the West and talked and who have given some most valuable information to the 
free world on the world-wide workings of the Soviet Secret Police. One of these men 
was Peter Deriabin, who was in the U.S.A. for five years after he escaped to the 
West and was under such maximum security guard that the American people were 
not allowed to know for these five years that he was even in this country. He was 

being what we call "de-*Jiefed" by our intelligence forces and giving them valuable 
information on the workings of the Secret Police around the world. LIFE magazine 
called this man "the most valuable Soviet agent ever to escape to the West and talk" 
and it devoted two issues to his story, one contained sixteen pages of narrative 
and the entire front cover page of LIFE was devoted to the pictures of his various 
secret police identification cards with his picture on them. 

This same man appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activ- 
ities and the Senate Sub-Committee on Internal Security of the Judiciary and gave 
tremendous testimony on how the communists are using self-styled religious lead- 
ers behind the Iron Curtain to mouth the communist line and to help spread the 
U.S.S.R/s propaganda. Here is one thing that Deriabin told Congress: 

"There are rarely more than two KGB members in any Soviet visitors delegation abroad. 
But one is always there 3 and the lie inflicted in these hidden ambassadors permiates every 
action of the Soviet International relation." 

It was he who said that the Soviet Union has sent leaders to the United States, 
using the guise of religion, but who were, indeed, agents of long standing of the Soviet 
Secret Police and that no so-called cultural exchange delegation ever comes over 
here unless it has at least one or two agents of the dreaded KGB. 

Another man who escaped to the West was a former top Soviet Secret Police 
Agent, Yuri Rastvorov, who told the Congress under oath: 

"As you know, the church in the Soviet Union is not independent as at present the Soviet 
Union government is trying to prove. It is completely dependent upon the state and the 
state conducts all activities of the church in the Soviet Union." 

Jakov Zhidkov signed a tribute to Josef Stalin dated May 1952 prepared by 
what was called the Conference of all Churches and Religious Organizations in the 
U.S.S.R. Here is what Mr. Zhidkov of the Baptist World Alliance had to say about 
the murderer Stalin, the atheist Stalin, the ruthless Stalin who committed so many 
millions of people to the concentration camps and to the firing squads in the Soviet 
Union. Mind you, this is Zhidkov of the so-called Moscow Baptist church speaking, 
the one who is scheduled to come to Miami as a representative of the Baptist World 
Alliance for the Alliance World Council in 1965. See what he says in his tribute to 

"With the greatest enthusiasm as the representatives of various denominations we turn 
to you, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, to present our greetings and to assure you of our 
obedience and to wish our best for you. A long, long life for the joy of our people and 
the joy of the whole peace loving mankind." 

Just imagine, here is a self-styled religious leader from the Soviet Union whom 
some of the liberals of the Baptist groups and the World Council of Churches are 
trying to tell us is a bonafide religious leader, having bonafide churches! The truth 
is that practically every time these Russian clerics open their mouths from the 
public platform, or write an article, it is in praise of the Soviet Union, of the godless 
leaders of the Soviet Union, such as the late Josef Vissarionovich Stalin; and, they 
attack anyone who would come along and expose what godless communism has 

Zhidkov was among nine Vice-Presidents elected to that position at the Baptist 
World Alliance in London, July 29 of 1955. How on earth could a group of so-called 

Baptists outside the Iron curtain elect a man like this wrA> was already on record 
in his praise of the red butcher Stalin and the Soviet system? How could they pos- 
sibly elect him a Vice-President of a Baptist World Alliance and treat him as a 
genuine Christian? 

The Ecumenical Press Service for November 2, 1962 said that this same Jakov 
Zhidkov was one of the signers of an appeal through the World Council of Churches 
to the United States to abandon its "crazy policies in its blockading of Cuba." This 
fits right in with the message which was sent from Moscow and released by the 
official news agency of the Soviet Union, TASS, in English to all of Europe on 
October 25, 1962, in which Zhidkov and his two collaborators, the Patriarch of Mos- 
cow and the Russian Orthodox church, Alexei, and Vasgen I, the supreme Patriarch 
and Catolicos of all Armenians, attacked the United States because it gave the 
ultimatum to the Soviet Union and to Castro's Cuba to remove the guided missiles 
from Cuba which were posed at our heartland. 

Zhidkov and these other men accused the United States of "a crying violation 
of Christian teaching and a great sin before God." How can a man like this be 
permitted into the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of 
the brave, disguised as a Baptist, to visit in Miami, Florida (of all places) the Bap- 
tist World Alliance in the face of the fact that there are thousands of Cubans who 
had to flee for their lives from their homeland to Miami and who are working at 
menial tasks, former judges of the Supreme Court, former newspaper editors, former 
professional people and Christian people. Here comes one of Castro's defenders to 
that same Miami to attend the Baptist World Alliance, a man who was elected Vice- 
President of it! 

The communists have used the so-called Baptist leaders in Moscow and have 
exported them to the Baptist World Alliance made up of major Baptist groups from 
around the world, such as the American Baptists, which were known as the North- 
ern Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the National Bap- 
tist Convention, an all-negro group in the United States. 

We have been speaking particularly about the Russian brand of Baptists as led 
by one Jakov Zhidkov, who has been identified as the pastor of the Moscow Baptist 
Church and Chairman of the group identified as the "All Union Council of Evan- 
gelical Christian Baptists and Others." 

This particular council "and Others" are designated in the Soviet Union as the 
other sects which are outside the Russian Orthodox church. There is on the All 
Russian Council of Ministers a man who gives the orders to these religious groups 
and they must carry them out on behalf of the Soviet government. This is the price 
they pay for even being allowed to put up a religious front. You hear only about this 
one particular Moscow Baptist Church in all the Soviet Union. You don't hear 
about any other Baptist church activities, and we have told you about the wonder- 
ful things that Zhidkov, the so-called pastor of this church has had to say about the 
Soviet Union and so-called freedom of religion in Russia. 

Vasgen I, who is identified as Catolicos of the Armenian Apostolic church, also 
signed the vicious attack against the United States as directed to U Thant and re- 
leased to the press in Europe. According to the Oakland (California) Tribune 
of July 17, 1960 Vasgen I, while on a visit to San Francisco stated "we consider 
that any baptized person is a member of the church. If he were baptized an infant 
and later became a communist he would still be a Christian in our eyes." 

% 1 

No one is in a position to question or to deny or to check the claims of the 
Russian Baptists that they have 5,000 flourishing Baptist churches in Russia. We 
do know, however, that there is only one so-called Baptist church in the whole city 
of Moscow with eight million people and its pastor has mouthed the current Soviet 
line year after year and defended Khrushchev and the Soviet Union as being the 
great leaders of world peace. This he did from the platform of the Baptist World 
Alliance when it last met in the city of Rio de Janeiro back in 1960. This is the 
same man who is scheduled to come to the United States as one of the representa- 
tives of the so-called Baptists in the Soviet Union and attend the Baptist World 
Alliance in June of 1965. 

Theodore Adams, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and elected 
president of the Baptist World Alliance in 1955 had this to say while assuming 
that the United States and Russian Baptists have a large constituency: "Ours 
is the opportunity and responsibility to seek through the fellowship of these 
two groups of believers, to help build bridges of understanding between our two 
countries that will strengthen our faith, foster evangelism and promote peace on 
earth and good will among men." 

Those are fine ideals as expressed by the president of the Baptist World Alli- 
ance in 1955. But, how do you build a bridge of understanding between the Soviet 
Union whose aims are written on the pages of history for all to see concerning world 
conquest, a nation which has disregarded the human rights of individuals and 
property rights ruthlessly around the world, a nation which has caused this country 
to rearm and to spend the bulk of its taxpayers' money for defending ourselves in 
the free world against the communist attacks which are popping up all over the 

How can such a bridge of understanding "to strengthen faith" and "foster 
evangelism" "to promote peace and good will" be built on such grounds when the 
godless atheistic conspiracy which rules the Soviet Union has set out its aims for 
all to see in plain language, namely: Communist conquest of what remains of the 
free world and the sending of so-called religious leaders under the disguise of "Bap- 
tist," "Orthodox," what-have-you to the United States, Rio de Janeiro or London 
to the Baptist World Alliance meetings in order to praise the Soviet Union as the 
harbinger of world peace and good will, and to make vicious attacks on the United 
States of America, charging the United States with being the world aggressor, a 
threat to the peace of mankind and committing what is called "a crying violation 
of Christian teaching and a great sin before God" because our nation asks Fidel 
Castro to get his red missiles poised toward the United States off that island and 
tells Mr. Khrushchev the same thing! 

Oh! I say we are living in a strange world, dear friends, when people refuse to 
evaluate properly what is happening in our world, where black seems to be white 
and white black and red white and white red, etc. where there are no lines of de- 
markation whatsoever. 

Jakov Zhidkov who, is head of this so-called Baptist church in Moscow, the 
only one in the city of eight million people, who has the title of chairman of* this 
"Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists and Others" in the Soviet Union, has a 
long record of collaboration with the Communist movement. We have a picture in 
our files showing Jakov Zhidkov at what is called an "All Christian Peace As- 
sembly," in Prague, Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1961, attending as a dele- 

gate. Our own United Stawes State Department said in r^'ard to this phony peace 
meeting in Prague that it was purely a communist conference. 

Despite the fact that this man has attended such conferences in the guise 
of a clergyman and has mouthed the propaganda about the communists being the 
ones promoting world peace, he was unanimously re-elected a Vice-President of the 
Baptist World Alliance in Rio de Janeiro in July of 1960. 

If you look at the Brazilian newspaper stories carrying writeups about Baptist 
World Alliance sessions you will see old Daddy Zhidkov walking up the aisle to the 
platform accompanied by the hammer and sickle flag of Red Russia being waved 
back and forth and the crowd applauding this man who has been a mouthpiece for 
Soviet propaganda. 

At Christmastime of 1959 Radio Moscow broadcast an address by Jakov Zhid- 
kov, this same pastor of the so-called Moscow Baptist Church and the all Russian 
Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists in the Soviet Union. This speech was 
addressed to United States Christians to pray for disarmament and peace. 

You know very well that the official radio station of the Soviet Union, Radio 
Moscow, is not going to permit any man to get on the air and mouth a program 
about "peace" unless it is in the interest of the Soviet Union. There certainly is not 
going to be any criticism of the Soviet Union permitted in such a speech. 

It was the unmitigated Russian line of phony peace appeal to the world to try 
to get the rest of the world, or what remains of the free world, to disarm so that the 
Russians can move in and take over what is left. 

Another man who has worked closely with this group in the Baptist World 
Alliance, is a man by the name of Alexis Stoyan. Alexis Stoyan accompanied the 
Russian delegation as sponsored by the National Council of Churches in their 
visit of March 1963 to the United States. Stoyan has been identified as an agent of 
the dreaded K.G.B., by one of the members of the Voronaeff family. 

Mr. & Mrs. Voronaeff were the parents of Paul Voronaeff. The elder Voronaeffs 
were taken by the Soviet Secret Police in Russia and put in concentration camps, 
fine Christian people, who would not bow the knee to the communists. The son Paul 
escaped to the United States. In 1963 he faced one of the members of this so-called 
Baptist delegation which was in the group invited by the National Council of 
Churches to the United States. Delegate Arthur Mitzkevitch opened up at that 
time and identified Alexis Stoyan as a member of the KGB. He said that Stoyan 
does not believe in God, that he curses and swears, he lives in luxury and when he is 
stripped down displays the powerful muscles of a strong man of the KGB who could 
take violent action against anyone who opposes him. Yet, Stoyan is paraded before 
the religious public in this country by the National Council of Churches and at the 
Baptist World Alliance as a youth leader in the Baptist movement in Russia! 

He was presented as youth leader in the Russian delegation at the Baptist 
World Alliance in Rio in 1960 although he's far from being a youth. Stoyan has been 
identified as being in charge of foreign affairs of the Russian Baptist Church. Alexis 
Stoyan is a very nice appearing man, blond-haired, and a member of the Russian 
group that came to Rio de Janeiro, and the group that came to the United States 
on invitation of the National Council of Churches. Sixteen so-called Russian re- 
ligious leaders were brought to America. Arthur Mitzkevitch met Paul Voronaeff 



in Austin, Texas one night and went out driving with him in a car. Mitzkevitch 
talked as they drove around and around— Paul Voronaeff told his story from public 
platforms in Texas, in Atlanta, in Washington, D. C, and in Cape May, New 
Jersey. He revealed what Mitzkevitch told him. Mitzkevitch said that no church 
delegation could leave the Soviet Union and come to the United States or any other 
country outside the Iron Curtain unless the delegates were under orders from the 
leaders of the Soviet Union to propagandize for communism and against the Free 

Arthur Mitzkevitch, after these things were revealed and the press tried to 
interview him, was afraid for his life. He denied that he ever said what he told 
Voronaeff. We haven't heard anything else of Mitzkevitch since he made those rev- 
elations to Paul Voronaeff and had to return to the Soviet Union. 

Now we come to another person in the so-called Baptist group in Russia, the 
son of Jakov Zhidkov, known as Michael Zhidkov. He is one of the pastors of this 
so-called Baptist Church, and only Baptist Church in Moscow, which has been 
well described as "Exhibit 'A' for gullible Westerners" who make fly-by-night trips 
to Russia and come back telling about seeing this church in Moscow filled to capac- 
ity with people. Of course they neglect to tell you that there are no young people 
there; that these are all white-haired, grey-haired people pre-dating the Bolshevik 
Revolution. Nor, do they tell you that the person furnished for them to translate 
when they speak from the church platform is an agent of the Soviet Secret Police 
who translates what he wants to into the Russian language. 

Michael Zhidkov was one of those appearing at a combined meeting of the 
American and Southern Baptist Conventions in Atlantic City, of May 1964, posing 
there as a bonafide Baptist. He was also a member of the Russian delegation to the 
Baptist World Alliance in Rio de Janeiro in July of 1960. 

After a tour of Canada, Michael Zhidkov, son of Jakov, remained for study at 
McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario. He is said to have chosen 
this over other schools issuing invitations, because this particular school was not 
a member of the Baptist World Alliance, of which his father is Vice-President. 
The newspaper called The Spectator of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for December 
11, in that same year, reported that Michael Zhidkov was busy addressing public 
meetings, and it asked the question if this was according to his study visa granted 
by the Canadian government or was he just propagandizing on behalf of commun- 
ism? In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, a news story appeared for March 3, 1962 
announcing that Michael Zhidkov was scheduled to speak at the First Baptist 
Church of that city. The President of the Canadian Baptists, eulogized the Rus- 
sian Baptist visitors, including Michael Zhidkov, and yet he had no knowledge 
about the background of this man, other than the fact that he was posing as a Bap- 
tist from the Soviet Union. 

One of the tragic things which has happened in what remains of the Free World 
today is that preachers have become indolent and lazy in many cases. They accept 
a person, or a publication, at face value that comes out of the Soviet Union, if he 
or it has the title of Christian or Baptist, without doing any homework, as we say, 
without demanding proof that these people are bonafide Christians, bonafide Bap- 
tists as we think of Baptists or Christians here in the United States! 

r r- 


I can remember some years ago that I was in conversation in New York City 
with one of the high officials of the National and World Council of Churches in 
the United Nations building on East River Drive. At that time, I asked this gentle- 
man how they were coming along in getting the Russian Orthodox Church to join 
the World Council of Churches. This was back in 1960, and the Russian Orthodox 
Church had not yet joined the World Council of Churches. It had steadfastly refused 
since the World Council of Churches was founded in Amsterdam in August of 

This man said to me, "Oh, we're getting along fine. We have a few obstacles to 

overcome yet." I said, "Dr. , what do you think about the testimony of Peter 

Deriabin and these other men, escapees from the Soviet Union, given before of- 
ficial committees of the United States government, revealing that the Russian 
Orthodox Church and these Baptist churches are controlled from the top to the bot- 
tom by Soviet political officials, agents of the KGB, who tell these churches wliat 
they can do, and what they can't do, and how they must parrot the current peace 
line and other such lines of the Soviet Union." 

He made this rather silly reply to me: "You know the reason why people in 
the United States cannot understand what happens in the field of religion in the 
Soviet Union is that they do not realize that the Soviets give a different connotation 
to such words as 'peace/ 'liberty' and 'freedom' than we do." 

I looked at this man in amazement, this religious leader there at the U.N., a 
representative of the National and World Council of Churches. I thought that any 
sensible person in this country of ours, in the free world, knew that the Russians 
didn't give the same definition or connotation to words like "peace," "freedom," 
and let's add the word "Baptist" and the word "Christian" that we give in this 

The very fact that one of the three men who signed the vicious cablegram to 
the Secretary General of the United Nations, U Thant, on October 25. 1962 blast- 
ing the United States government, its President and its people for ordering Com- 
munist Castro to get the Russian-built missiles out of Cuba that were poised at the 
heart of America; condemning the United States for this by saying that we were 
bringing the world to the brink of a nuclear holocaust and the disaster of war; de- 
claring that the United States government had taken reckless steps which was "a 
crying violation of Christian teaching and a great sin before God", while calling 
himself a "Baptist" was proof enough that the Soviets have a different definition for 
the word "Baptist" than we have! This signer is the same Jakov Zhidkov, self-styled 
"Baptist" and pastor of the only "Baptist" church in Moscow, a city of eight million 
people! Alexei, Vasgen I, and Zhidkov are on record for what they have done, and yet 
there are people in America who believe because they carry the name of "Christian" 
or "Russian Orthodox believer," or "Baptist," that therefore they are the same type 
of Christian or Orthodox or Baptist that we have in the United States of America. 
This is not true. 

We need to read again what J. Edgar Hoover said some years ago when he put 
but a little pamphlet called "The Communist Vocabulary," in which he took words 
which mean one thing to us in our language and mean quite another thing to the 
communists. He said that when they use the word "peace," they mean war. When 
they use the word "freedom," they mean slavery. What we've got to understand 
here is that when these people come out from behind the Iron Curtain they cannot 


get out without the permission of their government and their government has check- 
ed upon them to see that they are going to use the Soviet '"line." The Red govern- 
ment never lets their whole family come with them. If they say anything out of 
line or are critical of the Soviet government then the families will suffer back home. 

The Baptist World Alliance was organized in the year 1905 and has established 
offices in Washington, D. C. and in London, England. It publishes monthly a 
magazine which is called the Baptist World. The Baptist World Alliance member- 
ship in North America consists of the Southern Baptist Convention, the American 
Baptist Convention, the North American General Baptist Conference, the National 
Baptist Convention of the U.S.A., which is negro, the National Baptist Convention 
of America, another negro Baptist group, the Baptist Federation of Canada % and 
the National Baptist Convention of Mexico. They meet every five years in some 
major city of the world. They are meeting in the year 1965 in Miami Beach, June 
25, through 30. There have been some amazing speakers appear at the Baptist 
World Alliance meetings. 

First of all, let it be understood that the Southern Baptist Convention is not a 
member of the National nor the World Council of Churches. It is the largest single 
Baptist group in the world. For years there have been various forces of the Ecumeni- 
cal Movement trying to bring the Southern Baptist Convention into this Ecumeni- 
cal orbit. They have not succeeded in taking it into the membership of these two 
councils which are decidedly liberal in their theological, sociological and political 
views. However, when the Baptist World Alliance gets together we find a strange 
mingling of Baptists. We see the American Baptist Convention, which is a full 
member of the National and World Council of Churches, likewise with the two ma- 
jor negro Baptist Convention groups, the National Baptist Convention of the U.S.A. 
and the National Baptist Convention of America, meeting with Southern Baptists! 

There are thousands of Baptist churches which are not in either the Baptist 
World Alliance, the National Council of Churches or the World Council of 
Churches, primarily Baptist groups which have severed relations with their former 
denominations because they did not see eye-to-eye with their liberal theology and 
liberal publications and other things which they designated as quite un-Baptistic 
and non-Christian. There are such groups as the General Association of Regular 
Baptist Churches, over 1,000 of them. They have a tremendous world-wide mission- 
ary program. The Conservative Baptist Association, the Bible-Baptist Fellowship, 
the World Baptist Fellowship, the American Baptist Association, and the Mission- 
ary Baptists are very missionary and evangelistic-minded and adhere strictly 
to the New Testament plan of Evangelism and the autonomy of the individual or 
local church. These groups are not associated with the Baptist World Alliance. 

In Cleveland, Ohio, in 1950 the Baptist World Alliance was meeting in July, 
and one of its speakers was the Rev. Dr. Edwin T. Dahlberg, former President of 
the American Baptist Convention, which is in the National and World Council of 
Churches. (Incidentally, the Baptists of that convention in the local churches were 
never given an opportunity to vote on the question of membership. Headquarters 
group took them in illegally. Baptists pride themselves in the fact that the local 
Baptist churches are autonomous, that no hierarchy or any denominational head- 
quarters can tell them what to do or can commit them to anything. All questions 
must be submitted to the local Congregation for a majority vote. ) Dahlberg is a de- 
cided Modernist, a Pacifist and he has a record of association with various subver- 


sive fronts and enterprises. We have documented Mr. Dahlberg's record. It has been 
sent all over the United States, Leading newspapers have used it and in some 
places where he was scheduled to speak there were either cancellations or changes 
to other auditoriums when churches protested his speaking. 

Mr. Dahlberg addressed the Baptist World Alliance at this Cleveland meeting, 
while he was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Syracuse, New York. An account 
of his address was carried by the New York Times of July 26, 1950, the writer being 
Walter W. Ruch, who wrote in the Times as follows: 

"In the chief address of the day before the World Baptist Conference, the Rev. 
Dr. Edwin T. Dahlberg called for a "new language" that prospective converts could 
understand. Such phrases as "the precious Name of Jesus/' "Coming under the 
Blood/' and "Saved by Grace/' Dr. Dahlberg said, "for all their profound truthful 
and Biblical background/' simply do not register in the mind of the average Ameri- 
can listener. Rounding out his criticism of Evangelism as practiced today, Dr. 
Dahlberg said, "Evangelists must find the courage as the late Mahatma Gandhi 
did in India to attack national ideals that were not necessarily holy, and to close 
ranks with Evangelists of other faiths in the name of a united Protestantism that 
would stop short of a "Protestant Vatican." Dr, Dahlberg recounted that in a recent 
Columbia University poll, "Pilgrims Progress" had turned up in first place as the 
world's most boring book. Dr. Dahlberg then went on to call for more disciplined 

Of course, another word for 'disciplined thinking' is controlled thinking or 
totalitarian type thinking. Please notice that here was a major speaker at the Bap- 
tist World Alliance in Cleveland, former President of the American Baptist Con- 
vention and the National Council of Churches who is a Pacifist, has a record of 
membership in pacifist organizations and in subversive fronts and enterprises who 
is saying that we've got to do away with the old Evangelistic language of the Bible 
such as "coming under the blood," "Saved by Grace" and such phrases as the 
"Precious name of Jesus/' simply because he says they do not register on the 
modern American mind. In other words, we've got to change the Gospel message, 
says Dr. Dahlberg, to appease or to suit the moderns! Then he tells us we've got to 
find the courage of the late Mahatma Gandhi to attack national ideals. 

Well, of course, this opens the door wide into the field of social activity 
or socialist activity, (whatever you want to call it) to lobby before Federal govern* 
ment and state and local government for particular objectives and to turn, in other 
words, to the social gospel and away from the Salvation Gospel of the New Testa- 
ment. This is exactly what the liberals in every major denomination connected 
with the National and World Council of Churches have been doing for many years. 
The liberals and the moderns in the field of theology do not want to preach the true 
message and mission of the church anymore: How Christ died to save men from 
their sins and to take them to heaven. They would rather go into the political, 
economic, philosophical, sociological fields and do all of this under the guise of 

But, this is interesting— what Dr. Dahlberg has to say about finding the courage 
of Mahatma Gandhi in attacking national ideals. Mahatma Gandhi was not a Chris- 
tian. He never claimed to be. He would not accept Christ nor the Bible, and he said 
so in his own writings. He said all that he ever was he owed to the sacred writings of 
the Hindus, the Bhagavid Gita, in other words, a heathen religion. Mahatma Gandhi 


adopted what was called the technique of non-violent resistance, which the Pacifists 
all around the world, and especially in the United States in recent years, have 
adopted in an effort to obtain certain liberal objectives they want. We have had a 
hoard of these so-called "strikes for peace/' "wade-ins for peace," "sit-ins," "fall- 
ins," "stand-ins," "marches for peace," and "peace" conferences all over this country 
recently, and one will find today that this influence of Gandhism which this speaker 
before the Baptist World Alliance in Cleveland in 1950 advocated then is now in- 
creasing like a floodtide over the U.S.A., influencing young people of military age 
so that they will not serve their country, refuse to go into the armed forces and who 
are conducting beatnik-peacenik demonstrations from coast to coast. 

Dr. Dahlberg is one of those peculiar speakers we spoke about who has been 
featured on the Baptist World Alliance program. 

Upon the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Bolshevik Revolu- 
tion, (that's the bloody revolution conducted by Lenin and his conspirators when 
they overthrew the great nation of Russia in 1917-1918) the All Russian Council of 
so-called Evangelical Christian Baptists (that's Jakov Zhidkov's group) in October 
of 1957 sent a greeting to the Soviet government and called the celebration of the 
Bolshevik Revolution the ""greatest day of contemporary history." They declared: 
"The Evangelical Christian Baptists are thankful and praise God that the Soviet 
government during the course of the past forty years has acted according to the 
high ideals precious to Christianity." 

Did you ever in your life hear anything as lying and as preposterous as this? 
Read it again. This is Zhidkov's outfit speaking: "The Evangelical Christian Bap- 
tists are thankful and praise God that the Soviet government during the course 
of the past forty years has acted according to the high ideals precious to Christian- 

The Soviet Union, with its terrible blood baths, its purges of Christian people 
by the tens of thousands, the murder of over a million people in the Ukraine, the 
sending of human beings to the slave labor camps in Siberia, the crushing of the free 
nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the subjugation by Red troops of Poland, 
of East Germany, of Bulgaria, of Hungary, of Rumania, of Czechoslovakia, the 
financing of the Chinese communists and the North Korean communists in their 
attacks on South Korea and the killing of American boys— Could we possibly say, 
by the wildest stretch of the imagination, that this same Soviet government 'has 
acted according to the high ideals precious to Christianity?' 

I don't think a person in his right senses in this country could accept that; but 
yet, this is the statement addressed to the Soviet government on the occasion of the 
40th anniversary celebration of the Bloody Bolshevik Revolution, written and 
signed by Jakov Zhidkov's All Russian Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists. 

This group belongs to the World Council of Churches set up by our own 
National Council of Churches leaders back in August of 1948 in Amsterdam; and 
the same World Council voted this outfit headed by Jakov Zhidkov into member- 
ship in the World Council of Churches in August of 1962. 

But, let's go on with this greeting sent to the Soviet government by Jakov 
Zhidkov's "Baptist" group. 

"While the Christian western world speaks much of its Christian civilization 


and about the ideals of Christianity, yet in fact, it acts quite contrary to these ideals, 
a fellowship is daily built up in the U.S.S.R., which in all areas of life is recreating 
the righteousness of the Kingdom of God." 

While condemning the Christian Western World this group of Baptists says 
that a fellowship is daily built up in the U.S.S.R., which in all areas of life is 
recreating the righteousness of the Kingdom of God. In other words, black is white 
and white is black and truth is error and error is truth and sweet is bitter and bitter 
is sweet, there is no line of demarkation anymore. This godless governmental regime 
of the Soviet Union which seized power by murdering people, even murdering the 
rulers of Russia, their entire families, shedding the blood of millions of untold Rus- 
sians, among whom were many Christians and people of other nations of Europe 
and the Far East— this is what is called 'recreating the righteousness of the Kingdom 
of God!" 

Can you imagine a bunch of Baptists drawing up such a statement and sign- 
ing it? The head of this outfit, Jakov Zhidkov, who passes as a pastor of "the" Bap- 
tist church in Moscow invites gullible Westerners to appear there on the platform of 
that "church," gives them a Russian interpreter who has been most of the time an 
agent of the NKVD or MVD or KGB (the various designations of the Secret 
Police) , and then he has the nerve to come to Rio de Janeiro in June of 1960, parade 
up the main aisle of the Baptist World Alliance meeting with his assistant coming 
behind him, Arthur Mitzkevitch, waving the Red Russian hammer and sickle 
flag which represents the blood of millions of Russians slain by the communists, 
getting a standing ovation, and then speaking from the platform, this same Jakov 
Zhidkov, whose outfit wrote this infamous greeting to Stalin! Yet, there are some 
people who think this man is a genuine Baptist! How could it be? 

Read further in this greeting that the "Baptists" sent to the government of the 
U.S.S.R. on the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of a bloody Bol- 
shevik revolution. Here is what it says: "Step by step the Soviet Union is translating 
into practice the eternal truths. No exploitation of man by man." 

Stop! What about the thousands of people in the dungeons, and in the con- 
centration camps? Isn't this exploitation of man, or isn't it? The shooting down of 
the students who rose up in Budapest, Hungary, and wanted their freedom and 
free elections, shot down in their own blood by the Russian invaders with their 
tanks and with their guns; the rising up of the people in East Germany against 
their Russian masters, the escape from East Germany through the barbed wire 
fences and swimming through canals and jumping out of buildings and over walls 
by East Germans who have seen this terrible oppression of the communist regime; 
the escaping of tens of thousands of Cubans for their lives from Cuba where Fidel 
Castro, the puppet of this godless red regime has set up a communist bastian in the 

Listen to this bunch of so-called Baptists saying that "step by step the Soviet 
Union is translating into practice the eternal truths, no exploitation of man by man 
daily concerns for the needs of the ordinary man and not just for the upper class 
of ten thousand as we see it in the capitalistic countries." 

Do you think for one minute that the Elite Corps, the planners, the controllers, 
the Supreme rulers of the Communist World Conspiracy in Moscow, are not living 
in splendor, traveling in the finest type of transportation, coming to New York City 


$ 5 I 

'CI? . 

to the United Nations as delegates, living in 50 room mansions on Long Island with 
gold-plated bathroom fixtures and door-knobs, attending the performances of ballet 
and opera in plush-lined boxes and eating the finest delicacies, caviar and roast beef 
while the millions of peasants are toiling out on the collectivist farms which they 
can't even own for themselves? The misery and degradation of the common million's 
are seen all the way from Korea to Cuba, across Africa and through Eastern Europe. 
Yet, this statement is written by a group of Baptists headed by a man who expects to 
come and to represent them at the Baptist World Alliance in Miami, Florida, June 
25 through 30, 1965. 

The communists have used the "peace" theme just like the false prophets did 
in the days of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Elijah, Elisha, Malachi, and all the other 
great prophets of God of the Old Testament era. There they were trying to get out 
the message of truth and get the people to listen and believe while the false prophets 
greatly outnumbered them, 850 to 1 during the regime of Ahab and Jezebel, the 
two most wicked rulers that Israel ever had. Jeremiah tells us in the 6th chapter of 
his prophecy that the theme of the false prophets was "Peace, Peace, Peace. Don't 
get alarmed, no evil shall come upon you." The "peace" theme has been used by 
the peace-niks and the falsifiers, the wolves in sheep's clothing, down through the 
ages of time to cover up the plotting and the plans going on behind the scenes to 
destroy a nation. 

The so-called Baptists of Russia have been trying to exploit the racial unrest 
in the United States, in addition to the "peace" theme, by sending invitations to 
negro Baptist leaders to come to the Soviet Union on so-called preaching missions. 
One such delegation accepted the invitation and went to the U.S.S.R. for the period 
of August 11 thru 22, 1962. This delegation consisted of Dr. Earl L. Harrison of the 
Shiloh Baptist Church of Washington, D. C, Rev. Walter Fauntroy, New Bethel 
Baptist Church, Washington, D. C, Dr. D. E. King, of Louisville, Kentucky, Rev. 
C. V. Johnson, of Chicago, Illinois and Rev. S. A. James, San Antonio, Texas. Both 
King and Fauntroy are members of Martin Luther King's Southern Christian 
Leadership Conference, and members of the National Baptist Convention of the 
U.S.A., whose President, Dr. Joseph H. Jackson, of Chicago, visited the U.S.S.R. 
in 1955. 

If we read the reports that have come back from the Soviet Union, even by 
negro university students from Africa attending school in Moscow, where the com- 
munists tried to exploit them, you will find that the negro in Russia was treated far 
worse than he has been treated in some sections of the United States. Continuous 
complaints were made by these negro students to the rest of the world that it was 
sheer hypocrisy, this business of the communists telling the rest of the world that 
there was no exploitation of man in the Soviet Union or no color lines. Yet we see 
here the self-styled Baptists led by Jakov Zhidkov, who made the vicious attack on 
the United States in the message to U Thant of the United Nations on October 25, 
1962, and in the 40th anniversary celebration of the Bolshevik Revolution message 
dated October 1957 sent to the Russian government, writing these utterly pre- 
posterous lies concerning what the Soviet Union is doing in 'eliminating exploita- 
tion of man by man, and building up in all areas of life, or recreating, the right- 
eousness of the Kingdom of God/ It's amazing that these men whom we have 
just mentioned from the different U.S. cities would even consider accepting an in- 
vitation from such a group of wolves in sheep's clothing. 


They have some "Baptists" in Czechoslovakia, so they say, which of course 
you know, is also behind the Iron Curtain and is a satellite of the Union of Soviet 
Socialistic Republics. The Rev. Stanislav Svec, the delegate to the Baptist World 
Meeting in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1960, was quoted by one of Brazil's leading 
newspapers, Jornal do Brasil, as a member of the Commission For Peace of the 
Baptist World Alliance, "As for the clash between the Communist and Capi- 
talist blocs, I believe it will terminate through peaceful co-existence.' [ How 
could a communist who has vowed to destroy what is left of capitalism and to impose 
communism on the entire world peacefully coexist with what he has vowed to de- 
story? This goal has been declared all the way from Marx's day, when he wrote the 
Manifesto, down to the present pronouncements of the leaders of the Soviet Union. 
How can any "Baptist" believe in peaceful co-existence when the communists say 
that they are going to destroy the capitalists? And yet, this is a man who lives under 
a communistic regime and calls himself a Baptist. 

The Baptist Union of Czechoslovakia is among churches whose information is 
handled through a communist publication, known as, Protestant Churches in 
Czechoslovakia, an official propaganda medium of the foreign and information de- 
partment of the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Czechoslovakia, whose chair- 
man is Dr. Joseph L. Hromadka, No. 1 communist clergyman of the Soviet satellite 
states. This is the man who came from red Czechoslovakia to the World Council of 
Churches initial meeting in Amsterdam, August 1948, who has been a member of 
the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches. Hromadka even came 
to the United States for the World Council meeting in 1954, promoting the Soviet 
line from every platform where he spoke while condemning the United States of 
America in vicious speeches he made behind the Iron Curtain, in East Germany, in 
Prague and in many other places. We have copies of these speeches. This is the 
man who is the chairman of this communist publication in Czechoslovakia, which is 
known as Protestant Churches in Czechoslovakia. This publication reports activities 
and pronouncements of the Czechoslovakian church leaders which advance com- 
munist political interests. 

The head of the Czechoslovakian Baptists, one Tomes, explained away the 
reason of Czechoslovakian pastors who would not bow to the communist regime 
as follows: 

"They, got involved in an activity which had nothing to do with religious 
and church life and they misused the confidence which we in our country bestowed 
upon them/* 

This Rev. Vaclav Tomes of Prague, also called upon the so-called "German 
Brethren" for peaceful coexistence with communism. Notice that here's a church- 
man from Czechoslovakia posing as a "Baptist" who is spouting the very same line 
that the Soviet officials in Moscow and in East Berlin are spouting and saying to the 
West Germans: "We're your friends. Let's exist peacefully." Well, if that's true then 
why did they erect the Berlin Wall so that the German people cannot go back and 
forth and visit with one another, if peaceful co-existence with communism is the 

The Rev. Tomes of the so-called Baptist group, has commended the 
members of the Baptist church in Czechoslovakia for support of the communist 
government in that country. Mr. Tomes is the Chairman of what is called the 
Baptist Unity of Czechoslovakia. In mid-June of 1961 the so-called International 


Peace Conference was tailed in Prague. The letter o£ k invitation was sent out by 
Zhidkov of the Baptist Union of the U.S.S.R. Moscow Radio, official Soviet prop- 
aganda organ, in its broadcast urged religious leaders of the world to attend this 
International Peace Conference in Czechoslovakia. These self-styled Baptists have 
been to the Baptist World Alliance at various meetings, and now they are planning 
to come to Miami, Florida, June 25 thru 30, 1965 and there be greeted by American 
Baptists, Southern Baptists, National Baptists, and what-have-you, as fine Chris- 
tian brethren. Do we soon forget the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his great 
warning in the 7th Chapter of Matthew: "Beware of those that come to you in 
sheep's clothing, but inwardly are as ravening wolves?' ' "By their fruits ye shall 
know them." The word "know" in the Greek is the word for "judge," "detect" or 
"uncover." The fruits of these men that call themselves Baptists from the Iron 
Curtain countries are lying all over the landscape for anyone to see, to pick up, and 
to examine. We are examining the mouths, the lips, the pens, the actions of these 

A former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Louie D. Newton 
of Atlanta, Georgia, was honored by the Baptist World Alliance which made him 
Associate Secretary several years ago. 

Dr. Newton made a trip to the Soviet Union in 1946. Upon his return he wrote 
a booklet entitled "An American Churchman In The Soviet Union," with the in- 
troduction written by the late leftist Methodist Bishop, Garfield Bromley Oxnam, 
one of the most controversial figures on the world scene in the field of religion for 
many a year. I knew Dr. Oxnam. I had much correspondence with him and conversa- 
tion. I sat on the front row of the hearing given to him in July of 1953 in the House 
of Representatives Caucus room, jammed out with newspaper reporters, members 
of Congress and ordinary American citizens. A full ten hours of hearings on Dr. 
Oxnam and his activities on behalf of leftist organizations were held. Bishop Oxnam 
was anything but a Conservative, he was a radical in the field of Theology and also 
had a long record of association with subversive causes. He wrote the introduction 
to Baptist Louie D. Newton's booklet, "An American Churchman In The Soviet 
Union." In this booklet, Dr. Newton whitewashed religious oppression in Russia, 
and he painted a picture of so-called religious freedom in the U.S.S.R. The astound- 
ing thing was that this booklet was published by the American Russian Institute 
which was cited as a communist front and it was distributed by the Communist 
Party of Illinois, with a covering letter from William L. Patterson, Secretary of the 
Communist Party, stating that it was being circulated "in the interests of the truth 
and as a public service/' Do you think that for one minute communists would be 
distributing a booklet written by an official of the Baptist World Alliance and 
former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, who had made a fly-by-night 
trip to the Soviet Union, didn't speak Russian and who came back fulminating over 
so-called religious freedom in Russia if it weren't doing the communists good? The 
Reds wouldn't be raising the money to print and to distribute the booklet or send 
out a covering letter if it wasn't doing them any good. Our Lord said "By their fruits 
ye shall know them." 

Here's another man by the name of Theodore Adams, President of the Baptist 
World Alliance and Southern Baptist minister from Richmond, Virginia, who at- 
tended the so-called Jubilee at Warsaw, Poland in September of 1958, marking the 
centennial of the so-called Baptist Union of Poland. The President of this Baptist 
Union of Poland which Dr. Theodore Adams visited is Alexander Kircun, who 


% ft 

visited the United States in 1957 on a so-called "tour 01 understanding." He at- 
tended the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Rio de Janeiro of June of 1960 as 
a representative from Poland. 

Kircun stated on September 20, 1961 that Poland is politically communist but 
that church groups are free to carry on their work. He added, "Polish Baptists do 
not feel that being true to their Christian convictions involves them in conflict with 
their nation's laws. Therefore, they can be members of the Polish Workers' Party 
while remaining active members of a Baptist Church/' 

What a convenient arrangement for church people! You can call yourself a 
"Baptist" in Poland and attend church and belong to the Communist Party of 
Poland, and this doesn't involve any conflict at all. How on earth can people who 
claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ serve two masters? What amazing 
days in which we are living! 

The Rev. Theodore Adams, who visited this same Baptist Union of Poland, 
stated at the Baptist World Alliance in Rio de Janeiro, "I do not have knowledge 
of any communist infiltration of the Baptist World Alliance." Mr. Adams further 
defended the Soviet so-called Baptists, led by Yakov Zhidkov, attending the Tenth 
Congress of the Baptist World Alliance in Brazil, as being "good Baptists." That 
raises the question, what constitutes a "good" Baptist? If fellows like Zhidkov 
and the head of the Polish group, Alexander Kircun, can praise the Soviet state and 
can condemn the Western world, can condemn the Free Enterprise competitive 
capitalistic system of the United States, can call us warmongers, and all the other 
nasty words they dig up, praise the Soviet Union and satellite states as creating 
a Kingdom of God on earth, then, we must only cry out "O, truth, where art thou?" 

Truth cryeth from the dust to be heard. 

In a broadcast on official Moscow radio, Alexander Karev told of his visit to 
the United States in one of his series of "People to People, Soviet American Meet- 
ings on the Cold War." The major conference was held at Dartmouth College in 
Hanover, New Hampshire, and was organized by Norman Cousins, Editor of the 
Saturday Review. The cost of the conference was paid for by the Ford Foundation. 
Karev made a propaganda speech for "peace and understanding between our na- 
tions" and he called on "fellow Baptists and other Christians" to promote it. What 
type of "peace" is Alexander Karev speaking about? 

Karev has been identified by Miss Martha Johansson, of the Baptist Mission- 
ary Society in Sweden in her book entitled, "Where the War Has Been Going On," 
as an agent of the Soviet Secret Police (GPU) . Miss Johansson was a missionary in 
Estonia during World War II and saw the takeover of that nation by the Russian 
communists. Karev had been jailed by the communists, had served a one year 
sentence when he decided that jail was too much for him. He willingly agreed to 
become a GPU agent. 

From May 9 to 12, 1952, a "peace conference" was held at Satorsk, Russia. At 
the conference was Jacov Zhidkov, phoney Baptist leader of the USSR, who said 
that the Baptists agree "with all the Christians of our country concerning the pro- 
tection of peace." After deploring what he called the "terrible rearmament in the 
USA and England," he declared that "through letters and through radio we have 
reached our Baptist brethren in the USA and England and the Methodists, too, 
and other groups to support the truly Christian movement of the peace conference." 


In other words, hert& Jacov Zhidkov, tool of the sJx iet Conspiracy, admitting 
that they have had a wide-spread influence on Baptists in the United States and 
England, and even Methodists, for that matter. This conference in Sagorsk then 
adopted an "appeal to all churches, religions, Baptists and believers of all de- 
nominations in the whole world." It was read by Alexander Karev, General Secre- 
tary of Zhidkov's outfit, the All Union Council of Russian Baptists, and As- 
sistant pastor at Moscow's one and only Baptist church. One statement of this 
phony appeal read: "We condemn the American aggression in Korea, and we are 
strongly convinced that all churches and religious communities in the world are 
prepared actively to support the appeal of the World Peace Bureau of April 1 of this 
year against germ warfare/' The Conference then closed with greetings to Joseph 

There are more of these people whom we would like to bring to your attention. 
Here's one called Ilya Ivanov. He is identified as the treasurer of the one and only 
Baptist Church in Moscow. Ilya Ivanov claimed in the eulogy of the Soviet Govern- 
ment on the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 that the Soviet 
Government "during the course of the past forty years has acted according to the 
high ideals precious to Christianity for these are also the ideals inherent in the 
Gospel and taught by Jesus Christ. A fellowship is daily built up in the U.S.S.R. 
which in all areas of life is recreating the righteousness of the Kingdom of God." 

This is absolute blasphemy to say that the Soviet Government since the bloody 
Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 has acted according to the high ideals precious to 
Christianity and that these ideals are inherent in the Gospel and taught by Jesus 
Christ. Jesus Christ never taught any such thing. The Gospels do not teach any 
such thing. And, yet here we have a classic example of people posing as "Baptists" 
of the Soviet Union, attending the Baptist World Alliance, mingling with Southern 
Baptists, American Baptists, National Baptists, etc., posing as bonafide Christians! 

Here's another one: Ilya Orlov. He's identified as a Baptist minister in Mos- 
cow. He told reporter Eugene Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean that Baptists 
multiply rapidly in Russia. All other reports are to the contrary. Even our own 
government reports which come out of our embassies, from our observers, from 
newspapermen who have been in the Soviet Union, by exiles from the Soviet Union, 
by ministers and church workers who have escaped from behind the Iron Curtain 
and have set up information bureaus in Munich, Germany, in New York City, in 
London and in Paris, show that more and more churches are being closed day after 
day and that more oppression is being brought upon what religious people there 
are left. Yet, here is another so-called Baptist in Moscow who is trying to make us 
think that the Baptists are multiplying rapidly in Russia. Incidentally, this same 
Ilya Orlov signed the infamous resolution of greeting to the Soviet Government on 
the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. 

Another one of these so-called Baptists is identified as President of the Baptist 
Union of Hungary— Communist satellite state. His name is Lazlo Szabo. Mr. Szabo 
opened the fourth session of the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Rio de Janeiro 
on June 28, 1960 with prayer. He was introduced as a "good Baptist" from Hungary. 
We wonder if Szabo is planning to come also to the Baptist World Congress in 
Miami Beach on June 25 through June 30, 1965? If he is coming, one ought to know 
a little about him. Szabo is evidently in favor with the Red regime of Hungary, 
where he continued to direct the life of the Baptist Church for the Reds after the 


Hungarian Revolt of Octi&er 1956. There are a numbed of amazing things which 
took place when the people of Hungary rose up and threw off the communist yoke 
for but a few brief hours of freedom. One of the first things which the Hungarian 
people did was to pull out of the pulpits and seminaries Red puppet agents which 
had been put in positions because they declared their fealty to a godless communist 
regime, and to restore what true pastors they could find. 

The regular pastors of churches, teachers in the seminaries and heads of re- 
ligious orders had been removed by the communists, when they took over, and they 
were placed in dungeons and underground cells. These were the genuine pastors 
who had been persecuted by the communists. The communists, aided by the Soviet 
tanks and armed forces, slapped down the Hungarian freedom fighters, murdered 
them by the thousands in Budapest, in the main square, and set the hospitals on 
fire. Szabo remained in favor with the Red regime because he continued to direct 
the life of his church for the Reds after the Hungarian Revolt of October 1956. 

The Hungarian Church Press published by the communists in Budapest is un- 
der the direction of one Bishop Lajos Veto, member of the Communist Parliament, 
a so-called Lutheran Bishop, and member of the Central Committee of the World 
Council of Churches. It was this same communist puppet Veto who delivered the 
address on the occasion of the visit to Budapest of Dr. T. Lord and Dr. E. A. Payne, 
leaders of the Baptist World Alliance. Veto gave the usual commie "peace" line. 

Szabo, President of the Baptist Union of Hungary? also signed the Declaration 
of the World Peace Council, a communist group, which set forth the Red pacifist 
line, for example, opposition to the arming of West Germany, against the use of 
atomic weapons, attacks on the nations of the Free World as being war-mongers, and 
hailing the Soviet Union as the harbinger of peace. 

We mentioned previously one Arthur Mitzkevitch. He is identified as Assistant 
Secretary of the All-Russian Union Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists. They 
must have these assistant sercretaries running all over the landscape over there, be- 
cause Karev is one of them, and most of them have secretarial titles in this so-called 
All-Russian Union Council of Evangelical Christian Baptists. Mitzkevitch was the 
delegate to the 1960 Baptist World Alliance congress in Rio who presented the Rus- 
sian hammer and sickle flag before the congress. Observers said that this presenta- 
tion received the longest applause. 

In a secret three hour conference with Paul Voronaeff, of the United States, at 
the time that Mitzkevitch came to the United States as one of the members of the 16 
Russian clergymen delegation brought here by the National Council of Churches, 
Mitzkevitch told Voronaeff (who had escaped from the Soviet Union) that the so- 
called Russian Baptists and Russian Orthodox clergymen were not true clergymen 
at all but tools of the U.S.S.R. 

Rev. David Ahn, President of the Baptist Convention of Korea, and former 
member of the Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance 1955-60, has 
declared that the communists have used the Baptist World Alliance. He said this 
in a series of talks all over Chile in October of 1961. Here is a man who was for 
five years a member of the Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance, 
and even saw with his own eyes how the Alliance was being used by the communists. 

The Baptist World Alliance, or Baptist World Congress as it is also called, 


has a world meeting eve'fy five years, and its next meeting is scheduled in Miami 
Beach, Florida June 25 through 30, 1965 with a crowded program featuring "Bap- 
tists" as speakers from all over the world. They will use the Orange Bowl Stadium, 
the Convention Hall at Miami Beach, and various other places in an attempt to 
demonstrate what is called Baptist unity. Among the speakers will be Harold 
Stassen, Gardiner Calvin Taylor, Brooks Hayes, R. Dean Goodwin of the Ameri- 
can Baptist Convention and Joseph H. Jackson of the Negro National Baptist Con- 
vention. There will be a parade of flags from the different countries. 

Dr. Edwin Tuller, General Secretary of the American Baptist Convention, a 
member of the Baptist World Alliance, who opposed the constitutional amendment 
to permit prayer and Bible reading in the public schools of the United States, ad- 
mitted in a letter dated April 10, 1963 that Soviet church delegations "have to spout 
peace talk and discharge an obligation to the U.S.S.R. government in order to con- 
tinue work in Russia, but that they know that we understand this." 

Where does the Bible teach such compromise with evil? Where does the Bible 
say that a man who is a servant of God, supposed to proclaim the truth and not to 
compromise or to be hypocritical, is supposed to succumb to a godless atheistic state, 
praise it in official pronouncements through the church organizations, tell the rest of 
the world that everything is peace and light and religious liberty in the Soviet Un- 
ion, then come out from behind the Iron Curtain and attend world meetings like the 
Baptist World Alliance, stand on the platform and still spout this "peace" line about 
the Soviet Union and condemn the United States and the western world for aggres- 

Where in the Bible, in either the Old or New Testaments, is a true servant 
of God told to take this hypocritical sort of attitude? 

This is the very thing which the Lord Jesus Christ denounced and warned 
against in the 23rd Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew: in verse after verse he de- 
nounced hypocrisy— hypocrites who put on one particular robe, then posed in this 
before the public and behind that they were something else. He called them not only 
hypocrites, he called them whited sepulchres— beautiful to look upon on the outside 
—polished, gleaming, white Italian cararra marble, but inside full of dead men's 
bones and corruption. He called them vipers or snakes in the grass. The Apostle 
Paul warned against the same thing in the 20th Chapter of Acts when he called the 
local board of the Church of Ephesus together on the Island of Miletus and warned 
them against the wolves in sheep's clothing, grievous wolves that would come in, 
not sparing the flock. He turned to the very men he was talking to and did not com- 
promise or spare them from His wrath. He said, "Even from among your own selves 
shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them." 

There is no room for compromise in the Christian life. Either you stand up and 
declare what you believe, not in hypocrisy or you cannot possibly be a servant of the 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

Again we quote Yuri Rastvorov, former agent of the Soviet Secret Police who 
escaped to the West, told the United States Senate Security Committee in a hearing 
dated April 12, 1956, Part XIV, page 781, as follows : 

"As you know, the church in the Soviet Union is not independent as at the present time 
the Soviet Government is trying to prove* It is completely dependent on the State and the 
State conducts all activities of the church in the Soviet Union." 


Peter Deriabin, format bodyguard to leaders of the Kremlin, who defected to 
the United States, and whom LIFE magazine on its front cover page for March 23, 
1959, described as "the most valuable Soviet agent ever to escape to the West and 
talk," told the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee on May 5, 1959 that the KGB 
(the Secret Police) had its recruiting officers attending seminaries, and that certain 
religious leaders in the Soviet Union were agents and informers for the dreaded 
Secret Police (the KGB) . 

The Pentecostal Evangel, published in the United States, for November 27, 
1960 contained an interview with Mrs. Katherine Voronaeff , who was born in Russia 
and imprisoned by Stalin. She was allowed to come to the United States by Khrush- 
chev after a personal appeal from her son, Paul, who resides in this country, is a 
minister, and speaks against the evils of comunism all over the United States. 
Here is part of the interview between the Pentecostal Evangel and Mrs. Katherine 
Voronaeff after she arrived in the United States: 

QUESTION: Is it true that the communists are more liberal and tolerant of religion 
than before? 

ANSWER (by Mrs. Voronaeff): No. The communists have their own religion and 
still consider Christianity their greatest enemy. 

QUESTION: Is it true that any regular pastor preaching in a Russian pulpit must first 
be a card-carrying communist? 

ANSWER: That is true. 

QUESTION: Are Christians still being arrested in Russia today? 

ANSWER: I was threatened as late as last June when I made an attempt to speak to 
a tourist. Recently our full Gospel leaders drew up a petition asking for the right to hold 
their own services. AH of those whose signatures appeared on this petition were arrested 
and sent to Siberia for twenty-five years. 

The Rev. L. Zabko Potapovich, Ukranian Baptist pastor, now living in Chester, 
Pennsylvania, editor of the Ukranian Baptist Magazine, stated in September 1955 
that so-called religious freedom in the U.S.S.R. is only on paper. The Baptist Church 
in Moscow, he declared, is only a show; that the congregation consists only of elderly 
people. There are no Bibles, no hymn books, no Sunday Schools, or no Bible Con- 
ferences. He further stated that there are only about one-sixth of the number of 
Baptists left of the original membership of the 1920's. 

Soviet writer, V. G. Sokolov in the publication, the Friends Intelligencer, for 
February 10, 1951, writes as follows: 

"For example, the All Union Council of Evangelical Baptist Christians in one of its let- 
ters to foreign Baptists in 1947 declares flatly that the Russian Baptists 'fully share the 
social-economic principles of communism as not being contrary to the teaching of our 
Lord Jesus Christ/ " 

So there you have it. Here are eye-witness accounts of people who were in the 
Soviet Union, escaped with their lives to the West, have been trying to wake up 
the sleeping church people of this country to official testimony given under oath to 
committees of the United States Congress, who have given their stories to maga- 
zines of great national circulation, such as LIFE, and who give the lie to those 


people in our own country who maintain that there is religious freedom in the Soviet 
Union and that the so-called Baptists who come out from behind the Iron Curtain 
and make speeches about "peace," peaceful co-existence and brotherhood, and praise 
the Soviet Union to the skies for its peace activities, and attack the United States 
of America for telling the communists to get their guided missiles out of Cuba that 
are pointed at the heart of our great industrial cities, are bonafide pastors and re- 
ligious leaders! 

These so-called Baptists from Russia who come to Baptist World Alliance meet- 
ings in Rio de Janeiro and who are scheduled to come to Miami, Florida June 25 
through 30, 1965, and other religious leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church, are 
trying to make our people believe that the Soviet Union is carrying out the com- 
mands of the Lord Jesus Christ in setting up a classless society on earth; and, they 
further tell us that they have perfect freedom to preach anything they want in the 
Soviet Union. 

Do you believe that for one minute? 

These are the people who are being accepted with open arms as legitimate, 
religious people, and leaders of the Soviet Union. They have all kinds of titles. 
They wear all kinds of robes and hang ikons and crosses around their necks. This is 
the subtle, satanic thing: Religion being used by the enemies of this country and the 
godless communist conspiracy to try to soften up our people, to try to get gullible 
religious leaders in this country to believe that they are bonafide so that they will 
accept them with open arms into their fellowship, so that they, in turn, can prop- 
agandize what is left of the Free World in favor of the Soviet Union. 

We need to go back into history and study it. I mean Biblical history. We need 
to go back to the Old Testament era when God's true prophets, who were in the 
distinct minority, stood up in the great open spaces in the city of Jerusalem, the 
capital of Israel, and there thundered forth before kings and queens, their cabinet 
members, the princes and the princesses, and the majority of the people, and warned 
them that if they did not turn away from the big lie of the false prophets, who were 
in the majority (the school of the prophets in Jerusalem, the seminaries, the coun- 
cils of churches, who were causing the entire nation to sin and to go after strange 
gods, strange isms and idolatry, etc.) and if they did not return to the command- 
ments, and the statutes and the judgments of God Almighty, that then He would 
take a heathen, godless world empire by the name of Babylonia the Great and bring 
it into the land and invade their country, attack their cities, lay waste to their cities 
and burn them with fire until not one stone was left upon another, and then take 
away the remnant that was left in Israel into this heathen country to be used as 
slaves and vassals in a foreign land. 

Oh! How God's true prophets were hated and despised in that day! How they 
were lied about! How they were villified! How they were hunted, even by the rulers 
of the day, who sought their lives, forcing them to escape into caves, to go out on a 
mountainside and to sit under a juniper tree and weep and say, "It is enough Lord. 
Take thou away my life for I alone am left in Israel of the true prophets. " 

Is history repeating itself? It could be. Will we ever learn the lessons of history, 
either sacred or secular? Just because a man wears a religious garb or has a religious 
title in front of his name, or a religious degree after his name; just because a man is 


hailed by the worldly or secular press as being a "recognized" religious leader; just 
because a man may have a great cathedral on a hill in California; or have an 
expensive church on Park Avenue in New York, or the Gold Coast of Chicago, and 
have the word "church" over it does not necessarily mean that he is the genuine 

Our Lord said, 

"By their fruits ye shall know them." 

- END - 



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January 30, 1970 

Los Angeles, California 90042 

Tour letter of January 24th has been received and 
I certainly appreciate your kind comments concerning my work. 

While I would like to be of assistance to you, it is 
contrary to my long-standing policy to furnish the type of advice 
you requested. I regret X cannot be of help to you in this instance. 

Sincerely yours, 

J. Mm Hootck 

NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated by the Bureau. 
Its General Chairman, Edgar C . Bundy, claims to have been a Major in 
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Impersonation case. The National Council of Churches is well known to 
the Bureau. 

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Los Angeles, Calif. 
Jan 24, 1970 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 
Director of the FBI 
Washington, D.C. 

Dear Sir, 

This is my first letter to you and I am ashamed of that, 
but even so, my confidence in your work has been strong through the 
years, and we, my husband & I, feel you have done everything in your 
power to protect us from our common enemies. Thank you. 

In the mail today we received a most disturbing report 
from the "Church League of America" concerning the support the 
National Council of Churches is giving subversive groups in the U. S. 
and how it is this group which is bowing the knee to the demands of 
the subversives. We know in general that the NCC has long departed 
from New Testament Christianity and principles and has been a target 
of our "enemy. " but are shocked to learn to what extent this union has 

The League has asked us on the other side to sign (name, 
address etc) a PETITION protesting the political activities of the N.C.C. 
and to end its false claims they represent 40 mil. church people. 

My question :is: is it even safe to sign anything by name 
to the N.C.C. under these circumstances? Will it do any good? 

Thank you for listening. We do want to do what we should 
to protect our country, churches and future generations fromjliebjight ~- — 
of Communism. 


Sincerely concerned 


/s/ Mrs. 

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Mr. Soyars 

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Mr. TaveL ... 


REC-21 u-^Hs%-nS 

xmssasststsaa U£tin.&H: Ja iaBaSMP 


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yan Antonio, Texas VbHlto 
Dear Dr. 

February 6, 1970 

In reply to your letter of February 2nd, informa- 
tion contained in the files of the FBI must be maintained as 
confidential pursuant to regulations of the Department of Justice. 
I hope you will not infer mat we do or do not have material in 
our files relating to the Church League of America. 

Sincerely yours, 
I. Edgar Hoover 



NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated by the Bureau. 
S i Its General Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy, claims to have been a Major in 
2 cr. gj the Air Force Intelligence. He has been the subject of a closed 
Impersonation case. 


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DR. [ 



'San Antonio. IEXaS 7S2SS 

2 February 1970 * 

J. Edgar Hoover, Director 
Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Washington, D # C. 

Dear Sir: 

My church is involved in a discussion of various phases 
of the National Council of Churci^s and we would appreciate 
some information concerning the* ^urch L eague of _Amer„lcAt 
422 North Prospect Street, Wheaton, Illinois 60187. We are 
specifically interested in whether or not they are a subver- 
sive organization and whether or not their literature is re- 

Thanking you for any help you might give us, we remain, 


Trnlv Ymirs. 



<^ ts'y^/o 4s~ 

&3 / 



to FEB 6 1970 


Tolson . 

Bishop — 
Casper — 
Callahan . 
Conrad — 

1 " - arti4 \ 


DeBary, Florida 32713 

Dear Miss 



DMW:rat (3) 






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JXi FFR 1QJQ7f\ 

In reply to the inquiry in your letter which I received 
on February 5th, information contained in the files of the FBI must 
be maintained as confidential pursuant to regulations of the Depart- 
ment of Justice. I hope you will not infer either that we do or do not 
have material in our files relating to the Church League of America. 

Sincerely yours, 
\ Edgar Eoovsr 

NOTE: Correspondent is not identifiable in Bufiles. 


Jan 29, 1970 

Mr. J. Edgar Hoover 

Director Federal Bureau of Investigation 

Dear Sir: 


At church I received a pampiet from the £^i£ChLeague 
oy^£Elfia 422 North Prospect St Wheaton, III. 60187 with^EdgaE^^ 
& Bundy - as Executive Secretary. 


Thank you. 

They request money to aid their work which I approve 
Please let me know if it is recognized by your Committee 




\ U 4 




if E 

^_ y^yjT-7^ /7^? 

« FEB 




DeLoach , 
Walters _ 
Mohr . 

Tele. Room 




Avoca, Pennsylvania 18641 
Dear Dr. 


X have received your letter of February 22nd and its 

Enclosures (3) 


te- 21970 


FMGrwm (3) w- 


In reply to your request, information contained in the 
files of the FBI must be maintained as confidential in accordance with 
regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer 
either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to the 
Church League of America. 

In accordance with your request, your enclosures are 
herewith returned* 

Sincerely yours, 

STEdgir Hoover 

NOTE: Our files contain nothing identifiable regarding Dr. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated by the Bureau. 
Its Executive Secretary, Edgar C. Bundy, claims to have been a Major 
in the Air Force Intelligence. He is the subject of a closed Impersonation 




© Avoca, Pa. 

Phone: 457-3198 

February 22, 1770 

Federal Horeau of Investigation 

Washington , "D . C . 

Dear Sir: 


Attached please find letter fro^ -Church Lear no of jVnorJcfv 
I ar- concerned ahout t li e contents of this letter, would appreciate 
a report on political activities, political lobbying and "reparation 
pr.ynonts" to radical black lowers by t K .e rational Council of Churches « 

T; rould appreciate a report re^ardinr; work of Church League of 
America. I would like to support Church Lonpuc of i'rrcrica but would 
like a report before taking further action. 



If attached letter is of no value, would appreciate having it 

If I can bo of further service to you, please do not hesitate 
to write. Thanking you, 

REC- 89 


M MAR 5 1970 


Dear Friend: 

Did you get a chance to read my letter of January 8th? 

In checking my unanswered correspondence, I noticed 
that I have not heard from you. 

I was really hoping that you would be able to parti- 
cipate in our program. 

I know that Richard Harvey on our Board of Directors 
was particularly anxious to have your petition to add to 
the others he has acquired. 

In case you are unable to locate my letter, I had a 
copy made and am enclosing it with this letter. 

When you send in your petition card, do you think it 
would also be possible for you to send a contribution? 

Our efforts in the last few months against the Black 
Panthers, pornography, drugs and the left wing National 
Council of Churches makes it absolutely essential for us 
to raise additional funds to cover the increased costs of 
our nationwide campaign. 

Please help. 


EJ. Bundy V 

fjor Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 

P.S. I expect to be out of town next week and it would be 
a big help to me if I could hear from you today. 



'^^;pf f ^ l 




Edgor C. Bundy 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Conrad Chapman 

Mr. Rogen Follansbee 

Mr. Richard S. Harvey 

^r. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKentte 

Or. John R. Orndorfll 

Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H. Dillon Winship 












January 8, 1970 

Did you know that the National Council of Churches may be using / 
your name -- and your local church contributions --to help support 
and pay for hundreds of ultra-liberal political activities? 

Sound shocking? Unfortunately it is all too true. 

Since it was founded, the "social reformers 11 who head up the 
National Council of Churches (NCC) have "claimed" to speak for 
over 42,000,000 church-going Americans. 

If you belong to one of the religious denominations listed in the 
enclosed brochure, the NCC is using your money and jrtrf!he<naijrt to fi- 
nance left-wing political, social, and economic progr&m&to&t/ have 
nothing to do with religion! 

Here's hew the National Council tfs^'your Xficll 

33 Protestant and Orthodox corammionsi 

Church, the Protestant Ep 
in America, etc.) are 
tional Council. 

o% the 

This GettCTSrKAsserablV elects 
times a /yeatT^^ix ' s thr6 n^ard 
says tWntr you and 42,00OV<iJ)<rnIl 

t Want U,tf. /diplomatic recognition of Cotimunist Cuba 
jnt^ted/China's entrance Into the U.N. 
3)Ni ante^ to stop the installation of the Safeguard ABM missile 
4) Support the radical labor organizer, Cesar Chavez, and the 
grape strike 

National Council officials told Congress that you opposed legisla- 
tion permitting prayer in public schools. They said you wanted to 
abolish 14B, the right to work law, which allows states to prohibit 
compulsory unionism if they want to. 

Most of the NCC officials want sex education taught in the public 
schools. They want compulsory busing of public school children away 
from their local schools. The National Council also gives aid and 
comfort to other liberal extremists like Father Groppi, the Catholic 
priest who goes around burning draft board records. 

Who pays the salaries of these officials? Who pays for their 
office staff 8? Who pays for their Washington, D,C. office which is . , 
used to lobby for socialistic legislation o^wtfcol Hill? YOU DO! \ J»> 

L%-t*4s«f>-nH , .ow 



church n&nltership; 
the United Kthodist 
olish National Church 
eral Assembly of the Na- 

nerar Board which meets three 
mere handful of people -- which 
on other Americans 



Part of your church «Eering is paid to your religiou^flenoraination. Each 
member denomination, in turn, a ends money to the National Council of Churches. 
The NCC uaee the money to finance and support hundreds of left-wing groups like 
OPERATION CONNECTION, an organization that used part of its budget to finance 
the election of black officials in "target cities." 

In 1968, the budget for the National Council was an enormous 24.8 million 
dollars ! 

The Council's latest outrage came last October in Indianapolis when it endorsed 
the principles of the Communist endorsed "black manifesto" proposals by revolution- 
ary leader, James Foreman. Foreman demanded 500 million dollars from churches in 
"reparations" due black Americans. If you and I don't pay off this extortion 
attempt, Foreman warned: 

"But if the white Christians and Jews are not willing to meet our demands 
through peace and goodwill, then we'll declare war and we are prepared 
to fight by whatever means necessary." 

In response to this shocking demand the General Board of the National Council 
called for its member churches to give $500,000 without any strings, to these 
radical groups bent on overthrowing this country? And if the money is paid, you 
will have helped pay for it! 

And don't forget: The NCC is a dues-paying member of the World Council of 
Churches — an organisation that has sent aid to North Vietnam. 

If you are shocked at what the National Council is doing with your name and 
money, then join with us ~ the CHURCH LEAGUE OF AMERICA. 

The Church League of America is composed of a distinguished group of clergy 
and laymen concerned about "collectivietic" propaganda infiltrating every phase 
of American life, especially through the pulpit, seminary and church publications. 

When the League was founded in Chicago, in 1937, it was decided to set up a 
research staff and analytical educational foundation for the purpose of gathering 
all possible evidence on how alien forces were subverting religious and educational 

Today, the J.B. Matthew's research library of our League attracts scholars from 
all over the world to examine thousands of left-wing and Conmunist documents, 
books and periodicals. 

The Church League carefully documents through our research staff all the 
activities of the left-wing, including the National Council of Churches. In fact, 
we have the largest research library on left-wing activities outside the FBI's files. 

The Church League of America has now launched a nationwide grassroots campaign 
to protest the political activity of ttie National Council of Churches . 

Help u* expose the NCC for what It really is: A leftist group operating behind 
the facade of religion, and violating the historic principle of separation of 
church and state. ■ . ,--'C.J.m^ ^u) *.-■,.. *;.-•;. 

' - vrt ;*: ; .. .., r j -■. .:-?/■:! O'iU W+I-..^ ■.-■:■.,. 
; Here's how you can help. '-•■•• . - - ■ *.-.:.. 03 y.o'i v-" ; *" 

\ : - continued. . . 

I've enclosed a petition card for your use. Please Hgn it, and mail it to 
in the enclosed envelope, today. By doing so, you will join a COMMITTEE OF ONE 

s lifi 


The effect of this protest will be staggering. It will show the NCC that 
Americans reject their political activities, and it will show the nation* a press 
radio and TV that millions of churchgoing laymen and, clergy are opposed to the 
National Council of Churches. 

We must expand our speakers' bureau -- put more men on the road visiting 
thousands of local churches to tell the truth about the NCC, We roust wri^e and ' 
contact thousands of clergy and active laymen. Thousands of these people are 
completely unaware of what the NCC is doing. 

We must distribute the thousands of pamphlets, booklets and articles; hundreds 
of films like the "Truth about the NCC" to churchgoing people, and expand our 
broadcasts so everyone will be informed. We need more researchers to handle 
the thousands of new requests from laymen and clergy for .background material on 
the NCC and their left-wing supporters. 



Right now, influential leaders within the Catholic Church and the Southern 
Baptist Convention denomination are pushing for membership in the NCC, adding 
perhaps 60,000,090 Americans into the scope of this ultra-liberal organization. 
Do y o u want the NCC to "claim to , speak" for 100,000,000 Americans?? 

The need is great. I hope you and every other American concerned about his 
country will help. If you oppose the National Council of Churches, then send the 
Church League of America a contribution, in any amount, $1,000, $500, $250. $100 , 
$50, $25, $10, or whatever . 

Enclosed is & reply envelope Any contribution will be deeply appreciated *- 
and It will go directly into the fight against the NCC. And remember; Your 
contribution is fully tax-deductible. 

Sincerely yours, 

Major Edgar C. Bundy 
Executive Secretary 


F.S. If you can find it In your heart to send us a $25.00 contribution or more, 
I will send you a booklet prepared by our research staff entitled "The 
Record of the National Council of Churches" which fully documents their 
political activities 

P.P.S. If you want more pledge cards for your friends and neighbors, please write 
roe and I'll send more to you, 






The Church League of America is a non- 
profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 
1937, composed of clergy and laity from 
around the world, concerned with the drift of 
religious leaders and churches towards polit- 
ical involvements in the name of a material- 
istic "social gospel." 


£t-/£/ 4 -Vi 







1. NEWS & VIEWS: A documented sum- 
mary of current subversive activities sent 
monthly to all contributors of $5 or more 
per year. 

2. Special, detailed reports on organizations, 
individuals publications and movements: 
reprints of government hearings. This 
document service is available to all who 
contribute $10 or more per year to Church 
League of America. 

Individually, documented requested infor- 
mation from the research staff of Church 
League of America. This service is avail- 
able to all contributors of $25 or more per 

4. Books . . . some of the best known titles 
and authors on the subjects of subversion 
and radicalism, and their infiltration of our 
organizations, schools and churches. 

6. Films . . . Persuasive, graphic presenta- 
tions on both educational and inspirational 
topics ranging from "By Their Fruits Ye 
Shall Know Them" (exposing liberal 
church attempts to defeat Senator Gold- 
water) to "It's A Grand Old Flag" (de- 
picting in historical pageant, the story 
of the Flag). 

7. Public Speaking Engagements: The 
Church League of America provides 
speakers to school, civic and Church 
groups at no cost to the group, to pre- 
sent discussions and forums informing 
them of political involvements of clergy 
and churches — especially the involve- 
ments of the National Council of Churches. 

8. J. B. Matthews Library and files . . . The 
largest private file in America on sub- 
versive activity with documents running to 
the hundreds of thousands amassed from 
every part of the world, including docu- 
ments and files smuggled from behind the 
Iron Curtain. 

5. Tape recordings . . . Over 190 tapes, in- 
cluding actual radio broadcast tapes rep- 
,■■ resenting more than 200 hours of listening 
for group meetings or local re-broadcasts. 

National Laymen's Digest ... a bi-monthly 
newsletter for supporters of the Church 
League of America reporting on political 
activities of radical groups in and out of 
the churches. 

M , 

/ • 

/ ~H 


(Due to limitations 0/ space, tho following represents 
but a portion— less than 10%— of Church League of 
America materials) 

"The Protestant Church Under Castro" 

"It Hasn't Happened Over Night — Socialism and the 

"Bishop Pike's Contributions to the 'Dissolution of 

Protestantism' " 
"The National Council's Program for Revolution" 

SPI-CIAI III pours. 

SORS (AAUP), Expose by Congressman Francis E. 

NEWS AND VIEWS), by Dr. J. B. Matthews 

UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES, List from Government 
Printing Office 


OF CHURCHES (Its Relationship) by SPENCER ERVIN 



Methodist Church Has Gone Modern" by Dr. C. 
Benton Eavey 


E. Merrill Root. 



"Biblical Case for Individualism" 
"Church & Evangelism" 
"Communism & The Churches" 



' ' ' ■■. '.i ' 

.' 4 

, 1 1 

. \ 


V-'.p i '*\\ ■ 





In 1942 the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. 
Treasury Department granted the Church League 
of America a tax-exempt status, permitting it to 
receive tax-deductible gifts from individuals, 
churches, corporations and foundations for the 
support of its educational program. The League 
is supported through such gifts. Annually the 
Church League renders a certified public account- 
ant's report of all receipts and expenditures to its 
supporters and all inquirers. 


Contributions from private citizens and organiza- 
tions enable the Church League of America to 
continue and expand its services, to provide infor- 
mational and educational materials, through films, 
tapes, hundreds of different publications and 
speaking tours all emanating from its enormous 
store of research materials at headquarters in 
Wheaton, Illinois, Contributions are tax-exempt — 
f^the Church League is a non-profit organization — 
oand are used strictly and solely for Church 
^"League activities and services. Checks should be 
c/^made payable to: 

^and sent to: 

Church League of America 
422 North Prospect Street 
Wheaton, Illinois 60187 . 
Attn: Major Edgar Bundy 


Mrs. William T. Bruckner 

Mr. Edgar C. Bundy 

Mr. Conrad Chapman 

Mr. Rogers Follansbee 

Mr. Richard S. Harvey 

Mr. George Ray Hudson 

Mrs. Walter A. Krafft 

Mr. James E. Lyon 

The Rev. Cameron MacKenzie 

Dr. John R. Orndorff 

Mr. Rufus E. Shackelford 

Dr. Bob Wells 

Mr. Judson P. Wetherby 

Mrs. H.Dillon Winship 

The following Commumons compose the liberal 

African Methodist Episcopal Church 

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 

American Baptist Convention 

Antiochian Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Toledo 

Armenian Church of America 

Christian Churches, International Convention 

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 

Church of the Brethren 

Church of the New Jerusalem 

Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church in North and 
South America 

Friends United Meeting 

Greek Archdiocese of North and South America 

Lutheran Church in America 

Moravian Church in America 

National Baptist Convention in America 

National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. 

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of . 

Polish National Catholic Church of America 

Presbyterian Church in the United States 

Progrossivo National Baptist Convention Inc. 

Protestant Episcopal Church 

Reformed Church in America 

Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America 

Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church 

Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church 

Seventh Day Baptist General Conference 

Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church 

Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch 

Ukranian Orthodox Church of America 

United Church of Christ 

United Methodist Church 

United Presbyterian Church in USA 

' ; ';/ ' 

i ■ ' ' 

/'V>vvr v 

"i > 








to: SACS , . Hittai - - 

waAn c. 


v. //«.; 







b6 ■ 

f : : " 


An individual Identifying blasel* as 

Miasl, telepfconically contacted the J«rf a« 2/22/70 and advised 
h« d«*ir«d t© awport Buady a» *a *1TlWt J»ptl*»oBator." He 
advised he obtained Bundy's lisenee number which is Illinois 
1M3* He watt aeketl if h* had yejesfied the information to the 
Miami Office, at which fiat he led, "No. I didn't realise 
there would fee anyone there on Sunday. I'll «Kil the* right 
bow,** and twaiaated the «*li, IT© further infjewaation was 

" ■ Bureau filaa reveal ia indivlda*! ¥*iftg"'the- ana© 

- Major Edgar & g*m*> fees in the past tommtStot: tl$ t <C*$N*it the 

- II. S. givli ts on CooaauBisa and clkt*£4a|* fm these 

ifcW» WlH 1 - vff| Sr-*** 1 *'^^' ■ ■■.■■#J w vSJtinA^SdffKffi J%i^f Mr .^M , XwnF*V"4W JW^wHPTi^B^^W^t^w^widB wfrwMp* £A^np7 Bj,*e>w ^saa 

hie aweeehea mainly ttf Oft urch groups. 

If complete details not furnished fey Miami cosfteinant , 
attempt to farfhasr identify him ead ©ohtaet his with regard to 
specific infarsatlan. Advise Bureau if Bundy known to fee 
lecturing in Miaai area snd whether he la jbMBUwtiBg any 

assccifttlos iritis Bar****. 

Chicafl^ tdvise Mi ani of any current information 
regarding Bandy** lecturing activities and aathode which faavt 
in the nasi Mfc* unscrupulous. 

. ^L €2-io4|srd &^-/0</-<57^ 

NOTE: Miami hftgj^evioiisly conducted investigation regarding 

Major Edgar C. Bandy and has background information regarding his 


MHMjjmb - 

60IMR 9 197D 










March 3, 1970 

Adrian,- Michigan 49221 


Dear Mr. 

Your letter of February 22nd, with enclosures, has 
been received. In reply to your inquiry, information contained in 
the files of the FBI must be maintained as confidential pursuant to 
regulations of the Department of Justice. I hope you will not infer 
either that we do or do not have material in our files relating to the 
Church League of America. 

1 am returning the literature you forwarded as it may 
be of value to you. 

Sincerely yours, 
I, Wg*t Hootw 

« °2 £ 


John Edgar Hoover 

Enclosures (2) 



NOTE: Bufiles contain no information identifiable with correspondent. 
The Church League of America has not been investigated by the Bureau. 
Its General Chairman, Edgar C. Bundy, claims to have been a Major in 
the Air Force Intelligence. He has been the subject of a closed Imper- 
sonation case. Correspondents enclosures are being returned to him 
since they are of no interest to the Bureau. They solicit contributions 
and set forth information concerning the program of the Church League 
of/Aipe;rf8^. v 

EFT:jls (3) \^ ^ SX 


jiail roomCZU -teletype unitL_I 



-^£fic^ N0TE 9©NTINUED ON PAGE 2. 






NOTE: continued 

Enclosed literature listed Btiady as Executive Secretary and a member of 
the Board of Directors. 

-2 - 

■^rrV it ~ ' 



Adrian, Michigan 49221 
February 22, 1970 

Washington D.C. 




I have received the attached letter from The gfturch 

^®^P^^ct St 
Wheaton, Illinois 60187 

Will you please tell me if this is a bona fide organization I 
as its literature indicates or is it on your list of subserviant or sub- ,7 
versive organizations, or under suspicion. 

I do not wish to support an organization that is of 
doubtful or shaded purpose. 


Very truly vours 





tam&mam$ othwww >, 






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